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Seerah of the Prophet 1:

Characteristics of the Prophet (pbuh)

Learning about him will make us more eager to learn even more about him.
Where do we begin? How can we do justice to him when Allah says We have raised up your
mentioning and rememberance.
Ibn Abbas said Whenever Allah is mentioned, the prophet (pbuh) is mentioned right after Him
almost always, even in Shahada. Including in salah, and Quran, and even in Khutbah.
Allah has called him Rahmatal alameen (mercy to the entire world, embodiment of Rahman).
His sending and message and teachings are Rahma along with his actions.
Prophet (pbuh) had many names, and many of them were given by the prophet.
250 names of the prophet (pbuh).
Some names have come from Allah, though, and these are the primary names that have the
deepest meaning.
Jubayr in Sahi hMuslim said the prophet said I have a number of names. I am Muhammad, and
I am Ahmad, and I am al Mahi (one whose kufr is erased), al Hashir (people resurrected after
me), al Aqib (no prophet after him), Nabi ur Rahma, Nabi ut Tawbad, Muqaffa (one who comes
consequently at the end of a long chain), Malahim
Quran mentions two nouns for prophet (pbuh), Muhammad and Ahmad. Muhammad
mentioned 4 times in Quran, Ahmad 2 or 3 times, and every time its mentioned, its mentioned
from the tongue of Jesus Christ (pbuh). Both Muhammad and Ahmad come from Hamida, Hamd
means to praise, but not any kind of praise. Hamd means to praise NOT in return of some favor
given to you, which is actually called Shukr. Hamd is higher than Shukr, its given because of the
inherent characteristics of the object/person youre praisingbecause he DESERVES to be
praised, worthy of being praised.
Prophet (pbuh) two most common names come from the root that describes praise because Allah
and angels and people and prophets have praised him, and every single one of mankind praise
him directly or indirectly. Directly is from Muslims, and as for indirectly, even those who reject
him by the tongue, they must admit and praise the qualities that he came with, thus worthy of
praise from all of humanity. Therefore, prophet (pbuh) is praised in the Heavens and in the Earth,
in the past and present, in dunya and Akhira. NO human being is praised more than Muhammad
(pbuh). No millisecond occurs on this earth but hundreds of millions of people are praising
around the world, either by salat or dua or anything else.
The ultimate praise that he will be given by humanity will be the praise he will be given on the
Day of Judgement. On that day, ALL the kafirs will know the truth of Islam on that day, so when
they recognize the truth, they will first go to Adam (pbuh), and ask him for intercession, and he
will make an excuse and say he has committed a sin and hes worried about himself, and he will
instruct people to go to Nuh (pbuh), and same request, and he will say I made a mistake that
which should not have been done, and will say go to Ibrahim (pbuh), and will say the same
thing I made three lies, and Im worried about those lies: 1. The big idol did it, 2. Im sick,
because he wanted to destroy idols, 3. Sara is my sister because king is allowed to kill him.

Musa will make same excuse: I killed somebody in anger (even though it was an accident), and
Isa will say he is not worthy, and they will ultimately come to Prophet (pbuh) and ask him to
intercede for them, to be representative to go in front of Allah to plead to begin Day of
Judgement because theyre waiting so long, since its 50,000 years, and people who have
rejected Islam, they will be very exacerbated. Muhammad (pbuh) will say This is my
responsibility, and he will go in front of Allah, ALL of humanity will praise him, and he will be
given the title of Maqam al Mahmud (EVERYONE will praise him and thank him). Angels will
praise him. EVERY sinlge being in existence will praise him at that point in time. Who better be
given to than the one who is Muhammad and Ahmad. Both of them mean the one who is
ultimately praised. Difference between Muhammadn and ahmad, Muhammad means being given
continuous praise, time after time, praise after praise. Muhammad is for the quantity of praise.
Ahmad means he is being the BEST type of praise, the highest QUALITY of praise.
Why is it that Musa (pbuh) predicted the name of Rasool with Muhammad while Isa predicted
Ahmad instead? Wisdom is that the largest Ummah after our Ummah is that of the Jews. The true
believers of Isa (pbuh) died out very quickly. Prophet Musa after our ummah, his people was
given the told the quantity name because of Musas already large quantity. As for Isa, his
followers were few, but they were great in quality, because they were persecuted, killed, but they
were truly devoted and righteous, and thus, Ahmad was given to them because they were people
of quality. Muhammad and Ahmad are both his names.
Third name is Al Maahi, one whom Allah has wiped the kufr of. Through him, Allah will wipe
out kufr, and it occurred in his lifetime, and in his own lifetime, the entire peninsula was
immersed in Islam, and within 60-70 years, Islam reached the borders of China and Andalus.
Geographically, the expansion of Islam, as if other Kufr is being wiped away.
Al Haashir, another name, that mankind will be resurrected right after Muhammad (pbuh). He is
the signaling of the Day of Judgement. His sending to the Earth is the first sign of the Day of
Judgement. Order of resurrection, theyll be shaking off the dust, What is happening to us, who
has brought us forth from resting. First person to understand the situation on that day will be the
Prophet (pbuh).
Al Aaqib, no prophet after him. It means successor, one who cuts off, the one who is at the end.
Nabi ur Rahma and Nabi ut Tawba (source of repentance), by following his teachings, people can
be forgiven.
Muqaffah, one who makes the previous message of the prophets complete.
Malaahim, he is the prophet that will signal LOTS of trials, trials such as the Dajjal, the three
major earthquakes, Mahdi, Isa, all occur within the ummah of Rasulullah (pbuh).
His specialities, something that only HE was given and no other humans. Some scholars have
listed up to 50 specific and unique characteristics that ONLY he was given and no one else.
Some of these include: Final prophet of Allah, prophethood of our prophet (pbuh) decreed by
Allah even before Adam (pbuh) existed--When adam was between mud and ruh, thats when
Muhammad (pbuh) was decreed as the prophet, he is the ONLY prophet to be sent for ALL of
humanity, and even the only prophet sent to the Jinnevery single prophet before him was sent
to a specific nation.

Adam and Nuh are exceptions to this that happened simply by the coincidence of the
circumstances of their situation, since the only humanity were his children. There was a famous
incident, night of the jinn, where Muslims Jinns came to Makkah and asked the prophet (pbuh) to
teach them about Islam.
Another specialty of oru prophet was that he said that Allah has helped him with a type of fear
that Allah will inflict into his enemies even before he reaches themAllah helped him without
physical combat, that when he went to battle with his enemies, that his enemies were frightened
of him.
Another specialty was that he was given the largest ummah out of all the prophets. Sahih Bukhari
said that he saw and Ummah even larger than Musas, larger than horizon, that THIS is his
Ummah. He said that by allah he hopes that our ummah will make up 2/3 of the prophet (pbuh).
None of the other ummah can compare to the number of followers of Rasulullah (pbuh), and he
was speaking at a time where there were maybe 1500 Muslims on Earth, and 2-3 million
Christians, and we see it nowadays that there are many Muslims.
Another specialty, given the most powerful miracle, the Quran. No miracle that compares to the
Quran. Look at any other miracle, spltting of red sea, or resurrection of Lazarus, all these
miracles, we have no access to them, or see them. The Quran is a miracle that we can see and
recite and people can hear. No miracle that compares to the miracle of the Rasulullah (pbuh).
Another miracle was Isra and Miraj, no other prophet had the privilege to take this journey. Musa
(pbuh) only HEARD Allah, not speak with him, but the only human being to have been called up
to the presence of Allah was Muhammad (pbuh). He went up to a Maqam that even Jibreel
reached his limit before Rasulullah (pbuh) had to go further.
Another specialty is that he is the leader of ALL of humanity. He is the sayyid, the one who is in
charge, representative, leader, of the children of adam (pbuh). He is the master, perfection of
humanity, and deserves to be the leader of humanity, and he WILL be the leader of humanity on
the Day of Judgement.
Blessing thats unique to him, is that he will be the very first human to be resurrected on the Day
of Judgement after the second trumpet is blown. First grave that will crack open will be his- AlHaashir. He will also be the first one to be clothed on that day. He will be given the largest pool,
hawd, square in shape, and it is so large that one side of it is from Makkah to Sana (half of
Arabian peninsula), and all the rivers of Jannah splits from that pool, as if people of Jannah will
drink water from the gift of Rasulullah (pbuh).
Another specialty, will be the first to cross the sirat, and first to knock the doors of Jannah, and
first human to enter Jannah after Adam (pbuh) has left it. Angel in charge of the gate will open
the gate for him, not for anyone else. Therefore, the very first footstep to be entering to Jannah
will be the right foot of Muhammad (pbuh), and even though were the last Ummah
chronologically on earth, Allah will bless us and honor us to be the first Ummah along with him
to enter the Jannah.

Final specialty is that Allah has blessed him with highest level of Jannah, level that is pinnacle of
Firdaus, an entire level. Some scholars have said that the higher the level of Jannah, the fewer the
people. Jannah will be populated a lot towards the bottom, and the higher up you go, fewer and
fewer people will be able to get to those level, and there is an entire level of Jannah meant only
for one person, which is the pinnacle of Firdaus Ala, called al fadila. He said that this fadila is
the level of Jannah that Allah has chosen for only one of his servants, and he said modestly, I
hope that I am that person. That is why he wanted us to pray that Allah gives him this wasila
and fadila, thus everytime adhan is called, we say that dua that he gets it.