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Space Marine Wargear


The Cyclone Missile Launcher is designed to be part of a Marines Terminator
Armour. It provides heavy support with a variety of ways in which it can be
fired. Despite its bulk, the Cyclone does not interfere with the Marines normal
movement as the Terminator Armour compensates for the load with automated
load distributing systems. The Marine carries a Storm Bolter in his right hand,
and a Guidance System in his left hand that is able to very accurately acquire
targets for the Cyclone. The Marine does not have a Power Glove, so if he is
attacked in close assault he gets a 2 modifier to his roll.
The Cyclone is typically armed with 6 Crack and 6 Plasma Missiles for a broad
range of offensive and defensive options, although it can be rearmed when
purchasing from the Force List. A Cyclone can never be reloaded on the
battlefield as this requires the entire removal of the Terminator Armour. The
Marine player has to choose his targets carefully with such a limited supply of
ammunition, and to also keep track of all the missiles he has fired.
Firing Quick Shots
A Marine can only fire a Quick Shot with a Crack Missile. It is not possible to fire a Quick Shot with a Plasma
Missile. When firing a Quick Shot, the Marine does not use the Cyclones Guidance System. He chooses to
forego accuracy for a quicker shot that can be fired when moving and turning, or even on Overwatch. The
hit rolls to destroy his target are not as good when firing a Quick Shot. If the Marine has no Crack Missiles
left he is not able to fire a Quick Shot or enter Overwatch with the Cyclone.
Cyclone on Overwatch
The Marine can choose to enter Overwatch with the Cyclone if he has at least 1 Crack Missile left. The
Marine player must state that the Overwatch is for the Cyclone, not the Storm Bolter. It is not possible for a
Marine to be on Overwatch for both weapons at the same time. In all other respects the normal rules for
Overwatch apply. A target will be fired upon with a Quick Shot if it performs an action within the Marines
LOS and Range of 12 squares. If the Cyclone runs out of Crack Missiles during Overwatch then the Marine
can choose to automatically continue the Overwatch onto his Storm Bolter instead. The Marine can always
voluntarily drop out of Overwatch if he chooses, and he is not forced to fire at a target more than 12
squares away while in Overwatch.
Firing Guided Shots
When firing a Guided Shot the Marine is using the Cyclones Guidance System to accurately track the target
for a better chance to hit. Both Crack and Plasma Missiles can be fired as Guided Shots. The Marine player
needs to state which missile he is firing and the intended target before any dice are rolled. Move and fire
options are not allowed with Guided Shots.
Firing a Salvo
The Marine can choose to fire a Salvo of at least 2 missiles up to the number he has remaining. The Salvo
can deliver a deadly hail of missiles almost instantaneously, but it is a risky option that can knock the
Marine prone from the combined reverse thrust. When firing a Salvo the Marine resolves the first missile
fired, then the second missile, and so on until he chooses not to fire any more missiles in that Salvo. He
does not need to initially declare the number of missiles or targets that he is firing in the Salvo, but he must
fire at least 2 missiles. New targets in the Marines LOS that are revealed as a result of an earlier missile hit
may be fired upon with later missiles. The Marine may fire more than 1 missile at the same target if it
survives an earlier strike. At the end of the Salvo, the Marine player must roll a dice and get at least the
number of missiles fired or higher or else he falls prone from the thrust blast. Example: If 4 missiles were
fired in a Salvo, the Marine player needs to roll a 4, 5, or 6 for the Marine to stay on his feet, a roll of 1, 2,
3 means that the Marine has fallen prone. Note that firing 7 missiles in a Salvo will automatically knock the
Marine prone. All rules for being prone apply, in addition the Marine can not spend any more APs or CPs
until his next turn. He is too disoriented from the shock wave to immediately react.
The Cyclone can only Malfunction if there is at least 1 missile remaining. If the Marine is killed by any
means, roll a dice. On a roll of 1 the Cyclone Malfunctions with a large blast. All models and features on the
section must roll to see if they are destroyed. If the Marine is involved in a round of close assault and the
result is a draw, then roll a dice. On a roll of 1, the Cyclone has been struck and Malfunctions. The Marine
and his attacker are both automatically killed, while all other models and features on the section must roll
to see if they are destroyed in the blast.