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Buat temen2 yg luang waktunya n mw baca niy teks, tolong masukan ma kritiknya ya


1.Comment on this statement: The better our knowledge of literary genetics, the
more surely can we distinguish between the individual, the original, the innovat
ive on the one hand, and the commonplace and conventional on the other.
To the best of my understanding, literary genetics is the sources study of liter
ary works (scholarly) aimed to establish the nature of ingredient that unite int
o a complete work of literary art. This source study refers to find the original
ity of literary art (literary history) by identifying the literary genetics of t
he literary works to find the sources and the descent of literary art. The sourc
es may come from numerous and varied as the writerâ experience of life individuall
y, and the direct source or borrowing source which is obtained from the relation
ship between literary works and the innovation of the authors obtained innovativ
ely, while the indefinite source known as the parallel and analogue that refers
to the internal and external factors supporting the creative process of literary
works, it is related with the commonplace and conventional belongs to the liter
ary era. All of those directions guide us to finding the origin of literary work
which helps us to identify the literary works based on the authors, the works i
tself or the belonging of the era.
The key words: Scholarly, Literary History, Identification, Originality finding

2.Discuss the following statement: Two fundamental truths shape and qualify the
role of storage-and-retrieval systems-familiarly called computers-in literary re
search: (1). The material to be stored and classified must be of a homogeneous n
ature, adaptable to mechanical handling (in other words, not mass of discrete da
ta), (2) The computer can handle data only in ways for which it is specifically
and precisely programmed, and no human labor. The cost of a programmerâ expertise
and of time on the computer substantial, it, too, may be an important limitation
on the size a particular project may assume.
As the state of Dr. Johnson in the book entitled The Art of Literary Research th
at â Knowledge is two kinds. We know a subject ourselves or we know where we can fi
nd information upon it. When we enquire into any subject, the first thing we hav
e to do is know what books have treated of it.â The statement above, surely refers
to the second kind of knowledge is about the art of finding materials.
The most prominent thing is finding the relevant materials by collecting not jus
t one but several of suggestion materials. In relation with the statement above,
there two fundamental truth of qualifying the materials, there are:
a.The data must be stored and classified in the same sort to avoid the complicat
ed handling.
b.The data must be programmed specifically and precisely, and it also must be pr
ogrammed by human being (not the system, no matter how sophisticated it is).
It can be concluded that the art of finding material is the most prominent thing
in literary research. And the art of the finding material is started by finding
the relevant materials and classify them in the same sort the program it specif
ically and precisely by our instinct as human being, because literary works is r
eflection of our life so it is possible to discuss it mechanically.
The key words: Finding Materials, Relevant materials, Homogeneous Classification
, specifically and precisely programming, human beingâ sense