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Literary criticism is very essential to study whatever kind of literature. Although languages are
different with each other, method of criticism is equal to all literature. As well as, there isnt any wrong
criticism because of everyone can criticise with their own views. But there are some to criticise.
This is a set of criticism books which belongs to English, Sanskrit, Sinhala, Pli and Tamil
literature. My endeavour to complete an assignment belongs to subject which Pli special 2nd year student
should follow as compulsory unit in university of kelaniya.

English literater criticism books

w.w. Rosson The Difination of literature and other essays. Cambridge university press, New York,
1984, ISBN 052131-847-5
Michael Alley The craft of scientific writing, Springer, 1996, ISBN 13-978-0387-976766
Castle, Gregory. Blackwell Guide to Literary Theory. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, 2007.
Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005, ISBN 08018-8010-6
van Gelder, G. J. H. (1982), Beyond the Line: Classical Arabic Literary Critics on the Coherence an Unity
of the Poem, Brill Publishers, pp. 12, ISBN 90-04-06854-6
Jones, E. Michael; Degenerate Moderns: Modernity as Rationalized Sexual Misbehaviour; pp. 79-84;
published 1991 by Ignatius Press. ISBN 0-89870-447-2
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. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010
Literary Theory: An Anthology. Edited by Julie Rivkin and Michael Ryan. Malden, MA: Blackwell
Publishing, 2004.
Helen Vendler, The Given and the Made
John Felstiner, Paul Celan: Poet, Survivor, Jew
Charles Rosen, Romantic Poets, Critics, and Other Madme
Angus Fletcher, A New Theory for American Poetry: Democracy, the Environment, and the Future of
William H. Gass, A Temple of Texts
Theodore Roosevelt, History as Literature, and Other Essays 1913
Lynn H. Nelson, Virginia Military Institute, Department of English and Fine Arts
F.A wright, Lenprieres Classical dictionary, Rutledge and legen paul (ltd) London,1963

Sanskrit literater criticism books

Doniel. H.H Ingalls - Sanskrit literature criticism, Harvest University press, London, 1965, ISBN67403950-5
Dr. Arunoday Natvarala jani - A critical study of Sri Harsas naisadhiyacaritam, oriental institute, Borada,
ana Molasankara vyasa, sanskruta kavi darshana, Chaukambha vidya Bavana, Baranasi (Delhi) 1961
G. Vigayavardana out lines of sanskrit poetics, Chaukambha vidya Bavana, Baranasi (Delhi), 1970
A.K Warder Indian kavya literature. Vol. 1, MotilalBonasidass, Delhi, 1972
Becham Jha consept of poetic blemishes in Sanskrit poetics, Chaukambha vidya Bavana, Baranasi
(Delhi) 1965
Acharya Hemachandra Kavyasasana, Sri mahavihara Jaina viddyalaya, Bombay
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Kavirajamarga (c. AD 450), a treatise on poetics based on a Sanskrit model."
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Pli literater criticism books

K. R. Norman - Pali Literature, a History of Indian Literature, Otto Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden 1983
H. Smith the Minor Readings, PTS London, 1960.
Chandrabhal Tripathi, Ekottaragama-Fragmente der Gilgit-Handschrift, Reinbek 1981
Somapala jayavardana Hand book of pli literate, Karunaratna and sons,clombo 10, 1994, ISBN 9559098-13-6
Polwatte Buddhadattha tera, Pali sahitya, svabhasa publishers, Colombo 10, 1966
Labugama lankanandatera, srisangharakshita svami pada rkksitha Subodalankaraya, viddyasekara,
Horana, 1947
Prof. Akiriye Nanda thera Pali Bhasa addyanaya, Magadi, miriswattha (editing), 2010
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A.K. Warder, Indian Buddhism, 3rd edn, page 307. American Asiatic Association, Asia
Berlin: Walter de Gruyter - A Handbook of Pli Literature, ISBN 3-11-016738-7
B. C. Law, History of Pali Literature, volume I, Trubner, London 1931
Ronald M - Indian Esoteric Buddhism. Columbia University Press, 2003, ISBN 0-231-12618-2

Tamil literater criticism books

Sivathamby, K (December 1974) Early South Indian Society and Economy: The Tinai Concept, Social
Scientist, Vol.3 No.5 Dec., 1974
The age of Sangam is established through the correlation between the evidence on foreign trade found in
the poems and the writings by ancient Greek and Romans such as Periplus, Nilakanta Sastri, K.A.,
History of South India, p 106
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Zvelebil, Kamil V. (1973). The smile of Murugan: on Tamil literature of South India. Leiden: Brill. ISBN
S. Muthiah, The Hindu, Jul 23, 2003

Sinhala literater criticism books

Darmasiri Ekanayaka- sahitya ha vichra kalava, sanskruti, 2012, ISBN 978-955-8968-01-8
Prof. A. V. suraveear Aristotle kayva sastra, S. Godage and brothers, maradana, 1996, ISBN 955-202010-7
Jinadasa danansooriya kalathmaka parikalpanaya, S. Godage and brothers, maradana, 2005, ISBN 95520-8566-1
Gunadasa amarasekara Sinhala Kavyasampradaya, Visidunu publishers, 2009, ISBN 055-9170-066
Piyaseeli vijegunasinha Maksvadi kala vicharaye muladarma, author published, 1955, ISBN 95595811-004
k. jayathilaka sahitya vicara chintavali, pradepa publish, 1993, ISBN 955-554-040-3
Sunanda mahendra - sahithya kala shbdakaraya, S. Godage and brothers, maradana, 2000, ISBN 955-203445-0
Kulathilaka kumarasinha paschath nuthana vadya ha sahitya vichara siddhantha, Samanthi boos
publishers, 2004, ISBN 955-8596-45-0
Vimal disanayaka kavya vichara sankalpa, visidunu pulishers, 2004, ISBN 955-9170-65-1
criitical theory and Sinhalese creative writing; in the twenty century; an attempt at documentation, sri
lanka journal of social sciences
J.B. sensanayaka, sahitya darmathawa. S. Godage book publishers, maradana.
Martin wikkramasinha, sastriya lekana 1919
Martin wikkramasinha ,Sahityodaya Katha (1932)
Chintaka Ranasinha, Nuthana Sinhala Sahitya Vimarshana-01, Fast Publishing [Private] Ltd., Colombo

K. R. Norman - Pli Literature

The Pli Literature which is included In a History of Indian Literature written by K.R. Norman, is
a particular book that whole Pli literature is criticised with critical methods. The author was been
impartial when he explained the tripiaka. Pli is a canonical language. But we stud the Tripiaka; most of
critical features can be seen in the tripiaka. In this book, Pli literature has been criticised under main
four chapters those are,
Chapter I -The Pli language and the Theravddin tradition
Chapter II - The Pli Canon
Chapter II - Early post-canonical texts
Chapter IV - Later post-canonical texts
According to these chapters, he has explained what the Pli is, how doctrines are categorized
etc... In the fourth chapter, poets, verses, message poets, anthologies and alankra have been criticized.
As well as it is included with literature of every kind of sect in Buddhism and criticism. Norman had tried
to get information from other source and criticised book. It is very essential book to who learn and study
Pali literature. This book is very rear in Sri Lankan libraries but in London and Cambridge universities,
generally it is used.