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The Azar Grammar Series TEST BANK for BASIC ENGLISH GRAMMAR Second Edition Helene Rubinstein Pitzer The Azar Grammar Series TEST BANK for w% BASIC ENGLISH GRAMMAR Helene Rubinstein Pitzer Test Coordinator Publisher: Mary Jane Peiso Development Editor: Andrea Bryant Editorial Supervisor: Janet Johnsion Director of Production and Manufacturing: Alisa Greenblate Executive Managing Editor: Dominick Mfosco Electronic Production Editor: Michelle LoGoro ‘Art Director: Merle Krumper Cover Designer: Joel Mitnick Design Manufacturing Manager: Ray Keatime Mlustrator: Michelle LoGero © 1999 by Prentice Hall Regents Prentice-Hall, Inc, A Simon & Schuster Company HatLaccents UPPer Saddle River, New Jersey Q7458 All rights reserved. Permission is hereby granted to reproduce designated pages of this book for noncommercial classroom or individual use. Permission to reproduce for any other purpose must be obtained in writing from the pul Printed in the United States of America, 10987654321 ISBN O-13-788480-x Prentice-Hall International (UK) Limited, London Prentice-Hall of Australia Pry. Limited, Sydney Prentice-Hall Canada Inc,, Toronto Prentice-Hall Hispanoamericana, S.A., Mexieo ‘Prentice-Hall of India Private Limited, New Delhi Prentice-Hall of Japan, Ine., Tokvo Simon & Schuster Asia Pre. Ltd., Singapore Bditora Prentice-Hall do Brasil, Lida., Rio de Janeiro Introduction CHAPTER 1 USING BE AND HAVE Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Quiz 3 Quin Quiz 5 Quiz 6 Quiz7 Singular and plural nouns; A and AN; BE verbs BE verbs, negatives with BE verbs, adjectives with Bl BE + prepositions of location WHERE + BE questions; YES/NO questions with BE, BE verbs; HAS and HAVE Using THIS and THAT, THESE and THOSE WHAT and WHO Chapter 1 Test CHAPTER 2 EXPRESSING PRESENT TIME (PART 1) Quiz 1 The simple present tense + frequency Quiz 2. HAVE/HAS: DO/DOES; GO/GOES Quiz 3. YES/NO questions using DO/DOES and negatives Quiz 4 Information questions Quiz 5 Dictation Quiz6 IT (ime) Quiz 7 IT (weather) Chapter 2 Test CHAPTER 3 EXPRESSING PRESENT TIME (PART 2) Quiz Quiz 2 Quiz 3 Quiz 4 Quiz 5 Quiz 6 Quiz 7 The present progressive Using the present progressive Simple present vs. present progressive Nonaction verbs NEED and WANT, WOULD LIKE, THINK ABOUT, and THINK THAT THEI Prepositions of location E + BE statements and questions Chapter 3 Test H verbs . vi aoe 10 WW 12 12 13 14 15 23 ti CHAPTER 4 NOUNS AND PRONOUNS Quiz 1 Subjects and objects; adjective + noun Quiz 2 Subject and object pronouns Quiz 3 Plural nouns Quiz 4 Irregular plurals Quiz5 Count and nonceunt : Quiz 6 AJAN and SOME; units of measure . Quiz? THE and @ Quiz 8 Indefinite pronouns ‘Chapter 4 Test CHAPTER 5 EXPRESSING PAST TIME Quiz 1 Past tense of BE, questions, negatives Quiz 2 Simple past tense; past time words . Quiz 3 irregular past tense verbs Quiz 4 past tense verbs; questions and negatives Quiz 5 WH-questions . . Quiz}6 WHAT and WHO questions Quiz 7 Time clauses with BEFORE, AFTER, and WHEN Chapter 5 Test MIDTERM EXAM CHAPTER 6 EXPESSING FUTURE TIME Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Quiz 3 Quiz 4 Quiz 5 Quiz 6 Quiz 7 BE GOINGTO Future and past time words WILL, Future tense questions MAY, MIGHT, and MAYBE Future time clauses with BEFORE, AFTER, and WHEN IF-clauses in future and habitual present en Chapter 6 Test CHAPTER 7 EXPRESSING ABILITY Quiz 1 Quiz2 Quiz 3 Quiz 4 Quiz 5 Quis 6 CAN, KNOW HOWTO, and COULD VERY, TOO, TOO MUCH, and TOO MANY - TOO + adjective, adjective + ENOUGH, and ENOUGH BE ABLE TO; polite questions Imperatives . coe AT and IN for location cee . Chapter 7 Tost iv @ Contents 34 36 36 37 38 4) CHAPTER 8 NOUNS, PRONOUNS, AND ADJECTIVES Quiz 1 Noun and adjective modifiers; word order of adjectives... we 62 Quiz 2 Expressions of quantity; subject-verb agreement 63 Quiz 3 Possessive nouns and pronouns; WHOSE questions a 63 Quiz 4 Noun + conjunction + noun 26 64 Quiz 5 Indirect objects with TO and FOR . a +. 64 Quiz 6 Indirect objects with BUY, GET, and MAKE... 65 Chapter 8 Test - 6 CHAPTER 9 MAKING COMPARISONS Quiz 1 HE SAME, SIMILAR, DIFFERENT, LIKE, and ALIKE ...... = 69 Quiz 2. -ER and MORE . os : 70 Quiz AS LESSTHAN 70 Quiz 4 Using BUT oe sl Quiz5 ONE OF + superlative . . feo cece TL Quiz 6 Adjectives and adverbs . 7 Quiz 7 Comparisons with adverbs . 73 Chapter 9 Test 74 CHAPTER 10 EXPRESSING IDEAS WITH VERBS Quiz 1 SHOULD and LET'S . . 76 Quiz 2 MUST and HAVETO sect eee eee TT Quiz 3 Review of modals : - 78 Quiz 4 Present and past progressive 78 Quiz 5 WHILE, WHEN, and simple past versus past progressive 9 Quiz 6 FOR and SINCE . veces BO Quiz 7 Present perfect questions and NEVER/EVER coe 81 Quiz 8 Irregular past participles and HOW LONG questions = 82 Chapter 10 Test . vee 83 FINAL EXAM . . 2 BS ANSWER KEY .. cee . a Bins 0 re ren OD Contens mv vow ‘This Test Bank was developed to accompany Basic English Grammar, Second Edition. For each chapter, there are short quizzes of 5 to 15 items for a related group of grammatical, points. The quizzes are designed to be completed in approximately ten minutes, permitting the teacher to use the quizzes to do quick checks of student understanding and to use what has been taught. Each chapter ends with a comprehensive chapter test. The formats of the questions in the chapter tests follow these used in previous quizzes. In this way, students are prepared for the format of the chapter test as well as for its content, Also included are a midrerm exam and a final exam that can be used in conjunction with the other tests and quizzes or separately. ‘The quizzes, tests, and exams are already formatted for easy duplication. Each set of items is accompanied by specific directions, Permission is granted to duplicate as many copies as needed for the classroom use only. Great care bas been taken to provide valid and appropriate items in all tests and quizzes. Students will encounter a wide variety of test formats, from closed formats such as multiple choice and matching, te more open formats such as sentence writing and completion and error identification. The answer key provides definitive answers where possible and examples of acceptable answers where a variety of responses is possible. Introduction _ Class Singular and plural nouns; A and AN; BE verbs. ‘Complete the sentences. Use és or are and a singular or plural form of the nouns in the list. bird flower month city insect season continent language country machine Example: Summer ___is a season 1. Japanese ae Japan — 2. Spain and France Spanish and French 3. Los Angeles Paris and Rome 4. Ants Abuerfly 5. March = October and November __ — 6, Winter and spring Fall North America Europe and Africa 8. Alily Roses a 9. Typewriters A computer —__ = 10. A chicken Ducks Using Beand Have mT Name Class Date ™ Quiz2: BE verbs, negatives with BE verbs, adjectives with BE verbs. Write sentences to describe the pictures. Use is, isn’t, are, or aren't and an adjective from the list. Use each adjective only once. [ ao happy soft | beautiful healthy square | expensive new young | fast open isn't sick. He __is healthy 1, Bob old. He He sad. He A motorcycle slow. It 2. The table ___ round. It ‘The flowers They — The windows ____ closed. They ‘The chairs hard, ‘They 3. The blouse old. It It cheap. Ie. ‘The woman happy. She _ 2 M@ CHAPTER 1—Azar BEG, 2 ed. Name @ Quiz 3: Class Date BE + prepositions of location. Complete the sentences with prepositions from the list. You may use a preposition more than once. Ann is her room She is her desk. Ann’s computer is her desk, Her cat is her. Mike is his bed His lamp is _ his bed. His newspaper is his hands, His books are a shelf. ‘The shelf is his bed, Using BeandHave m 3 Name Class - Date lm Quiz 4: WHERE + BE questions; YES/NO questions with BE ‘Match the questions and answers and write the etter in the blank. _d_ 1. Is Ms. Black an artist? a, Ir’s on the east coast of the Unitect States, ___ 2. Where are Yoko and Rita? b. Yes, Tam. 3. Where is New York? ¢. No, I don’t. I live in Los Angeles. 4, Is this exercise a quiz? 4. No, she’s not. She’s a bus driver. 5. Are you happy? ¢. No, it isn’t. It’s an insect. 6. Do you live in Miami? £. Yes, itis 7, Isa fly a bird? g It’s at the corner of Smith and Charles Streets 8, Where is the bus stop? h, No, they're not. 9. Where is your pen? i, Ie’ in my hand. _10. Aré John and Sue married? j, They're at the library. @ Quiz 5: BE verbs; HAS and HAVE Write a paragraph of four or more sentences about a classmate. Tell about the person’s profession, appearance, and nationality. Use the verbs be and have. is a student in my English class. — @ Quiz6: Using THIS and THAT, THESE and THOSE. Your teacher will point to items in the classroom and will dictate sentences to the class. ‘Write down the sentences. Examples: ‘This is my desk. ‘These are my books, ‘That's his book. ‘Those are her shoes. 4m CHARTER 1—Azarr BEG, 2 od, Pe Name Class Dete Quiz 7) WHAT and WHO. Each B sentence answers a question, Write a who or what question for each answer. Example: A: ___What is ¢ chicken? B: A bird. (A chicken is a bird.) B: A small animal. (A cat is a small animal.) 2. At ss B: My neighbors. (Those people are my neighbors.) My teacher. (That's my teacher.) English. (My favorite class is English.) B: Ali and Susan. (Their names are Ali and Susan.) B: Peter. (His name is Peter.) 355-5000. (Her telephone number is 555-5000.) 8 AP as B: Ms, Black. (Her teacher is Ms. Black,) B: A large animal, (A camel is a large animal.) 10, At B: Acar. (A Cadillac is a car.) Using Beand Have m5 Name Class __. Date mw Cuapter 1 Test A, Write a paragraph of at least ten sentences about Yoko, Alex, and Pablo, who are students in Ms, Rice's ESL class. Yoko Alex Pablo - Male or Female? Female Male Male City Tokyo Frankfurt ‘Mexico City 7 Home Country Japan Germany Mexico: i Married or Single?| Married Single ‘Married | Description Black hair, brown | Brown haie, blue | Brown hair, green | eyes, 25 years old, | eyes, short, 32 years} eyes, 28 years old, | friendly old, serious 1 shy ‘Yoko, Alex, and Pablo are students in Ms. Rice's ESL class, —____ 6m CHAPTER 1—Azar BEG, 2 ed Name _ Class B. Write a question for each answer, using the cues in parentheses, Example: A: Are you at work now? _ Bz Yes, Iam. (Lam at work now.) Date - 2 Yes sheis. (Maria ie my wife) oo 2. Bo — a : Yes they are. (These are my classmates.) BAe B: No, she isn’t. (Sonia isn’t tall.) SAD a B: No, Tm not, (Pm not at home sight now.) 3. AP oe oo : No, he’s not, (Sam isn't tired.) 6 AS _ a a B: They're cities. (Momtreat and Miami are cities.) 7A a af) 3: Kate. (Her name is Kate.) 8. A: a $$ _—___— B: Yes, she is. (Kate is married.) 10. At Using Beand Have m7 Date = Name - Class C. Complete the sentences with prepositions from the list. You may use a preposition more than once, beside —Bereen in next on The book is the clown’s head. “The vase is ____ the book The flowers are ______ the vase The vase is ____ the two boxes. ‘The ball is ___ the clown’s foot. ‘The dog is the clown D. Add prepositions ro complete the sentences that describe the picture The milk is ____ the top shelf. The eggs are ___ the cheese. ‘The carrots are ___ the eggs. The woman is the door. 8 CHAPTER 1—Azar BEG, 2 ec, Name Class Date ™ Quiz 1: The simple present tense + frequency adverbs. Complete the sentences with the adverb of frequency and the correct form of the verb. Examples: (be, always) My teacher __is alway friendly, (crite, often) 1 often write ___ letters to my friends back home. 1. (wake up, alevays) Sam and Mary live int a small apartment. Sam at 7:30 A.M. b at the same time, (get up, usually) Mary 3. (read, always) They _________ the newspaper at breakfast, 4, (leave, alway) Sam works for a large company. He —_ the house at 8:30 A.M. 5, (drive, never) Sam his car to work. He likes to walk to his office. 6. Grive, always) Mary is a dentist. She ________ to work. She finishes work at 5:00 P.M. every day. 7. (eat, seldom) Sam and Mary in restaurants. They like co cook at home. 8. (be, never) Sam’s cousin, Roberto, is from Spain He goes to English classes every morning, He late for class. 9, (write, usually) Roberto _________ letters home several times a month, 10. (think, often) He about his good friends in Spain. Expressing Present Time (Part!) m9 Name _ Class Date Quiz 2: HAVE/HAS; DO/DOES; GO/GOES, Cross out the error and write the correct word above the line have Example: [hes dinner with Maria twice a week, 1. Pablo and Ali do her homework together every evening, 2. Igo to work at 8:00 a.m, My husband go at 9:00 A.M, 3. We often go to museums with ours friends, 4. Anna have lunch with her mother on Tuesday afternoons. 5. Jobn and her wife always have breakfast together. 6. Carol and Paul goes downtown every day. 7. Tom always have a snack at 10 P.M. 8. Mr, and Mrs. Rice has two sons. © Anita has a new dress. His dress is red and white, 10. I does my work. 10m CHAPTER 2—Azar BEG, 2 ec m Quiz 3) Class ite YES/NO questions using DO/DOES and negatives. Create questions and answers based on the cues. Your teacher will give you the name of a classmate for each question, Your answers may be positive or negative. —-——) Example: go to English class every day (___Marco A: Does Marco go to English class every day? B: Yes, he does. or No, he doesn’. 1. has curly hair ( As 2. is in class today (0 3, speaks English fluently (2 A: a 4, has a good sense of humor ( Ar B: 5. lives near the school (___ — Expressing Present Time (Part) m7 Name Date 1m Quiz: Information questions Wri u question for each answer Example: Ac live? B: On Central Street. (1 live on Central Street.) : Cairo, Egypt. (Iam from Cairo, Bzypt) A: B: In an office. (I work in an office.) At 9:00 4.M. (My morning classes begin at 9:00 A.M.) ae p> 200 p.m. (The movie starts at 8:00 #.m.) wp @ Quiz 5: Dictation. Between 1:00 and 2:00 P.M. (J usually have lunch between 1:00 and 2:00 Your teacher will read a paragraph about weekly activities. Write down the sentences on the lines below. 12M CHAPTER 2—Azar BEG, 2 ea Name Class _ Date _ m Quiz 6: I (time). Write sentences telling the time in each city. lorena PretentiimefPot)}) B&B 13 RU is I cc RI m Quiz7: IT (weather). Write sentences about today’s weather. Use the weather map below. Example: in San Francisco today. 14 CHAPTER 2—Azar BEG, 2 00 A Name Class - Date @ CuHapter 2 Test A. Write @ question for each answer, using the cues in parentheses. Example: As Do ve shall? “ B: Yes,I do, (I love baseball.) B: On 12th Street. (Samir lives on 12th Street.) > B: No, I don’t. (I don’t like ice cream.) B: It’s November 17th. (The date today is November 17th.) B: It’s warm and sunny. (The weather is warm and sunny today.) 5A: 2s _ B: Yes, it is. (Chicago is usually cold in the winter.) 6. Ag _ B: Yes, 1am. (1am a doctor.) B: At 12:30. (We usually eat lunch at 12:30.) Br Ac 8:00 pm. (The movie begins at 8:00 P.M.) B: At 3:00 A.M. (The plane arrives at 3:00 4.m.) 10. As B: My uncle. (That man is my uncle.) Expressing PresentTime (Port!) mS Class Date __ B, Write a sentence for cach verb. Use the adverbs always, sometimes, seldom, often usually, and rarely. Example: always buy my lunch in the schoo! cafeteria on Monday. 1. (drink) 2, (buy) — 3. (listen to) . 4. (read) 5. (wake up) C. Each sentence has one error. Cross out the error and write the correct word above the line. 1. Ithas 6:00 ex 2. Anita works in home. 3. Ken meet me every Sunday for dinner and a movie. 4, We usually have lunch at 12:00 P.M. to 1:00 2M. 5. The department stores open in Mondays at 10:00 a 6. My pants is under my bed 7. ‘The glasses are on to the table. 8. Ir cloudy today: 9. Ir doesn't warm in Chicago in the winter 10. We no see you in class anymore. 16 @ CHAPTER 2—Azar BEG, 2 ed. Name Class Date The present progressive. | Your teacher will hand out pieces of paper with verbs written on them, and will ask students to act out the verbs for the class, Write down sentences which describe what each student is acting out. Expressing Present Time (Part2) m 17 Name Class Date Using the present progressive. Write 2 question about the cartoon strip for each answer. Use where, what, and why Example: A: ___What is the man wearing? : The man is wearing 2 suit ‘The man is sitting in a restaurant, B: Because the food is cold. (The man is calling the waiter because the food is cold.) Br To the kitchen. (The waiter is going into the kitchen.) bringing him hot food.) 5. Ar _ — 3 — B: A plate of pasta and meatballs. (The man is eating a plate of pasta and meatballs.) 1 Quiz 3: Simple present vs, present progressive. Choose the best answers to complete the sentences Example: Mary _C__ wo newspapers every day. A. tead B. is reading ©. reads 1. This morning, she quickly because she is late. A. read B, is reading C. reads 2. My parents usually ___ me ance a week on Sunday morning. A. call B. are calling ©. calls 3. Itis 10:00 A.M. The phone is ringing. I think that my parents _____ me right now. A. call B. calls C. are calling 4, Alex and Tina are married, They — dinner together every night. AL has, B. have ©. are having 5, ‘Tina usually cooks, but tonight Alex — A. codks: B. cook ©. is cooking [ 18m CHAPTER 5—Azar BEG, 2 00 LL - Name Class Dote 6. Mike tennis with his friend, Ali, every Tuesday evening. A. plays B. play C. is playing 7. Ali usually ____, but today Mike A. wins, wins B. is winning, wins C. wins, is winning 8. Our class 2 quiz now. | A. takes B. is taking , take 9. Jean is very busy right now. She some lettérs, A. write B. is writing C. writes 10. Paul to school every day. A. walks B. is walking C. walk ™ Quiz4: Nonaction verbs. ‘Complete the sentences. Use the SIMPLE PRESENT or the PRESENT PROGRESSIVE form, You may use a verb more than once. 0 wait smell cook love 1. Peter loves tomatoes. He _____ with them alll the time. ~ Tonight he ___ dinner for his friends. His friends are very happy. They ________ in the living room and talking. The food ___ wonderful, | | sing hear — know think 2 Shhl 1 a noise! B: What is it? thar someone is yelling I don’t 1 ____. in the shower! B: Ob! That’s my neighbor! He __ Expressing Present Time (Part2) mm 19 Ar That beautiful bird, Ir that? in that tree. I LL sellow and black, a lot of ees, but I can’t see any birds, m Quiz5: NEED and WANT, WOULD LIKE, THINK ABOUT, and THINK THAT. Complete the questions and sentences with your own words. 1. Would you Wie 2. Lthink that 3, Do you fike 4. Most people need 5. Most people want _ > 6. Thinks that __ een aa as 2 think about & wants a 9. De like Pt 10. Do you think thax CHAPTER 3~ Azar BEG, 20 Name = _ Class a _ Date ™ Quiz 6: THERE + BE statements and questions. Look at the map of Coraitown. Complete the questions with the correct form of be. ‘Then, answer the questions. MAIN STREET Rail Sation A: __Is there a playground in Coraltown? B: ___Yes, there js. — 1A: ___ there @ pond in Goraltown? B: - . ae 2. Ar ____ there any apartment buildings in Coraltown? Be = —— ~ BoA: ___ there a swimming pool in Coraleown? Be pata a Ar there any tennis courts in Corattown? Be. os fi 5. A: _____ there an airport in Coraltown? b _ - Pe) eer ee ae ol Name Class Date IB. Write a question for each answer, using the cues in parentheses, LAr Br p B: B: 10. As ‘Yes, I would. (I would like some coffee.) No, I don’t. (I don’t think that English grammar is difficult.) ‘Yes, Ido. (need a new car.) ‘Yes, there are. (There are many students in this school.) ‘Yesyit does. (It often rains in the winter in the United States.) No, I don’t. (1 don’t saeit smoke.) Yes, they do. (Bananas caste sweet.) ‘Yes; Tam, (Pm taking an exam.) Home. ('m going home.) ‘Yes, Lam. (I’m happy.) 24 CHAPTER 3—Azar BEG, 2 0d. Name Class Date C. Look at the picture, People are sightseeing in a tour boat. Complete each sentence with 2 phrase from the list 10 . Tom is sitting in front of in back of Gina and Bob are __ Ricardo is _ Mary, Gina, and Bob are Tom is Rob is sitting ___ ‘The large boat is Gina and Bob are sitting _ John is sieving Ricardo is sitting ___ in the front of in the back of in the middle of next 10 Mary. the tour boat _ the tour boat. _____ the tour boat Gina Gina. une small boat. — Tom, the small boat. _ Mary, Bob, Gina, and Tom. Expressing Present Time (Part2) = 25 Name Class Date cHaPrer 4 Nouns and Pronouns ™ Quiz 1: Subjects and objects; adjective + noun. In each sentence, underline the nouns. If a noun is used as the subject of the sentence, write § above it, If itis used as the object of the verb, write OV above it. If it is used as the object of a preposition, write Op above it. Then Gircle) the adjectives. ov s Example: The (hungry) gitl has a (fipe ) banana. | 1. The young man is wearing a new suit. 2. Catla is watching an interesting movie on television. 3. You like dark colors, but I like light colors. 4. Mr. and Mrs, Smith usually eat fresh fish for dinner on Tuesdays. 5. Michael drives an old car to his office, 6. Tom has a brown dog. 7. Yoko is writing a long letter to her parents, 8. Young girls often play with dolls. 9. This expensive pen belongs to Martha, 10. I don’t have your new address. 26 @ CHAPTER 4—Azar BEG, 2 00, ERE vee ene Name ___ Class —_______ Date ™ Quiz2: Subject and object pronouns, Complete the sentences, using the correct pronouns. Example: A: Maria, is that ___your _ shopping bag? B: No, ___it__ isn’t. It’s Sam's. 1. At Who is that beautiful woman? Do you know —___ 2 B: Yes, Ido. I also know the man next to her. ______is her husband! 2, Alan has coffee every morning. He likes Rita likes her coffee black. with milk and sugar. 3. live in a small white house on Main Street. _______ has five rooms. My two sons live in one bedroom. ___ usually play outside all day on the weekends. [help ____ with their homework every night. 4. At How is your friend Carlos? Do you see _______ often? B: I usually see once a week, We go to the gym together to work out. 5, We live close to my parents, They have dinner with ___ once a week. We are always happy to see @ Quiz 3: Plural nouns. List eight plural nouns for each category. Animals Things you eat Expensive things and Insects | and drink you can buy pigs | bananas cars a 7 - 1 = Nounsand Pronouns @ 27, Name if Class Date __ 7 @ Quiz 4: Irregular plurals. Write five sentences describing the picture 28 W CHAPTER 4—Azar 86, 2e0, er Name _ @ Quiz §: _ Class _ Count and noncount. Correct the noun errors, if any. 1, Most country would like to have peace. We get homeworks every day in this class. 3. How much tomatoes do you need? 4, Hiroko needs some advices about her schedule, 5. Mary's jewelry looks expensive, but it isn’t, 6. Tony doesn’t eat meat, He eats a lot of vegetable. ‘There is a lot of traffics in the city today. Date ___ 8. The secretary has informations about our company, Please calf her. 9. ‘Teenagers like 10 play music loudly, 10. T hope you have good luck. ‘Nouns anc Pronouns 29 Name Class — Date _ . % B Quiz6: A/AN and SOME; units of measure. You would like to cook one of your country’s favorite meals for your classmates, Write a shopping list of at least ten things you will need, Tell what amount of each thing you will need. Use a unit of measure for each thing. Example: A pound of rice. A eas. 30m CHAPTER 4—Azor BEG, 2 00, eee Name m Quiz 7 m Quiz 8: - Class Date THE and @. Fill in the blanks. Use the if it is needed. If it is not needed, write O. Example: [need to buy __@__ cheese _ milk in my refrigerator is spoiled. I need to buy some more. oranges grow in Florida and California Some people think that television is harmful for children. _____ television in my living room is broken, men in this class are intelligent and hardworking, baseball is a very interesting game. Teenagers like to listen to _____ music. ‘Teenagers in my neighborhood usually have ______ jobs in __ afternoon. I think I need — glasses, I can’t see the blackboard clearly. diamond rings are expensive. Indefinite pronouns. Choose the best answers to complete the sentences. 1 T gave Olga for her birthday. a, anyone b. something c. anything This week Bob is taking a vacation. He is fishing on the lake. He isn’t calling _ on the telephone. a. someone b. any c. ‘anyone The telephone is ringing. _____ is trying to call me a, Anyone b. Someone c. Anybody You can tell me your age. I won’t tel! a. anyone b. somebody ¢. someone Mark went shopping, but he didn’t buy —__. a. something b. any cc. anything Name Class Date M CHaApter 4 Test | ‘A. Choose the best answers to complete the sentences. 1, Little children drink a lot of a. the milk b. milk milks Mr. Anderson is 2 doctor. works at North Medical Center, a. His b. He c. He's 3, Idon’t know about computers. a. anything b. nothing ©, no one 4. Ms. Hail has five students. She teaches English twice a week. a. we b. her c. them 5. Can I call at home about the project? a. youre b. your ©. you 6 is at home now. Please leave a message. a Anyone. . Nothing c. Noone is wonderful a. The love b. Love . Loves 8. Maria likes to listen to when she does her homework. a. musics ©, the music cc. music 9. We have many friends in different countries. They send letters and postcards from all over the world. a. we b. us chim 10. Hiroko is reading a book, is very interesting, a. It b. Her c. They 52M CHAPTER 4—Azar BEG, 2 ed, Name Class Date B. Complete each sentence with a noun from the list. If necessary, use the plural form. information potato eonife traffic orange woman | are dangerous for children to hold. 2 grow in Florida and in other warm places. 3. Because of the car accident, there is a lot of _______ on Main Street, 4, You need five _________ in that recipe for French fries. 5. Mr. and Mrs. Rice have antique in theit living room. It is very beautiful. 6 Allofmy are in the same school building, 7. How many are there in your class? 8. Many people live ix Some people live in small towns. 9, Let’s do our ESL together at your house this evening, 10. The book has important — about this company. Inderline the nouns. If a noun is used as the subject of the sentence, write $ above it. IF is used as the object of the verb, write Ov above it. If it is used as the object of a preposition, write OP above it. Then (itcle) the adjectives. 1. A tall man is standing near the beach. He is a famous photographer. He is taking pictures of the people in the water. The people are waving at him. 2. Clara loves animals, She has two black cats, a large Hog, and three bright yellow birds in her house. She plays with them after schoo! 3. Yoko had a surprise patty last night for Laura’s birthday. Yoko baked a delicious cake. She invited ten people to the party. NouneandProncun = 33 Name Class Date _ - ™ Quiz}: Past tense of BE, questions, negatives. Write a question for each answer, using the cues in parentheses, Example: A: We at tI esterday? B: Yes, she was, (My daughter was at the library.) B: No, I wasn’t, (I wasn't at the gym on Thursday.) Yes, Twas. (I was at home yesterday.) 3A | ~ —_ a 3: Yes, it was) (My trip was interesting.) At the shopping mall, (I was at the shopping mall last night.) |, he wasn’t. He was at his son’s house. (Carlos wasn’t at the concert last night.) @ Quiz 2: Simple past tense; past time words. ‘Write sentences using the verbs and the past time words in parentheses. Example: (play, last week) ___I played chess with James last week 1. (be, two hours ago) 2. (snow, last winter) 3. (watch, sesterday evening) 4. (visit, yesterday morning) 5. (call, five minutes ago) Sd CHAPTER 5—Azar BEG, 2 ed. LLL Name Class Date ™ Quiz3: Irregular past tense verbs. Complete the paragraph with the correct past tense forms of the irregular verbs. Use each verb only once, drink leave | eat put et read Last night, Jim ___went ___ to bed at midnight. This morning, he up at 6:30 A.M., shaved, and _____ on his clothes. He breakfast and his apartment at 7:30 a.m. He the train to work. On the train, he his good friend Joe, At work, he a cup of coffee and ____ his mail ‘Then he ____ about alll the work he had to do that day. § Quiz 4: {regular past tense verbs; questions and negatives Write questions and short answers based on the cues Example: A: Did you take an English class last year? B: No, Ididn't. (I didn’t cake an English class last year.) LA B ___. (I didn’t see Helen yesterday morning.) 2. — Be - slept on the plane.) 3. As ( didn’t go to the library.) Be (Marco didn’t write this composition.) (We ate hunch at Sam’s house.) Expressing PastTime — 35 Name Class _. wm Quiz 5: WH-questions. Match the questions to the answers. a 1 2. 3, 4. 5 ‘Where is the bus stop? ‘What time did you wake up this morning? Why did you take this class? When did you meet your husband? Where did you buy your camera? @ Quiz 6: WHAT and WHO questions. Write questions beginning with what or who based on the cues. Example: 10. A: ks 2 B: Aunt Sara. My mother A movie. A new bicycle. a b, ce 4. e In an electronics store. In June. Down the street. At 7:30 Am. Because I want to learn English and get a better job Tdid A sandwich, A cup ot coffee. Asuit My brother. ‘My English ceacher. My homework, 36 ml CHAPTER 5—Azatr BEG, 2ed, Name Class Date ™ Quiz7: Time clauses with BEFORE, AFTER, and WHEN. Combine the two ideas into one sentence, using the given time word. Example: (afer) We drove for two hours. We stopped at a gas station. wo hours, we 1, (after) Late tunch. 1 took a walk. 2. (when) Jane met het husband, She was qwenty years old. 3. (before) I didn’t speak English. I came to this country 4. (after) He saw the fire, He called the fire department, 5. (when) Her parents teft. The child started to cry. Expressing PastTime m 37 Name Class Date _ @ CuapterR 5 Test A, Write questions based on the cues. 1A: B: 2. A: B: 3. At B: 4 As 10. As ‘Yes, I was, (I was at the party last night.) No, { didn’t. (I didn’t do the homework assignment.) ‘To the gym. (I went to the gym last night.) Because I had a headache. (I didn’t call you yesterday because I had a headache.) My uncle. (My uncle took me out to dinner yesterday.) No, I didn’t. (I didn’t take the exam.) Before I left home. (I had breakfast before I left home.) Ir means “sick.” (It means “ill Yes, it was. (The play was interesting.) No, it didn’t. (It didn’t snow yesterday evening.) 38m CHAPTER 5—Azar BEG, 26d, Name Class Date B. Write a paragraph with six sentences about what you did yesterday. Use the verbs in the list. buy listen 10 see eat put wake | "0 ride watch | | have | Expressing Pastime m 39 Nome = — Class tte ©. Correct the errors in each sentence. Some sentences may not have an errot 1. Tony goes to Ali's house last night 2. Mariko called Tina yesterday night about the homework assignment. 3. Where you were yesterday afternoon? 4. Treaded an interesting book when 1 was on vacation, 5. Tim come t this country after he finished high school. 6. Kim was watch a funny television show last week. 7. Did Frank met Pablo at the airport yesterday? 8. We brought 2 delicious cake to the party. 8. J drinked a cup of coffee before work. 10. I was happy to see you last week. 40m CHAPTER 5—~Azar BEG, Zed, Class Date A. Choose the best answer. 10. i 12. rey Dogs and horses a. are animals b, is an animal . isn’t animal Mrs, Rice a student, She’s a teacher. ais b. aren’t c. isn’t Carlos was yesterday, a, in home b. on home ¢, at home Are those books? a, yours b. you €. your Kate is wearing a suit. ____ suit is dark blue. a. Their b. Her ¢. Hers A: Where's your notebook? B: in my bag. a. Is b. Its cs watch is new at b. My © Thave a Mr. Rice a small dog a. have b. is having has to class on time. a. Always Sam come c. Sam always comes b. Sam comes always ‘My husband and I usually dinner at 6:00 p.m, a, eats b. are eating c. cat Albert for dinner. a. is ever late b. is never late ¢. is late never Yoko and Jack their homework together every week a. does b, are doing ¢. do Pablo to the gym every Sunday: a, go b. is going c. goes Midterm Exam—Azar BEG, 20d. mT Name 16. 17. 18. 19 20, 2 22. 23, 24. 25. 26. Class — Date Sne ______ like black coffee, She likes coffee with milk and sugax. a. don’t 'b. doesn’t ©. isn’t Ar you usually get up in the morning? By At 7:30. a, What time are, Whactime does, What time do ‘A: How’s the weather today? ainy. be «. I’s A: What are you wearing today? By a green dress. a. You're wearing —b. I’m wearing c. Twear As What doing? Br They’te reading the newspaper. a. is he b. do they c. are they As Is Hiroko sleeping? B a. Yess 1 do b. No, she doesn't. No, she isn’t I walk to work everyday, 2 my cat. a. am not taking b. doesn’t take cc, don’t take the teacher's directions? 8. Did you understand b. Were you understanding Az What are you doing right now? a concert on the radio. b, listen co B: I'm a. hearing something to drink? c. Did you understood ©. listening co 2. Would like b, Would you like ¢. Do you like Alex his rent is 100 expensive. a. thinks about b. thinks that c. thinks what How _____ in this classroom? a. are many students b, many students there are Pedro has a new car. He bought ___ a. it’s b. its 42 @ Midterm Exam—Azar BEG, 260, c. many students are there last Friday. cit me rn Name _ 28, 29. 30. ah 32. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. |. Michael and Susan have owo Class L Date . a. child b. childrens ©. children Kyoung Sun called the school office for . | a. informations ¢. an inforniation b. some information i Can Ihave apple? a. any ba c. some book belongs to Roberto. a. Those b. This c, These Idon't know —___ about that subject. a. nothing b. any c. anything ‘My parents live on your street. Do you know a. they're b. them c. their .. Last night, Ellen 1a delicious meal. a. was cook b. was cooked ——c._ cooked Tm so happy. It finally _ raining, a. was stop b. stopped c. feos stopped After Yumiko the letter, she sent it. a. writes ’b, wrote c. was wrote Rita saw me a, was two weeks ©. two weeks ago b, before two weeks Were you home a. last night b. last morning ¢, last afternoon Sam lives the United States. a. on ba in Mr. Smith lives 14 Brook Road. a. on bin ©. at ‘Does your uncle live Main Street? a. in b. at ©. on a i Nome B. Choose the best answer based on the picture cues. 41. 42. 43. 44, 45, Class ‘The painting is ___ the table 2. below b. on ‘The apples are the basket, ain b. on ‘The boutle is the basket. a. under b, next te ‘The ball the table, a. between b. on ‘The dog is _____ the ball and the chair. a. under b. behind 44m Midterm Exem— Azar BEG, 2 ed. above next to under between, Date Class 46. 47. 48. The teacher is standing 49. 50. Susan is sitting a. in front of Mark is sitting a. in back of a. in front of the row. b, in the middle of of Susan, b. back of the class. b. behind John is sitting ______ the blackboard. a. behind Alex is waiting a. inside b. far away from the classroom, b. behind c. ontop of c, around c. on ¢, in front of c, outside Midterm Exam—Azar BEG Qed wm 45 Name Class Date C. Write ten sentences about two students in your class. You may include age, appearance, family, job, home, and place of birth, 46 @ Midterm Exam—Azar BEG, 2 ed. Name Class Date CHAPTER © Expressing Future Time m Quiz}: BE GOING TO. Look at the Monday schedules for Mr. and Mrs, Rice, Complete the sentences. Use be going to and an appropriate verb. CEN Alan ce aaa age a eee rE with 2 P yz:s01:30 DM Lunch with Alon Zod Pm Work on report | 25 2M. See students s-4Pm Tens with Oy) SB PM Dentist anpointiment Lem watch i | 9pm Prepare lecture } for_tomorrow J Example: Ac 11 p.m. Alan Rice __i fatch the news on television. 3. Alan Rice works ina bank, On Monday morning, be with Mc. King. At 11 A.M. he ______ hiis secretary, He tune: with his wife, Clara, between 12:30 and 1:30 Pad, In the afternoon, he ___ ona report. After work, he —______ tennis with his friend Bob. 2. Clara Rice is an English professor at Jones College. On Monday morning, she a class. After that, she her husband for lunch, Between 2:00 and 5:00 pM. she — students in her office. At 5:30 P.M, she to the dentist. In the evening, she a a lecwure for Wednesday’s class. Expressing FutureTime ml 47 Name a —, Class Date @ Quiz2: Future and past time words, Write pairs of sentences using che Past TIME and FUTURE TIME words. Example: last night / tomorrow night ___Lhad dinner with my parents last night. a I'm going to have dinner with my jorrow night _ 1. yesterday / tomorrow 48M CHAPTER 6—~Azar BEG, 2 ed, Name Class Date m Quiz3: WILL. Use the picture cues to complete the sentences about the future. Use will. 1, Ricardo and Laure ___ tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. After the wedding, they good-bye to their friends and families. They _____. for their honeymoon in Europe the next day. 2. On Sunday afternoon, Bing —__ bis car. After thar, he __________ 20 miles to his parents’ house in the country. Expressing Future Time om 49 Name Nar m Quiz 4: m Quiz 5: Class Date a Future tense questions. Wiite five questions dhat ask a student in your class about his or her plans for the weekend Example: fou, iday evening? _ 1. . 2. . = a Bo Se 4. = 5 _ _ MAY, MIGHT, and MAYBE. Complete the sentences with maybe, may, or might. If both may and might are correct, write may/might. Example: Our or may/might __ take a trip to an art museum next week. 1h snow tomorrow. Do you have boots and a heavy jacket? 2 Juan will meet me for dinner this evening. . 3. I'm very nervous. I won't pass the exam. 4, Az Is Anita going to come to the baseball game tonight? B: Idon’t know. She 5. A: Where are you going to go on your vacation? B: I'm not sure. We go skiing in Colorado. 6. Az. Is Hiroko going to wear her red suit to the job interview? B: She 7. Az What are you going to buy your wife for her birthday? B: I don’t know. I'll buy her a beautiful ring, 8. A: What happened to Abdullah? Why isn’t he here? B: he's ill 9, After I finish my bachelor’s degree, 1 ___. apply to graduate school, 10, _____ Alex won’t come tonight. He is very busy. 50 m CHAPTER 6—Azar BEG, 2 ed. Name m Quiz 6: = Quiz?: Class Date Future time clauses with BEFORE, AFTER, and WHEN. Write five sentences about your plans for today, using before, after, and when and the words in parentheses. Use the FUTURE TENSE or may/might. Example: (after, finish class) After finish class, I’m going to have lunch, 1. (after, have a break) 2. (when, get home) 3. (before, eat dinner) 4. (after, finish dinner) 5. (before, goto bed) IF-clauses in future and habitual present. Complete the sentences with your own words, Example: If the teacher is absent tomorrow, __/ will study in the library. 1. If it rains tomorrow, a — 2. If learn to speak English very well, 3. Ewill ite 4, IfThave time tonight, Poo If F have enough money, [usually | Expressing FutureTime ml 57 Name _ Class ___ Date MCuaprter 6 Test A. Complete the sentences with the best answer. 10. Hf che weather _ nice tomorrow, I will work outside in the garden a. is going t6 be b. will be cis Gary wasn’t in class _____ morning. He was sick. a last b. tomorrow c. yesterday Mr, Joitnson will see you a. afew minutes ago b. an hour ago c. ina few minutes Rossini’s Cafe will open —_. a, intwo more weeks b. two weeks ago c. 10 more minutes Ricardo anc Maria __. come to the party. They will decide tomorrow and call you. a. maybe b. may c. might be What _____ going to wear to Frank’s wedding? a. will you b. are you cc. you are Before to class, Ayumi usually buys a cup of coffee and a sandwich a. she is coming b. she’s coming , she comes ___— 1 got dressed, I took a hot shower, a, Before bo. When: c. After ~ going to be late again? a, Are they b. Will they cs. They might at work tomorrow? a. Will be b. Will you be cc, Were you 52m CHAPTER 6—Azar BEG, 2 ec Name Class _ Date B. Write a paragraph of five sentences about some things you are going to do this week. Use be going to and will. You may also use before, after, when, and 1f-clauses Example: finish my homework tonight, ill visit my friends at i ay nt, Expressing Future Time 53 Name _ Class C. Correct the ertors in each sentence. 10. ‘What you do on Friday evenings? Right now, we write an exam. I maybe play tennis with Susan tomorrow evening, ‘Az Will Fred be at the party? B: No, he is Jake is go to the gym now. I will going to meet you before class tomorrow. Az Will you be at the library later? B: I maybe. ‘We won't to see gach other tomorrow. I will be out of town. Is Max and James going to work together on the report? | ‘We will meet one week ago. 54 wt CHAPTER 6—Azar BEG, 2 ed. Date _ Name Class Date Quiz 1: CAN, KNOW HOW TO, and COULD. Complete the dialogues with can, know how to, ot could in the positive or negative form. Example: A: Can you count to ten in Potruguese? B: No, I __can‘t 1. A: Mike, do you ______mm__ multiply and divide? B: Yes, I do if I use my calculator. A: ________ you tell me the answer to question 7? B: No, do the homework because my calculator was broken. 2. A: [wanted to invite Tina to the party, but 1 _ teach her, Her telephone was busy all night. B: _____ you try her again today? 3. Ar Do you ——_____ fix a flat tire? Yes, I do. Well, [think I need your help, I have a flat, 4. Ar ____ you read che bottom line of the eye chart? B: No,I______. The print is too small for me. 5. Ar —____ you speak English fluently? Br Yes, of course. Expressing Ability m 55 Name = Class __ Date m Quiz2; VERY, TOO, OO MUCH, and TOO MANY. Correct the error in each sentence. Example: | am too mueh heavy, Iam going to go on a diet 1. This dress i$ too much small, so I can’t wear it 2. Ricardo can afford the car because it's too expensive, 3. Joe has too many work to do, He can’t speak with you now. The size of our class is perfect. There aren't too much peopie. 5, [feel too tired. I'd like to go to sleep now, Bi Quiz3: 100 + adjective, adjective + ENOUGH, and ENOUGH Use the piccure cues to complete the sentences. Example: This homework is __too__ difficult to do, 1. Tburned my mouth! This soup is to eat, 2. Mr. Rice can’t buy the car. It’s him. He doesn't have __ to buy it now. 56m CHAPTER 7—Azar BEG, 200, Name - —— Class _ — Date 3. John is 10 g0 (0 high school He's not even ______ for elementary school. 4. TfSusan has she will eat hunch. She was ___ to eat lunch yesterday. 5. This suitcase ig — for me to lift. Can you help me? I’m not to lif it Would you itke some dessert? ‘No, thank you. "nz ___ w eat another bite Expressing Abilly 57 Name __ @ Quiz 4: Class BE ABLE TO; polite questions. ‘A. Write polite questions based on the situations. Example: 1 Date Your friend has a watch, You would like to know the time —__Excuse me, Can you tell me what time it is? Your friend has an electronic dictionary. You would like 1 borrow it 3, You want your friend to tell you what yesterday’s homework was. 4 You would like to offer a guest in your house a cup of coffee. 5. You would like your roommate to turn down the music. It’s too loud. B. For cach word, write one thing it can do. Use be able to. Example: acar _|__A car is able fo go very fast. m Quiz 5: a fish a bird a baby a computer you Imperatives. A. Match the sentences, 1. Knock, knock. 2. Hurry up! 3. Thave a headache. I think I have fever. 4, This room js a mess! 5 Can I speak with you for a minute? 7—Aaar BEG, 2.60. paege ‘Take two aspirin and go to sleep. Please hang up your clothes. Sure. Please have a seat Come in. We're going to be late. Name Class Date B. Create an imperative sentence for each situation. 1, Your son, a teenager, is going skiing for the first time, You are worried about him. You say: 2. Someone has opened a window in your office. A cold wind is blowing into the room. You say: 3. Someone asks you for directions to the bank. It is two blocks away, at 14th Street. You say; 4. You are walking down the street. You see someone stealing another person’s briefcase. ‘You (shouting): @ Quiz 6; AT and IN for location. Complete the sentences with at or in. Example: A: Where is Max? B: He's __at___ work, 1. Ar Can you please pick me up? I’m the station, B: Sure. Please wait the waiting room, Pll look for you there | 2. Tcan’t find my keys. I know they’re somewhere ___ this house! 3. Laura is _ home. Please call her there. 4, Iwas very sick yesterday. I was bed all day. | 5. Dangerous criminals belong —___ prison. | orm __ my office now. Let’s meet _ schoo! tomorrow to discuss the homework. 7. Kim wasn’t ____ class last week. She was ___ Florida on vacation. Expressing Abilty = 59 Name Class Date __ M CHaprerR 7 TEST A. Complete the sentences est answer. 1. This door is locked. I don’t open it. Please help me a. can b. knowhow toc. know to 2. Yoko and Mark to attend class yesterday. They missed their train. a. weren't able b. couldn’ cc. can't 3. This desk is ______ for me to lift. Could you help me move it? a. to heavy b. too heavy c. heavy enough 4. At like some ice cream? B: Ofcourse! a. Co} you b. Can you ©. Would you 5. Robert play the accordion beautifully when he was a child. a. knowshowto —b. can c. could 6. It’s to go to the beach. I'll get our bathing suits and suntan lotion. a. very warm, b, to warm ¢. warm enough 7. As Can I speak with you for a few minutes? B: Sure, a. please sitdown —b. please to sitdown ——c. sitting down 8, James didn’t speak English at all before he came to the United States. a, know b. knew c. know how to 9. There are people in this restaurant. Let’s go to a quieter place. a, too much b. very ¢. too many 10. Td like to stay home. Pm. to go out tonight. a. very tired b. tired ¢. too tired 60 CHAPTER 7—Azar BEG, 26d, Name - Class ___ Date B, Write a polite question to fit each answer. 1, Waites Customer: A hamburger and freach fries, please. 2. Host: . ee | ee Guest: Yes, I'd love some coffee, 3. Smdene —_ — Teacher: Yes, meet me in my office after class, 4. Customer: _ Supermarket employee: The carrots are in the produce section. 5, Student: Classmate: Sure, but please return it to me after class. It was a gift from my father. Complete the sentences with at or in. 1. As Where were you born? B: _______ Morocco. 2. Can I call you home? B: Of course. 3. Hiroko is ___ work now. She'll be back Ia 4, Dangerous criminals belong jail 5. Pablo is a bank teller. He works _______ the loan department of Coraltown Savings Bank. Expressing Ability 67 Name Class Date Noun and adjective modifiers; word order of adjectives. Complete each senterice. Put the given nouns and adjectives in their correct onder. Punctuate correctly. Example: (tea, green, hot) Tlike to drink a cup of hot green tea after dinner. 1. (restaurant, Italian, favorite) Took my friends to my 2. (suit, blue, dark) ‘You can wear the to the classical music concert, 3. (house, big, white) ‘Mr. and Mrs. Kelly live in the down the street. 4, (vases, antique, glass) Mrs. Rice collects . It’s her hobby. 5. (people, intelligent, young) ‘We met some at the party. 6. (paintings, large, colorful) their art class. 7. (address book, black, small) Tcan’t find my . Maybe I lost it. 8. (man, handsome, tall) A asked me for a date. 9. (peaches, sweet, ripe) Tlove to eat for desert. 10. (woman, serious, young) Martha is a study medicine, _—. She would tike to 62 ml CHAPTER 8—Azar BEG, 2 ed Name Class Date B Quiz2: Expressions of quantity; subject- verb agreement. Complete the sentences with information from your own experience. Use the PRESENT ‘TENSE. Example: Some of ___my friends drive 1. None of. 2. All of 3. Almost all of ee 4. Most of oe — 5. One of '™ Quiz 3: Possessive nouns and pronouns; WHOSE questions. Correct the errors. Example: That tall young man is Jack Smith. He is atige friend 1, Whose bag is that? It’s Rita. 2. That coat is mine. It’s not your. 3. Hiroko husband works for a large computer company. 4. Mark and Susan live in Colorado. They're house is in the Rocky Mountains, 5. Pegay isn’t at home now, but shes sister is. 6, Ours class has many nice people. 7, Please give she the message 8. That's my cousin. He’s name is Sam 9. His studying English at our college 10. T bought a new suit and paid for its by check, Nouns, Pronouns, and Adjectives m 43 Name __ _ Class Date © Quiz4: Noun + conjunction + noun, Complete the sentences with appropriate nouns Example: My favorite foods are _ chocolate, chicken, _ and rice _. A. You can buy sand at any supermarket _ and are major cities in urope. 3. What would you like to drink? Would you fike — or sand are animals, 5. Tlove t0 fook at @ Quiz: indirect objects with TO and FOR. Arrange the sentence parts to form a correct sentence, Example: some good news / Anna / told / her mother ——Anng told her mother some good news, 1, a postcard my friends / sent / from Korea / me 2. Can /Jend ! you / your dictionary / me 3, Frank / new car / showed / us / his 4, Minako / her dog/ gave / a bath 5. Sam / for his wife / opened / the door 6, The mechanic / my car /fixed / for me 64m CHAPTER 8—Azar BEG, 2 0. Name Class Date 7. The teacher / answered / for me /a question 8. John / wrote / to his parents / a letter 9. Maria / handed / to me / the book 10, My wife / for me / a check / cashed ™ Quiz 6: Indirect objects with BUY, GET, and MAKE. Create sentences using the given cues. Example: buy / father J bought my father a beautiful watch for his birthday. L. buy/ myself 2, introduce / wife 3. made /salad 4. got / mother 5. explain / student Nouns, Pronouns,and Adjectives m 65 Name Class _ Date m CHaAprer 8 TEST A. Choose the best answer. 1. 10 Mr. Rice introduced Sara to _ man. a. ayoungltalian —b. an Italian young c. @ young and Italian J will wear my suit to the business meeting tomorrow. a. wool dark blue b. blue dark wool c. dark blue wool people like ice cream. a Almost b. Most of Most _ my friends speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently. a, Allof b. One of, c. Most of ‘Mr. Alvarez owns that store. It belongs to a. him b. his ©. he Please pass the salt, a, tome b. my ©. me ‘That's _____ briefcase, not mine. a. Johnis) b, John’s c. Johns keys are these? a. Whose b. Who's cc. Who are Frank made dinner __. a. to his wife b. for her wife c. for his wife Yuko — a. introduced to me her father ¢. introduced her father to me b. introduced me her father 65M CHAPIER 8—Azar BEG, 2 0d. Name Class Date B. For cach noun, write a correct sentence, Use two adjectives or one adjective and a noun modifier. Example: house Mr, and Mrs. rick house, oR Mr. ive in an old yellow house. « (suit) 2. (movie) 3. (sandeoich) 4. (hair) 5. (eves) 6. (rose) 7. (man) 8. (woman) 9. (painting) 10. (bird) Nouns, Pronouns, and Adjectives m@ 67 Name Class Date _ , Correct the pronoun esrors, George and Maria came to this country in May. Their came from Brazil. All of they family lives in Brazil, He is an intelligent young engineer. His studying English in a language échool, ‘Maria is a children’s dentist. Her is studying English reading, writing, and conversation with a private tutor. She’s private tutor is American. 68 ml CHAPTER 8— Azar BEG, 2 ed. Class _ Date THE SAME, SIMILAR, DIFFERENT, LIKE, and ALIKE. Correct the errors, if any. Example: My husband and 1 don’t ike Sine movies. 1. John’s haircut is same as mine. 2. Hiroko and Minako ate twins. They look like. 3. British English is different than American English in certain ways, 4, Are my homework answers similar with yours? 5, A motorcycle is alike 2 bicycle in some ways. 6, We signed up for this class at same time. ' 7. Jack's handwriting is similar his brother’s | &. English and Spanish are similar to in some ways, but se in other ways, 9, Love is alike a rose. 10. Marie and Jean come from same country. | Making Comparisons a 9 Name 0 Css te @ Quiz2: -ER and MORE Complete the paragraphs, using the -er or more form of comparison. Example: Skyscrapers are (tall) __talller__ than houses, 1. Rabbits and elephants are both animals, Rabbits are (small) than elephants and can run (fast) ____. Elephants are (heavy) than rabbits and have (long) noses, 2. Rita and Maria are sisters. Rita is (old) __________ and (educated) oe than Maria. Rita is a banker, and Maria is a television news reporter. Maria is (famous) than her sister. She is also (fummy) ___. Rita is (serious) and (conservative) — than Maria m@ Quiz 3: AS... AS; LESS THAN, Make sentences using as... as or less than with the items listed, Example: (flower, tree, big) A flower isn‘tas big as q tree. __ 4. Gilwer, gold, expensive) 2. (grape juice, water, sweet) 3. (money, health, important) 4. (skydiving, walking, exciting) 5. (@ rainbows a cloud, colorful) 70 m CHAPTER 9—~Azar BEG, 2 ec Name m Quiz 4: m Quiz5: Class Date Using BUT. ‘Match the columns. 1. Tean speak English, a. but T can, 2. Susan can’t babysit for you tonight, b. but her sister has black hair. ___ 3. Ed has a beautiful new car, ©. but his wife drinks tea. ___ 4. Laura has blonde hair, 4. but James doesn’t. ____ 5. Mr, Rice drinks coffee every morning, __é. but not Spanish. ‘ONE OF + superlative Make a sentence with each phrase plus one of. Change the adjective to the superlative. Example: a happy person that I know Ms ve is le that | ki 1. a good actor in the movies 2. an important person in this country 3. an expensive car 4, an interesting person that I know 5. a good place to take a vacation Making Comparisons 77 Neime Class Date @ Quiz6: Adjectives and adverbs (Gireld)the adjectives and underline the adverbs and adverb phrases in the sentences. Example: I can play the guitar very w: ‘That was a(@reai)moviel 1. Marco studies hard every evening, 2. Comies are very easy to read 3. Please drive carefuily. 4. Yumiko speaks English well. 5. You are speaking too quickly. Please speak more slowly, 6. We can meet tomorrow for an early lunch. 7. Clara buys clothes late in the season when they are on sale. 8. This coffee is very good! 9. That dress fits you perfectly. 10. Young Sam is a fast learner. 72 CHAPTER 9—Azar BEG, 2 ed. | Name Class Date ® Quiz7: Comparisons with adverbs. Complete the sentences by using as or more... than and the adverb given. (skillfully) Mr. Robbins plays chess ____more skillfully than any of his friends. Example: 1. (beautifully) Patrick is an opera singer. He sings anyone I know. 2. (hard) My mother works iy father 3. (fluently) Blizabeth speaks English me 4, (well) T can’t play tennis my tennis teacher. 5. (quickly) Please slow down. I can’t walk you, 6. (often) like to practice my English —___ possible, 7. (early) The older children don’t go to bed —_______ their. baby sister. 8. (meat) Liza's handwriting is sloppy. She doesn’t write ___ Ido. 9. (fast) A turtle doesn’t move a rabbit. | 10. (careful!) Please let Sam drive us home. He drives you. Making Comparisons ml 73 Nome Class mw CHAPTER 9 TEST A. Choose the best answer. L 10. English is Karen is people I have met. 4. more intelligent, most intelligent . Great Britain is Portugal. a. larger b. as large . Michael is person in my class. a. one of the tallest b. the tallest . Fatima ancl Dalia are sisters, but they don’t look a. same b. like . The new restaurant is not the old one. a. so good D. good as John is short, but his daughter, Mary, a. can’t b. doesn’t James is funny, but Lisa is than he is. a. the most funny —b. funnier Please drive I's snowing outside. a. carefully b. careful Korean in several ways. a. different b. different from Are these pictures similar or a differentifrom —b. different 74 wm CHAPTER 9—Aaar BEG, 204. Date ©. one of the most intelligent c. larger than c. taller c. alike . as good as ¢, funniest . as carefully ¢. different than c. more different Name Class Date B. Write a paragraph of five sentences and compare two people that you know well. Include age, personal appearance, talents, and abilities. Example: Sara and Ricardo are two of my friends. Ider than C. Correct the errors in comparison. New York City and Seattle are cities in the United States. New York is most crowded than Seattle. It has tallest buildings and more traffic. People in New York City are in a hurry and walk fast than people in Seattle, Seattle is more quiet than. New York City. It is rainy than New York and warmer in the winter, Making Comparisons m 75 Name - _ Class _ Date _ CHAPTER. 10° Expressing Ideas with Verbs m Quiz I: SHOULD and LET'S. Write responses, using should or let's, Example: A: I féel very dizzy. B: You should see a doctor. 1. At We have {5 minutes before class starts. B: Let's a _ — 2. Az [in going to go to an important meeting early tomorrow morning, B: You should 3. At I can’t fall asleep. B: You should 4. As [need co buy a new dress for the party, B: 5. As It’s snowing very hard outside. B: You shouldn’t 6. A: I'm thirsty. B: Levs__| 7. As ‘The weather is beautiful outside today. B: Let's _ 8. A: Ineed more money. B: You should 9. A: My feet are hurting me. B: You should 10. A: It’s Alan’s birthday today. Br Really! Ler’s 76m CHAPTER 10—Azar BEG, 2 00, > Name Class Date ™ Quiz 2: MUST and HAVE 10. Using must and have to, give advice in response to each question: Example: A: I would like to have healthy green plants. What do I have to do? B: ___ You must water your plants and give them some sunlight every day. —_ - 1. I would like to be in your English class. What do I have to do? 5. T would like to pass this course, What do I have to do? | Expressing Ideas with Verbs ml 77 i Name _ m Quiz3: @ Quid 78 CHAPTER 10—Azar BEG, 20d, Class Date I Review of modals. ‘Complete the sentences with ear, could, may, would, must, should, or have to. More than one modal may fit @ sentence, and the modal may be positive or negative, Example: If Frank gets a new job,he __may _ move to another city. 1 you like to meet me for dinner after class? 2. We __ g0 out tonight if we find a babysitter. | 3. You ______ smoke so much. It’s bad for your health. 4, you open a window, please? Ie stufly in here. 5. Clarence doesn’t = call me Hater. VI! see him tomorrow. 6. The bill is past due. You __ ____ pay it ienrmediately. Lh ___ main tonight. Take an umbrella, 8. Ricardo play the guitar very well | 9. Lisa looked for you, but she find you. | 10. If you don’t study, you pass this course. Present and past progressive. Write a question for each answer, based on the cues. Example: A: _ studying at the libr rday afternoon? B: No, L wasn’t, (I wasn’t studying at the library yesterday afternoon.) | Yes, am, (lam taking a quiz now.) } No, I wasn't (I wasn’t taking a test yesterday at 10:00 a.M.) Yes, he is. (My teacher is standing in front of the class today.) 4A: - B: Yes, he was. (My teacher was standing in front of the class yesterday.) 5 Ar B: Yes, they were. (My classmates were doing their homework last night.) Name Class Date m Quiz 5: WHILE, WHEN, and simple past versus past progressive. ‘Complete the paragraphs with verbs in the SIMPLE P4ST or the PAST PROGRESSIVE. cook sleep | Example: Sara_was cooking this morning while her children _were sleeping. eat ring pick answer finish call 1, While I_____ dinner yesterday evening, the phone - Tit up, but no one . When dinner, someone again. It was a wrong number wait 2. George his wife, Rachel, when he 20 years old. They _____ in line ‘at the college cafeteria during lunch. George —___ around and noticed the beautiful red-haired girl behind him. Expressing Ideas with Verbs ml 79 Name Class Date m@ Quizé: FOR and SINCE. Complete the sentences with for or since and information about you. Each pair of sentences should have similar meanings, Example: [have enjoyed sports since __/ was 6 years old. { have enjoyed sports for wenty years. 1. Thave studied English since ___ I have studied English for 2. Lhave been in this class since T have been in this class for 3. Thave lived here since Thave lived here for 4, Thave worked since Thave worked for — 5, My parents have known each other since My parents have known each other for 80 Mm CHAPTER 10—Azar BEG, 2 ec, Name Ciass Date ® Quiz 7: Present perfect questions and NEVER/EVER. A. Write a question for each answer. Example: A: ve yor ren to mn? B: Yes, Ihave. (J have been to Amsterdam.) ‘Yes, they have. (My parents have visited the United States.) No, Ihaven’t. (I’ve never been to an amusement park.) Yes, he has. (Ben has worked for an international company.) 4. Ar — — Yes, she has. (Kyoung Sun has read a book in English.) No, they haven’t, (Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have never been to Hawaii.) BB. Write answers for the questions. Use never if the answer is negative. Do not use short answers, Example: A: Have you ever seen snow? B: ___No, I’ve never seen snow. eo 6. A: Have you ever skied? Be z Have you ever had a picnic on the beach at sunset? Have you ever been to a baseball game? Be ee 9. At Have you ever met a famous person? a 10. A: Have you ever baked bread? Bi oa a Expressing Ideas with Verbs ml 87 ‘Name Class Date @ Quiz 8: Iregular past participles and HOW LONG questions. Correct the errors, #fany have Example: Mr. and Mrs. Jones #as been to San Francisco. 1. How long have you knew your husband? 2. That is the most beautiful sunset I ever seen. 3. I'm so happy you called, We didn’t spoken for a very long time 4. How long are you been here? 'm sorry I’m so late. 5. Hiroko have never gone to a dence club. How long have you that car? Bz For about two years. + How long have you worked in this restaurant? B: For about a year. 8. Mrs, Jackson is very conservative, She never worn a pair of slacks. 9, Please do not throw out the newspaper. I haven’t red it 10. Mrs. Smith has meet the president of the United States. 62 Ml CHAPTER 10—Azar BEG, 2 6. Name Class _ m CHAPTER 10 Test | A. Choose the best answer. 10, . [had a very bad earache yesterday morning. T a. should go b, must go c According to the law, a person, a. since 1980 b. since 20 years ke Have you _ to France? 8, went . ever go « ‘My teacher me at home yesterday. a. called b. has called ic How long ‘that car? a. Tom has b. has Tom ©, Pm hungry. go get lunch. a. Let's b. Should c My parents me yesterday when you called. a, visited b. were visiting. to the doctor last night. had to go be an adult to buy alcohol. a. has b, must can . Fumiko to play the guitar very well. a. canto b. is able c. can While television last night, the lights in my apartment went off. a. Twatched b. Thave watched —c, Twas watching Mr. Rice has been a doctor —__- 20 years ago ever been was calling has Tom had We are visiting Expressing Ideas with Verbs mt 83 Name Class Date Write a question for each response. 1. Ar oe B: Yes, Ican. (J can speak Japanese fluently.) 2. a: i pa iter B: Of course. (J can close the window.) 3. A: sa B: No, I haven't. (I have never been to Australia.) 4. AG —_ - pe 1 a B: About 10 years. (I've lived at my present address for about 10 years.) 5. Ar ~ B: was washing the dishes. (I was washing the dishes when you called.) 6. You have to take an entrance exam. (You have to take an entrance exam before you can get into my school.) Last week. (I bought that dress last week.) B: No, I wasn’t. (I wasn’t able to attend class yesterday.) He's taking an exam. (Mike is taking an exam now.) 10, B: No, he wasn’t. (Mike wasn’t taking an exam, at 10:00 yesterday morning.) C. Correct the verb errors. While I was reading a book yesterday evening, I was hearing a knock at my door. Topen the door and was so happy to see my friends Lisa and Ricardo, They were carry a cake and some balloons. ‘They said, “Surprise! Happy birthday!” I was felt so happy. I make some coffee and then we enjoyed the cake together. 44 CHAPTER 10—Azar BEG, 2 ed. Name Class Date Choose the best answer. 1. What time last night? a. did you arrive b. are you arriving ¢. you arrived 2. Mary with her friends tomorrow. a. goes to have lunch , will to/have lunch b. is going to have lunch 3. Don’t worry, Frank is going to be back a. five minutes b. five minutes ago ¢, in five minutes 4. Sam went running a, last week b, last weeks c. next week 5. A: When home? B: At 10:00 em a. will be you b. you will be . will you be 6. Whar when you wake up every morning? a. you doing b. you will do <. do you do 7. Ie , the school will close for the day. it will snow b. it snows €. it is going to snow 8. Before Albert to bed tonight, he will telephone his parents in Germany. a. is going b. will go c. goes 9. Did you to buy milk at the supermarket? a. forget b. forgot c. forgetting 10, A: Can Thomas play the drums? B: No, he a. didn’t b. couldn’t ©. can’ Vi Ldon’e change a flat tire. a. know to b. can’t know how to 12. Itis _____ cold to go swimming a. very b. too ©. enough Final Exam—Azar BEG, 20d, © 85 Nome oe 13, 34. 15, 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 2, 25. 26. 28. 29. 2 Class _ Date You cooked ______ food for dinner. We will have to finish it tomorrow. a. enough b, too many ©. too much ‘This room is not for 100 people. a, big enough b. big c. enough big Arthur went to buy some milk. a, many b, more c. much _—_ meet me for coffee on Thursday afternoon? a. Can you b. May you ©. Can you close the door, please? a. Could &. May Do _—____ sit in that chair, I's broken a. Not to b. No ec, Dor’t My favorite wear _ the football game yesterday. a. wins . won c. Was win T didn’t sieep well last night, I______ sleepy all morning. a. have felt b. was felt c. feel Peggy bought _____ at the jewelry store. a, a gold expensive necklace ¢, an expensive gold necklace b. a gold and expensive necklace _— the people in this class speak more than one language. a. Aimost + b. Most c. Almost all of 7 teenagers like 10 listen to music. a, Most b. Most of c. All of My apartment is very small, a. friend’s b. friend cc. fiend is That’s not your pen, it's ___. a. my bt c. mine Mr. and Mrs. Rice own that boat. It’s a, theirs b. they're c. there's coat is that? a, Who is &. Who's c. Whose Give ____. a. Susan’s ball b. Susan the ball c. the ball for Susan. Mrs, Jackson a. told» bedtime story her children ¢. told her children a bedsime story, b. told ro het children a bedtime story Fino! Bxam— Azar BEG, 2 od Name Class Date 30. Can you fix the radio > a. tome b. for me . mine 31. Japanese is - English. a. different from b. different c. different than 32. Do your children look ? a. like b. alike c. same 33, Limes are lemons in some ways, a. same as bb like c. similar 34. John’s car is than mine. a. more cheap ’. expensive €. less expensive 35. My brother is than Tam, a. younger b. more young €. youngest 36. Carlos is wealthy, but Gina a. doesn’t b. hhasn’e ©. isn’t 37. Rita is the of all my friends. a, smartest b. smarter . smart 38, Mr. Wilson is chess players in our cown, a. one of the best b. better c. the best 39, Please write ___. It is difficult to read your handwriting a. neat b. neater ¢. neatly 40. A: I feel terrible, [have a bad stomachache 4 42, 43. 44. 45. 46. B: You see a doctor. a. may b, should cc. will Do we go home now? Iam enjoying myself. a, have to b. must c. need You work hard if you want to succeed. a. can b. might must Mr, Jackson to lift 200 pounds easily when he was a young man, a. should b. may c. was able While I was watching television, my father a. was calling b. is calling c, called Sam has known Mary he was a child. a. when b. for c. since Have you ‘been to New Orleans? a. not b, ever cc. was Final Exam—Azar BEG, 2ed. wm 87 Name —__ - _ Class = Date 47. How _____ have you been in this country? a, much b, many ©. long, 48, When class started, we —_____ our textbooks. a, are taking out —b, have taken out ¢. took out 49. ______ John at home last night when you went (0 visit? a. Has been b, Was c. Were 50. Michael has lived in that house a, for twenty years. twenty years ago ¢, in twenty years Write ten sentences about what you did last week and what you are planning to do this week and on the weekend. 88 Bw Final Exam—Azar BEG, 2 6d. \ CuHaprer 1 m Quiz5 To the teacher: Correct sentences that use © Quiz! 1 Bewneaueun @ Quiz? @ Quiz3 1. in 2. at 3. on @ Quiz4 vocabulary and the verbs be and have are is a language, is 2 country acceptable are countries, are languages m Quiz6 is a city, are cities * ‘To the teacher: Students are likely to are insects, is an insect confuse the sounds of this and these as well is a month, are months as the use of the apostrophe. are seasons, is @ season m Quiz? is a continent, are continents 4s. What is aca? is a flower, are flowers 2, Who are those people? are machines, is a machine 3. Who is that? is a bird, are birds 4, What is your favorite class? 5. What are their names? (or a variation " such as “What are your friends’ names?”) isn’t... s young isn’t... is happy 6. What is his name? (or a variation such isn't. is fast as “What is your friend’s name?”) isn’t. is square 7, What is her telephone number? aren't... are beautiful 8. Who is ber teacher? aren't... are open a " aren't... are soft ‘hat is a camel? 10. What is a Cadillac? isn’t... is new isn’t... is expensive isn’t... is angry mM CHaprer | Test A. To the teacher: Correct sentences using. 4. behind in the present tense accurately with proper subject-verb agreement are acceptable. 5. on 8. on Example for Yoko: Yoko comes from 6. next to 9. above ‘Tokyo, Japan. She is married. She has black hair and brown eyes. She is 25 years old. B. 1. Is Marta your wife? a ee 2, Are these your classmates? J he 3. Is Sonia tall? « a8 4, Are you at home right now? ‘ a 5. Is Sam tired? ’ 10. bh ‘Answer Key—Azor BEG. 2ed. m 89 8 9, 10 G1 D1 ‘What are Montreal and Miami? ‘What's her name? 3s Kate married? Whar is this? Who is your favorite teacher? on, on, in, between, next to, beside on, next to, under, behind CHAPTER 2 @ Quiz 10, 1 always wakes up usually gets up always read always leaves never drives always drives seldom eat is never usually writes often thinks @ Quiz2 1 Pablo and Ali do their homework together every evening, I go to work at 8:00 a.M. My husband goes at 9:00 a.m, We often go to museums with our friends. Anna has lunch with her mother on ‘Tuesday afternoons. John and his wife always have breakfast together. Carol and Paul go downtown every day. ‘Tom always has a snack at 10 P.M. Mr. and Mrs. Rice have two sons. Anita has a new dress, Her dress is red and white 1 do my work. ‘Answer Key — Azar BEG, 2 ed. @ Quiz3 1. A: Does ___ have curly hair? B: Yes, he/she does. or No, he/she doesn't 2. Ar Is in class today? B: Yes, he/she is. or Ne, he/she isn’t 3. A: Does ___ speak English fluently? B: Yes,he/she does. or No, he/she doesn’ 4. Az Does __ have a good sense of humor? B: Yes, he/she does. or No, he/she doesn’. 5. A: Does ___live near the school? Bz Yes, he/she does. or No, he/she doesn’t m Quiz4 1. Where are you from? Where do you work? When do your morning classes begin? fen When do you usually have lunch? When does the movie start? w Quis To the teacher: Students may confuse lave and has, do and does, and go and goes. m Quiz6 1. Iris 7:00 p.m, in Chicago now. Ivis 6:00 P.M. in Denver now: 2 3, Itis 5:00 PM. in Los Angeles now. 4, Sis 4:00 PM, in Anchorage now. 5. Iris 3:00 P.M. in Honolulu now. m Quiz? 1. It is warm and rainy in Seattle today. Itis hot and sunny in Los Angeles today. It is cool and cloudy in Chicago today. ‘tis warm and sunny in New York today nis hot and rainy in Miami today. M Cuaprer 2 Test 1. Where does Samir live? Do you like ice cream? What is the date today? What is the weather today? wren Js Chicago usually cold in the winter? Are you a doctor? What time/When do you usually eat lunch? 8, What time/When does the movie begin? 9. What time! Wher does the plane arrive? 10, Who is that man? B. To the teacher: Correct sentences using proper placement of adverbs and agreement Of subject and verb are acceptable C1. Tis 6:00 eam 2. Anita works at home, 3. Ken meets me every Sunday for dinner and a movie. 4. We usually have lunch from 12:00 p. 10 1:00 2M. 5. The department stores open on Mondays at 10:00 a.m. 6. My pants are under my bed, 7. The glasses are on te the table. 8. Itis cloudy today. 9. Ic isn’t warm in Chicago in the winter. 10. We don’t see you in class anymore. Cuarrer 3 @ Quiz) To the teacher: Make sure that the onal pronoun is clear in each case. @ Quz2 1, Where is the man sitting? Why is the man calling the waiter? Where is the waiter going? BY Why is che man happy? What is the man eating? @ Quiz 3 1. B. is reading 2. A. call 3. C. are calling 4. B. have 5. C, és cooking 6. A. plays 7. C. wins, is winning 8. B. is taking 9. B. is writing 10. A. walks w Quid 1. cooks, is cooking, are waiting, smells 2. At hear A: know... think Bi He's (or He is) singing 3. At Did. see are... looking is sitting .. .is is... see @ Quiz5 To the teacher: All correctly structured senrenges with togica endings are acceptable. @ Quiz6 Yes, there is. 2. As Are B: Yes, there are. ts ‘Yes, there is. Are No, thete aren't 2 Is B: No, there isn’t “Answer Key=Azor BEG 26d. Bw 91 are... around are... between is next to (or near) are... around are... inside is, far away from is next to ison is far away from is in the middle of / beeween / near M CHaApter 3 Test he 10, 3. eR IAA RYE C. are reading are clapping . speak am thinking is raining apoan is he wearing hear doesn’t want sneer fon am writing ‘Would you like some coffee? Do you think that English grammar is difficult? Do you need a new car? Are there many students in this school? Does it rain often in the winter in the United States? Do you smell smoke? Do bananas taste sweet? Are you taking an exam? Where ate you going? Are you happy? in back of in the front of in the middle of 92 Wm Answer Key—Azar BEG, 2 ed. in the back of next to in back of next to (or in front of) in front of in the middle of Seerraus in front of CHAPTER 4 @ Quiz! 1. young-apy man-S/NOUN new-ADy suit-ov 2. Carla-$/NOUN interesting-aDJ movie-ov television-oF 3. You-s/Noun dark-aDy colors-ov L-s/Noun light-apy colors-ov 4, Mr. and Mrs. Smith-s/Noun. fresh-aD) fish-ov dinner-op ‘Tuesdays-oP_ 5, Michael-s/NOUN old-apy catov office-op 6. Tom-s/NoUN brown-apy dog-ov 7. Yoko-S/NouNn long-aby letter-ov parents-oP 8. Young-api girls-S/NOUN dolls-or rr 9. expensive-aby m Quiz7 pen-S/NOUN, Marthe-oP 1 The eo 10, Ls/Noun 20 7” hew-ay 2.0 8. O...the address-ov 4. The 20 w Quz2 5. The 10. @ 1. As her fue m Quize bt 1, b, something 3, It...They... them 2. c, anyone 4, Ai him 3. b, someone Br him 4. a, anyone 5. us... them 5. 6, anything = Qulz3 BM Cuaprer 4 Test “To the teacher: Any nouns correctly written in the plural form and fiting each AL 1b milk 6. &. Noone category are acceptable. > b He +b Love m Quied 3. a, anything 8. ¢, music “To the teacher: Students should deseribe 4. e. them: 9. bus all the people in the picture 5. c. you 10. att w quis 1, Most countries would like to have B. 1. Kaives 6. classes peace. 2. Oranges 7. women, 2. We get homework every cay in this class. 3. traffic 8. cities How many tomatoes do you need? 4. potatoes 2% homework 4. Hiriko needs some advice about her 5. furniture 10. information schedule. 5. No change C1. talkany mao-S/NOUN 6. He cacs a fot of vegetables. beacicon 7. ‘There is lot of traffic in the city today He-SiNOuN famous-ADy “The secretary has infor a 8. ‘The secretary has information about ae our company. He-s/Xoun 9. No change pictures-o¥ 10. No change peopie-or water-OP mw Quis people-s/NOUN bim-or ‘To the teacher: Make sure the units of measure are correct in this exercise aneunr Mayhew REG Det om Of 2. Clara-siNOUN animals-ov She-S/NOUN black-aby cats-Ov large-apy dog-ov bright-apy yellow-AD} birds-ov house-oP She-SINOUN them-or school-or. 3. Yoko-S/NOUN surprise-aDy { party-ov birthday-op Yoko-s/ NOUN delicious-aD} cake-ov She-s/NouN i people-ov party-oP, CHAPTER 5 @ Quiz) 1, Were you at the gym on Thursday? 2. Were you at home yesterday? 3. Was your trip interesting? 4. Where were you last night? 5 @ Quiz 2 ‘To the teacher: Correct original sentences that use the verbs and past time words in ways that make sense are acceptable, @ Quiz3 got... put...ate... left. rode saw... drank... read... thought m Quiz 1. A: Did you see Helen yesterday morning? B: No, I didn’t. 94 m Answer Key—Azar BEG, 2 ed. Was Carlos at the concert last night? Did you sleep on the plane? Yes, I did. Did you go to the library? No, I didn’t, 4. A: Did Marco write this composition. B: No, he didn’t Did you eat lunch at Sam’s house? Bs: Yes, we did. ww Quiz5 L sce ae 2 3 4. 5, @ Quiz 6 ‘To the teacher: Correct original sentences that match the cues are acceptable. m@ Quiz7 1. After Late lunch, I took a walk. or I took a walk after I ate lunch 2. When Jane met her husband, she was twenty years old, or Jane met her busband when she was twenty years old. 3. didn’t speak English before T came to this country. or Before I came to this country, I didn’t speak English. 4. After he saw the fire, he called the fire department. or He called the fire department after he saw the fire 5. When her parents left, the child started to cry. Mm CuHaprer & Test A Were you at the party last night? Did you do the homework assignment? Where did you go last night? Why didn’t you call me yesterday? Who took you out to dinner yesterday? eu keN Did you take the exam? 7. When did you have breakfast? What does “ill” mean? 9. Was the play interesting? 10. Did it snow yesterday evening? B. To the teacher: Original sentences that include the correct past form of the verb and time clauses are acceptable. 6. 1 2 9. 10. “Tony went to Ali’s house last night. Mariko called Tina last night about the homework assignment. Where were you yesterday afternoon? Tread an interesting book when I was on vacation. ‘Tim came to this country after he finished high school. Kim watched a funny television show last week. Did Frank meet Pablo at the airport yesterday? No change I drank a cup of coffee before work. No change Mipterm EXAm A. a. are animals © isn’t © athome ©. your b. Her vs My ©. has ge Sam always comes eat goo is never late do goes ad doesn’t . What time do c, It's b, P'm wearing 18. c, are they c, No, she isn’t, |. ¢, don’t take a, Did you understand «¢, listening to .b, Would you like , thinks that c, many students are there 26. ¢, it ©. children b. some information aan b, This ¢. anything 32. b, ©. cooked them b. stopped 5. b, wrote . c, two weeks ago a. last night 38. . 39. «. 40. ¢ at on 41 42. a, 43. 44, 45. 46, 47. 48. 49. 50. ©. above in b, next to c. under c. between b. in the middle of a. in back of a. in front of . far away from c. outside . To the teacher: Correct sentences of description are acceptable. Answer Key—Azar BEG, 20d, 95 CHAPTER 6 @ Quiz! 1, is going to meet is going to dictate letters to is going to have is going to work is going to play 2. is going to teach is going to meet is going to see is going to go is going to prepare w Quiz2 To the teacher: Original sentences that use the past and future tense verbs correctly and time words that make senge are acceptable. m Quiz3 1, will get married... will say 2. will wash . .. will drive m@ Quiz To the teacher: Original questions that use the future time correctly are acceptable. m Quizs 1. may/might Maybe Maybe may/might may/might may/might Maybe Maybe may/might Maybe 3, 4. 5, 6. 1 8 9 0. 1 m Quizé To the teacher: Original sentences that use future time clauses with before, after, and when are acceptable. 96 m Answer Key—Azar BEG, 2 0d, will leave m Quiz7 ‘To the teacher: Original sentences that use the conditional form correctly are acceptable. M Chapter 6 Test A B. Lc. is c. yesterday in @ few minutes in two more weeks may she comes Before Are they Will you be Seer egvaeyn .. a b. b. are you « a a b 1 To the teacher: Original sentences that use the future time and before, after, when, and i-clauses correctly are acceptable. 1. What do you do on Friday evenings? 2. Right now, we are writing an exam. T may/ might play tennis with Susan tomorrow evening, 4. As No chaage No, he won't. 5. Jake is going to the gym now. 6. Tam going to meet you before class tomorrow. 7. No change B: I may be. 8, We won't t@ see each other tomorrow, 9. Are Max and James going to work together on the report? 10. We will mect in one week age. CHAPTER 7 m Quiz! 1. Ar know how to A: Can Bz can’t... can’t / couldn't 2. As couldn't B: Can 3. As kriow how to 4. Ar Can B: can’t 5. As Can m Quiz2 1. This dress is too satel small, so I can’t wear it. 2. Ricardo can’t afford the car because it’s too expensive 3, Joe has too s¥eny much work to do. He can’t speak with you now. 4, The size of our class is perfect. There aren’t too meek many people 5. [feel see very tired. Td like to go to sleep now. @ Quiz3 1. 100 hot 2, too expensive... enough money 3. two young .. . old enough 4. enough time . . , too busy 5. too heavy... . strong enough 6. 00 full B Oud A. To the teacher: Correct original sentences that are variations of the answers below are acceptable. 1 2 . Can I borrow your dictionary? Could you open the window, please? Excuse me, can you tell me what yesterday's homework was? Would you like a cup of coffee? Could you turn down the music, please? B. To the teacher: Correct original sentences are acceptable, m Quiz 5 aoysen vkene c Be careful, Please close the window. (or another polite variation) Walk two blocks to 14th Street, Stop! Thief! As at in at in in in... at W CHarrer 7 Test A 1 2 3 4, 5 6 b, know how to a, weren't able b, too heavy €, Would you ©. could ©. warm enough a. please sit down ©. know how to ¢. too many ©. too tired Answer Key—Azor BEG, 2ed, ml 97 B. Yo the teacher: Various cornect polite 6. sentences are acceptable. 1. What would you like to order? 8 . Would you like some coffee? 2 3. Can I speak with you? 4 Qur class has many nice people Please give she her the message. “Thar’s my cousin, He’s His name is Sam. ‘His He's studying at our college. Excuse me, where can I find the 10. I bought a new suit and paid for #9 it carrots? bby check. 5. row your pen? i Can I borrow your p m Oued Cc. 1. in To the teacher: Correct sentences that 2. at include the appropriate nouns are acceptable. 3. at 4. in m Quiz5 5. in 1. My friends sent me a postcard from CHAPTER 8 Quiz} 1. favorite Italian restaurant dark blue suit big white house antique glass vases intelligent young people large, colorful paintings 1 small, black address book tall, handsome man sweet ripe peaches Bewenaveun 10. serious young woman B Quiz 2 To the teacher: Correct sentences with good subject-verb agreement ate acceptable m@ Quiz3 | 1. Whose bag is that? It’s Rita’s 2. That coat is mine. It’s not yours. 3. Hiroko’s husband works for a large computer company. A. 4, Mark and Susan live in Colorado. ‘Their house is in the Rocky Mountains. 5. Peggy isn’t at home now, but shes her sister is. 10, Answer Key—Azar BEG, 2 ed, Senraanyvevn eSPrXeueene Korea, ‘Can you lend me your dictionary? Frank showed us his new car. Minako gave her dog a bath Sam opened the door for his wife. ‘The mechanic fixed my car for me. ‘The teacher answered a question for me, John wrote a letter to his parents. ‘Maria handed the book to me. My wife cashed a check for me. m@ Quiz To the teacher: Correct sentences using indirect objects with buy, get, or make are acceptable. @ Carter 8 Test a. a young Italian c. dark blue woo! cc. Most b. One of him cme b. John’s Whose for his wife ¢. introduced her father to me SE reer B, To the teacher: Correct sentences that use Quiz 3 adjectives, nouns, and noun modifiers are ‘To the teacher: Different answers are acceptable: acceptable for some of the items. ©. George and Maria came to this 1. Silver isn’t as expensive as gold. country in May. ‘Fhelt They came from Silver is less expensive than gold. Brazil. All of they their family fives in 2. Wurer isa’e as sweet as grape juice, Brazil. He is an intelligent young engineer 3. Moneys less important than health. ‘His He's studying English in 0 language Money isn’t as important as health, school. 4, Walking isn’t as exciting as skydiving. ‘Walking is less exciting than skydiving, ‘Maria is a children’s dentist, Her She 5. A cloud is less colorful than a rainbow. is studying English reading, writing, and A cloud isn’t as colorful as a rainbow. conversation with a private tutor, She's Her ” ® Quid private tutor is American le 2.8 CHAPTER 9 34 m Quiz 4.6 1, John’s haircut is the same as mine. 5.¢ 2. Hiroko and Minako are wins. They i look tke alike. m Quiz 5 3, British English is different then ft Ta the tencher: Correct sentences using American English in certain ways, the forms below are acceptable. 4. Are my homework answers similar 1, one of the best actors in the movies 0 yours? 2, one of the most important people in 5. A motorcycle is alike like a bicycle in this country some ways. 3, one of the most expensive cars 6. We signed up for this class at the same 4. one of the most interesting people that time. T know 7. Jack’s handwriting is similar t his 5. one of the best places to take a brother's vacation 8. English and Spanish are similar ¢@ ie some ways, but different in other ways, @ Suiz6 9. Love is alike like a rose, 1. hard-apy 10. Marie and Jean come from the same 2. easy/aDy country, 3. carefully-apv m Quiz? 4. wellpy 5. quickly-apv ... slowly-apv 1. smaller... faster... heavier... longer TUGRT-ADY «-- Slowlynat 6. carly-aD} 2. older... more educated... more cectrran famous ... funnier... more 7. Jate-apy serious... more conservative 8. good-apy 9. perfectly-apy 10. faseany Answer Key—Azar BEG. 2ed. @ 29 @ Quiz7 = A B. CHAPTER 9 Test 1, more beautifully than as hard as more fluently than as well as as quickly as as often as as early as as neatly as as fast as Seenauvenn more carefully than . one of the most intelligent . larger than the tallest ego alike as good as isn’t ge funnier carefully b. different from b. different Seersxauneunea u ‘To the teacher: Correct sentences using comparisons are acceptable. ‘New York City and Seattle are cities in the United States, New York is more crowded than Seattle, It has taller buiidings and more traffic. People in NewYork City are in a hurry and walk faster than people in Seattle, Seattle is sere quieter than New York City, [tis rainier than New York and warmer in the winter. CHaprter 10 @ Quiz] ‘To the teacher: Variations of the sentences below are acceptable. 100m Answer Key—~Azar BEG, 2 ed. 1 w Quiz2 Seemrnauesune take a walk. / get a coke, etc. go to sleep early drink some hot mil. go shopping drive now get a drink go to the park get another job buy better shoes have a party! To the teacher: Correct sentences using must or have to are acceptable. Exampk You have to go to the Registrar's Office. m@ Quiz3 1 m@ Quiz 4 Seen auegun Would may / might shouldn’t Could /Wouid | Can have to must / should may / might can couldn’ may not / won’t Are you taking a quiz now? Were you taking a test yesterday at 10:00 a.m.? Is your teacher standing in front of the class today? Was your teacher standing in front of the class yesterday? ‘Were your classmates doing their homework last night? fm Quiz 5 1. was eating ... rang... picked .. answered... finished ... called 2. met ..,was... were waiting . turned mH Quiz6 To the teacher: Correct sentences using for and since are acceptable. @ Quiz7 AL 1, Have your parents visited the United States? 2, Have you ever been to an amusement park? 3, Has Bea worked for an international company? 4. Has Kyoung Sun read a book in English? 5. Have Mr. and Mrs, Johnson ever been 10 Hawaii? 1, No, I’ve never skied. or Yes, I've skied, 2. No, I've never had a picnic on the beach at sunset, or Yes, Pve had a picnic on the beach at sunset. 3, No, D’ve never been to a baseball game. ‘or Yes, Pve been to a baseball game. 4, No, I've never met a famous person. or Yes, f've met a famous person. 5. No, I've never baked bread. or Yes, I've baked bread. ® Quiz8 1, How jong have you kerew known your husband? 1, That is the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen. 3, Pm so happy you called. We dines haven’t spoken for a very Jong time, 4. How long aes have you been here? Pm. sorty P'm so late. Hiroko have has never gone to a dance stub. 10, A: How long have you had that car? B: For about two years, No change ‘Mrs, Jackson is very conservative, She has never worn a pair of slacks. Please do not throw out the newspaper. I haven't fed read it. ‘Mrs. Smith has meet met the president of the United States. @ CHaprer 10 Test A Bee Bene one ©. bad t0 go b. must b. is able 1 was watching a singe 1980 ©. ever been a. called c. has Tom had Let's b. were visiting Can you speak Japanese fluently? Can you clase the window? Have you ever been to Australia? How tong have you lived at your present address? What were you doing when I called? What do you have to do before you can get into your school? When did you buy that dress? Were you able to attend class. yestelday? What's Mike doing now? ‘Was Mike taking an exam at 10:00 yesterday morning? Answer Key—Azar BEG,2ed. m 10] While I was reading a book yesterday evening, I was hearing heard a knock at my door. Ieper opened the door and was so happy to see my friends and Ricardo, ‘They were eatey carrying 9 cake and some balloons. They said, “Surprise! Happy birthday!” I wes felt so happy. I meke made some coffee, and then we enjoyed the cake together. FINAL EXAM A il 12, 13, 14, 15. 16. 17. 18, 19, 20. 21. 22. 23. 24, 25. 26. 27. 102 9 vee Ee a. did you arrive b. is going to have lunch in five minutes last week will you be cc. do you do b. itsnows c. goes a. forget ©. can’t c. know bow to. b. too fc. too much . big enough b, more 4 Can you a. Could ©. Don’t b, won a, have felt . an expensive gold necklace c. Almost all of &. Most a. friend’s . mine a. theirs c. Whose Answer Key — Azar BEG, 2 ed. 28. b, Susan the ball 29. c. told her children a bedtime story 30. b. forme 31. a, different from 32. b. alike 33. ». 34. like less expensive 35. a, younger 36. ©, isn’t 37. a, smartest 38. a. one of the best 39. ©. neatly 40. b. should 41, a, have to 42. 43. c. was able 44. called 45. 46. 47. 48. , took out 49. b. Was 50. a. for twenty years must since ever Jong To the teacher: Correct sentences that utilize past and future time are acceptable The Azar Grammar Series TEST BANK for BASIC ENGLISH GRAMMAR cond Edition * Short quizzes and chapter tests for each chapter, plus a midterm exam and a final exam + Awide variety of question types from closed formats, such as multiple-choice and matching, to more open formats, such as sentence writing and open completion * A comprehensive answer key BASIC ENGLISH GRAMMAR, Second Edition, includes: Student Book Full Edition: ISBN 0-13-368317-6 Volume A: ISBN 0-13-368424-5 Volume B: ISBN 0-13-368358-3 Teacher's Guide Full Edition: ISBN 0-13-368325-7 Answer Key ISBN 0-13-518119-4 Test Bank ISBN 0-13-788480-X ee ISBN 0-13 @ Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458, Jt Hn who wut in 1884805)