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July 30th, 2014

Lindsay Leiter
I was sitting at my workstation which is located directly outside of Keikis
office when Mr. Blum came barreling down the hallway and starting banging
aggressively on Keikis closed office door. When Keiki opened the door, Blum
raised his voice and I tried my hardest not to intrude or pay attention to what
he was saying, but he was screaming and he seemed to be verbally
accosting Keiki. Keiki did not engage back and spoke calmly to Blum. Blum
slammed the door and walked back toward the front of the office.
Christopher Westwood came over to my desk and started to chat with me to
relieve some tension when a short while later Blum came stampeding back
down the hallway and opened Keikis door without knocking. At the same
time, Keiki was getting ready to exit his office and the door slammed against
Keiki and the two collided. Some more intense words were exchanged, one
phrase from Blum being something along the lines of I was the only one
who made money for this company anyway! If the altercation continued, it
was in the front of the office, away from my workstation so I did not witness
it, but Mr. Alpert eventually came back and told Keiki to ask Blum to leave
the office or else they would call the police. A short while later Blum left the