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An Introduction: Luang Por Parn

Luang Por Parn Sunantoe, his real name is Pra Kroo Wiharagijjanugarn. He was
born in 1875 (BE 2418.), the youngest son of Mr. Aaj and Mrs. Im Sutawongs. During
his younger age, he received the a nickname of "Parn", because of a red Birthmark on
the little finger of his left hand, which was seen as an unusual trait mark that linked with
Buddhism. LP Parn received his Ordination as a Bikkhu*(Buddhist Monk) on the First
of April 1895 (BE 2438).
Luang Phor Parn is worshiped as one of the Top 10 Greatest Guru Monks of presentday in Thailand & many worshippers all around the world. He was the closest disciple of
Luang Phor Niam Wat Noi, Suphanburi, and also a disciple of Luang Phor Nong Wat
Klong Madarn. His two great teachers passed away with their bodies un-decayed. When
Luang Phor Parn passed away in B.E.2480, his body was also un-decayed similar to his
Guru teachers.
In 1932, five years before he passed away, he announced to all his disciples the date and
time of his death. His precognition was quite clear and exactly correct; he passed away on
the date and time he had preannounced. Luang Phor Parn was a meditative Guru Monk
and also possessed magical knowledge. During Buddhist Dhamma, it was recorded that
he reached the Great six knowledge of miracles. So he possesses knowledge on
precognition, out-of-body ability, mind detecting, ability to do comprehensive paranormal
phenomena activities etc.

Apart from this, he also possesses the highest state of Wipassana or knowledge of mind
cleaning to stop next rebirth (Reincarnation). It was his great Dhamma practice that had
cleaned and "distilled" his inner body (astral body) to crystal-like state which changed his
body's cells immortal. Many great Guru Monks in Thailand hinted their Dhamma levels
to their disciples in such way.
Luang Phor Parn's famous amulets have marked long-time uncountable records in
warding off dangers of all kinds. And it's great for making holy water for healing illness
that modern physician not able to diagnose & cure. Luang Phor Parn's amulets are
extremely unique with Buddha sitting on a Garuda, Hanuman, Porcupine, Fish, Fighter
cock and Bird.

Once Luang Phor Parn told his disciples that his amulets had been blessed for a period
of three months, it's long time more than enough to charge Buddha's power into amulets
capable of warding off dangers of all kinds. He said that if they were blessed for 3 years,
the Garuda and the Bird on the amulet would fly out. (A real life news reporting of bird
image flew out from the amulet was published in a Malaysia Chinese newspaper; A
shops CCTV of the amulets owner recorded the flying bird flying around his shop and
flew back into the drawer where the amulet was kept.)
Luang Phor Parn's amulets are very popular among Thai amulets users and collectors
because of their frequent miraculous phenomena both recorded and unrecorded
Story of the Bikkhu (Buddhist Monk)

Luang Por Parn

The Ubachaya** who ordained him was "Luang Por Sun", of Wat Bang Pla Hmor in
Thambon Nam Thao, Ampher Bang Bal in Ayutaya province.
His Koo Swod** was Pra Ajarn Joy, from Wat Ban Paen, Thambon Sam Gor, Ampher
Sena in Ayutaya Province.
His Pra Anusawanajarn** was Pra Ajarn Um, from Wat Sutapochn, Thambon Bang
Nom Kho, Ampher saena, in Ayutaya Province.He was responsible for Bestowing Luang
Por Parn with the name "Sunantoe"
After his Ordination, Luang Por Parn stayed at Wat Bang Pla Hmor to study Gammatan
and Vipassana, along with various Buddha Magic methods under the Supervision of LP**
Sun; Specializing in the topics of curing illness, physical aches and pains, and also curing
people who were under the bad influence of black magic & harmful spells. He attained
the level of "Adept" extremely quickly.
He also spent 2 years studying "Bariyathitamma", and Pali Sanskrit language under the
Supervision of "Ajarn Jeen", from Wat Jao Jed; then continued his studies at Wat
Sragaed in Bangkok, until his completion in "Apitamm" (Abhidharma) 5 years later.

When in Bangkok, Luang Por Parn recieved extra training in Traditional Buddhist
Medicine at Wat Sangwaes. Luang Por also recieved training in Gammatan from Luang
Por Niyam of Wat Noy in Ampher Basng Pla Ma, Supannburi Province, for a period of
three months.
In addition, he was trained an extra month by LP Hnong, of Wat Klong Madan in Ampher
Sorng Pi Norng, Supannburi.
While in the forest, LP Parn received the secrets of creating Clay magical Amulets, in the
form of a set of six different images from "CHI BA KHAW" .
These 6 Amulets are the set of six Clay Buddha Amulets that are so revered and hard to
find these days; considered by Disciples of Wat bang Nom Kho to possess extremely
powerful magic.
The Secret of "Yant Grao Paetch", or "Diamond Armour / Diamonjd Shield Yantra" as it
has come to be known in the English language, was obtained from "Ajarn jaeng", a lay
Practitioner and Master of Yant and Buddha magic.
After completion of his training, Luang Por Parn inaugurated the Pali Sanskrit and
Dharma school at Wat Bang Nom Kho. Apart from this, he assisted in the building and
development of up to forty Temples around Thailand, including the additional
construction of Shrines for other Temples that were already in existence (known as Bote
in Thailand).
He is considered to have had to have possessed Extremely Great Virtues to have been
able to attain the creation / construction of such institutions and enable the growth of
Buddhism and spreading of the dharma on such a massive scale.
After Completion of his studies under Luang Por Sun, he performed "Tudongk"
(Wandering alone deep through the Jungle). He wandered as far as the frontier to Burma,
and encountered various strange Phenomena during his journey. Those strange encounters
became legends and many people who read LP Parns "Tudongk" stories find it amazing
and amusing. (To find out more, pls visit Wat Bang Nom Kho personally bring a Thai
After his returning to Wat Bang Nom Kho, he performed Spiritual and Budhist medicinal
healings for devotees who came with their problems. He treated the physical illness and
also people under the in bad influence of Magical Spells and Curses. It is said that he who

received treatment from Luang Por Parn was healed of his problem without any single
Luang Por Parn had an extremely gentle appearance, with the Light complexion and
aspect of a gentleman from the high society. His voice was soft, polite and pleasing to all
ears. His mouth was always slightly curver upwards with a slight smile, and he possessed
great compassion for both human and animals. He didnt separate social castes, receiving
every visitor with the same compassionate and welcoming attitude, regardless of their
social standing or ranking in the society. Social castes are irrelevant to him no matter one
was a millionaire, a gentleman, royalty or a working class farmer or beggar. It is said that
if a bad person, a thief, or drunkard paid a visit to Luang Por Parn, he would change his
attitudes after visiting to Luang Por Parn, and became kinder, gentle and less wayward.
Luang Por Parn's daily routines when at Wat bang Nom Kho; after the daily last meal at
11 am, he would rest a short while, after which, he would sit and receive visitors to help
them with their requests. While waiting, he would prepare "Nam Monthr" (Prayer Water),
for treating people with illnesses. There were an incredible number of people who came
to see him in order to cure all sorts of illnesses, or were under the influence of Black
Magic & Curses. Luang Por Parn treated people into the late hours, no matter how tired
he might be.
Even though he is no longer with us, he has given Buddhist people and those who believe
in his ultimate powers an inheritance of the Body, Soul, Mind & also Fortunes.
Bikkhu - means Monk in Pali
Ubachaya - means the monk with the necessary entitlement to ordain others as a Bikkhu
Koo Swod - means Partner of Cermonies; the Bikkhu comissioned to assist in the chanting
of the necesary orations.
LP - is used as an english abbreviation for "Luang Por"

- is a kind of Meditation technique.


Luang Por Parn with his Parent

(Mother & Father)

Picture of LP Parn with his Mother and Father, who he cared for in her
old age and times of illness.
Even though LP Parn was abbot of Wat Bang Nom Kho temple. He
brought them to the Temple and allowed them to stay in his Guthi,
taking care and feeding them, and often wash his mother's clothing,
regardless of his High status and amount of work he had to perform, he
always make up time to take care his Parent.
In Buddhist teachings, one's Mother is seen as the most sacred person
in Life, due to the pain she goes through in giving Birth to us, the
worry when our young age and care she has for us as her children.
When praying in Buddhist belief, the lighting of 5 incense sticks has
the meaning of dedication to the Triple gem (Buddha Dharma and
Sangha)the fourth stick is to dedicate to one's Mother and father, the
fifth to the Kroo ba Ajarn, meaning Spiritual Teacher.

Greatest Katha for Wealth and Fortune Rich Katha

The reason why I setup this website is to specially dedicate and spread Luang Por
Parns teaching around the world as I was benefited from his teaching and the katha.

A special thanks to Mr. Lek Watruak of Thai Amulets for his kind assistance that
resolved some doubts I am having. I will continue my life journey with this Katha &
Luang Por Parns teaching.

As per like Mr. Lek of Thai Amulets mentioned, this Katha is Beyond any law of
physics and any words to explain. All you have to do is to practice the Rich Katha and
sense it by your very own self. When Mr. Lek tried to publish this Katha onto the
Internet for world people to learn, he had failed 2 times -- his computer system collapsed
and he had to re-format his hard disk and the audio hardware needed for sound Katha and
was permanently dysfunction. According to Mr. Lek he suspect that the Mara(evils)
tried to obstruct him to perform an important task for the Great Guru. The more people
get richer, the less preys for the Mara to govern. Mr. Lek is very happy that the important
Katha of the Great Guru was correctly inscribed on the huge stone -- The Internet !! MAY
The Katha named Phra PajjekkaBodhi Prod Satwa. It's a greatest Katha for attracting
wealth and fortune to practitioners. When LP Parn was still alive, he respected this

Katha very much. When he walks in or out of his Kuti (monk house) he will raise his
hands up Namaskar this Katha and chanting it. If LP Parn goes anywhere, he will teach
this Katha to any people. After teaching, he would say " From now onwards my sons, you
will be rich by this Katha, you farmers will gain more crops and bigger fruits, and no
insects disturb your grows any more." Farmers who practice this Katha gain a lot of crops
more than ever. Fruits are bigger in size than ever, bananas as big as the adult hand, the
melon, as big as a jar. LP Parn brings those abnormal sizes fruits to his temple and
shows to people.
Merchants practice this Katha can sell his goods like hot cakes, making a lot of profit.
But when counts the products stock, they still left much more than it should be even the
products were sold a large amount. It means that the stocks are added up unknowingly
more by the influence of this Katha.
Employees and civil servants practice this Katha, they will work happily, and the works
are always admired by their master. Moreover the position is shifted to higher level
meanwhile gaining more salary. Therefore, the Katha is meant for wealth and fortune.
Whoever chants it until becoming the stage of Smadhi, bigger wealth and fortune will
come to that person.
Mr.Prayong Tangtrongchit, an important layman disciple of LP Parn, was a poor
herbal medicine shop owner, one day he heard LP Parn teaching this Katha to a monk of
Wat Saket. After the teaching session ended, Mr Prayong ask LP Parn that he would
like to learn this Katha. "Good, my son, within two years from now onwards you will be
a millionaire," said LP Parn.

Mr.Prayong Tangtrongchit

Mr. Prayong practices this Katha daily in the morning, evening and before going to bed .
After 6 month, he reports to LP Parn, "Luang Phor, my herbal medicine sell very good, I
gained a lot of money, but so strange that the medicine are still remained in a big stock
even I have sold many. I bought in rice for daily consumption and is just used half the
quantity only, even my wife prepared the rice at normal quantity as usual."
The effects go far beyond than that, Mr.Prayong said, "I can't compare to my grand
mother who also practice this Katha. She always practices it until becoming a Smadhi.
One day a huge sum of money miraculously filled into an empty safe. Before the money
runs into the safe, there is a strange voice saying, "stay quietly and don't move, the money
is running into your safe."
"My grand mother told me that after a striking sound, she rush to open the safe. Sitting
there, an empty safe filled fully with money. She said to me: Don't worry now, if the
Luang Phor (Parn) need money to buy materials for construction, just tell me -- I will
donate. The more we donate, the more comfortable we will be," said Mr.Prayong.
Mr.Prayong later became a very rich man, he was named the greatest philanthropist of
Thailand. He donated as much as LP Parn needed for construction of many temples. " If
Luang Phor need money please don't be hesitated to tell me, I will donate as much as
you required," said Mr.Prayong to LP Parn.
Before LP Parn passed away, he teaches The Rich Katha to many layman disciples.
LP said: "Don't do evils but do good. Our life is not so long, we just come to this
world in a short period and then go. The 5 precepts of the Buddha should be
practiced, if one cannot practice all, I request for 2 of them - Don't steal and Don't
drink liquor. If you can practice this 2 precepts as well as the Phra PajjekkaBodhi
Prod Satwa Katha, you will earn well and live with a happy life," said LP Parn.
Luang Phor Chaai of Wat PananChoeng (Sam Po Kong), Ayuthaya, a Great Guru during
the WWII period also practise this Katha to bless his temple everyday to draw Buddhists
come to his temple and donate money for renovation. He gained a great success at wish
by the miracle of this Katha.

The Katha (Rich Katha)

(For sound format Rich Katha, pls email: Kindly specify "Rich

Luang Por Parn

Original Script of Rich Katha

The Rich Katha:

Na Mo Tassa Bhakhawato Arahato Samma Sambudh Tassa (Repeat X3 times)
Buddha Ma Aa U Na Mo Budh Dha Ya (1 time)
Wira Dhayo Wira Konayang Wira Hingsa Wira Dhasi Wira Dhasa Wira Ittiyo
Buddhassa Manee Mama Buddhassa Swahom (Main Katha: Repeat X3, X5, X7,or
X9 times)
(**When you want to repeat the Katha, just start with the main Katha: Wira Dhayo Wira
Konayang..... so on!)
When you start practicing this Katha, you should start with 3 times for the core Katha
(Wira Dhayo....). Until you chant fluently, you may chant more times. But it is a must to
keep the times of chanting constantly in some long period before shifting to more
additive step. Or you may keep 3 times forever.
But as on Mr.Prayong's practice, he chanted 9 times. Daily chanting on this Katha will
make your earning & living significantly better in some degree, the money from your
work efforts is enough for expenses -- if the household money run low, new wealth will
come in time to support. But for the best result -- you must chant this Katha until
becoming Smadhi stage -- and bigger wealth & fortune will come to you.


Important** Reminders &Tips

For best result when practicing this Katha:

3. Present food to monk at least once daily. Some places are inconvenient to do this, you
can do an option by donate money (any sum you would like to) to a can. If the can fills

with moderate sum of money, please bring it to donate to Buddhist temple for monks
4. The main principle on practicing this Katha is--chant it until becoming a Smadhi (mind
concentration). The higher Smadhi you reach, the more wealth and fortune will come.
You can practice this Katha in every action, standing, walking, sitting, and working.
When you want to repeat the Katha, just start with the main Katha: Wira Dhayo Wira
5. Before bringing out the money to use, touch that money and chant the Katha the same
times as your usual practice. And in the night before parking your money into the drawer,
chant this Katha the same times as your usual practice.
6. If anyone would like to learn this Katha, please teach him because this is the will of the
great Guru.
7. If all these done, the practicer will get more and more wealth and fortune.
Diamond Armour Yant - "Yant Grao Paetch"!
Luang Por Parn was well known for his Buddha Magic and Buddhist medicine &
healing methods. He creates powerful amulets during the Buddhist year 2460 (1917).
He was famous for finding the extremely well known and powerful Katha / Yant (mantra)
of Grao Paetch in the Buddhist year 2458 whilst making a pilgrimage to Suphanburi
province. Famous for his discovery of the Sacred
Luang Por Parn found this great Khata as he was meditating and a Yaan (or Yana in Pali
Panskrit), meaning supernatural sense, occurred in his meditation. It told him that there
was a special magical metal template hidden within the main Chedi of Wat Phra Sri
Ratana Maha Taath, Suphanburi province, waiting for him to discover.
Not long after that he reached the Chedi and found an ancient silver template engraved
with the Kata of Yant Graopaetch. The template had a message explaining that the person
who found it shall be a Great Master, and that Heaven had defined who should find it.
The Template also describes that one who recites this Kata everyday shall have his body
covered with a Diamond Armour and will be protected from all dangers, he shall never be
able to be destroyed by his enemies. In addition, the enemy will be destroyed through a
strange phenomenon because of the reflective result from the magic Diamond Armour !

The Diamond Armour Yant: Chant everyday

I Ra Chaa Ka Tha Ra Saa

Thi Hang Ja Thoe Roe Ti Nang
Bi Sam Ra Loe Bu Sa Put
Soe Ma Na Ga Ri Taa Toe
Pa Samm Samm Wi Sa Tae Pa
Ka Put ban tuu tam wa ka
Waat Toe Noe A Ma Ma Waa
A Wich Su Nut Saa Nuth Thi



Base on Mr. Spencers contact experiences with Wat Bang Nom Kho. In
any year that had the auspicious Sao Ha day (Saturday, the fifth day of
the waxing moon period, lunar month), Luang Phor Phan would
perform a very special Ceremony, consecrating and embedding Yant
Grao Paetch into his thousands of disciples gathering in Wat Bang Nom
Kho temple.
Luang Por would write the Khata on a blackboard and tell everybody
to choose one letter of the script NA-MO-PUT-TAA-YA (five Aspects of
the Buddha). Then he would stand behind the blackboard and recite a
Khata to push the letters and imprint them on all devotees. If a

recipient really had good meditative skills, one of the letters would
become embedded onto his skull for his whole life.
Amazingly, it was observed that when one of these devotees died and
was brought into cremation, the script clearly appeared upon the
forehead of the persons skull when the remains were inspected.
Khata Yant Graopaetch requires daily recitation. If this is done, the
person reciting will be perfectly protected from all dangers even deadly
events and will never be able to harm you.
The Current Abbot (and Ubachaya - meaning that he is empowered to
ordain others into monkdom) of the Temple is called Phra Kroo
Suwatjirayaaporn, or Hlwong Por Yong for short. Mr. Spencer was lucky
enough to receive the opportunity to visit him in his Guthi (Guthi is the
name for the room/hut where a monk resides).

From Left to Right: Spencer, LP Yong & Geoffrey


The Temple: Wat(Temple) Bang Nom Kho

- .

(Or Wat Luang Por Parn)

Telephone 035203005 (Office) 035201274 (Luang Por Yong - Abbot of Wat Bang
Nom Kho)

Wat Bang Nom Kho (Thai: ) is a Buddhist temple (Wat)

located in the Sena district of Ayutthaya Province, Thailand. (North
76KM from Bangkok)
The temple was made famous by one of Thailand's Gaeji Ajarn high
monks, Luang Pho Phan, who was renowned for his blowing of the
sacred Diamond Armour Yantra, (or Yant, onto the forehead of his
disciples. According to legend, many of these disciples, after death,

were found to have an impression of the Yant mysteriously

embedded into their skull. The Yant was allegedly revealed to Luang
Pho Phan in a dream, which led him to its discovery on a metal
template hidden within a Chedi. Luang Pho Phan was also reputed
to have received the ability to make powder based amulets of
Buddha images sitting on animals from a Chee Ba Khaw, (a spirit
that appeared as a firefly). These amulets are extremely sought
after and expensive due to their reputed powers.

About Sena district of Ayutthaya province

Usually local people knows and calls Sena as Ban Phaen(Thai ). Its city boasts a
clocktower in the center of town, which has a clock on all four sides. Also, there is a
weekly temple market on Tuesday nights, where countless vendors can be seen selling
everything from puppies to mobile phone accessories to movie and music posters at a
discount price. There is a coconut shop across the street from the temple market called
Mukda Shop that sells fresh coconut drinks.
There is also a secondary school known as Senaprasit School that features yearly Sports
Days - three days that fall between Christmas and New Year's. The students dress in
various themes that represent Thailand and walk around the school grounds. There is also
a march from the center of town to the school. For three days the students rally and play
competitive Thai sports.

How to get there?

Ayutthaya Province (full name Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Thai:
, pronounced eye-you-TEE-a) is one of the central
provinces (changwat) of Thailand.

Distance from Ayutthaya city to nearby provinces

Bangkok 76 km
Ang Thong 31 km.
Suphanburi 53 km.
Saraburi 63 km.
Sing Buri 71 km.

By train: (
The cheapest and most colorful way of reaching Ayutthaya is by train. All north
and north-east line trains depart from Bangkok's Hualamphong Train Station
and stop in Ayutthaya.
A trip of about 1.5 hours - 2.5hrs depending on the type of train service.
According to the State Railway of Thailand website, First Class costs
66baht,Second class (non-aircon) costs 35 baht (seats can be booked in
advance), while third class is just 20 baht (no reservations).

You can check all the fares in the website. Trains pass by the provinces Amphoe
Bang Pa-in, Amphoe Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya and Amphoe Phachi, where at
Ban Phachi Junction the railway lines separate to the North and Northeast. Then,
mini-buses can be taken from the railway station into the city. (See Thailand
"State Railway" for schedule and cost.)
Please note, from experience, when you enquire about train services at the
official information or ticketing counters, rates vary, perhaps due to the confusing
variety of train services. But as of Sept 2008, the rates are not the same as those
shown online. Instead, Third Class ranges 15-20Baht, Second Class 265Baht.
For more information, please contact the State Railway of Thailand at Tel. 0 2220
4334, 1690 or see the website , and Ayutthaya Railway Station at Tel. 0 3524
Ayutthaya's train station is to the east of the central island. The easiest way to
get to central Naresuan Road is to walk straight ahead from the station and take
the cross-river ferry for 4 baht.

By bus
Buses operate every 20 minutes or so from Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal
(Moh Chit) directly to Ayutthaya.
First class air-con buses charge 60 baht, while second class is 45 baht. Allow at
least two hours for the trip since the buses stop rather frequently and there are
often jams on the roads out/into Bangkok. You can also take a minivan from the
Victory Monument direct to Ayutthaya. Takes ~1 hour and costs 60baht. Buses
depart every 20 minutes or so
The buses are from 4:30AM7.15PM. For more details, please call Tel. 0 2936
2852-66 or see the website and Ayutthaya Bus Terminal, Tel. 0 3533 5304.
In Ayutthaya, the Central BKS bus station is on the south side of Thanon
Naresuan next to the Chao Phrom Market. songthaews to Bang Pa-In also leave
from here. Some 1st-class buses to Bangkok, however, leave from the north side
of the road some 500m to the west, on the other side of the khlong (canal); the
queue for air-con buses is easy to spot.
From Kanchanaburi, take a local bus from the main bus station to Suphanburi for
45 baht (2 hours), then another local bus to Ayutthaya for 40 baht (1.5 hours). A
taxi from Kanchanaburi costs 2000-2500 baht (2 hours).
There is also a central bus station east of town serving northern destinations. It
can be reached by songthaew - ask around to find the appropriate stop.

By Car
From Bangkok, one can get to Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya by various routes:
1. Take Highway No.1 (Phahon Yothin) via Pratu Nam Phra In and turn into
Highway No.32, then, turn left to Highway No.309 to Phra Nakhon Si
2. Take Highway No.304 (Chaeng Watthana) or Highway No.302 (Ngam
Wong Wan), turn right into Highway No.306 (Tiwanon), cross Nonthaburi
or Nuanchawi Bridge to Pathum Thani, continue on Highway No.3111
(Pathum Thani Sam Khok Sena) and turn right at Amphoe Sena into
Highway No.3263 to Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya.
3. Take Highway No.306 (BangkokNonthaburiPathum Thani), at Pathum
Thani Bridge Intersection, turn into Highway Nos.347 and 3309 via Bang
Sai Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Centre, Amphoe Bang Pa-in, to Phra
Nakhon Si Ayutthaya.
4. Take Expressway No.9 (Si Rat Expressway) via Nonthaburi Pathum
Thani and down to Highway No.1 via Bang Sai Royal Folk Arts and Crafts
Centre, turn left into Highway No.3469 towards Bang Pahan and turn right
at Worachet Intersection to Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya.

By boat: Cruise to Ayutthaya

Cruise boats run up the river from Bangkok, often stopping at Ko Kret and Bang
Pa-In along the way. You'll need to book in advance as there are no scheduled
services, just trips for tourists. It's a fairly lengthy trip (at least one whole day) and
some of the larger boats offer (pricy) overnight tours. -- Boat from Ayutthaya to
Bangkok leaves 11:30AM daily (arrives Bangkok ~4PM) = 1350 baht/person PH:
08 97662672
Travelling by boat to Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya is popular among foreigners
since it does not only reveal the beauty as well as lifestyle of the people on both
sides of the Chao Phraya River, but also reflects the life in history at the time of
the Ayutthaya Kingdom when the Chao Phraya River served as a channel of
transportation in trading with foreign countries.
The luxurious cruise from Bangkok to the former capital of Ayutthaya is operated
by River Sun Cruise Tel: 0 2266 9316, 0 2266 9125-6, Manohra Tel: 0 2476
0021-2 ( Package Tour 3 day +2 nights ), and Grand Pearl Tel: 0 2861 0255-60.

Hotels & Guest House Sleep

There are a large number of traveller-oriented guesthouses on an Soi Torgorsor
between Pamaphrao Road and Naresuan Road, opposite the western end of the

Chao Phrom Market. Accommodation in the upper price brackets is limited

though, and many people choose to day-trip from Bangkok.

Ayutthaya Guest House - a friendly place offering aircon rooms with TV

for 400 baht, and fan-only with TV for 300 baht, all en-suite. With internet
access and a 'order what you like' restaurant. The three 300 baht rooms
along the side alley have air vents open to a public restaurant next-door.
For budget travellers, they offer in a nearby building some rooms for 100
baht each, neat, friendly doubles with fan.

Sleep in Sena

Homestay Khlong Rang Chorakhae (

) (located by the
Rang Chorakhae canal side) 26 Mu 10, Tambon Ban Pho (Tel: 08 1251
8058, 08 9881 1042), Rates: Baht 700 / person / night (included 2 meals)
Chao Chet Homestay ( ) 58 Mu 7, Tambon Chao Chet (Tel: 0
3520 1876, 08 9041 3706), Rates: Baht 800 / person / night (included 3

Other guest houses:

Thong Chai Guest House - on a road directly opposite Wat

Ratchaburana and a little away from the main action, but closer to the
sights. Offering fan-only rooms at 200 a night with private bathrooms, this
is a more Thai-oriented guest house. Watch out, this is maybe too basic
for you. Compared to what you get in Bangkok for 200 Baht this is worse:
No place to hang up the towel. You get a soap, but there is no place to put
it in the bathroom. No sink: You can't wash your stuff. No flush (this is
indeed Thai style).

P-U Guest House - despite its name, the place provides very clean rooms
for a decent rate (~300 Baht for twin with fan and private bath, some
knowledge of Thai may net you a small discount). It's hidden off Soi
Torgorsor, keep walking north until you see the P-U sign on the left, it's at
the end of the small lane.

Baan Lotus - Pa-Maphrao Rd. PH: 66 035 251988 Rebuilt teak houses
with AC (600 baht) and fan (500 baht) rooms. Rents bicycles
BJ1 Guest house - Opposite P-U Guest House, rooms are very basic but
clean with a shared bathroom, owner is very relaxed and they offer bike
rental- Double Room with Fan 150 baht.
THE LIMA PLACE ( ), 139 Moo 2 Bankao Ayutthaya
Thailand 13000 (In City Near Pagoda Roundabout). checkin: 2.00 pm;
checkout: 12.00 noon. Reservation Contact : 66 35 801808 to 10, 66 86
8892389, Fax : 66 35 801800, Rooms : 75 rooms & 1 function room, Price
: 370-700 baht, Wesite :, E-mail :

Hotels and Guesthouses on the Riversides

Ayothaya Riverside ( ) .91 Mu 10, Pakho Road, Tambon

Gamung, (Tel: 0 3523 48737), 102 rooms, Rates: Baht 1,200-2,500
Ayothaya Riverside House/ (Guest house) ( ) 17/2 Mu
7, Tambon Banpom, (Tel: 08 1644 5328, 08 1932 6162 Bangkok Office
Tel: 0 2585 6001, 0 2910 8797), 7 rooms and 2 Boats, Rates: Baht 3001,200 (F, A)
Ban Kun Pra ( ) 48 Mu 3, Pa Thon Road, Tambon Horattanachai,
(Tel: 0 3524 1978, 08 1442 2742), 15 rooms, Rates: Baht 250-800 (F, A) ,
Ban Suwanthara Resort and Spa ( ) 43/9 UThong Road, Tambon Horattanachai, (Tel: 0 3532 4270, 08 1928 2887 Thai massage and spa Rates:
Baht 200-4,000 (No room service)
Krung Sri River ( ) 27/2 Mu 11, Rotchana Road, (Tel: 0 3524
4333, Fax 0 3524 3777, 202 rooms, Rates: Baht
2,000 8,500 (A) River cruise
River View Place ( ) 35/5 Mu 1, U-Thong Road, Tambon
Horattanachai, (Tel: 0 3524 172930), 78 rooms, Rates: Baht 1,7004,000
(River Cruise)
Woraburi Ayothaya Convention Resort ( ) 89
Mu 11, Tambon Kamang, (Tel: 0 3524 9600-49, Fax: 0 3524 9625-6
Bangkok Office tel: 0 2256 0890-2 ext. 303-7, Fax: 0 2256 0741, 162 rooms, Rates: Baht 1,6003,000

Hotels and Guesthouses in town

Ayothaya Hotel ( ) ( opposite Chao Phrom Market) 12 Mu 4,

Thetsaban Sai 2 Road, Tambon Ho Rattanachai, (Tel: 0 3525 2249-50),
101 rooms, Rates: Baht 1,2003,500
Ayutthaya Guesthouse ( ) 12/34 Naresuan Road, Tambon Ho
Rattanachai, (Tel: 0 3523 2658), 30 rooms, Rates: Baht 300500 (F, A)
Ayutthaya House ( ) 48/3 Soi Phailing 3, Rotchana Road, Tambon
Phailing, (Tel: 0 3524 5905, 08 1362 3534), 4 rooms, Rates: Baht 500
1,500 (F, A)
Ayutthaya Homestay ( ) () 15/26 Mu 2, Ko Loi, Tambon
Hua Ro, (Tel: 08 1290 6630, 08 1434 1858), 6 rooms, Rates: Baht 6501,300 (F, A)
Ayutthaya Hostel ( ) 7 Mu 2, Rotchana Road, Tambon
Horattanachai, (Tel: 0 3521 0941), 8 rooms, Rates: Baht 300-400 (F, A)
Ayutthaya Thani ( ) 4/89 Mu 8 Tambon Hua Ro, (Tel: 0 3523 2776
Fax: 0 3523 2817), 81 rooms, Rates: Baht 950-2,500
Bai Fern Homestay ( ) 172/9 Mu 4 Tambon Pratuchai, (Tel: 0
3524 2051, 08 6744 9468), 12 rooms, Rates: Baht 1,000

Ban Chanthana ( ) .12/22 Naresuan Road Sai 1, Tambon Ho

Rattanachai, (Tel: 0 3532 3200, 08 98850257), 10 rooms, Rates: Baht
350500 (F,A)
Ban Chitwilai ( ) 9/23 Mu 3, Tambon Thawasukri, (Tel: 0 3532
1259-60), 20 rooms, Rates: Baht 500 (A)
Ban Lotus ( ) .20 Pa Ma Phrao (Sai 1) Road, Tambon Ho
Rattanachai, (Tel: 0 3525 1988, 0 3532 8272), 20 rooms, Rates: Baht 200600
Ban Mai Resort ( ) 38/19 Mu 8, Tambon Banpom, (Tel: 08 1994
3863, 08 1450 2884), 9 bungalows, Rates: Baht 400 (A)
Ban Suan Guesthouse ( ) 23/1 Chakkraphat Road, Tambon
Pratuchai, (Tel: 0 3524 2394), 17 rooms, Rates: Baht 300-600 (F, A)
Ban Thai Guesthouse ( ) 23/1, Jakkaphat Road, (Tel: 0
3524 2394), 7 rooms, Rates: Baht 150
Ban Yaowachon Na Wang T. ( .) 69/1, Tambon
Thawasukri, 3 rooms, Rates: Baht 500
Chitwilai Place ( ) 38/7 U-Thong Road, Tambon Ho
Rattanachai, (Tel: 0 3532 8177, 08 9696 4996, 08 1991 2166), 70 room,
Rates: Baht 450-500
Grand Parent Home ( ) 22/6 Mu 1, Soi Manthana,
Naresuan Road, Tambon Pratuchai, (Tel: 0 3523 1480, 08 6383 4791), 10
rooms, Rates: Baht 150-600 (F, A)
Jack Guesthouse ( ) 19/13 Mu 3, (Tel: 08 1930 4935), 10
rooms, Rates: Baht 480
New B.J. Guesthouse ( . ) 19/29, Naraesuan Road, (Tel: 0
3524 6046, 0 3524 3980), 19 rooms, Rates: Baht 150
Old B.J. Guesthouse ( ) () 16/7 Naresuan Road,
Tambon Horattanachai, (Tel: 0 3525 1526), 8 rooms, Rates: Baht 160-350
(F, A)
Pae Srithong Guesthouse ( ) 8/1, U-thing Road, Tambon
Horattanachai, (Tel: 0 3524 6010), 10 rooms, Rates: Baht 150-600
Patsaphon (P.S.) Guesthouse ( ) 14/4 Mu 3, Naraesuan
Road, Tambon Horattanachai, 9 rooms, Rates: Baht 120150
Phlu Thaya Resort and Spa ( ) 12/3 Mu 7 Tambon
Khlong Suan Phlu, (Tel: 0 3575 6001-2, 0 3522 5127, 8 rooms, 15 mn from town by tuk-tuk, very quiet with
nice views on the countryside, massages and spa, swimming-pool, good
restaurant offering thai cuisine, can help organize tours, Rates: Baht
P.U. Guesthouse ( ) .20/1 Naresuan Road, Tambon
Horattanachai, (Tel: 0 3525 1213), 23 rooms, Rates: Baht 350-700 (F, A)
Rose Inn ( ) 33/23 Mu6, Watprayat Road, Tambom Phailing, (Tel: 0
3521 2149-50), 50 rooms, Rates: Baht 500-600
Si Ayutthaya ( ) 10/1 Mu 2, U-Thong Road, Tambon
Thawasukri, (Tel: 0 3523 3041), 72 rooms, Rates: Baht 9001,400 (River

Soon Patthana Khunnaphap Chewit (

) In Wat

Kasattrathirat, (Tel: 0 3521 1340-1), Rates: Baht 1000-3000
Suan Luang (
) (in Rajabhat University
Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya) 96 Mu 2, Rotchana Road, Tambon Pratuchai,
(Tel: 0 3524 5537), 25 rooms, Rates: Baht 500-600 (F, A)
Sunrise Place ( ) 6/3 Naresuan Road, Tambon Pratuchai, (Tel: 0
3524 4325, 08 1686 9549, 08 1991 7487), 15 rooms, Rates: Baht 350-600
(F, A)
Ayotthaya Riverside hotel ( ) .91 Mu 10, Pa-co
Road, Tambon Gamang, (Tel: 0 2323 4873-7), 102 rooms, Rates: Baht
The Old Palace Resort ( ) 1/35 Mu 5, Tambon
Thawasukri (Tel: 0 3525 2534, 0 3525 1572), 3 rooms and 5 bungalows,
Rates: Baht 300500 (F, A)
The Old Place Guesthouse ( ) .102 U-Thong Road,
Tambon Horattanachai, (Tel: 0 3521 1161, 08 9614 3010), 10 rooms,
Rates: Baht 250-500 (F, A)
Thong Chai Guesthouse ( ) 9/6 Mu 13, Tambon Pratuchai, (Tel:
0 3524 5210),

38 rooms, Rates: Baht 200-400 (F,A)

T.M.T Guesthouse ( ) 14/9, Nareasuan Road, 10 rooms,

Rates: Baht 100-120
Tony Place ( ) 12/18 Naresuan Road, Tambon Horattanachai, (Tel:
0 3525 2578), 20 rooms, Rates: Baht 200-700 (F, A)
Toto Guesthouse ( ) 6/5 Naresuan Road, Tambon
Horattanachai, (Tel: 0 3523 2658),

30 rooms, Rates: Baht 100400

U-Thong Road Hotel (

) .86 U-Thong Road, Tambon
Horattanachai, (Tel: 0 3525 3000, 0 3525 1063), 67 rooms, Rates: Baht
240-380 (F, A)
U-Thong Inn (
) 210 Mu 5, Rotchana Raod, (Tel: 0 3521 2531-40),
207 rooms, Rates: Baht 1,6004,000
Wiang Fa () 1/8 Rotchana Road, (Tel: 0 3524 1353, 0 3524 3252, Email:, 18 rooms, Rates: Baht 400-600 (A)
The Lima Place Ayutthaya (Service Apartment) 139 Baankao , Ayutthaya
Tel . 035-801808-10 www.
Promsook Place Hotel 11/44-45 Preedee Phanomyong (Rojana) Rd., Tel:
0 3532 3999, 25 rooms, Rates: Baht 600-700 (A)

Eat & Drinks

The main traveller oriented area is Soi Torgorsor, between Pamaphrao Road and
Naresuan Road opposite the western end of Chao Phrom Market. It has a
number of bars staying open until late, some with projection screens for sports.
The main hub of bars is to be found around the backpacker area with a variety of
styles for you to choose. They are:

29 Steak Pamaphrao Rd, Ayutthaya.

Ban Mai Rim Nam 33 U-Thong Rd, Ayutthaya. T: (035) 21 1516 F: (035)
21 1526 . Boat hire 1500B per hour (holds up to 40 pax) book 3 days in
advance or call to check availability.
Bannkunpra Restaurant U-Thong Rd, Ayutthaya. T: (035) 24 1978
Ban U-Thong Restaurant U-Thong Rd, Ayutthaya.
By Yai Lek bar Khlong Makham Wang Rd, Ayutthaya.
Chiang Restauant Naresuan Rd Soi 1, Ayutthaya.
Chow Praya Hut 45/1 Moo 8 Baanmai T: (035) 39 8200
Isaan restaurants Patone Rd, Ayutthaya.
Malakaw Restaurant ChiKun Rd, Ayutthaya.
Moon Cafe and Restaurant Naresuan Rd Soi 1, Ayutthaya.
Night Markets Open daily 17:00 to 23:00 (on U-thong Rd.)
Pae Krung Kao Ayutthaya U-Thong Rd, Ayutthaya.
Rua Rim Nam jetty bar U-Thong Rd, Ayutthaya.
Sai-Thong River U-Thong Rd, Ayutthaya. T: (035) 24 1449
Tony's Place Naresuan Rd Soi 1, Ayutthaya.
Por-gun-ti ( ) bar Pamaphrao Rd, Ayutthaya.

Travel Agents

Ayutthaya Boat & Travel ( ) 17 Soi Wachirathamsathit

35, Bang Chak, Phra Kanong, Nonthaburi, Tel: 0 2746 1414, 0 2746 1287
(River Cruise)
Ayutthaya Inter Service (
) 49/20 Maha Rat Road,
Tambon Pratuchai, Amphoe Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Phra Nakhon Si
Ayutthaya,Tel : 0 3524 5536, 08 1849 4687, 08 9243 9668
Classic Tour ( ) 12/4 U-thong Road, Tambon Pratuchai, Amphoe
Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Tel: 0 3524 4978, 0
3525 2763
Kan Kitti Travel (
) 137/29 Pa Maprao Road, Tambon Hua
Ro, Amphoe Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya , Tel: 0
3523 2927, 0 3523 2523
Koslo Tour() 98/204 Soi 4, Rom Ruen Garden Village,
Udomsorayut Road Tambon Chieng Rak Noi, Amphoe Bang Pa-in, Phra
Nakhon Si Ayutthaya , Tel: 0 3574 2267, 08 1921 2701

Multi Travel ( ) 126 Mu 3, Tambon Khlong Suan Plu, Amphoe

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya , Tel: 0 3521 382830
N H Travel & Business ( ) (Opposite Ayutthaya
Grand Hotel) 61/1 Mu 2, Tambon Phukhao Thong, Amphoe Uthai, Phra
Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Tel: 0 3538 8045, 08 1432 9836
Nissin Travel Service Thailand (
) 16 Mu 4
Tambon Uthai, Amphoe Uthai, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Tel: 0 3535
Phrom Eua Travel Service (
) 81/52 Mu 11 Tambon
Ban Len, Amphoe Bang Pa-in , Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Tel: 0 3526
Sai Thip Travel and Service (
) 222/1 Mu 7
Pornthip Village, Tambon Khlong Suan Phlu, Amphoe Phra Nakhon Si
Ayutthaya, Tel: 08 1994 9133
The Sun Travel Service (
) 12 /34 Mu 4 Naresuan
Road, Tambon Horattanachai, Amphoe Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Tel: 0
3523 2501, 0 3523 2658

Useful Calls

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Provincial Hall Tel. 0 3533 6647

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Public Hall Tel. 0 3533 6550
Police Station Tel. 0 3524 2225, 0 3524 1608
Tourist Police Station Tel. 0 3524 1446, 0 3524 2352, 1155
Phra Nakhon si Ayutthaya Hospital Tel. 0 3524 1888, 0 3524 1728, 0 3532
2555, 1669
Ratcha Thani Hospital Tel. 0 3533 5555-61
Bus terminal Tel. 0 3533 5304
Railway Station Tel. 0 3524 1521
Highway Police Tel. 1193
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