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Approach Method Technique (AMT)

The class over then over views of basic principles practices and method that provide a
proud foundation for educating English Language learns. This mini lecture previews what
you learn on the first day that class. The framework there all use on teaching in learning have
This is imported to all teachers be smaller with this 3 terms, but what this is mean?
1. Approach = a theory, a model, a research paradigm. And Approach has channel for us
today about how learns learn and how teacher to teach. Approach is a used category to
can take many ides, all of these so different each other.
2. Method is a list of procedures of precisely how to do something. Method like a
syllabus. An inventory of things a learner should master. Some methods provide their
own SLA theory while others are aligned to a separate SLA theory. Method is a
syllabus, that information is you to do like courses and teaching materials. Example:
How should the language be presented?
How should the language be sequenced?
How much focus should be placed on the various language skill (listening,
reading, speaking, writing)
What specific learning activities are appropriate in the classroom?
3. Technique to use the classroom. Technique is the task and a classroom activity each
method for name, the fine and describe. This specific learning activities, technique
and then wants to be use. Example: A task = student made a project.
So it is important to remember the pecking orders:
Approach >>

Method >>





-Most specific

Accuracy and Fluency

Accuracy is the Quality of language, how perfect to languages learners produces.

Fluency is the Quantity of language, how much language learners produce.

Behavioral Theory of Language BF Skiner, 1950s is completely empty and a teacher needs
the feel a deep. This idea is tabula, stimulus, responses, and reinforcement. The technique is
Mimicry, error correction, memorization of set dialogs, language modalities are sequenced.
Example: when the baby says bu and the mother correct baby boo after the baby get the
correct perfect. It is just Mimicry.
Cognitive Approach to Learning, 1980 s

Acquisition (no learning) like ALM

Meaningful learning (individualized)

This use ESL method is CALLA (Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach) and 3
techniques: teach content, teach students academic language, teach students how to use
learning strategies.
Sheltered English

All students are NNS of English receiving instruction from a content teacher.
You will be a sheltered English teacher when you graduate with your ESOL