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Unit test 5A

1 Choose the correct options.


They like to / like having supper together.

Id like to apply / applying for this job.

Shes fed up with cycling / cycle to work.

Hes looking forward to celebrate /

celebrating his birthday.

Do you want to have / having a party?

What are we going to doing / do after our


Theyre good at to learn / learning


He hopes / hoping to pass his driving test

this year.

I dont want to leave / leaving my job.

1 point for each correct answer

1 point for each correct answer


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2 Match the questions with the correct responses.

1 a Do you like surfing?

b Would you like to go
2 a Do you like being a
b Would you like to
study law?
3 a Where do you like
going on holiday?
b Would you like to go
on holiday next
4 a I like computer
b Id like to play some
games on the Wii.
5 a Theyd love to go
travelling next year.
b They love travelling.
6 a Would she like to
earn lots of money?
b Does she like
earning lots of

Yes, good idea.

Yes, its OK.
Yes, I do.
No, Id get bored.
Id love to, but
Im too busy.
Anywhere thats
Can I play too?
Do you? I hate
Where would they
Yes, I do too.
Shed love to.
She loves it!

Unit test 5A Continued

3 Choose the correct options.

1 A What are you doing this weekend?

B I ll meet / m meeting some friends for
a drink.
2 A Weve run out of coffee!
B Have we? I ll go / m going to the shop
and buy some.
3 A Have you got any holiday plans?
B Yes, we re going / ll go to Croatia.
Weve booked the flights.
4 A Do you want to go surfing on Saturday?
B Sorry, I cant. I m working / ll work this
5 A Have you and Philippe fallen out?
B No, we havent! We re going to / ll get
married next year!
6 A Are you home yet? I want to chat on
B Not yet. I m coming / m going to come
back on the next train.
7 A Shall we go to the gym later?
B Yes, why not? I m asking / ll ask Fatima
to come too.
8 A Which jumper do you like?
B I think I ll take / m taking the black

Id like to (9) __________ walking in the

Outback. Maybe Ill (10) __________ some
kangaroos if Im lucky. I really enjoy (11)
__________ , so Id
(12) __________ to sleep outside under the
See you soon. Ill (13) __________ you a
1 point for each correct answer


5 Find one mistake in each sentence and correct it.

1 We like to leave now.

Wed like to leave now

2 They enjoy learn foreign languages.


Dont worry, I give your boss a warm


4 Do you like to come for a drink with me?


9 A What does she plan to do after

B She s going to / ll travel around
Southeast Asia for six months.
1 point for each correct answer

After that, Im going to (5) __________ a flight

to Sydney to (6) __________ my nephews. I
have some friends in Perth and Im going to
(7) __________ with them for one night. Im
(8) __________ a Bengali supper for us!

5 I think you are going pass your driving

test this time.

4 Complete the email with the correct form of the

verbs in the box.

fly love see (x2) take look stay cook
camp buy think surf
Hi Chandra,
Im (1) flying to Australia next week! I love
(2) __________ , so Im (3) __________ of
spending the first two weeks at the Barrier
Reef. Im also (4) __________ forward to diving
with lots of tropical fish, and maybe some
sharks too!

6 Are you do anything interesting this

7 Im looking forward seeing you.
1 point for each correct answer

6 Complete the sentences with a word from the box.

up out away at on back off down

1 Im afraid I cant pay you back until next

You look terrible! Lie _______ and Ill get

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Unit test 5A Continued

you an aspirin.

Please get _______ your books and we will

begin the class.

Do you think youll move _______ home

after university?

The paramedics gave him something to

take _______ the pain.

Take _______ your coat and Ill put it in the


Are you going to put _______ your gloves?

Its very cold!

Look ______ the clouds its definitely going

to rain.

Id love my children to grow _______

speaking two languages.

1 point for each correct answer

7 Complete the sentences with the correct preposition.

He is looking for a full-time job.

Can I try these sunglasses ____ ?

Im going to throw ____ all these


Dont pick ____ those heavy boxes. Youll

hurt yourself.

Dont turn ____ . Ill tell you when Im


Will you turn ____ the lights when you

1 point for each correct answer

8 Rewrite the sentences using a phrasal verb from the

box in the correct tense.

pick up look after take off give up run
out of
get on well with look up fall out with
1 Hospital nurses deal with many patients
every day.
Hospital nurses look after many patients every day.

When does the plane leave?


Ill check this word in the dictionary.


We havent got any sugar!


I got angry with my brother yesterday.


Hes going to finish his job when he is 55

so he can spend more time playing golf.

She hopes to learn a bit of Spanish while

shes on holiday.
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Unit test 5A Continued


You have a good relationship with your

2 points for each correct answer

9 Complete the conversation with prepositions from

the box.


out on away (x2) up (x2) back off

A Marta, tell us what it was like growing up
in a little village in Mexico.
B Well, my parents were poor farmers. They
didnt have much money, and in winter we
often had no warm clothes to put (1) on
and very little food to eat. We never threw
anything (2) _______ ! I had to give (3)
_______ my dream of going to college I
spent all day looking after my brothers
and sisters. I felt unhappy because having
no money took (4) _______ all hope for my
A Is that when you decided to leave home?
B Yes, I got a job working here in the USA. I
am happy here, and my career has really
taken (5) _______ .
A Do you think you will move (6) _______
home one day?
B I hope so. I try and go home every year
but my new life is so busy I sometimes run
(7) _______ of time!
A I think youve picked (8) _______ the US
lifestyle of work, work, work!
B Yes, thats probably true!
1 point for each correct answer

10 Translate the sentences.

Do you think hell pass his exams?


I dont think they are going to get

married. Dont you?

Im looking forward to working full-time.

Im not!

Hows your job? Pretty good, thanks.

Do people speak Russian in Belarus? Im

not sure.

Im in a terrible traffic jam and Im going

to run out of petrol.

Im going to join a gym and go on a diet.

Are you?
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Unit test 5A Continued


Whats your address? Ill text it to you.

2 points for each correct answer


11 Choose the correct expressions.

Is Hans good at languages? Yes,

absolutely. / No chance. Hes fluent in

2 Are they getting divorced? Definitely not.

/ Perhaps. They dont get on very well.
3 Have we run out of milk? I think so. /
Definitely. Ill just check.
4 Will it rain later? I doubt it. / Mmm
maybe. I can see black clouds.
5 Will you look after the baby? Sorry, no
chance. / Of course I will. Im busy.
6 Would you like to dance? Of course I
will. / I dont think so. This musics terrible.
7 Is this jumper the right size for me? Yes,
absolutely. / I dont think so. It looks a bit
1 point for each correct answer



Editable Oxford University Press 2012