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As of August 28, 1986

10x Medkits (Large)
30x Medkits, Reload (Large)
30x Medkits (individual)
100x Medkits, Reload (small)
10x Drug Kits (Back Pack)
10x Trauma gear
10x Decon gear (with CBR's)
10x Maternity supplies

9x Pediatric kits
30x Public Health kits
10x Surgical kit (MP Pack)
30x Civilian CBR decontamination kits
50x First Aid kits (Non-MP)
20x Suits, protective decontamination
5x Autoclave

5x Scaffold Jacks
20x Recharger, battery, solar powered
500x Batteries
30x Hand tools for farming

30x Hand tools for carpentry

30x Hand tools for metalworking
30x Hand tools for general repair
50x Drill casing, 300m

PD: A description of casing, in case some are not aware. Casing is used to maintain the stability of the hole and can be
Temporary or Permanent. In many instances, a short piece of casing is used at the surface (called surface casing) to
prevent the surface material from collapsing into the hole and degradation of the top of the hole due to the in and out
process of drilling.
For simplicity's sake, we'll keep it to a 36" standard for all the extracted casing

100x Hardware, general (nuts, bolts, screws, nails, etc)

10x Cable, Steel braided
100x Cement, 10x50 lb bags
100x Glass, window, comes in 18" by 24" panes
50x Dome, Geodesic, Portable, w/Multifuel

30x Chainsaws, multifuel

200x Replacement blades, Chainsaw
30x Wire, Protective, Barbed
30x Wire, Protective, Concertina
10x Sheet, Plastic, 10 mil thickness, 48"x500" rolls
10x Block and tackle sets with rope

Vehicles/Mounted Devs:
6x Commando Ranger
6x Commando Ranger
4x Commando V-150 APC
4x Commando V-150 20 mm
6x Trailer, Utility, (500 lb capacity) and XR311 with
trailer hitch
6x Trailer, Heavy, (1 ton capacity) and V-150 with trailer
4x Vehicle, Morrow Project, V-150 Armored Recovery
10x Support Base, Vehicle Mounted

20x Laser, Welding and Cutting, Manual, Vehicle

200x 10m Power Cable and Take-Up Reel, Vehicle
Dump Truck (fusion)
Bulldozer (fusion)
Bulldozer (regular)
Crane (regular)
Two 250 ATVs, stored in plane at airport
One OH-6 (fusion) stored at airport
One Fire Truck (Pumper)

Vehicular Repair/Maintenance:
40x Spare Parts (mechanical) for MP vehicles listed by vehicle type
PD: I'm ruling these are divided up equally by vehicle type. And since these are mechanical parts there is no difference
for the V-150's.
40x Vehicle tool kits listed by vehicle

Portable Units:
10x Workshop, Machine and Tool, W/Trailer and Vehicle PTO
10x Trauma Unit, Automated, Computerized, portable with trailer and hitch
10x Lab, Chemical, Analysis and Limited Production, w/Trailer and hitch
10x Lab, Chemical, Analysis and Limited Production, w/Trailer and hitch
10x Forge, hand, semi-portable, fusion powered with trailer
20x Water, treatment unit, Portable with trailer
1 in place north of town to provide water from the pond at WhiteEagles place.
20x Sewage treatment unit, permanent, with assorted pipe
20x Generator, Electrical, Multi-source (fusion/wind/solar)
5 in place to power the town.
10x Kitchen, portable with trailer
1 of these is in place by the Intake Center. Each kitchen has the dishes, pots, pans, etc to serve 250 people.
10x Drill rig, vehicle powered, 75m depth limit, with trailer
Weapon Maintenance:
5x Ammunition, Reloading Equipment (2 Sets)
Press, Manual Production
Dies, Reloading
Cases, Cartridge
Primers, Cartridge

Bullets, Manufactured by Type and Weight

Scale and Measuring Equipment
Magazines, Spares
Molds, Casting

498x MP issue ration packs (feeds 4 people for 15 days)
5x Cartographic Set (for making maps for the autonav)
5x Microfilm Processor (Autonave Mapmaking)
5x Library, Microfilm, Encyclopedic (4 sets)
w/1mX1mX1 1/2m case
5x Readers, Microfilm (1 dozen per set)
50x Panels, marker, red in color
3x Paint, Vehicle, Green, 100 Gallons
10x Press, Printing, Hand operated with 100 reams of
20x Teaching Machine with library programs
50x 100 lb sacks of seed of various types
50x 100 lb sacks of fertilizer
10x Autonav, Spares
200x Cans, 5 gallon, water/gasoline
10x Plates (Sets of 250)
10x Cups (sets of 250)
10x Bullhorns

30x Fishing equipment

30x Nets
100x MP Issue Individual Packs (These are full packs).
100x Coveralls, Resistweave
100x Coveralls, Cotton, Camouflage, Reversible
10x pair boots per size, starting @ size 8 and working
up in size increments. (Max size is 15.)
Four size 9, Four size 9 , Three size 8 and One
size 12 have been issued.
20 (18)x PRC-68 2 are in use at the two watch
100x(88) KCB-70
30x Geiger counters, civilian issue
100x(88) Gas Masks
1000x (997) Toilet Paper
100x(88) Flashlights with replacement bulbs

1x case HP-35
1x case S&W .357 (M27)
1x case S&W .44 (M29)
10x Mac 10
10x UZI

20x Stoner M23

20x Stoner M22
20x M16A1
10x M21 sniper
3x Stoner Mk23

3x Stoner M207
10x Atchisson assault shotgun
3x M60
3x M79
3x Mag-58
3x M203
3x M85C
3x M174E3
3x M2HB
3x HK69A1
10x M10A
5x spare magazines per individual weapon (includes belt links and drums).
10x Hafla-35L
20x M202A1
2x M9A1-7 flamethrower
1xM47 Dragon
30x M72A2 LAW
30x Armbrust 300
50x(38) Gun, M6 Survival, .22 cal/, 410 gauge with ammo (.22 ball, .410 shot and .410 flares)
(These are for any non-MP distribution required)
Grenades (hand):
5x cases M26A1 "Frag"
5x cases M34 WP
5x cases AN-M8 HC smoke
5x cases M6 CN-DM gas
5x cases M7A3 CS gas

10x M9A1 BZ
5x cases AN-M14 TH3 thermite
5x cases Mk3A2 explosive
5x cases Mk 1 illuminating

Grenades (40mm):
5x cases M381 HE
5x cases M433 HEDP
5x cases M651 CS gas
5x cases M576E2 multi
2x cases M583 white parachute flare

2x cases M585 (white) star flare

2x cases M663 (green) star flare
2x cases M664 (red) star flare
5x cases Stunbag

2x cases M25 antipersonnel
10x cases M16A1 antipersonnel
5x cases M18A1 Claymore

5x cases M19 antitank

General explosives:
5x cases C4 explosive
5x Demolition Packs, MP issue
5x cases primercord
5x cases M2A1 detonator
5x cases M1 timer/detonator

5x cases M700 time fuse

2x cases M7 blasting cap
2x Cases M60 fuse igniter

Ammunition (by case):

20x 9x19mm ball
5x .357 magnum
5x .44 magnum
10x 5.56x45mm ball
10x 5.56x45mm tracer
10x 7.62x51mm ball
10x 7.62x51mm tracer
10x 5.56x45mm linked

10x 7.62x51mm linked

20x 12.7x99mm linked
10x 20mm linked, 3 HEI, 2 API
5x 12 gauge magnum 00 buckshot
20x .22 ball
5x .410 shot
5x .410 flares

10x VLF units

1x AN/PPS-05 Radar