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All About Preparation

Just like athlete puts years of practice before participating & winning gold in Olympic, you also
have to put year of intense study to crack & top GATE.
Consider that nothing in this world is matter except than GATE. When you are 100% convicted
that GATE is the only way, this is your only chance to prove yourself, true preparation begins.
You have to see yourself in your mind that yes, you can do this.
Following procedure will guide you to reach your desired destination.
1. Take printout of GATE syllabus. Stick it on cup board door or on wall near your study
table. Memorize it completely start to end.
2. Start with easiest subject, which should be one from course of either 3rd or 4th semester.
Study it completely, don't left anything.
3. After that pick the one which you like the most, yes your favorite subject. Read it
completely. This way you will get confidence in preparation. Meanwhile have look at the
previous papers of GATE. Many questions you might not get any idea about that but don't
worry. You will come to know that from which subjects most of the questions were asked.
4. So, now pick up a high value subject. First read from standard reference books/text
books, Use various resources like NPTEL videos etc. Make your own notes, write down
all required theory, important concepts, necessary formulas, one example etc.
5. Engineering Mathematics & General Aptitude are must as they plays important role
when you are in top (let's say 1000) candidates. at that time one question right or wrong
makes difference of 1 or 2 marks, and this leads to significant difference in GATE score
& Ranking.
6. One by one complete study/read whole subject. Fall in love with subjects. Avoid all kind
of distractions i.e. smart phones,laptops etc. Concentrate on what are you reading,
whenever new concept/theory comes asks this questions to yourself What? Why?&
7. Study for long hours, seat quietly where ever you find silence, in library, in your room
etc. Study alone rather than group study.
8. Once reference book is read, now look into various books specifically given for GATE.
Solve objective type questions more & more. If one book is completed, take book from
another publication & start solving objective type questions from there.

9. Practice more and more. Quality questions are given at the end of chapter in reference
books. Try to solve by yourself.
10. Solve at least previous 10 year's GATE papers. Review the solution.
11. Complete whole syllabus of GATE by the start/mid of December. And then start revising
all subjects.
12. Enroll for online practice test. Give Section test,Full length test etc. Keep one month
(January) for appearing mock test only. Evaluation is very necessary, it will tell what is
your stand in competition. Don't worry much about the results, focus on improving your
That's it, such a simple procedure to follow. No!
'If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun."
Want to know height of GATE preparation? Let me tell you my story, (keep in mind that I was an
average student in average engineering college, never topped any exam, neither quiz nor
semester exam). Consider 4 years of engineering timeline...

While others were hoping, I was having burning desire

While others were busy in making friends, I was making plan, my master plan

While others were chatting, I was executing my strategy

While others were watching movies in theatre, I was reading books in library

While others were travelling , I was reading more lengthy books.

While others were busy in extra-curricular activities, I was practicing examples

While others were doing social networking, I deacivated my account on Facebook for
almost one & half year.

While others were playing games, I was doing revision of syllabus

While others were busy in attending social gathering, I was solving previous year's

While others were roaming, I started appearing practice tests

While others were deciding 'what to do in future?', I secured rank 647 in first attempt.

While others were still in dilemma about future scope, I got into IIT.

When I look back now, was that all sacrifice,hard work,persistence worth it? YES, I am living
my dream & I am very happy with that.
"Life is what you make it."
PS : after GATE exam I have enjoyed everything that I did't get the chance i.e. played various
games nonstop on multiplayer, watched movies/TV series like a freak & many more things.
Bonus Tips :
1. Start with 4 hours per day specifically dedicated to gate on initial stage of preparation
phase & make it up to 12 hours per day at the end (December-January)
2. Make separate notes for each subject,write in your handwriting, which includes
important concepts, all formulas, one example on each concept.
3. Watch NPTEL Videos
4. Try to solve examples given in reference books by yourself.
5. Revision on regular basis
6. Solve at least 10 previous year's papers
7. Mock/practice test at the end
What not to do :
1. Don't presume paper will be difficult
2. Don't think you can not score enough marks
3. Don't think that this chapter is not important
4. Don't think that you will achieve good marks just because you have joined coaching &
attended classes
5. Don't waste your time in roaming with friends meaninglessly
6. Don't do long talks without purpose
7. Don't overuse social media
8. Don't watch TV/serials/movies etc.

9. Don't pay attention to naysayers

10. Don't think anything other than your goal
11. Don't be afraid to solve just one more question
12. Don't tell your goal to anyone, show them
13. Don't hold yourself back
14. Don't be afraid to put all your effort
And that's it. You are ready to Rock & Roll :)
How should I prepare for the GATE 2017
1. First of all go through latest syllabus of GATE completely. Read every single topic of each
subject carefully mentioned in the GATE syllabus.
It is important to know what to study but
it is more important to know what not to study
Because you have to choose subjects to study as per GATE syllabus you do not need to study all
subjects which you have studied in your B.E. / B. Tech. course.
2. Solve GATE previous years papers.
3. Always read standard books.
4. First of all make proper plan before starting your GATE preparation. What you have to study ?
What you have already studied or in which areas you are weak and in which areas you are strong
? How many hours you have in a day for GATE preparation ? Specially if you are preparing for
GATE with college study.
5. In free time try to read articles or guide notes written by previously qualified candidates or
toppers . It will surely give you a good idea about GATE preparation because experience take
time and you are getting it without Wasting your time. If possible try to communicate with them
so that they can rectify your silly mistakes in your preparation strategy.
6. Always keep a copy of syllabus of GATE with you, refer it as much as possible because many
time we try to ignore many topic and those topics have big portion in your GATE paper and that
inversely affect your rank in GATE examination.

7. Dont start your preparation in rush like doing all subjects at once. Starting studying
everything like theory and numerical of all subjects at once it will confused you in last
time preparation. Start with basics then go high as you find yourself good enough
8. Try to solve as much as possible theoretical and numerical problems because as said Practice
makes man perfect.
I will suggest you read only one subject at a time from only one book. That one book must
good enough to follow GATE syllabus. So before starting GATE study, consult with your
seniors or GATE qualifiers about books for GATE preparation. Do not follow books
without knowledge because all books dont have good learning material it may lead you less
marks in GATE exam.
9. Stay with a particular topic, understand what GATE paper designer ask from that topic,
read all questions asked in GATE previous years, try to solve similar kind of question from as
much as possible books.
10. When you find you have done enough questions for that particular topic then try to find
some tricks that will help you to solve question with in shortest possible time so that you can
utilize your remaining time.
11. Mock tests are the most important part in your preparation because you are going to prepare
for an exam not for writing a book. So if you will not try to prepare in exam like environment
you will surely do some silly kind of mistakes in the exam that in return lead you less marks.
GATE is all about conceptual clarity and application of your engineering understanding. So few
quick things.

Everyday take out 2-3 hours of preparation.

Pick few subjects. Try to master them. Brush all the fundamentals.

Had you left some subjects or few topics which core subjects to your stream this is the
time to revise and understand. Understanding 2nd year engineering subject would be lot
more easier now.

Form a study group discuss with your friends and get into interactive study more.

Go through previous year question papers.

Use online tools like Doubt Point

On doubtpoint you can post doubts, ask experts form a study group and so on...Like Quora
spend your time on doubtpoint.

Tips for Making Notes from Textbooks!

Rahul Sinha
I am writing this post because I am receiving A2As for the tips for making notes. It is not
possible for me to answer every question with the same answer as other Quora mates also need
my help. So, I am sharing this post with a hope it will help all those who need it.
Here are some of the tips I used to prepare notes. I hope it will be useful to you.
1. Quickly skim the chapters without thinking to fully memorizing or understanding the
content. Pay attention to the chapter summaries, bold texts, diagrams, highlighted
contents, etc. It will help you to get a general idea of the content.
2. Now, after skimming, read the chapter again and extract the key information from the
chapter and note down as concisely as possible.
3. Then, create a list of keywords/ technical terms from the chapter summary. It could
include the names of concepts, highlighted points, critical data points, etc.
4. Then, review the chapter and start by reading the keyword list. Try to recall the
information in the summary associated with each keyword. If you not able to recall some
points, then again review the chapter until you become well-versed with it.
5. Dont review those concepts you already know extremely well. It will just give you a
false sense of confidence leading to the waste of time and efforts.
6. Dont be strict with grammar. Just focus on to be concise.
If you have also any tip for note-making, please share.
All the best! Thank you!

Tips to Improve Concentration in Studies!

Rahul Sinha
I observed many queries on Quora are related to the improvement of concentration in studies. So,
I am sharing these tips and will keep updating as I able to recall or read any other tip from any

other source with a motive to help all those who facing concentration problem.
Firstly, you should know that everyone has the ability to concentrate: think of a time when you
were totally engrossed in something you really enjoyed. You can concentrate: the trick is to use
the right strategies to unlock your natural ability to concentrate and apply those to your studies.
There are a number of things you can do to help you concentrate on studying.
1. Make a specific study plan and follow it strictly. The study plan should contain at least two
blocks- if one is for reading then other to prepare notes or so
2. Don't sit for a long time with your books. Take small frequent breaks and again continue
study. Otherwise, soon you will feel bored or sleepy.
3. Keep all the possible means of distractions away from you during study time whether it is
your phone, favorite TV show or so on. Get rid of obvious distractions like cell phone, noise, etc.
4. Inform other people around you not to disturb you while studying until and unless it is
important. Don't be afraid to ask for a little quiet if you're studying in a public place.
5. Start your study time when you are fresh and rested, you'll grasp more. Plan the study session
when nobody disturb you and you will find improvement in your focus. For example: I can
study much better in late night or early morning comparing to the day. So, find out your best
study time. For that you can do some experiment too like studying few hours in a day or night
and identify when are you able to grasp more?
6. Keep track of your study progress so you know what you did and what you need to do. This
will help you to revise you study plans, if necessary.
7. Tell yourself something positive. Positive encouragement goes a long way even if it's coming
from you.
Remember "What does it take to be a champion? Desire, dedication, determination,
concentration and the will to win."
So, if you have 4 out of 5, then last one you can achieve easily.
If you have any tip, please share so others can also get benefit from it.

I got 694 score in GATE CS 2016.

I had started my preparation from July end and went on seriously with it in November end (when
my training semester was about to end). Six months for GATE preparation is just a perfect time!
You don't get bored or frustrated too much studying all the while.
My Plan:
I used to be in college from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. So this took my eight hours. I used to give this time
to small tests on what I studied or for doubts (whenever I found free time in it).
Took out another eight hours for sleep (this is definitely necessary to have a fresh mind when
you wake up the next day) and was left with eight hours. Out of these 8 hours, I utilized at least 6
hours to study for GATE. These 6 hours included the early day hours or the late night hours as
per my preference for the day. The rest of the time (2 hours or less) was for breaks and all routine
When I wasn't going for college, I had those 8 hours in hand, and used 3 or 4 hours for GATE
and 2-3 hrs for testing my performance.
As the GATE exam approached, my goal was to extend the GATE studying time to 14-15 hours a
day. (I could reach out to 12 hours though)
I would like to share some tips that prove really helpful in the end (personal experience):

Prepare for main topics first, the topics that are most likely to be present in the paper, the
most weighted topics!

Do prepare short notes for each of your subject. Short notes include writing those
formulas that you tend to forget or any theoretical point that you think you might need to
keep in mind just before entering for the GATE exam.

Most of all, time management is required. Give as much mock tests as you could. Do not
consider the mock test marks as your ultimate goal (as there would always be questions
from PSU syllabus in mock tests that are not consider in GATE). Just consider them as an
aid to prepare you mentally for GATE.

I am happy with my Score though it's not fare fair enough for top IITs. :)