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TTS Turbo Macros

Installation and Users Guide

Preparing Financial
Professionals for Success
1999-2014 Training The Street, Inc. All rights reserved.


1999-2014 Training The Street, Inc.

All rights reserved.
Training The Street, Inc. (TTS) owns all rights, including copyright, in this
publication. This publication may not be reproduced or redistributed, in whole or in
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Preparing Financial Professionals for Success

About Training The Street

The firm:
Training The Street provides instruction in accounting, financial modeling and valuation training for finance professionals. Primarily
serving Wall Street firms and business schools, Training The Streets goal is to demonstrate the real-world application of finance
theory with hands-on instruction and practical examples. Over the past decade, Training The Street has become the training
standard for Wall Street firms as well as undergraduate & graduate students looking for jobs in finance. We have gained the trust
of our clients because of our dependable hands-on, practical technical training style, without compromising quality.

The team:
With over 150 years of combined experience, Training the Streets team offers its clients in-depth knowledge of investment banking
and professional instruction. The members of the team have worked across a broad spectrum of financial industries including
investment banking, accounting, research, global trade finance and credit risk management.
Training The Streets global experience spans many continents and firms. Training The Street team members have gained
exposure to a variety of industries, ranging from Technology to Retail and Consumer. They not only worked on traditional merger
and acquisition and leveraged buyout transactions, but also gained experience over a broad range of both equity and debt products
including public offerings and private placements. To complement their professional experience the TTS team members have
graduated from top undergraduate and graduate business and law programs across the country. Members of the Training The
Street team also serve as Adjunct Professors of Finance at two business schools.

Careers at TTS:
Training The Street is always looking to add talented people to the team. If you have completed a two or more years of investment
banking experience and have a desire to instruct in a training context, contact us at Previous
teaching experience is not necessary, but is helpful. If you can offer a unique opportunity or perspective to training, please contact
us as well.
Training The Street also has the need for part-time, summer employees to serve as Teaching Associates
during the summer training programs at various investment banks across the nation. Length of employment
can vary from a few weeks to a few months to a full-time associate position. For more information, contact
us at
1999-2014 Training The Street, Inc.
All rights reserved.

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Courses Available:
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1999-2014 Training The Street, Inc.

All rights reserved.

TTS Turbo Macros Overview

For Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013
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TTS Turbo Macros* Overview

Turbo TTS ribbon as seen in Excel 2007

Turbo TTS menu as seen in Excel 2003

Useful Excel tools to improve efficiency


Font Color toggle

Pattern toggle
Border toggle
Number toggle
Alignment toggle
Increase decimals
Decrease decimals


Increase zoom
Decrease zoom
Trace precedents
Disable F1 key
Worksheet Control

Ability to customize!
Excel Add-In (.xla)
Allows portability

* Note: As with most Excel macros, you lose the functionality of Edit Undo (Ctrl + Z) after executing a macro.
1999-2014 Training The Street, Inc.
All rights reserved.

Adding TTS Turbo Macros

1) Go to Windows Explorer and copy both the .ttsm and .xla TTS Turbo Macro files

2) Alt+Tab back to Excel

3) Go to
2003: Tools, Add-Ins (Alt T, I)1
2007: Office button, Excel Options, Add-ins, Go (Alt F I A A, Alt+G)2
2010/2013: File tab, Options, Add-ins, Go (Alt F T A A, Alt+G)2
4) Click on Browse


Excel 2003

(2) Excel


DO NOT change your default

location Microsoft\AddIns folder

5) Paste both TTS Turbo

Macro files

Only the .xla file will appear

The .ttsm file is there but hidden

6) Double-click on the TTS Turbo Macro file

The TTS Turbo Macro should now appear as an available add-in

Note: The macros should automatically load when Excel is opened. May have to deselect, click OK & reselect if not working

1999-2014 Training The Street, Inc.

All rights reserved.

Customizing TTS Turbo Macros and the F1 Key

Access by Ctrl+Shift+1
Disables F1 key to prevent Microsoft Help from opening
Permanent will remember last setting!
TTS Menu bar / Ribbon will show status of either Enabled or Disabled

Access option tabs Ctrl + Shift + S

Shortcut Keys (assign shortcuts)

Number Format (choose number format)
Font Color (choose font colors)
Pattern Toggle Colors(choose fill colors)
AutoColor (choose font colors)
Other Options (zoom increment,
color palate)

* When settings are changed, you may notice Excel saving to the XLA file. This may take a few seconds as the toolkit is storing
your settings. After this pause, Excel should work regularly.
1999-2014 Training The Street, Inc.
All rights reserved.

Features for TTS Turbo Macros 5.0

Worksheet Control Ctrl+Shift+Z

Set zoom percentage

Show/hide gridlines
Page view set to normal or page-break
Show/hide column/row headers

Turbo AutoColor* Ctrl+Shift+A

Enabled/Disabled AutoColor

AutoColor Selection Alt S A Down Arrow

AutoColor Active Sheet Alt S A Down Arrow



1999-2014 Training The Street, Inc.

All rights reserved.

TTS Turbo Macros Shortcut Keys

Macro Type



Color Toggle

(1) blue, (2) green, (3) red and (4) automatic

Ctrl + Shift + C

Fill Toggle

(1) light yellow, (2) light turquoise, (3) gray (25%) and (4) none

Ctrl + Shift + V

Border Toggle

(1) top border, (2) right border, (3) top with right border and (4) none

Ctrl + Shift + B

Number Toggle

1) Number: #,##0.0_);(#,##0.0)

Ctrl + Shift + N

2) Currency: $#,##0.0_);($#,##0.0)
3) Percentage: #,##0.0%_);(#,##0.0%)
4) Multiple: #,##0.0x
5) General format
Alignment Toggle

(1) center across selection, (2) left alignment,

Ctrl + Shift + M

(3) right alignment and (4) general

AutoColor Toggle

Turns Auto Color on / off

Ctrl + Shift + A

Increase Decimal

Increases decimal by 1 place

Ctrl + Shift + ,

Decrease Decimal

Decreases decimal by 1 place

Ctrl + Shift + .

Increase Zoom

Increases zoom by 5%

Ctrl + Shift + J

Decrease Zoom

Decreases zoom by 5%

Ctrl + Shift + K

Precedent Tracer

Traces cells precedents

Ctrl + Shift + T

Worksheet Control

Zoom percentage, gridlines, page view, column / row headers

Ctrl + Shift + Z

Disable F1 Key

Turns F1 on / off

Ctrl + Shift + 1

TTS Toolbar

Hides TTS Turbo Macros Toolbar

Ctrl + Shift + E

TTS Options

Customize macros functionality

Ctrl + Shift + S

1999-2014 Training The Street, Inc.

All rights reserved.


Considerations with TTS Turbo Macros

As with many macro toolkits, you lose the ability to undo (CTRL+Z) after
executing a macro
When AutoColor is Enabled you are continuously executing macros and
therefore lose the ability to undo

TTS Turbo Macros might conflict with legacy systems

TTS Macros can be installed in Mac computers depending on the version
of Excel being used
Computers with different language settings may experience some or all of
TTS Macros will not work
TTS Macro files should have their original name upon installation
Run-time error
Click End

TTS Turbo Macros stop working

Go to Add-ins
Uncheck TTS Macros
Close out of Add-ins
Go back into Add-ins and check macros again

1999-2014 Training The Street, Inc.

All rights reserved.