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Jean Valderrama

1213 Wedgewood Plaza Dr.

Riviera Beach, Florida 33404
Phone: (561) 797-3972
Admission Office
Florida National University
4425 West 20th Ave.
Hialeah, Florida 33012
Dear Admission Committee,
It was a Friday afternoon back in 2001, I had just finished dissecting a spinal cord in my
biology lab when the enigmatic structure of life kindled in me an insatiable need for knowledge.
Although, it was not until I was taking a Chemistry class in high school that I truly developed a
passion for science. It was as if somebody had given me a whole new set of tools to explore the
world. Therefore, I searched for a major in college that would allow me to explore multiple
disciplines. Thus, I decided to pursuit a Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering at The University
of Toledo. Now that I have obtained a firm grasp of the undergraduate programs materials, I
aspire to embrace my entrepreneurial spirit and contribute to the scientific community with a
plethora of innovative ideas. Nevertheless, a strong scientific background is not but a single tool,
insufficient to bring and maintain ideas alive in a world dictated by the rules of an economic
system. Ergo, I am interested in joining the Florida National University Graduate Program in
Business Administration during the summer of 2016.
During my undergraduate studies, as part of the engineering curriculum I enrolled in a
two-semester project design class aimed to provide students with a realistic simulation of the
design and development process of a medical device. The excitement of creating a device to
improve patient outcome fueled my imagination and led me to the creation of a battery-free
piezoelectric pressure sensor for diagnosis of restenosis, a common complication of an
angioplasty stent implantation. Although, it is not the development of the device itself what
particularly brings prominence to the class, but the demonstration of the need for the
development of a business plan to bring an idea to life. It was then I conceived the importance of
understanding the principles of our economic system. This epiphany furthered my interest in
mastering the art of economic science.
My undergraduate was not only an instrument for the mastery of physical, mathematical
and social science but also a rite of passage meant to challenge my mental and moral qualities.
Because of engineering being a five years degree program, as contrary to the traditional four
years degree, it required me to stay an additional year in order to complete the required
curriculum for graduation. The challenge from the fifth year came as a result of reaching the
limit of all my scholarships payout at the end of my fourth year, which is the conventional

lifetime of a collegiate award. To compound my troubles, I found myself without a roommate

and unable to afford rent. Despite the fact of becoming homeless and having an unforeseeable
future ahead of me, I was determined to complete my education. Therefore, I came up with a
plan to survive the entire school year. I took two part-time jobs to pay for food and the remaining
school balance, while saving some money sleeping on university lounges until I was stable
enough to afford housing. By the use of my planning skills and dedication, I managed to
persevere through the adversities at the time and achieved my undergraduate degree. Hence, I am
confident that these qualities will manifest throughout my graduate studies to assure my success
in business school.
After graduation I had the opportunity to be part of a sales team training to become
managers of their own marketing business. During my time at the company, I was able to learn
topics such as customer relations development, opportunity identification, self-discipline and
closing techniques among others. These teachings were essential tools in the mastering of the arts
of communication, persuasion and leadership; necessary skills needed to succeed in todays
business world. As a result of the implementation of the skills obtained at the marketing firm, I
was able to acquire my current position as a supplier quality engineer. My goals now are to
always maintain a student mentality for the gathering of instrumental information for personal
and professional growth, and secondly to discover ways to utilize all the knowledge gathered
throughout my life experiences for the achievement of success. Since I do not view success as, a
place we arrive to but rather a way of living, constant dedication and growth is required. As Rory
Vaden stated in his book titled Take the Stairs, Success is not owned, is rented, and the rent is
due everyday. Therefore, I must now undertake the teachings of business school for the
acquisition of a key tool for my success.
In conclusion, I have decided to pursue a Master of Business Administration because I
want to further my knowledge on the subjects of accounting, finance, marketing and operational
management. I am certain that the procurement of an MBA degree will promote my personal and
professional growth by opening doors to new career opportunities in which to realize my career
goals. I believe my educational background and work experience make me an excellent
candidate for MBA program at Florida National University