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Measurement of sodium hydroxide concentration

with an ultrasonic analyser
Chemicals production, cellulosic industries,
petroleum, pulp and paper, textiles, soaps and
detergents, sodium hydroxide manufacturing,
scrubbing processes.

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), popularly known as
caustic soda, is manufactured as an electrolytic co-
product of chlorine.

Test Conditions
Aqueous solutions of sodium hydroxide with
concentrations from 0% to 50% by weight NaOH
have been tested at temperatures from 20°C to
100°C at ambient pressures.

Figure 1 shows the expected error of analysis at
various concentrations of sodium hydroxide. The
accuracy of measurement is approx. ±0.03% NaOH
for concentrations of 0% to 35% by weight NaOH, and
it is between ±0.03 and ±0.13% for concentrations of
25% to 50%. The variation of the sound velocity with
concentration and temperature is shown in Figure 2.
Figure 3 shows the relationship between the sound
velocity and the temperature coefficient at various

In the concentration range from 0% to 25% NaOH,
the change in sound velocity with concentration
is very good. Good mixing is advised to minimize
concentration gradients in solutions. The measuring
accuracy is better in the lower temperature range
and better at lower concentration range.

The ultrasonic analyser can monitor sodium
hydroxide concentration continuously, dependably
and accurately. The lack of moving parts and the
ability to operate in corrosive media make of the
sound speed analyser the natural choice for NaOH.

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