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How many Enlightened reporters are really that embedded?


What is it? One of the reporters was over there in Thailand and they shot him? A
nd they shot him more than once? That's not very polite. I guess they don't want
the information getting out.
See, what's really happening on Planet Earth is the insanity of the left brain,
the insanity of 2-dimensional thought, the insanity of isolation and separation,
and the insanity of fear. Fear personified as ignorance, seen any of that latel
You really can't see it if you're participating in it.
Even according to ignorance, the devil ain't worth much... Well, neither is igno
rance, and they are the same... Oh, did that just come out of my mouth?
Put down your ignorance and step away from the world. Step onto the Planet and A
waken Free. That's what they're afraid of, they might be happy and then they wou
ldn't be able to judge somebody.
“No, you're not allowed to celebrate Being Present until you're dead.”
These Are the Synchronostic Events of Your Lives. Be Present. Have Lots of Joy.
Show Up. Share.
Synchronostic Events=Real Reality=Divine Intelligence=The Experience of Truth= T
he One Consciousness=God Consciousness= US. Got It?
We Are Now standing outside the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven with signs boycot
ting nothing. When We turn them around they say “Love Wins!”
Creation asked Me once, “Father God what are You doing down there with those stu
pid BLEEPs?”
I said “I'm attempting to educate them.”
Creation said “Well, join the club!!”
Dinosaurs were designed to be stupid, so that We could ride them around in amuse
ment parks as the main attractions. Giddy Up!!
There's a good possibility that if the People on this Planet were really happy a
nd partying, there wouldn't be any complaints. Belief systems just fall to the w
ayside, like excess baggage.
ignorance figures God made a mistake by creating Life. Course, ignorance doesn't
know very much, it's its own mistake.
The basic structure of belief systems, belief systems are based in superstition,
gotta protect your superstition, otherwise what would happen to your fear? Cour
se that's the primitive mind understanding of “good luck”.
The left brain is kinda like a storage warehouse of useless understandings. Or m
NPR was talking about the right brain and trying to blame the right brain for du
ality. Obviously they didn't understand the right brain because they were in the
left brain, where duality does exist... as illusion.
Belief systems are the glasses that cloud the vision of reality. And the glasses
are adjusted to the funhouse and all those mirrors.
Humanity thinks it knows something, believes it knows thinks, or maybe even has
faith that it knows something. Yeah, it's good to know something, but once you k
now it, let it go. Learn More, Be Present.
Society programmed people to believe that their id is who they are and to not lo
ok any further for anything else cause it's a waste of time. You gotta be workin
g don't ya? Can't explore Yourself because somebody else is trying to live your
Life for you.
Belief systems are irrational rationalizations. You've got to think about them c
onstantly to stay within ignorance, otherwise You might Wake Up.
See, a Starship travels by connecting the Present Moments together. See, this Mo
ment right Now, in a Galaxy far far far far far far away, is still this same Mom
ent Here. How fast does it take to get from one Present Moment to the next One?
Not light years, I guarantee, don't even look at that with that 2-dimensional th
It's like every day, more and more Starships are gathering around the Planet jus
t to get ready for landing. Which, of course, drives the spiritual hierarchy nut
s, cause We put them in charge of parking.
Belief systems are just an illusion placed over Reality to hide yourself in igno
rance. I guarantee You, You're not ignorant. Humanity wasn't designed to be igno
The tsunami's are like an epiphany, it's a nice epiphany when you're riding the
top of the wave, it's not such a good one when you're at the bottom of it. That'
s the difference between “HOLY SHIT!” and “Ah, shit!”
Surrender only means that You have accepted your mission. There is no “yield “ i
n the mission. Mission status is Green, Green means go.
“Rainbow connection” Jason Mraz
It doesn't know what it wants to do, it's an unsettled Grid. We know exactly wha
t's going to occur = Now! Continually!
A Starship can travel across the Universe and never leave Now, no matter how lon
g it takes.
Course, that's why We were cruising around in the Sagittarius Galaxy and figured
We would upgrade into the Milky Way Galaxy... or was it the other way around?
When You Live in Eternity, it doesn't matter how long it takes. Creation's just
fine, it can tune up itself, but it can't tune a fish.
The Sirians are certainly Humanity's kin, cause they are pretty serious. Humanit
y is much too serious about nothing. Like they can take nothing with them no mat
ter how many bags they got.
In every experience the Living Universe has had, the Love I Am has been right th
ere. Still Is, as far as Love is concerned.
And if You don't have a Life, it's easy to judge other people who have Lives, be
cause it's obvious the ones who have Lives cheated themselves out of nothing. Th
e ones who don't have Lives cheated themselves out of having a Life, but they've
sure got their nothing.
Angels asked Me one time, “What's the best thing to do with judgment?”
I said, “Forget it.”
What would the world be without judgment? It would be the Planet.
According to 2-dimensional thought, this is just a stick. It has no Consciousnes
s and no ability to respond to stimulation, cause according to 2-dimensional tho
ught, it has no Sentience. Right, that's why this fire doesn't exist.
Everything's Alive, Everything's made of Consciousness, that's what Sentience Is
. Course, a Human Being in most cases wouldn't realize the stone knows it's ther
e more than the Human Being knows the stone is there. That's why stones show up.
Within every Human Heart there exists, not a belief system, but the True Reality
of Being Present. That's where Everything's Oneness. That's why there is no tom
orrow, cause there's only the Present Moment. There's only Now developing into a
Greater Now which is truly a brilliant Presentness. That's where Everything is
Won, One.
The belief systems are what contain density, unconscious relationship with Reali
ty. Otherwise, You might be floating off...
It was interesting when Gene Roddenberry discovered the prime directive, which w
as a very very brilliant understanding. Maybe we're still using the prime direct
ive in the exact understanding of what it still means. You can't go in there and
do it for them, but You can go in there and share Information. After that... We
have been very very consistent with our mission, MotherGod, share Information.
Laugh about it, it's funny.
See, every Being of Light on this Planet is a Lighthouse, shining brightly acros
s the oil stained sea. Ocean if you prefer.
See, if you don't want something to happen in ignorance, you make sure everybody
's afraid of it. Funny how that is, it don't work. Eventually they get over thei
r fear, cause they're Waking Up. I hear it, it's a song singing, singing a song.
It's funny how certain substances take You to the Core of Your Being. We Love th
ose substances. If You go to the Core of Your Being, You're going to be very ver
y Present in the All. The All is going to be very very Present with You, it's de
signed to function that Way, Unity. ignorance doesn't know what designed to func
tion is, or functional. Dysfunctional is pretty ignorant.
To understand the flight of a Starship, the faster it goes the more streamlined
it gets, and in that streamlining there is no density, there's just Aliveness in
the Present. Course, that's a 5d thought that just happens to be Real.
The way the military looks at things, “What good are weapons if you can't use th
em?” Well, what good is ignorance if you're not stupid?
I think they succeeded in really putting a hole in the Planet and let it leak ou
t. I believe they call that bleeding out. The Planet says, “They're gonna play w
ith Me like that? Wait till I get up to bat, they're out of here.”


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