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“a Security and Prosperity HDFC SL ClassicAssure Insurance Plan BIC suis jans Disc Sarutha ke jiyo! Being se relant isa rice feeling ts comforting tobe assured that youhave necessary funds 10 live afulfiling if. You can achieve that with HOFC SL ClassicAssure insurance Plan - 2 plan that offers financial protection a your loved ones when theyneedit themost, enabling youto lv fe with peace of rie, cos Cee OFC SL ClassicAssure Insurance Pan isa ‘with profits plan that offers 3 Choice of paying premiums fra limited term and a lump sum payment an Survival up to the Maturity Date along with valuable financial protection to your Family by way of lump sum paymentincase of your unfortunate demise withiathepoicyterm. 1a) Maturity Benefit: On survival til the maturity date and on full payment of premiums due through out the premium paying ter, you wil recive SumAssuredalongwithattachingbonuses. ) Death Benefit: On unfortunate death af life assured during the policy term, we would pay the Sum Assured plus attaching bonuses ta the amines. ‘The Reversionary Bonus as a percentage of the Sum Assured would be declared atthe endofthefinancalyear.Onceaddedto thepoliy.thebonusis guaranteed tobe payable either ondeath er onmaturty whichever fsealie. TheReversionary Bonuswoulddepend ontheactualexperiencewithrespect totheinvestment return, expenses, martaly,taxetcand wouldbe declared keepinginmindalongtermviewat expected utueexperience. ‘A Tecminal Bonus may be added to a policy on maturity and enables the company to pay afar share ofthe surplus atthe end, based on the actual experience over the policy term and allowing forthe reversionary bonuses already attached, As the Terminal bonus depends on the actual future experienceitsnotaguaranteed benefit Its always advisable to pay premiums for the full premium paying ‘term inorder to receive bonuses throughout your policy termand to enjoy maximumbenefits. SUMASSURED PREMIUMS You can choose your Sum Assured, based an your requirements. Once you have selected your Sum Assured, cur financial consultant wouldhelp you to ‘now theingicativecorrespanding premiumsyeuneedtopay ‘You can choose to pay your regular premiums either annually, half yearly, quarterly or monthly. For monthly polices, three monthly installment Premiums are to be paid along withthe proposal. Manthiy and Quarterly instalmentpremiumsshouldhaveECs/Simandate. The minimum anoual premium, installment premium and the policy fees applicable for achat the premium paying frequenciesareasgivenbelow. coat coy ts Cor ae re! od ft ‘Annual £12,000 £12,000 £200 Haltvearly | €12,000 ©5,000 a0 (Quarterly 2,000 £3,000 60 Monthy 12,000 #000 125 ‘The table below shows the incicative anual premium that a healthy male wouldpay foraSumassuredof® 2Lakhs es oe eee ees 20 30258 25050 17990 2s 30.270 25,00 reo” [0 soaa | 2555 | 18296 38 30424 2542 18599 “0 30,544 zea | 10248 The premium rates for frequencies other than annual are calculated by ‘mutiplyingtheannual premium ratesby adjustment factors. Please speakta ‘yur fianclalconsultantforthesefactors High Sum Assured Discount: For policies witha Sum Assuredof?S Lakh and ‘more. adiscount of 5% wouldbeofferedon the basic premium (.e.excluding polcyfeeandanyunderwritingextrapremium) ‘Thisplancanbe taken only onasingle if bass. The age and term nits for thisplanareastolows Entry Age (¥.) nn coor cer ieee mo a 7 |10.350r20| 12 60 7 ‘This pan is also avaiable onthe basis of Short Medical Questionnaire (SMQ) thatmay nat require you to gofermesicas. The conditions ferapplyingusing theSMQareasfolons: + Ageatentryisbetweent6yearstoSOyears ‘The total Sum Assured across all proposals / policies of HOFC SL ClassicAssure Insurance Plan, taken by fulfiling SMQ eligibility Conditions. islessthanorequaltoz10Lakhs passpeatsyeutfracalconstant ord Vyouboweatssunedte pay, + Yousecvetbebanetsdueonmatutyatheendtthepoleytm + Inthe event of your unfortunate demise, your naminee wil eceive the benefitsdue Lapsation ‘Thisplanhasagrace periedot15 days. Inthe event thepremiumsarenatpaid before the exoiryof the grace pesiod during the intial 3 years, the policy wil lapse. Therskcoverwilceaseimmediatelyandnabenefitwilbepayable. Paidup Ifyoustop paying premiumsafterat east 3yearsof premiumsare pat your policy willbecome paidup. The Sum Assuredon paid up policy willbe reduced 23nd a pad up policy wl cease to participate in future profits ie. no further bonuses willbe attached, but the bonuses already declared and attached to ‘thepalic willontinuetoattach ‘A Lapsed/ pall up policy can be revived subject to conditions as we may specityfromtime totime, ‘Surrendering thepolicy, ‘Thisplanisadesigned tprovideyou with themaximum value overlongterm, Ifyou pay all the premiums due in the initial 3 years, then the poly wil acqireaquaranteedminimumsurrender value. ‘TheGuaranteedSurrender Value willbe 50% af premiumspaidexcluding the first year’s premiumandany ext premiumspaid Ifthe investmentconditionsallow then wemaypayadiscretionarysurrender valuewhichshigher than the minimum GuaranteedSurrender Value Premiums paid are eligible for tax benefits under Section B0C ad Section 10(200) ofthe Income Tax Act, 1961, subject tothe provision contained ‘thecen, + Under Section AOC. you can save up to 30.990 from your tax each year (caleulatedon theighesttaxbracket) as premiums upto¥1,00,000are allowedasadecuctiontrom your taxable income. + Under Section 10 100).thebenefitsreceivedfromthispolicyareexempt fromtax, Theabove-mentioned taxbenefitsaresubjecttochangesinthetaxlaws (A) This is partilpating tational insurance plan, Policy loans are not valle (f) Thepremiumsmentionedinthisdocumentareindicativeandwillvaryasa result of underwriting Please speak to your Financial consultant for atals, (© Exclusion: Nobenefit,cther thantheacctued surrender value, ifany wil be paidif the death of life assuredhas occurred directly or indirectly a 2 resultotsuicidevithinone year ofthe dateofcommencementorthe date cfissueordateotrevivaotthepalicy, whichever site. (0) Cancellationin theFree-Look period:incaseyouarenotagresabeto the general poicytecms and coalition, youhave the option af returning the policy tous stating thereasons thereat, within30 daystrom the date ‘of receipt ofthe policy. a receipt of your letter along with the oxginal polley documents, we shallarange torefund youthe premium, subject to ‘deduction ofthe proportionate risk premium forthe period on cover, the ‘expenses incurredby us oneal examination andstampduty, Apalcy ‘once returned shallot be vive, reinstated or testoredat any pont of time anda new proposalwillhave tabe made feranew policy (©) Section 41 of the insurance Act, 1938 states: (1) No person shall alow or afer to allow either directly or indirectly, as an inducement to ‘any person to take or renew er continue an insurance in respect of any kindof skrelatingtolives or propetynindia any rebate ofthe whole or part ofthe commission payable or any rebate ofthe premium shown on the policy nor shall any person taking out or renewing or continuing a policy accept any rebate, except such rebate as may be allowed in accordancevwth thepublishedprospectusesor tableso theinsurer: Provided that acceptance by an insurance agent of commission in connection with policy of Wf insurance taken outbyhinself onhisown life shal not be deemed to be acceptance of arebate of premium within the meaning ofthis sub-section fat the time of such acceptance the insurance agentsatisfes the prescribed conditionsestablshingthatheis abonafideinsuranceagentemployedby the insurer. (2) Any person making default in complying with the provisions of this ‘section shall be punishable with fine whieh may extend to fue hundred rupees, () Non-Disclosure:Section 450fthelnsurance Act, 1938states: No policy of ite insurance effected before the commencement ofthis Act shallafterthe expiry ote years fromthe dateof commencement ofthis Act andnopoliy of life insuranceetfectedafter the coming into force ofthis Act shall after the expiry of to years from the date on whichitwasettected be called in question by an insurer on the ground that statement mae inthe proposal or in any report of a medical officer, or referee, or friend af the insured, or in any ther document leading to the isue of the policy, was inaccurate or false, unless the insurer show that such statement was an ‘material matteror suppressed facts whichitwasmaterialtodscloseandthat it was fraudulently made by the policy-holder and thatthe polcy-holder knew at the time of making it thatthe statement was false or that it suppressedfactswhichitasmaterialtodisclose: Provided:hatncthinginthissectinshallpreventtheinsuresfromealingfor proof of ageatany time'fheisentitiedtodoso, andnopolic shallbedeemed tobecalledinquestionmerelybecausethe termsof thepalicyareadjusteden subsequent proof thattheageafthelifeinsuredwasincorectystatedinthe proposal (G)Servicetax: ‘As per the Service Tax Laws, service taxis applicable on the if insurance premium. Any other indirect tax or statutory levy becoming applicable in future may become payable by you by any method we deem appropriate including by lery of an adctional monetary amount in addition to the premium Ensure a life of respect and dignity for you and your family. Contact us today (@)1800-227-227/6000 9191 (Tou Free) (LOCAL CAL) (NOW to 5676727 Buy online on:| Visit us at Ci HDFC Life Sarutha ke jiyo! In partnership with Standard Life pe Registered office: HOFC Standard Life insurance Company Limited, Rarion House, 169 Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai -400020, This documenthasno monetary vale at any ie ands ot woof of any contract with HDF Standard Life Insurance Company Limited. HDF. Classic sur Insirance Plan (Form NoP301-93, IN IDIND76N) This plan sa aditna participatory insurance product. This version ofthe provt brochure slides al previo printed versions Tor this parole pln, This product brace i indicative of the ers, sorrantes, conditions and exceptions consinct nthe insurance policy, Please rele to the policy ‘document foe urer dts Instance she sujet madera Tesohtaion ARN: POD 201 1/188,