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Respected Members of the Jury and my dear comrades,

At the outset, I wish to thank you all for giving me this opportunity to share my views on
the ways and means to thwart terrorism.

Inarguably, the most despicable issue that is rattling the nation and the globe, at large, is
TERRORISM. While the world is making rapid strides in technological front, scientific
inventions, expansion of communication network, amazing discoveries in the realm of
sea water life, extended utilization of computers, et al, it is sad but true that the world is
crippled by the creeping of this obnoxious weapon called Terrorism.

It is an inexorable fact that Terrorism has to be weeded out of Mother Earth and
annihilated. The invention of atom bomb has had catastrophic effect on the world. The
bombing of Hiroshima [Japan], the disaster spelt on 11th September when the wonderful
twin towers in the USA were reduced to debris, the startling attack in Parliament House,
the assassination of innocent pilgrims at Jammu, Amarnath, the merciless killing of
people at Coimbatore, the highjacking of aircraft at Kandahar, etc.are only the proverbial
tip of an iceberg of the diaster arising out of terrorism.

The world has witnessed brutal wiping out of luminous leaders - let us start with the
current century itself. Our beloved and revered Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi,
John F Kennedy, Smt Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Zia-ul-Huq are all prominent
personalities who were eliminated from the earth due to mindless and ruthless plots laid
EARTH IS NOT A SAFE PLACE TO LIVE IN. There is no guarantee for anyone -
immaterial of whether he is rich or poor - that he would return home safely.


The world has woken up to the harsh and acerbic effect of Terrorism. The decision-
makers world-over have pooled in their wisdom and devised ways and means of tackling
terrorism. Outfits sponsoring terrorism have been identified and people at the helm of
affairs have employed their sagaciousness and precociousness to eradicate terrorism. It is
an incontestable fact that all peace loving people are aware of the unconscionable burden
that terrorism has cast on the beautiful earth. Awareness is the first step to rehabilitation.
All the Governments across the globe have been marshalling their resources and
garnering their reserves to combat terrorism. In so far as India is concerned, different
political ideologies notwithstanding, whichever Government was stewarding the nation,
all have been nurturing a single-minded approach - that is to thwart terrorism at all costs.
No stone has been left unturned to identify vulnerable people who are easily susceptible
to anti-social activities and give a fresh lease of life to them. The Government machinery
is so well-oiled that - at a macro level - two-pronged strategies have been adopted, viz.,
(i) to strengthen the efficacy of anti-terrorism laws and (ii) to promulgate those laws that
would effectively and convincingly remove terrorist acts. To cite an example, POTA
{Prevention of Terrorist ct} was effected by the Government with a view to remove the
menace of Terrorism. The laws have also been so tailored that various punishments
[ including incarceration and imposition of hefty fines ] would be meted out to law-

I wish to accentuate here that, any law will lose its tooth without the active participation
of the people. Law and its implementation are so inextricably interwoven that all the
citizens should orchestrate together so that the desired levels are achieved. Unremittingly
individuals should join their hands and wage a war against terrorism. In fact, a wealth of
information is available to discern the mindset of the terrorists - to ascertain as to why
they behave in such a way that is detrimental to themselves as well as to society. The
devastating effects of terrorism have been disseminated to the terrorists who have made
abortive attempts and have been sent to rehabilitation centers. Frustrated personal lives,
abject poverty, the huge divide between the haves and have-nots, succinctly, are some of
the reasons that induce a person to indulge in anti-social acts. Several counseling
sessions by leading psychiatrists are conducted by the Government to ensure that the
terrorists who have been caught/ surrendered do not revert to their old behavior. Thus,
the Government has been incessantly rendering yeomen service to uproot terrorism.

You will all agree with me that the future of the world lies in our hands. At this golden
hour, let us all resolve -

“May we all endeavor earnestly

To combat and thwart terrorism from our country
And cruise our nation to prosperity!”