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Arena Football League Fact Sheet

Our mission is to serve our community with pride and passion as a quality example of individual and team excellence on the field, in
the office, at the arena and within the community by consistently exceeding our customers expectations by demonstrating the highest
character, appreciation and respect for our game, customers, teammates and partners as a cost-effective and visionary organization
providing a total entertainment experience.

The Arena Football League was founded in 1987 by Jim Foster, a former NFL and USFL executive. Now entering its 29th season, the familyfriendly and affordable (tickets range from $30 to $60) AFL has amassed 20 million fans across the United States. The Arena Football League is currently
commissioned by Scott Butera, who is entering his second season in this role. The AFL consists of eight teams spread between two conferences: the
American Conference and the National Conference. Each team will play 16 games and have two bye weeks. The 2016 18-week season will begin on April 1
and will conclude in August.

American Conference
Jacksonville Sharks
Orlando Predators
Philadelphia Soul
Tampa Bay Storm

National Conference
Arizona Rattlers
Cleveland Gladiators
Los Angeles Kiss
Portland Thunder


The AFL has a number of rules and regulations that are unique to this league
- The goal posts in the AFL are nine feet wide with a
15-foot-high crossbar. This is significantly smaller
than the NFL goal posts, which sit at 18.5 feet wide
with a 10-foot-high crossbar.
- A regulation-size field is 50 yards long, half the size
of an NFL field, and 80 feet wide.
- A roster has 21 active players and three inactive
- There are eight players on the field for each team at
a time.
- When a team is on offense, four of its players are on
the line of scrimmage.

- When a team is on defense, three of its players are

down linesman.
- A game has four 15-minute quarters.
- A field goal made by placement is worth three points.
- A dropkick field goal is worth four points.
- An extra point kicked by placement is worth one point,
but an extra point scored via a dropkick is worth two.
- An AFL Ironman is a participant who plays both
offense and defense.
- Every AFL team makes the playoffs - two division
leaders and three wild card spots.
- There is no punting.

The Arena Bowl is the AFLs championship game that is played at the end of each season. A total of 28 Arena Bowls have
been played, with the winning team being awarded the Foster Trophy each year. For a few years, it was played at a neutral
site, but now the game is played at the home field of whichever team has the better record. Each year, the Arena Bowl is
broadcast on ESPN. The most recent winner of the Arena Bowl is the, now defunct, San Jose SaberCats, who dethroned
three-time reigning champions Arizona Rattlers. Attendance at last years Arena Bowl rose above nine thousand, however,
past Arena Bowls have seen attendance surpass 20-25,000.

Contact Information
Arizona Rattlers

Peter Garbow
Director of Media

Dan Pearson
Public Relations Director

Jeff Elston

Philadelphia Soul
Kristen Van Iderstine
Communications Manager

Jacksonville Sharks
Zander Kean
Director of Media

Portland Thunder
Brian Beaudry
Director of Communications


Los Angeles

Tampa Bay Storm

Ben Shotten
Media Relations Manager
813-307-5906 | 2340 S. River Road, Suite 310, Des Plaines, IL 60018 | 312-465-2200

Last year the Tampa Bay
Storm led the league in
attendance, averaging
12,312 fans per game.
The Tampa Bay Storm and
Arizona Rattlers are tied for
the most Arena Bowl wins
with five each.
ESPN owns the TV rights
to the AFL - weekly games
are shown on CBS Sports
Network, ESPN, ESPN2 and
Fans can stream any AFL
game for free on ESPN3
using WatchESPN.
The ESPN deal has led to
92 million TV impressions
on ESPN per season.
Nearly 40% of AFL fans
are between the ages of
35 and 54.
More than 40% of AFL
fans have at least one
child younger than 18 in
Entering their 29th season,
the Tampa Bay Storm is the
oldest team in the league.