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New York, NY
On-premise, Cloud
Small, Medium, Large


Trillion Row Spreadsheet functionality that works like

Excel, works with data of unlimited size, flexible data
integration technology.


Only focused on specific industries, but has recently

begun to expand in others.

Bottom Line:

1010data's platform is ideal for the companies that like to

work with Excel spreadsheets. Its Trillion Row Spreadsheet
interface works like Excel but has greater flexibility and
unlimited size.

Product Details:

1010data provide flexible data integration technology,

which means the users need not to worry about timeconsuming data cleaning, relational modeling, or
database design. Users can simply load raw data right
into the platform and begin analyzing.


1010Data offers more advanced analytical functions, such

as geographic, multidimensional, regression, clustering,
data mining, and text mining. We also want to mention
that for analysts using the statistical R functions,
1010data now allows for working with 1010data features
within the R console.

Target Market:

1010data offers solutions to specific industries, such as

retail, healthcare, telecom, and finance. It also sells
solutions to the gaming and hospitality industry.


1010data offers both cloud (Analytical-Platform-as-aService) and on-premise deployment. Regardless of

deployment option, users can expect scalability, high
security (including data and regulatory compliance), and
ability to recover data in case of a disaster.

Customer Support:

Users can contact 1010data via email or phone for

support. Users can also set up an account via 1010datas


A unique feature of 1010data is its Excel-like interface,

which can be an issue for analysts who favor visualization
tools and dont want to look at rows and rows of data.
1010data has recently begun to expand on visualization
features in its last software update. A new partnership
with Tableau should help 1010data in its focus on having
advanced analytical features and visualization in one

About Vendor:

1010data was one of the early leaders of Big Data

offering a Web-based analytical solution that utilizes Big
Data as early as 2000. Their first major customer was the
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), which utilizes hundreds
of data sets. 1010datas specialty is delivering Big Data
solutions in a quick, efficient, and inexpensive manner.

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Actuate BIRT
San Mateo, CA
On-premise, Cloud

Runtime feature that combines BIRT with any application,

reports produced by any user, no need to input or
maintain code.

Need to obtain new license when adding new users or

altering server components, lack of available resources on

BI tool that is based upon open source BIRT and the

Eclipse platform.

BIRT is comprised of two main parts: a report designer

based on Eclipse, and a runtime feature that melds BIRT
reports with any application. Actuates BIRT software aims
to change that by designing tools that are meant to be
used by all, from technologically savvy developers to
average end-users.

Actuate offers three kinds of reporting tools, which each

allow developers to integrate data sources and design
their own reports with customizable insights. These
include BIRT Designer, Designer Pro, and Studio.

Actuate works with several different types of industries.

Clietns include the City of Chicago, City of Dallas, and the
British Royal Air Force.

Actuates Professional Services team of BIRT consultants

offers a number of engagements that facilitate rapid
deployment and best practices knowledge transfer on key
architectural concepts to ensure end-user adoption and
future growth.

Actuate offers customer support on three main levels: by

offering support plans online that allow users to navigate
through issues on their own, an Open Source Project
Support package that must be subscribed to, and a
number of global support centers.

Licensing seems to be a consistent issue with Actuate.

Some users have described the process as almost
adversarial. A new license is constantly required at every
turn, whether server components are being altered, or
users are being added.

Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Actuate's most

notable products include BIRT Analytics for predictive
analytics exercises, BIRT Designers, BIRT iHub for
developers, and Customer Communications Suite.

Alteryx Analytics
Irvine, CA
On-premise, Cloud

Four main levels of product functions: data blending,

predictive analytics, spatial analytics, and sharing

Difficulty of doing a true left to right join when data

blending, process also requires three steps in SQL, which
is time-consuming.

Alteryx offers the ability to deliver actionable insights by

seamlessly incorporating internal company information,
cloud data, and third party data in a single workflow.

Alteryxs product functions on four main levels: data

blending, predictive analytics, spatial analytics, and
sharing insights.

Alteryx analytics features tools that allow easy access to

big data analytics and customer analytics, which can unify
information all channels and systems together. There is
also a customer churn analytics feature, which combines
all customer data and allows managers to forecast the
likelihood of their "churn," or their attrition rate.

Alteryx has a strong presence in the healthcare and retail

spaces. Their clients include Dunkin' Donuts, AAA, and
Best Buy.

Alteryx offers classroom training and virtual training to

empower employees with the tools they need to
successfully implement an analytics and BI solution.

The company has a "Client Services" team that has

expertise on many issues, including: questions/issues
encountered during installation, licensing, module
development questions, technical questions, if the
product not functioning as designed, and API and SDK
developer support.

Some customers have noted the difficulty of doing a true

left to right join when datablending. The user must use a
union tool with the join tool, which sometimes mixes up
the information if it is not summed and grouped correctly.
This process could be solved in one step with SQL, and
takes three in the current Alteryx layout.

Alteryx, Inc. is an information technology and services

company that focuses on business intelligence. Their
offerings include Alteryx Designer, Alteryx Server, and
Alteryx Analytics Gallery.

Arcplan 8
Wayne, PA

Low cost of ownership, mobile functionality, BI Wall social

networking feature.

No automatic reports scheduling, limited ad-hoc or mobile


Arcplan works with more than 25 data sources, especially

other vendors such as SAP, Oracle, IBM, and more.

Arcplan delivers its BI functionality through its Enterprise

platform. Enterprise allows users to integrate data from
over 25 sources (i.e. ERP, relational databases, OLAP, SAP,
Oracle, IBM, etc) into the report or dashboard.

Along with a broad array of traditional features, one

unique aspect of arcplan is its "BI Wall," employed in its
Engage platform. BI Wall works like a social media site,
such as Facebook, where users can receive ratings and
comments on their dashboard.

Arcplan works across industries, serving clients such as

La-z-Boy, Wegmans, and Turner Broadcasting.

Arcplan utilizes a 5-step implementation process based on

communication and interaction with all of their customers.
The plan's phases include discovery, prototype,
implement and refine, validate, and launch.

Customers can access the Arcplan Arc-community forum,

as well as the Answers support system. Both requires
online registration with Answers only being available to
Arcplan users.

Arcplan does not offer the ability to automatically

schedule reports. It also has limited ad-hoc and mobile
capabilities, although recent upgrades have improved
upon those features.

Arcplan is a leader in innovative Business Intelligence,

Dashboard, Corporate Performance and Planning software
solutions for desktop and mobile use. Empowering all
users to connect and collaborate with relevant information
is crucial for improving business performance. With
Arcplan it simply works.

Birst Enterprise
San Francisco, CA
On-premise, Cloud
Small, medium, large

Big data capability, works with existing systems (i.e.

Salesforce or SAP), data analytic solutions available for
specific business users (i.e. Marketing, HR).

Reporting limited to basic ad-hoc reports, English is only

available language for support, does not support iOS (as
Birst is an Adobe Flash-based solution).

Birst's software comes in two versions so that companies

can choose a software based on their needs.

Birst takes your raw data, runs it through their Extract,

Transform, Load (ETL) process and then automatically
builds a data warehouse to make it ready for analysis.
Birst make their data accessible through visual analytic
and reporting tools so users can get answers to hard

Birst has a wide variety of features, such as big data

services, data warehouse automation, mobile access, and
managed data mashups. The BI solutions also work with
any of your existing systems, such as Salesforce, SAP, or
Microsoft Analysis Services.

Birst's customers range from GoPro and Kellogs to

Motorola and Unilab. They service small and large
companies alike.

Birst fosters self-sufficiency through hands-on education.

During implementation, at least one member of the
company attends Birst Product Training. This pairs a Birst
consultant with representatives from the organization to
manage development tasks and transfer knowledge.

Birst provides 24/7 technical support, live phone support

during regular business hours, and a support portal. The
support portal allows users to access information on
troubleshooting and other general inquiries.

Although easy to produce, reports are limited to basic adhoc reports.Some users have expressed frustration with
limited product support. Perhaps most relevantly, this
includes a lack of non-English language user support.
Users have also had difficulty discovering the source of
errors in reports, and issues resolving them with the
support team.

Birst is the only enterprise-caliber Business Intelligence

platform born in the cloud. Less costly and more agile
than Legacy BI and more powerful than Data Discovery,
Birst is engineered with an automated data warehouse
and rich, visual analytics, to give meaning to dataall
types and sizes. Coupled with the agility of the Cloud,
Birst gives business teams the ability to solve real

BIME Analytics
Kansas City, MO
Cloud, on-premise

Ability to connect to many data sources, including social

networking sites, geomapping visualization, on-demand
data warehouse.

Does not offer predictive analytics.

Cloud-based data analysis and dashboard platform that

provides simple access to insights through state of the art

BIME empowers customers to connect to all of their data,

via dozens of sources, all in the same place. Queries can
be created and executed easily, and dashboards are
created using BIMEs state of the art interface function.

Along with a full spread of reporting and analytics

features, BIME offers map visualizations, time sliding
windows, and an in-memory processor (parallel columnstore).

BIME works with startups and Fortune 500s, and everyone

in between. Clients include Greenpeace, Lenovo, and

BIME is a very simple tool to implement. Their team has a

knowledge base and public discussion forum that assist in
the process as well.

Customer support is broken down into several categories,

including working with data sources, data analysis, data
visualization, calculation engine, dashboard, videos, a
personal log-in to submit and track help requests, and

One aspect of their product that BIME is working on is

creating new connectors and new data visualizations.
These are developed depending on both the needs of
customers and the evolution of the market, as data
sources continue to diversify their formats.

Founded in 2009, BIME powers the first pure cloud BI

platform for the age of Big Data. Dual headquarters are
based in France and the USA.

Bitam Artus
Roswell, GA

Customizable dashboards wtih over 30 features, alerts if

certain KPIs trigger a need for action, ad-hoc analysis and
dashboards in one platform.

Not well known in the U.S. (small player in the BI market),

difficulty in supporting large number of users.

Bitam provides an easy-to-use and flexible platform for all

business users, regardless of technical knowledge, to
create and run dashboards on their own.

Bitam empowers all business users to create and run

analysis, dashboards, and reports without having to rely
on IT for the information. Bitams Artus BI software
combines both ad-hoc analysis and management
dashboard into one platform, so companies will not need
to run more than one software.

Bitam offers ad hoc analysis, issue indicators, and OLAP

features, in addition to authomatic alerts for KPI's, and
customizable dashboards

Bitam works in all industries. Some of their clients are

Coca-Cola, Home Depot, IBM, Microsoft, Pfizer, Schering,
and HP.

Bitam has a consulting program that helps with user

implementation. Potential customers will meet with a
Bitam consultant to develop an implementation strategy
that include all facets of an organization requirements
(number of users, organization objective, types of data
generated, etc).

Bitam offers training in the form of courses and webinars.

Users can choose from either a classroom-based training
or an on-site training. Bitam also provides customized
courses based on the needs of the organization.

Bitam is a small player in the BI market and is not well

known in the U.S. (most of its customers are in Latin
America and Mexico and are regional distribution centers
of larger companies). There also tend to be difficulty in
supporting large number of users.

Bitam is a BI and Enterprise Performance Management

(EPM) software vendor. Its mission is to provide clients
with "the fastest analytical and decision making
capabilities with low investment and risk."

Lugano, Switzerland
Small, medium, large

Combines features of BI and corporate performance

management in one platform, job-centric solutions

No printing option.

Board combines the features of BI and corporate

performance management (CPM) into an all-in-one,
programming-free solution.

Board offers a full complement of Business Intelligence

functions, including reporting, multi-dimensional analysis,
ad hoc querying and dashboarding, combined with the
ability to manage and monitor all performance planning
and control processes, from budgeting to profitability

Board's solution has many features including reporting

and analysis, budgeting, planning, and forecasting,
profitability modeling and optimization, simulation and
what-if analysis, scorecarding and strategy management,
andfinancial consolidation.

Board's customer list includes worldwide clients

representing over 2500 companies including the US Navy,
Nike, Acer, and Puma.

Implementation is completed within three to six weeks,

and some return on investment is generally shown within
one quarter.

Board provides onsite training at its locations, scheduled

three times monthly for a duration of two days per class.
Such classes provide the fundamental knowledge to
design databases, build interactive analytic applications,
load source data, and more.

A few users have expressed that there is no way to print


Founded in 1994 BOARD International is the provider of

the industrys only programming-free toolkit for rapid and
cost-effective development of Corporate Performance
Management and Business Intelligence software

Clear Analytics
Clear Analytics
Jersey City, NJ

Self-service BI via Excel, unlmited number of users can

access/edit spreadsheet, no data warehouse needed to
"pre-aggregate" data.

No mobile capability, not ideal for companies that don't

work with Excel.

Clear Analytics supports and expands the capabilities of

Excel by allowing users to receive accurate data ondemand, while also providing expansive self-service
access to BI insights across the entire company,
increasing productivity.

Clear Analytics seamlessly melds with Excel because it is

a gold-level application development partner with
Microsoft. The ease of this combination is evident in their
Data Share function, which allows, unlike regular Excel, an
unlimited number of users to edit and access a given

Clear Analytics offers ad hoc analysis, issue indicators,

predictive analysis, and automatically scheduled
reporting, in addition to its Excel-compatability.

Focusing on the banking, real-estate, and insurance

sectors, Clear Analytics has as clients Bank of America,
AIG, and Citibank, among others.

Ana-Data Consulting designs and delivers rapid

customized solutions by leveraging their CLEAR
framework. An in-depth understanding of the financial
industry together with solid understanding of the
technology allows us to provide customized solutions in
any application system.

Clear Analytics offers a Product Help documents section

on their website that helps users self-solve and address
issues they have. They also have an FAQ section that
explains how and why the product is distinct and the
specifics of its capabilities.

Although including a robust offering of BI features, Clear

Analytics is probably not ideal for companies that do not
use Excel or those companies that do not require
additional features through Excel. As a software that
largely relies on Excel, it is not an ideal solution for
businesses that do a lot of their work remotely on tablets
or mobile phones.

Ana-Data is a technology and software company that

offers both consulting services and the construction of
various software applications. Since 1992, Ana-Data has
focused on creating custom software applications and
user-interface design.

Manchester, NH
On-premise, Cloud
Small, medium

Integrates with financial solutions, customizable

components (Toolkit, Report, Writer, etc), longevity in the
BI market.

No mobile functionality offered.

Good buy for small and medium-sized companies that

have limited resources to spend, and still want to use a
fully-functional BI solution.

ClickBases BI solution is designed for integration of data

from multiple sources and formats and presented in a
single source in real time. And it doesnt require
knowledge of programming to use it.

Some of ClickBase's notable features include ad-hoc

analysis, ad-hoc reporting, OLAP capabilities, and a userfriendly interface.

A few of Clickbase's retail clients include Enzymedica,

Serigraph, Smashbox Cosemtics, and Carolina Eastern.

Clickbase notes that the implementation process is done

in hours, rather than days or weeks. There are no servers
or hardware to buy, so operating costs can be low.
ClickBase installs a Virtual Warehouse that users can
access at any time and in real time.

ClickBase offers customer support via the Essential

Support Plan. This program covers software maintenance,
such as periodic software upgrades, and user support
(access to ClickBase's Knowledge base and its Web-based
training module).

Clickbase is one of the few vendors that doesnt offer

mobile functionality it is unknown whether it will be
offered in the future.

ClickBase's first product was the ClickBase IMAP solution

for aiding companies in making critical business decisions.
ClickBase also partners with these following companies in
providing application solutions: Accountmate, JDEdwards,
Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Financials, and Sage, to name
a few.

Dimensional Insight The Diver Solution

Dimensional Insight
Burlington, MA
On-premise, Cloud

Data integration capability in a single view, easier data

discovery tools, fast insights.

Not adept in handling and analyzing large amounts of

data, very broad-based software (not ideal for users
looking for niche solutions).

Its Diver Solution includes time-sensitive data integration

in a single view, helping users deploy role-based BI
throughout their businesses.

Dimensional Insights Diver Solution provides the unique

flexibility needed to implement business intelligence on a
role-by-role basis across an organization. Rich data
visualization, significant data integration capabilities, and
a wide variety of data access options empower users of all
skill levels.

Diver Solution provides users with a host of features,

including data governance, data visualization, data
warehousing, report building, and graphical user

Dimensional Insight has clients in fields like healthcare,

manufacturing, technology, apparel, and publishing. Of
note are the ten hospitals within the St. Luke's Health
System in Kansas City, Missouri which they serve.

Dimensional Insight partners with each of their customers

to ensure rapid implementation of all business
intelligence and information delivery project initiatives.
Their team offers an array of services across the entire
project lifecycle, including needs assessments and system

Dimensional Insight prides itself on the simplicity of the

setup and maintenance of the Diver Solution, and it's staff
is available to support issues that arise. To supplement
this direct support, their software download and
installation kit comes with a set of product manuals that
are routinely updated.

Many users have noted that Dimensional Insight is not

especially adept at analyzing and handling especially
large amounts of information, specially unstructured data.
As a result, users employing Diver for analytics of huge
data sets might run into issues. The Diver Solution is a
very broad-based tool, so users with very specific needs in
certain areas might be better serviced with a niche

Founded in 1989 by Frederick Powers and Stanley

Zanarotti, Dimensional Insight is a software company
notable for its BI platform. The Diver Solution has become
particularly significant in the healthcare industry, and has
grown as it rolled out its cloud offering.

American Fork, UT

Ability to connect data with hundreds of connectors,

ability to access information and report from single
platform, customized solutions.

Expensive for a small business, difficulty in extracting

data, on-premise deployment isn't offered.

Business management platform that empowers all users

to make better business decisions.

Domo provides the worlds first business management

platform where users can access and perform analytics
and report from one platform. Similar to other BI products
weve reviewed, Domo is designed to be available for all
business users, regardless of technical expertise, to help
them make better business decisions.

The way Domo markets its platform is similar to the

structure of a pyramid its features are grouped under
these categories: Connect, Prepare, Visualize, Engage and

Domo provides a business management platform for

many different industries, including education, healthcare,
finance, manufacturing, media, tech, hospitality and

Customers work with an account executive and a

customer service rep. The timeline could average
between one to two months, but can be shorter or longer
based on a customer requirements and resources.
Training is provided by Domo University.

Domo provides a variety of support options for its users.

Customer support is available by phone, live chat and
email Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. MST. Multilanguage support is also available. Users can also access
the online Domo community, referred to as Dojo, where
they can access a knowledge base and communicate with
other users.

Some users feel its too expensive for a small business.

Users have also reported that extracting data from Domo
tend to be cumbersome. Also, there is no on-premise
deployment option.

Founded in 2010, Domo has an important mission to

provide a centralized platform that contains all of the
information to help users make important business
decisions faster. It has received $450 million in funding
from investors, including Salesforce, Fidelity Investments,
T.Rowe Price and Founders Fund.

Dundas BI
Toronto, ON
Web-based, On-premised

Combination of BI and analytics in one platform,

accessible anywhere at any time, strong focus on selfservice.

Inability to export multiple PowerPoint slides at once; 3-D

charts and city-level maps aren't included as standard
features; however, they can be imported by public API.

Scalable embedded BI platform that enables any user to

run data and make faster business decisions.

Dundas BI is a next-generation business intelligence

platform that was released in 2014. It combines both
business intelligence and analytics tools into one platform
that can be accessed as a standalone or easily embedded
into other applications.

Dundas BI has released over 100 features in its Version

2.5 release, including the ability to connect to more data
sources, including Big Data sources, improved drag-anddrop data analytics using drop zones, and automatic
generation of box plots for faster data discovery.

Dundas supports all company sizes and industries. Similar

to Domo and iDashboards, Dundas provides solutions for
industry-specific, role-specific and technology-specific

Prospective users can participate in a 45-day free trial of

Dundas BI. Dundas then works with the company to
develop an end-to-end BI implementation process, using
its best practices approach. Part of the process includes
conducting research on the clients needs and
requirements, such as how many users will be conducting
analytics, the goals of using BI and any key metrics or key
performance indicators (KPIs).

Dundas BIs support center features resources for users

and developers, such as FAQs, troubleshooting guidance,
videos and tutorials, and articles and documentation.
Users can also contact support via phone, email or by
logging an issue request.

Dashboards can be exported to PowerPoint, but users

cant export multiple slides at once. Also, 3-D charts and
city-level maps arent included out of the box; however,
users can import them via the public application program
interface (API).

Dundas has been a leading provider of business

intelligence and data visualization since 1992. Its solution
started as Dundas Chart, a first-generation visualization
component. It then created a dashboard platform in 2009
and introduced Dundas BI in 2014. Dundas mission is to
help all companies make better business decisions with
faster insight from their data. It employs a best-practice
approach to help businesses understand their needs and
requirements for building a tailor-made BI solution.

San Francisco, CA
Small, medium, large

Shorter implementation process than traditional vendors,

specialized functions for sales, marketing, and customer
service fields, strong security.

Some confusion in building metrics, does not employ

advanced enterprise features.

GoodData is the only vendor that provides Platform-as-aService (PaaS) via its cloud-based Open Analytics
Platform. It also combines IT's need for data governance
and security with the business user's need for self-service

GoodData follows these five steps in its platform collect,

store, combine, analyze and visualize. Data can be
transformed from all data sources, regardless of size and
structure, from traditional databases to cloud-based
sources to public data.

GoodData is highlighted by their strong security features.

Authentication features include Security Assertion Markup
Language, Okta, single-sign-on (SSO), Symantec, and
TRUSTe certificates. It is also certified in Service
Organization Control (SOC) 2 Report under SSAE 16
(former SAS 70 Type II).

GoodData works in many industries with clients like

Centrum Holdings, ServiceChannel, Target, and Time
Warner Cable.

As part of their training, GoodData offers a course

dedicated to the implementation process. This course
covers the basics from business analysis to data modeling
and initial import to product configuration.

GoodData provides training via its webinars, demos, selfpaced training videos, and topic-specific videos. It also
offers training at the customer's site. For support,
customers can contact GoodData via email, online, or
over the phone.

Some users have expressed confusion when attempting to

build their own metrics, but noted that customer service
addressed their issues satisfactorily. Others have noted
that the product would be completed if more enterprise
features were added to make it more suitable for a midsized company.

GoodData enables more than 40,000 companies to store,

combine, analyze and visualize data to quickly answer
business-critical questions. GoodData's mission is to help
companies become all data enterprises,

San Diego, CA

Platform-as-a-service option, data is housed in a single

repository, code development and maintenance are

Need more memory for support of its platform.

Halo provides flexible and scalable deployment options,

including PaaS, offering a lower total cost of ownership
than traditional BI software.

Halo empowers companies with purchasing &

procurement, operational & production, inventory and
sales analysis that yield actionable insights. By
synchronizing purchasing operations, inventory, and sales
and marketing plans, Halo presents users with a
consistent view of their business, providing an essential
tool that enhances reduced costs, optimizes critical
processes and improves customer service.

Features offered by Halo include ad-hoc analysis, issue

indicators, authomatic scheduled reporting, and
customziable dashboards, among many others.

Halo BI is available to clients for their supply chain

analytics including sales, planning and operations
analysis. Industries include distribution, construction,
manufacturing, retail and transportation.

Halo can be implemented as an on-premise, cloud, or

PaaS solution. Regardless of deployment option,
companies should expect implementation to be done in
days rather than weeks or months.

Halo provides a secure support portal for its customers.

Other technical support includes email and phone.

Halo has indicated theyve planned to increase more

memory for support of its platform.

Halo delivers supply chain intelligence solutions to

hundreds of enterprise customers and service provider
partners in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific.
Our Customer-driven S&OP platform radically simplifies
information management and operational analytics,
enabling organizations to build more competitive supply

High IQ
High IQ
Littleton, CO
Small, medium

Strong focus on security, offers big data analytics

capability, implementation is done within 30 days.

Intended more for smaller-to-medium-sized businesses, so

larger companies may need to look elsewhere.

High IQ brings a more personalized approach to small and

medium-sized companies who want to be involved with
big data analytics, but lack the resources or revenue for
traditional solutions.

High IQ helps small and medium-sized companies work

with big data. Its services include data warehousing, cube
generation, budget extension, and an in-depth reporting

High IQ has a focus in security features, but also offers ad

hoc analysis, predictive analysis, user friendly interface,
and ad-hoc reporting, among others.

High IQ targets small and medium sized businesses in

specific industries such as restaurant chains, retail
businesses, and small to mid-sized manufacturers.

Implementation typically takes less than a month and ROI

can appear shortly thereafter, depending on how the data
is used and how flexible the company is in the short term.

High IQ trains all users on its software, and keeps up the

relationship with the customer after the software is
implemented, in case there are additional needs or
additional data sources are added.

As High IQ BI is targeted more towards small and midsized companies, it may not be able to handle the needs
of larger companies. Companies looking for a BI vendor
should keep in mind that this is a fairly new player to the
BI marketplace.

High IQ is a new company that aims to make business

intelligence and big data more accessible to smaller
companies. The software was originally designed for midsized companies that wanted more streamlined reports;
however, High IQ discovered it could work in other areas,
such as budgeting.

IBM Cognos
Armonk, NY

Scalable for all company sizes, continually improves

software based on customer feedback, usable with
multidimensional and relational data sources

No on-premise option available, difficult to use for those

not accustomed to advanced software.

IBM Cognos Analytics is a BI tool that can be used to

improve strategic management and monitor financial

In October 2015, Cognos has been redesigned to utilize

the same self-service functionality as its new Watson
Analytics.This greatly benefits businesses as they won't
need to rely on their IT staff to compile BI reports. They
can access dashboards and run reports from any device.

Cognos is usable with multidimensional and relational

data sources from various companies, such as Oracle,
SAP, Microsoft, and more. Featured programs include:
Cognos TM1, Cognos Insight, Cognos Express, Cognos
Enterprise, and Cognos Disclosure.

IBM works with clients in the aerospace, defense, and

banking sectors. Clients include Nike, British Airways, and
Michigan State University.

IBM has a "customer success lifecycle" for Cognos clients

that works with the customer throughout the time they
use the product. The cycle includes several stages,
including a define value stage, implement value, realize
value, and grow value.

IBM has a comprehensive customer support system that

includes training and certification courses, and customer
service available for users of their Business Intelligence
programs, such as Cognos.

Critics of the product cite its difficulty to use, especially

for those new to advanced software. Data reports also
take almost twice as long to compile with Cognos
Analytics as compared to most competitors.

IBM World Trade Corporation, a company of over 435,000

employees globally, is based in Armonk, New York. It
specializes in the creation and marketing of computer
hardware and software around the world. It also offers
general consulting services in areas such as mainframe
computers and nanotechnology.

IBM Watson Analytics

Armonk, NY

Cognitive analytics tool that's borderline AI.

Source data may be inaccurate, users may make

decisions without fully evaluating the data.

Great for predictive insights based on any kind of

organized data with advanced reporting visuals.

Watson became famous after winning Jeopardy in 2011,

and the machine has built on its intelligence to go as far
as to help doctors diagnose lung cancer. With machine
learning, its able to take in enormous amounts of data
and teach itself to answer remarkable questions. Its
natural language processing abilities allow it to make
complex insights.

IBM Watson Analytics has the potential to replace many

data science roles due to its simplicity. For Data Sourcing,
to start making predictions, users must first give Watson
data. To Explore, Watson automatically asks questions
about the loaded data while offering charts to answer
those questions. A diagram gives predictive strengths and
visualizations that are populated based on the users
targets. Watson gives users the ability to organize data
thats been loaded and saved with default layouts and
diverse visuals.

While Watson Analytics is simple enough for any business

user, its designed for certain industries such as banking,
insurance, retail, telecommunications, government,
nonprofit, education and chemicals manufacturing.
Business roles that best fit Watson Analytics include
marketing, sales, IT, operations, HR and finance.

As a cloud-based solution, implementation of Watson

Analytics only involves registration and uploading data
from a spreadsheet. Other data sources can be integrated
with the solution, such as Twitter. Tutorials and samples
are paired with videos from the home screen to
demonstrate navigation.

The IBM Watson Analytics customer support team can be

reached via live chat Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.
to 5 p.m. Customer support will also respond to electronic
support tickets. Discussion boards are available to ask
questions and connect with other users and IBM experts.
Additional resources include an expert blog and an
assortment of customer stories, tips, brochures, webinars
and videos.

The accuracy of IBM Watson Analytics relies on the users

source data. The supercomputer does have a qualityreporting tool that shows inconsistencies in the data so
users can evaluate the source. When investing in a selfservice tool such as Watson Analytics, there's also a
significant drawback concerning data governance.
Decentralized reporting can mislead organizations when
not properly balanced.

IBM Watson has a rich history leading up to its use as a

business solution. It started out as a room-sized machine
named after IBMs founder, Thomas J. Watson. Gradually,
it has proven itself as a reliable predictive tool, entering
many industrial and medical spaces to answer questions
professionals were previously unable to answer.

iDashboards Enterprise Suite

Troy, MI
Cloud, on-premise
Small, medium, large

Short implementation process, mobile functionality, ability

to build dashboards with a series of right-click menus.

Limited source files to pull reports from, no ability to run

report calculations with a click of a button.

With low cost of ownership and straightforward licensing,

iDashboards provides a cost-effective alternative to
complex BI solutions.

The Enterprise Suite is an on-premise dashboard software

that displays real-time data from all sources (data
warehouse, databases, spreadsheets, etc) in one location.
Each user can customize charts and dashboards, perform
real-time analytics, and write SQL queries.

iDashboard's features includes connectivity to all

relational databases, Excel, Google Analytics, and
Microsoft Analysis Service. Users can also benefit from
unlimited drilldowns, pivots, and real-time analytics.
There is also mobile support via Android, iPad, and iPhone.

iDashboards is aimed a variety of industries including

financial services, retail, healthcare, and education.
Clients include Aetna, Hilton Worldwide, and Verizon.

iDashboards offers training that is included in the initial

price quote. The training is mainly done at the customer's
site - the times where the monthly training is done at
iDashboards are for companies with a tight budget and
limited implementation needs.

iDashboards provide customer support over the phone,

via email, and/or GoToMeeting. Full customer support is
included in the software with no additional cost.

Users have reported that there is a limit in source files

(10MB) to pull reports from. Also, there is no ability to run
calculations from a report with a click of a button.

Founded in Troy, Michigan, iDashboards has been a

pioneer in the data visualization space since 2003.
Through award winning engineering, and patented
technology, iDashboards is making it easier to understand
your data. iDashboards offers easy-to-build, dynamic
dashboards that create context for any user in any
organization so they can draw real meaning from raw

D&B Cloud Innovation Center

Dun & Bradstreet
Vancouver, BC
Small, medium

Ease of running reports without query languages, three

ways of transferring data, Salesforce Analytics platform
for sales and marketing professionals.

No on-premise option available, may not be suitable for

large companies.

D&B focuses on social business and how its impact on a

company's bottom line, via its Analytics for Salesforce &
Chatter app.

Indicees platform allows for cloud-to-cloud or ground-tocloud data connection. Data can be transferred in three
ways: data can be uploaded into a data library via
Indicees web interface or via a data connector. The
Indicee platform accepts data from multiple sources.

Indicee's platform is highlighted by a data modeling

feature. They also offer data mapping, and empower
users to test specific data associations during this

Indicee offers its services to clients such as TalentPlus,

Symmetics, Pacific Blasting, Gates Corporation, and

Indicee's online training for customers empowers users to

become experts in data modeling, data mapping, and
other features included in their product. A team of experts
is also available to assist in ensuring a successful

Indicee provides technical support via phone, email, or by

filling out an online form. Please note their customer
service hours are Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM
Pacific (Noon to 8PM Eastern).

There is no on-premise option available. Also, it may not

be intended for larger companies.

In addition to its BI platform, Indicee offers out-of-the-box

Salesforce analytics and apps. Indicee also partners with
other online companies (such as to
integrate reporting and analytics via the "Powered by
Indicee" program.

InetSoft Style Intelligence

Piscataway, NJ
Small, medium, large

Usable by everyone in company, regardless of BI

knowledge, drag-and-drop report designer, data mashups
done in real time.

While available for mobile devices, ad-hoc editing is not

currently supported.

InetSofts proprietary Data Block technology allows for

data mashups from most data sources in real time.

Inetsoft's data mashups are done in real-time so that

users can access their information as they are available.
Users can customize their dashboards, including a variety
of chart types (i.e. bar charts, custom geographic
mapping, ec), as well as adding new data.

In addition to standard analytical and reporting functions,

InetSoft offers advanced visualizations for data
explorations, scalable production reporting, self-service
functionality, drag-and-drop dashboard and a report

Clients come to InetSoft from a cross-section of industries

including healthcare, education, and government. Some
customers include Thomson Reuters, the World Health
Organization, Lockheed Martin, and Blue Cross Blue

InetSoft provides cost-effective project management

assistance. They provide managers to work in conjunction
with your personnel from the drawing board to the server

InetSoft provides both onsite and remote training. Their

training sessions comes in a variety of packages, such as
Business Intelligence, Report Design, End User Dashboard
and Reporting, and BI Application Administration.

In August 2014, InetSoft has released capability for

Android and iOS/iPhone users. However, ad hoc editing
features is not currently supported. InetSofts future
roadmap includes plans for more Big Data connectors,
especially to social media platforms.

InetSoft solutions have been deployed at over 3,000

organizations worldwide, including 25% of Fortune 500
companies, spanning all types of industries.

Infor10 ION
New York City, NY
On-premise, Cloud

Fast OLAP server, Import Master tool with ETL functions,

planning and modeling capabilities offered.

Users accustomed to Geac performance management

tools will struggle adapting to ION, as the software
displays a clear orientation towards MIS products.

Infor10 ION is a comprehensive BI analytics tool that

focuses on turning siloed data sources into synchronized
ones, while also offering industry-specific analytics.

ION is implemented with a multidimensional, online,

analytical processing tool (OLAP). ION also offers a webbased Application Studio, which provides a front end for
data visualization, including analysis, dashboards, data
entry, and reports.

In addition to traditional features, ION includes a BI

Planning tool, a Consolidation feature, and an analysis
program called DeltaMiner.

Infor is especially prominent in the healthcare space. They

serve Johns Hopkins Medicine and a host of other medical

An experienced consulting services team addresses

implementation, using "implementation accelerators": a
set of preconfigured industry solutions based on the latest
version of the Infor application suites that will deliver
leading industry practices and business processes.

Infor's "Xtreme Support" portal features industry and usespecific support, both through live contacts over the
phone, and a log-in feature that allows for user searches
and live chats.

ION is known as a middleware in the BI industry, and

links together old Infor processes with newer ones. Users
accustomed to Geac performance management tools will
struggle adapting to ION, as the software displays a clear
orientation towards MIS products. Some users,
consequently, may not see ION as the go-to technology
for integrating apps within the Infor base.

An enterprise software company, Infor's primary

shareholder is the private equity firm, Golden Gate Capital
Partners. Their offerings are highlighted by enterprise
resource management (ERM) software and business

Information Builders WebFOCUS

Information Builders
New York, NY
Cloud, on-premise

IT does not have to choose between native and web apps,

ability to customize portal pages, menus, and page
layouts, ability to not run on server power when
processing data.

Runs with a scripting interfaces instead of an IDE, no

ability to publish reports directly to SharePoint.

Information Builders WebFOCUS 8 is a scalable business

intelligence tool that provides quick insights for the entire
company by utilizing in-memory processing and reducing
the complexity of the reporting and analyzing processes.

Information Builders features a unique graphical user

interface access portal which they tout as being inspired
by the best of several programs. They also offer
technology to run web apps on any tablet or browser.

One of Information Builders' most notable features is its

"non-persistence," or its ability to run without server
power when not accessing or processing data. They also
offer multi-threading on servers.

WebFOCUS has a strong presence in banking and

government. Some clients include the Social Security
Administration and Wayne State College.

Information Builders has an extensive education program

to help acquaint users with the software. They offer
classes both online and in-person at training centers
around the world. They also offer certification programs
for individuals looking to become experts at WebFOCUS.

Information Builders' customer support network is

highlighted by Focal Point, an online community of forums
and other resources where experts post answers to
common issues and make themselves available to
address user questions.

WebFOCUS developer interface has been criticized for

being difficult to deal with, as it runs with a scripting
interface instead of a more user-friendly IDE. Some users
have had issues with publishing reports, as it does not
have an API that can publish directly to SharePoint with a
single sign on.

Information Builders was founded in New York in 1975 as

a software company offering a variety of services.
Information Builders became known as a business
intelligence vendor with the development of their first
database system product, FOCUS.

Interactive Edge
Interactive Edge
New York, NY
On-premise, Cloud

Integrates with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, three

implementation options available, data analysis in market
trends, retail, and customer behavior.

Not compatible with Macs, mostly intended for sales and

marketing professionals.

Interactive Edge's XP3 Suite is a BI solution package for

sales and marketing teams to create top notch

Interactive Edge helps professionals analyze data and

present it through a familiar user interface (UI). The
solution is built to integrate with Microsoft products
PowerPoint and Excel for seamless use.

Interactive Edge's product packages allow users to autopopulate personalized presentations for communicating
data quickly, supplement Excel with less error-prone
operations, allowing for fast data queries through
enhanced analytical capabilities, and manage multiple
data sources with one platform for creating detailed

Interactive Edge serves sales and marketing departments

within the consumer goods, retail, automotive, market
research, and brokerage industries. Some of its clients
include Mars Chocolate, Frito Lay, and Samnuel Adams.

Integration options include: 1) Standalone implementation

for accessing data stored conveniently on employees'
computers. 2) Centralized implementation for integrating
with Microsoft Analysis Services cubes to access cloud
hosted data. 3) Automated implementation for your IT
department to manage data hosting.

Training services can either be offered at Interactive

Edge's headquarters or on-premise at the company's
location. The training program is designed for users to
quickly learn how to navigate the solution with hands-on
techniques. Interactive Edge offers a 9-6pm EST help line
and access to the XP3 Customer Support Site for training

Interactive Edge is purposed for Microsoft platforms and is

not compatible with Macs.

Interactive Edge was founded in 1996 and started as

marketing software for aiding sales teams that wished to
utilize computers. Brand consistency, improved
productivity and enhanced efficiency have been
Interactive Edges top priorities. Its software has had a
hand in many successful and well known product launches
such as Colgate Total Toothpaste and Listerine Pocket
Paks. Since its beginnings, Interactive Edge has become
adept at data handling with action-oriented insights.

Palo Alto, CA
On-premise, Cloud

Self-service capability, ability to work with big data, users

can build their own data mart or warehouse.

Lack of Impala connectivity, comparatively minimal

technical support offered.

Jaspersoft has a scalable, modular, standards-based

design that allows the flexibility needed for a wide variety
of deployments.

Jaspersoft business intelligence software provides

organizations with fast, easy insights across a host of
platforms, applications, and infrastructure environments.
Jaspersoft has a scalable, modular, standards-based
design that allows the flexibility needed for a wide variety
of deployments.

One of Jaspersofts most notable features is its reporting

ability, which helps end-users stay swiftly informed and
make better business decisions. Their reporting tools draw
data from multiple places and display it in a simple,
straightforward, interactive way for users to analyze and
draw insights from. Jaspersofts data analysis software
allows users to discover trends in their data and find any
existing issues within the business.

Jaspersoft caters to a wide variety of clients across the

non-profit, medical, and government sectors.

Jaspersofts Professional Services team handles the

implementation process. They offer services from helping
companies evaluate needs for BI solution to software

Users of Jaspersoft can login to an online account on their

website where they can create and track requests and
investigate support resources to help them in their use of
the product. There are three types of paid support options
available. They include Self-Service Express Support,
Professional Standard Support, and Professional Premium

Jaspersoft offers comparatively minimal technical support,

which many users do not find an issue due to the userfriendly, interactive interface, and the ability for users to
have self-service access. Many users experienced
frustration with the lack of Impala connectivity. This would
have allowed the bypassing of the map reduce face in
Hive. As it stands, the speed of reporting and
dashboarding is not what it could be.

TIBCO is a software company that offers technology for

both on-premise and cloud servers. It purchased
Jaspersoft in 2014, adding to its other extensive business
intelligence product lineup, including Spotfire, a bestseller
and its most popular offering.

LogiAnalytics LogiVision
McLean, VA

Available for all company sizes, analytics can be

embedded into existing applications, ability to customize
CSS and JavaScript to reports.

Not suitable for non-SQL users, lacks ability to

automatically set attirbutes in a report, possibility of
running into obscure issues.

For companies that are either skeptical of BI and are

seeking immediate ROI, or for others that need to
implement a system immediately, LogiAnalytics offers a
swift and affordable solution.

Aside from its speed and ease of use, Logi touts their
elemental design approach to BI, a way to deliver
reports and dashboards to any platform without any
coding. Not having to deal with coding frees up valuable
time and resources for end-suers.

One feature which sticks out with Logi is its ability to be

customized, on many levels. Dashboards and charts in
particular offer a wide range of custom options, and users
are given full access to style sheets and can add their own
CSS and JavaScript to reports.

Logi Analytics supports small and medium sized

businesses, government entities, and even Fortune 500
companies. Some selected markets include financial
services, healthcare, consumer goods, and the technology

Logi's speedy implementation process assists users to see

ROI very quickly - sometimes within a matter of weeks.
Assistance from Logi includes help driving user adoption,
building the right tools, and making BI accessible to all

Logi Analytics users are supported by the DevNet

Developer Community, which is a support site and group
of developer forums where questions can be asked and
discussed among end-users, technicians, and product
experts. DevNet's site also includes routine updates on

Some users have noted that if you are not an expert SQL
user, then you will have difficulty using Logi effectively.
While Logi Analytics offers users a lot of freedom, it can
also be time consuming to manually set attributes or to
perform manual hacks on every single element in a

LogiAnalytics is a business intelligence purveyor founded

in Virginia in 2000 with the stated goal of providing BI
solutions to small and mid-sized companies that may
have not considered buying a tool previously.

Santa Cruz, CA
On-premise, cloud
Small, medium, large

Easy to use, LookML proprietary data modeling language,

implementation done in hours rather than days or weeks.

Fairly young player in BI market, does not support OLAP


Looker's web-based platform allows users to explore data

in a timely manner to help them make better business

Data, no matter the size, can be analyzed within Lookers

100% in-database and 100% browser-based platform.
Looker analytics integrate with any SQL database or data
warehouse, such as Amazon Redshift and Greenplum.

Looker has its own proprietary modeling language called

LookML, which enables users to develop custom models
within the platform. Users can create new metrics, edit
the existing model, and explore a variety of data views,
including charts, graphs, and maps.

Looker works with the supply cahin analytics, digial

marketing, and customer analytics markets. Some
examples of customers are Braintree, Quirky, and One
Kings Lane.

As the platform is browser-based, deployment is faster

than traditional BI models. Instead of waiting weeks or
months, Looker customers can have their platform
implemented in hours, due to the platform being
packaged in a .jar file.

Looker does provide training on its platform. Looker

analysts assist data teams in creating models of their
business data. End users will also be trained on how to
explore data.

As it was established in 2011, Looker is still a fairly young

player in the BI market. However, it shows promise in
adapting to customers needs in a timely manner. Also,
unlike most other BI vendors, Lookers software doesnt
support the OLAP functionality potential users will need
to be aware of this if this feature is critical to what theyre
looking for in BI software.

Looker believes that businesses can thrive when everyone

within the company can easily access consistently defined
data. Looker's web-based BI platform is designed to
accommodate any business user who wants to explore
high-resolution data and get actionable insights.

Microsoft Power BI
Redmond, WA
On-premise, cloud

Familiar, easy-to-use interface similar to Excel with the

ability to create and import simple visuals.

No way to publish reports and associated data together

with Power BI Desktop; software is under development, so
functions like data sharing are subpar.

A free, cloud-based business intelligence service that's

simple to use, correlates disparate data and gives full
visibility of business performance.

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence

and analytics service that provides a full overview of your
most critical data. Connecting to all of your data sources,
Power BI simplifies data evaluation and sharing with
scalable dashboards, interactive reports, embedded
visuals and more.

Additional features the solution offers are a navigation

pane for shifting through datasets, dashboards and
reports, Q&A box, help and feedback buttons and Office
365 app launcher.

Microsofts solutions have simplified the BI initiatives of

businesses, schools, other software companies, law
enforcement and more.

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based service thats simple

to implement. The only requirement is to sign-up and
download the technology to start correlating and
evaluating critical business data.

Microsoft Power BI has an online database that contains

guides, FAQs and a search bar to find the specific
information and support you need. Support staff can be
directly contacted at any time through a live chat feature
on its website. Companies are also welcome to ask
questions on the Power BI Community.

Customers have said Microsoft Power BI Desktop doesnt

have the ability to publish reports with all associated data.
This means all information is only available in visual
format. Because Power BI is still in development, some
customers have said necessary features critical to BI
initiatives are insufficient and the sharing function is

Microsoft is an American corporation founded by Bill Gates

and Steve Allen. Based in Redmond, WA, it does business
around the globe developing, supporting and selling
software, software services, computers and various other
electronics. Its mission is to empower every person and
organization on the planet to achieve more by reinventing
productivity & business processes, building an intelligent
cloud platform and creating more technology for personal

Tyson's Corner, VA
On-premise, Cloud
Small, medium, large

Big data and Hadoop functionality, ability to take action

within dashboard, mobile capability.

Does not include any prescriptive analytics tools, more

time spent using Extract, Transform, and Load tools to get
data in order, steep learning curve to the technology.

MicroStrategy's Dashboard 2.0 app allows for users to

make actionable decisions based on the data in a quick
manner - even from within the dashboard itself.

The MicroStrategy Analytics Platform puts business

intelligence in the hands of any user meaning the user
will not need to rely on IT to provide analyses and reports.
This platform also gives the end user flexible deployment
options it can either be hosted on site or in the cloud.

In addition to offline data access, data security, and

mobile access, the Analytics Platform utilizes the
Dashboard 2.0 app. One benefit of Dashboard 2.0 is that
users are provided with actionable real-time data about
their business,, such as financial trends or customer
service issues.

Microstrategy's customers include,

Campbell's, Hallmark, and LinkedIn.

The Analytics Platform utilizes the Dashboard 2.0 app.

One benefit of Dashboard 2.0 is that users are provided
with actionable real-time data about their business,, such
as financial trends or customer service issues.

MicroStrategy also offers four tiers of customer support:

the Standard Support tier, Knowledge Base, Priority
Support, and Elite Support.

MicroStrategy users have noted that there is a particularly

steep learning curve to the technology. IT resources will
need to be devoted to help build up expertise within the
user-base. The tool also operates within very rigid data
structures, which may lead to more time spent using
Extract, Transform, and Load tools to get data in order.

MicroStrategy has a simple mission - to provide a flexible,

scalable, user-friendly platform for its clients. In addition
to its analytics platform, MicroStrategy also provide
mobile, loyalty (to measure customer loyalty and
engagement), and identity (to help improve cyber

Redwood Shores, CA
On-premise, Cloud
Small, medium, large

Big data capability, all-in-one solution, in-memory

analytics capability.

Architecture is dated (interface is not very smooth and

complex features not very well handled), integration
issues, such as mass suppliers update.

Oracle provides an all-in-one BI solution featuring eight

components so that users don't have to worry about
multiple software or higher cost.

The BI Foundation Suite merges all of Oracles eight BI

platforms into one software suite. Users will be able to
utilize a variety of reporting and analytical features as this
suite can access traditional data sources and Big Data

Oracle is one of the few vendors that supports big data

capability. Big data refers to a collection of large data sets
that are complicated to analyze by traditional software.
One of the benefits of Oracle's Exalytics component is
that it can analyze large sets of data in a short time.

Oracle chiefly serves government, finance,

manufacturing, health, utilities, and high-tech. Some of
their customers are Dell, Gallup, Nilson Group, and

Oracle offers five types of training - classroom, live virtual

class, on-demand training, self-study courses, and private
events. Companies can choose from any of these training
options, depending on their schedule, whether they're
willing to travel, and cost considerations.

Premier Support service include 24/7 tech support,

problem prevention, and access to software upgrades.
There is also the Lifetime Support Policy that allows
software users to upgrade whenever they're ready.
Secondly, there is the Advanced Customer Service

Oracle operates under a very dated architecture, meaning

that the interface is not very smooth and complex
features not very well handled. Companies seeking to
customize the software or to make upgrades will need to
make a significant investment of both time and capital.

Oracle has a simple mission - to simplify IT resources. It

has created systems and products to enable hardware and
software to work together. In addition to engineered
systems and software, Oracle also has sold products and
solutions relating to databases, servers, and storage.

Panorama Necto
Toronto, ON
On-premise, Cloud
Small, medium, large

Geo Analytics feature, focus on social collaboration,

includes both basic and advanced analytics features.

Not compatible with Macs, not supported for Blackberry

devices, no profit or predictive analytics features offered.

Panorama Necto software is one of the first to present BI

data via highly visual infographics.

The Panorama Necto software utilizes what Panorama

calls beyond Business Intelligence 3.0, a self-service,
collaborative, data discovery method with visual
infographics. By definition, Business Intelligence 3.0 takes
the app-centric approach to BI that is based on social
collaboration and is accessible from any device.

Panorama's features are highlighted by a Suggestive

Discovery feature, which makes recommendations on
trends based on user behavior. It also supports a Geo
Analytics feature with drill-down maps.

Some key clients include Nectar, Tyco Electronics,

Siemens, and Digitronica. Industries serviced by
Panorama are diverse, and range from finance and retail
to healthcare and manufacturing.

The Panorama Necto software is scalable for any company

size. It also has a faster deployment rate than traditional
BI software.

Panorama has a web portal for customer support. Users

can access the knowledge base, watch video tutorials,
and submit requests for help online. Users can alsocontact
customer service by phone or email.

As Panorama Necto works heavily with Microsoft, its

platform is not compatible with Macs. Also, its
functionality is not supported for Blackberry devices. Also,
it does not support multiple languages, as well as profit
and predictive analysis features.

Founded in 1993, Panorama Software is the original

developer of the OLAP technology that was acquired by
Microsoft in 1996, which was rebranded as SQL Server
Analysis Services and integrated into the SQL Server
platform. Since that sale, Panorama has been focused on
delivering innovative Business Intelligence solutions.

Pentaho BI Platform
Orlando, FL
On-premise, cloud

Combination of data integration and analytical processing,

first BI tool to market direct reporting for NoSQL, wide
variety of reporting solutions.

Various bugs and minor errors have been found, metadata

layer is not intuitive enough, no perpetual licensing.

Pentaho's unique ability to cross data integration with

business analytics unites IT and end-users, helping them
integrate and visualize the information that is most
important to business results.

Pentaho includes a spectrum of advanced analytics, from

predictive modeling to basic reporting. The tool is
specifically designed to blend with mobile platforms,
providing a seamless experience from smartphones and

Pentaho also has many unique abilities such as powerful

visualizations, geo-mapping, heat grids, and scatter
charts. The system relies on in-memory data caching,
which provides analysis of data at the "speed of thought,"
making for a vastly quicker BI tool.

Pentaho works with clients like edo, Exact Target, the 9/11
Memorial & Museum, and Lufthansa.

Pentaho offers consulting services which create prepackaged and custom engagements to help develop and
implement tactics quickly and smoothly. An extensive
training suite is available, which includes onsite and
online offerings.

Pentaho's user community has been touted as being one

the most informative and helpful on the market, and this
is one of the vendor's best support tools. More hard
technical support packages are available, and these
include issue detection, problem resolution, and
developer assistance.

Some users have found difficulty using reporting products,

and have reported various bugs and minor errors which
stall progress. Others have found issues with Pentahos
metadata layer. It is not intuitive enough for average
customers to use, and error messages have been cited as
being too vague to be useful.

Pentaho Corporation is a business intelligence software

company that specializes in open source BI products. It's
most notable suite is Pentaho Business Analytics, an
offering which includes OLAP services, reporting, data
mining, dashboarding, and data integration capabilities.

Phocas Software
New York, NY
100,000+ users
On-premise, Cloud

Unique features, such as geospatial analysis and rebates

and commissions module, three deployment options,
strong security features.

Could use more options, especially in customization, for

visualization tools.

Phocas is flexible, scalable, and easy to use software that

allow users to perform BI analysis themselves.

Phocas Software is a governed data discovery tool that is

easy to use for any user. It is flexible, scalable, and can be
accessed by thousands of users. Companies can choose
from three deployment options: on-premised, hosted by
Phocas Private Cloud, and SaaS.

Geospatial analysis is for users that want to know

information such as the number of customers in a specific
city, or the most profitable states to expand within. It is
integrated with OpenStreetMap or Google API. Rebates
and Commissions module helps companies negotiate
better rebate deals. Users analyze their profit margins,
calculate rebates/commissions paid or received, track
rebate history, and apply for rebate inclusion and

Phocas sells its solutions aimed at industries,

departments, distributions, and data sources. Some of the
industries it targets are: healthcare, retail, manufacturing,
insurance, and education, to name a few.

Implementation is handled by Phocas Operations team.

The customer is assigned a dedicated resource specialist
to take them from the discovery and scoping of their
project through to the initial training sessions for end
users. A typical implementation lasts 6-8 weeks (if not
sooner) and is almost always performed remotely. Training
is offered in a series of online webinars, and end users are
trained using their own data.

Users can contact customer support via email and phone.

There is also a dedicated support section where users can
find user guides, information on product upgrades, and
access training webinars.

Phocas has a wide range of visualizations, however, the

company has been asked to add more options and
customization possibilities for end users.

Founded in 1999, Phocas Softwares mission is to deliver

more than just business intelligence its to surpass
customers expectations by delivering BI tools to help
them grow their businesses while keeping costs low. The
company originated in the United Kingdom before
expanding to Australia (in 2003) and the U.S. (in 2006).

Perm, Russia

Unique library of modeling tools, 3D visualizations, quick

and customizable report design.

Not available in multiple languages, no live online help or

24/7 customer service.

Prognoz Platform is a next-generation business

intelligence platform that is highlighted by its business
modeling and forecasting ability.

Users are able to perform OLAP analysis using

dashboarding features like charts,maps, gauges, and
tables. They are also able to create and send reports,
analyze time series, model and forecast, and create

Aside from the analysis function, Prognoz's key features

include integration, development tools, and embeddable
analytics module, which includes functions such as the
Data Warehouse Designer, ETL (Extract, Transform, and
Load) tools and interactive visualization components.

Prognoz works in several fields but are particularly strong

in the nonprofit and financial sectors, and work with
several international organizations. Vendors include the
African Development Bank and the World Wildlife Fund.

The consulting service offered by Prognoz is based on

their own company experience in modeling business
processes using fundamental science. Prognoz has
expertise in the construction of financial models and
business forecasting.

Prognoz has a three-pronged customer service system

that includes fundamental BI software development and
implementation assistance, training, and consultancy

Prognoz is not available in multiple languages, which has

been noted as an issue for companies in emerging
markets and larger corporations with large linguistic
diversity. While many aspects of customer service are
thorough, there is no live online help, nor are customer
service representatives available 24/7.

Prognoz was founded in 1991 in Perm, Russia, and focuses

on business development software. It was created as a
joint venture between Russian Academy of Science and
the Ministry of the Economy during the Soviet-era.

Pyramid Analytics BI Office

Pyramid Analytics
Amsterdam, Netherlands
On-premise, cloud

Analytics and data discovery tools are all in one place,

data mining functionality, mobile and Cloud BI capability.

Only designed to run with current Microsoft products,

need to add more collaboration features and other user
interface enhancements.

Pyramid Analytics' BI Office is a business intelligence tool

based on the Microsoft BI platform, including complex
OLAP analysis and in-memory capabilities.

BI Office is run with three different, but connected

platforms: the bioXL interface, which focuses on data
discovery and analytics, the bioPoint interface, for
stories and dashboards, and the bioWriter interface, for
report distribution and publishing.

Pyramid's robust array of features includes all traditional

analysis and reporting features, in addition to data mining
and compatability with native apps for iOs, Windows, and

Pyramid has an especially strong presence in the higher

education market. Some clients are Siemens, Blackboard,
and Drake University.

Clients can test a free trial of Pyramid Analytics. They can

choose between an on-premised or cloud versions (or
both). BI Office is scalable and doesn't require per-server

Pyramid's support page includes whitepapers, resource

guides, troubleshooting manuals, and a news and updates
center to provide users with in-depth assistance to an
array of issues. They also have a separate "help desk"
that addresses how users can help the Pyramid support
team to provide them with the best service possible.

Pyramids BI Office is designed to run with current

Microsoft products. While this is excellent for those using
Microsoft, Microsofts own evolving BI platform puts
Pyramids current offerings at risk.

Pyramid Analytics was founded in Amsterdam,

Netherlands in 2008. Their most significant offering is
their BI Office business intelligence platform, a web based
tool that focuses on governed data discovery and that
works within the Microsoft business intelligence suite.

Radnor, PA

Google-like search protocol for finding data, ability to

combine data sources, no need to rely on IT, new Qlik
Proactive Support that anticipates issues and provides
proactive solution.

Self-service difficulty for non-tech users, some filtering

issues at the end user and developer levels, problems
with debugging.

Qlik's in-memory processor vastly speeds up the

application and allows it to refresh in real-time, providing
insights as data is added.

Qlikview distinguishes itself from other BI tools through its

unique inference engine, which maintains data
associations automatically. The solution helps to maintain
data associations and illuminate relationships in data.

Qlikview's features includes a Desktop data model, a

Server in-memory processor, and a Publisher component.

Qlikview has a wide and diverse client base from around

the world that includes many industries, ranging from
online-startups and higher education institutions to
government entities and media outlets.

Qlikview's consulting service helps customers achieve

quicker and better ROI through foundation services,
application services, and enterprise services.

In late 2015, Qlik has revamped its support offerings.

There are two levels of support: Basic and Enterprise. The
Basic level includes global phone support, a self-help
portal, forums, a Knowledge Base, product updates and
support request tracking.

Debugging can pose a problem with QlikView, although

there is ample customer support to address such issues.
Scripting done in preparation for the data association
model can also be difficult.

Qlik was founded in Sweden in 1993. It's original name

derived from Quik, a marketing acronym standing for
"Quality, Understanding, Interaction, Knowledge. In
addition to QlikView, there is the new Qlik Sense platform.
Qlik Sense is a self-service data discovery solution that is
deployed as a Desktop, Enterprise, on in the Cloud.

Salient BI
Salient Mgmt Group
Horseheads, NY

Strong focus on collaboration, Geo Analytics feature can

track demographics of customers, Salient360 function
that links the Data Mart to Excel.

Small sales presence in the global BI market, no SaaS

deployment option.

Salient's offering represents the latest in BI technology self-service, instant access to information, and

SAPs BusinessObject platform provides a broader

solution. Users can perform BI analysis from multiple data
sources and in different formats.

SAP's BI platform includes the ability to integrate data

with Java andMicrosoft SharePoint, among other sources.
Users can also publish customized BI data to anyone, as
well as manage BI deployment from a single platform.

Salient has over 115,000 users in more than 300

companies, including industries such as government,
healthcare, and food and beverages

Salient Management Company provide a four-phase

training tier: discussion with managers, a remote training
session, an on-site training session, and training follow-up
leading to roll-out.

Customer service support includes knowledge-sharing

forums, interactive tutorials, access to webinar training
sessions, and ability to contact product support by live
chat and email.

Salient has a small sales presence in the global BI market,

as it primarily sells to North American customers.
However, it is improving this as it has expanded its
partner network in Australia and Latin America.

Salient offer solutions in revenue management, supply

and demand chain, finance, and merchandising and
category optimization. Salient has been recognized as a
SAP-certified partner and has been in the Gartner's BI
Magic Quadrant survey for 2013 and 2014.

SAP BusinessObjects
Newtown Square, PA
On-premise, cloud

Minimal or no involvement from IT, BI analysis done from

multiple data sources and in different formats, accessible
via any platform.

Confusing licensing process, frequent support fee hikes,

tend to be complex for non-tech users.

Broader BI solution with self-service functionality.

Most BI platforms tend to be specific to the company

function (i.e. HR or sales) but the SAPs BusinessObject
platform provides a broader solution. Users can perform BI
analysis from multiple data sources and in different

SAPs BI platform includes the ability to integrate data

with Java and Microsoft SharePoint, among other sources.
Users can also publish customized BI data to anyone, as
well as manage BI deployment from a single platform. SAP
also includes a BI launch pad for users to access any data
within the company network via any platform (desktop,
mobile, etc).

SAP also includes a BI launch pad for users to access any

data within the company network via any platform
(desktop, mobile, etc).

SAP provides training on its software both online and in a

traditional classroom setting. Prospective users can enroll
in any of SAP's 40 training centers. Or they can enroll in a
virtual live classroom without leaving their home or office.

SAP MaxAttention allows your company to be involved in

a long-term partnership with SAP - SAP works with your IT
department to provide training, maintenance, and
upgrades. SAP also provides standard support, such as a
knowledge base.

Many SAP expert support personnel are only distinctly

qualified in one specific area. This can cause a disconnect
between the problem at hand and the ultimate needs of
the business, causing additional costs and reduced

SAP is the third-largest independent software

manufacturer. It aims to help companies of all sizes and
industries operate their business efficiently and stay
ahead of their competition. In addition to BI and other
analytics, SAP provides products for CRM, Human
Resources, and ERP.

SAS Visual Analytics

Cary, NC
70,000 +
On-premise, cloud
Small, medium, large

Integration of advanced visual analytics directly in the BI

tool, can aggregate Twitter streams and integrate them
into the dashboard, runs on an in-memory server so
analysis is more efficient.

Non-tech users currently do not have access to reporting

and analytics tools, no predictive analytics functions, no
free trial offered.

The SAS Visual Analytics is an in-memory data

visualization tool that works well with both big and small
data, providing robust query and reporting features,
alerts, and predictive analytics.

Interactive reports can be quickly designed and shared on

the Web, through mobile devices, and across other
Microsoft applications. Reports can be closely analyzed,
and data can be drilled-through to see in-depth details.

Visual Analytics includes features that are unique in the BI

sphere, including its integration of powerful, advanced
analytics directly into a BI tool. SAS has a 36% share of
the advanced analytics market, more than the share of
the next 10 vendors combined.

SAS has customers in many spaces. Clients include

Nippon Paper, SunTrust, The Wine House, and the U.S.
Census Bureau.

SAS offers training on its products both online and in a

classroom / onsite setting. If the prospective customer
prefers to have training done in a regular classroom
setting, SAS provides multiple training locations all across
the U.S.

SAS knowledge base gives users access to information

and updates on the BI platform. Users can also submit
software issues via the portal - this portal
also includes the ability to check the status of the issue or
provide an update on it.

SAS is currently working on improving its user interfaces

so that more non-tech users can have access to reporting
and analytics. There are few deployment options, and no
option for on-premise licenses.

For over 35 years, SAS has provided software and services

to all major industries ranging from healthcare to
government to finance and education. It serves over
70,000 customers in 139 countries.

SiSense BI
New York, NY
On-premise, Cloud
Small, medium, large

Implementation set up in days rather than weeks, in-chip

technology process large amounts of data faster, ease of
transferring data sets.

Not compatible with Macs, Elasticube functionality tend to

be time-consuming and prone to errors, email distribution
of reports is not supported.

Affordable BI solution that does not require complicated

coding or relying on IT.

SiSense is designed to handle all sorts of data, from small

data sets to big data. It is also scalable, allowing
companies to accumulate more data as they go without
worrying about crashing servers or slow computer

Notable features offered by SiSense include their mobile

accessibility, offering the ability to analyze data and edit
dashboards on the go. Additional features include profit
analysis, trend indicators, and a spread of reporting

SiSense's customers come from all industries. Some

examples include Ebay, ESPN, Dannon, NASA, Comcast,
and Intuit.

There is a short implementation schedule with SiSense.

Users can start with a free 14-day trial. Once they've
decided to order, deployment can be set up within a
matter of days, as there are no additional hardware or
servers to set up.

SiSense has a dedicated support page for all of its

products. Users can receive updates or even connect for
help with other users or even SiSense via a forum. Users
can also submit help requests straight from the support

Sisense doesnt support email distribution of reports or

email notification if a dashboard is created or updated.
This is a case in their latest version (version 4) and this
may be fixed in their version 5 update. Also, while their
dashboards and visualization provide the usual graphics
(bar charts, etc), there is no advanced graphics available
(such as 3D or cube graphics) nor a plain format that is
devoid of fancy graphics.

SiSense seeks to bring data to everyone, not just

technical experts, empowering anyone to build as large a
data set as possible from any device, anytime. Founded in
2004, SiSense has served over hundreds of companies
from small businesses to large enterprise in various

Strategy Companion Analyzer

Strategy Companion
Irvine, CA
Enterprise, Cloud, OEM
Small, medium, large

Flexible deployment options, Recombinant BI feature that

differentiates from traditional OLAP processes, accessible
on all web browsers.

Predicitive analytics feature not offered.

Strategy Companion's patent-pending Recombinant BI

functionality is a unique way for users to answer new
questions with new data, by combining, mixing, and
sharing as many groups and patterns as possible.

Strategy Companions Analyzer platform is a self-service

BI solution, accessible to all users, regardless of job titles
or analytics knowledge. Users are even able to allow their
clients, vendors, or suppliers to gain access to their data.
In short, users will not need to rely on IT.

Strategy Companion Recombinant BI is a unique data

analysis feature that differentiates from traditional OLAP
processes, giving users the ability to combine data as
many times as they need.

Strategy Companion serves all types of companies,

including businesses like Nissan, Walmart, Eli Lilly,
L'Oreal, and LexisNexis.

Unlike traditional BI software that required purchase and

installation of software and servers, Strategy Companion
is a 100% browser-based interface. Therefore, there is less
time for deployment and companies will not need to make
expensive upfront purchases. Also, it can be deployed via
Microsoft SharePoint.

Strategy Companion provides on-demand training and live

online classes for both beginners and advanced users of
the Analyzer platform. The online classes are 30 minutes
long, and there are three sessions (introductory class,
advanced classes, and updates).

Predictive analytics feature is not offered.

Strategy Companion is a certified Independent Software

Vendor (ISV) and Microsoft Gold Certified BI Partner. In
2013, Strategy Companion made its first appearance in
Gartner's Magic Quadrant Report for Business Intelligence
& Analytics Platforms.

Tableau BI
Seattle, WA
On-premise, Cloud

Connects with a large range of data sources. Easy-to-use

interface with drag-and-drop capabilities to make data
transferring simple.

Weak abilities to integrate combinations of data from

different sources in preparation for analysis.

Tableau is a user-friendly BI solution that provides a

simple way for all types of users to access, analyze and
share data in just a few clicks.

Tableau provides intuitive business intelligence (BI) tools

to enhance data discovery and understanding for all types
of companies and business users. With simple drag-anddrop features, a user is able to easily access and analyze
key data, create innovative reports and visualizations and
share critical insights across the company.

Tableau Desktop is fully compatible with mobile platforms,

can integrate with multiple data sources, and includes a
customizable dashboard, user friendly interface,
predictive analysis capability, and ad hoc analysis.

With over 35,000 customer accounts, Tableau services a

wide variety of industries, including major corporations
and banks, educational institutions, and health care

Tableau offers support services for all of their products,

including an extensive online database of resources that
users can search for answers to their issues. "Quick start
guides" that address many fundamental issues can be
downloaded in one click.

Tableau provides four levels of support services to its

customers, including: complimentary, technical support,
elite program and OEM program.

Although having a large range of data source connectivity,

Tableaus capabilities to integrate combinations of these
sources to prepare for analysis is still weak. Some
customers have used other solutions that have selfservice data preparation and has an option to output to
Tableaus native TDE (Tableau data extract) format

Tableau Software is an American company focused on

business intelligence and data analytics products based in
Seattle, Washington. Founded in 2003 in Seattle,
Washington, it is consistently ranked as one of the
"Leaders" in the business intelligence marketplace by
Gartner in their annual Magic Quadrant Survey.

TARGIT Decision Suite

Hjrring, North Jutland, Denmark

Intelligent Wizard tool, all BI tools in one platform, realtime dashboards.

Difficulty in setting up calculations within reports,

difficulty with graph tools in conjunction with Excel.

TARGIT allows non-expert end-users to create and access

reports and analysis easily and efficiently.

Real time dashboards are one of TARGITs most notable

capabilities. They are simple to build and customized to
precisely the way they are needed. Users can control the
cockpit where data-informed decisions are determined.
Dashboards can be accessed from any device, at any
time, for ease of use and greater efficiency in BI decisionmaking. This not only increases the speed of the BI
process but it also increases the reliability of the tool.

TARGIT has released its Decision Suite 2015 version that

includes some enhancements such as the ability to
perform data mashups within a single application, data
governance capability, new visualization options,
enhanced mobile functionality, and ability to work with
embedded TARGIT Anywhere client from any platform.

As a top niche player, Targit focuses its energies on

clientele working with Microsoft Dynamic NAV & AX.

TARGIT offers consulting services for business intelligence

and analytics, helping companies evaluate their needs,
implement their chosen solutions, and maximizing their
results. TARGIT also offers training via the TARGIT
University. Training is done either online or at the
companys site. The training program is broken up by skill
(beginners, intermediate, and advanced). There is also
the eLearning tool by way of training videos.

TARGITs Support System (TSS) is an intuitive online

support system on their website that allows users to go
straight to a support section without logging in, and
quickly input their name, email, and the problem they are
having. This simple approach makes the resolution
process more efficient.

Some TARGIT users expressed difficulty in working with

calculated fields for advanced statistics and problemsolving. However, it was noted that these calculations
could be done in cubes, and pull the fields as measures to
address the problem.Others have struggled with setting
up calculations within a Targit report, and that this feature
was not very user-friendly for non-expert users.

TARGIT is a Danish company founded in 1986 and

developed from its predecessors Sandlykke and
Leifsgaard. TARGIT focuses on developing business
intelligence and analytics software, with its chief offering
being TARGIT Decision Suite, a simple, straightforward BI
tool which focuses on making the reporting process more

TIBCO Spotfire
Palo Alto, CA
On-premise, Cloud

Ability to perform statistical analysis, automatically run

reports and analysis at set times, ability to drill down to
find root causes of business issues.

Difficulty in customizing visualizations, difficulty in drilling

down to specific data details, technical difficulties not
easily resolved.

Tibco Spotfire is ideal for companies looking to improve

their sales and marketing practices and their customer

Reporting and analytics can be accessed within an onpremise or cloud app. Dashboards, visualizations, rich
analytics including a web-scale platform, and self-service
reports are just a few of the capabilities supported by
Jaspersoft, which can be easily embedded in both internal
and commerical applications.

One of Jaspersoft's most notable features is its reporting

ability, which helps end-users stay swiftly informed and
make better business decisions. Their reporting tools draw
data from multiple places and display it in a simple,
straightforward, interactive way for users to analyze and
draw insights from.

Jaspersoft has a strong presence in the non-profit and

medical fields. Some customers include the Sierra Club,
the USDA, and the Naval Safety Center.

Users of Jaspersoft can login to an online account on their

website where they can create and track requests and
investigate support resources to help them in their use of
the product.

Paid support options include Self-Service Express Support,

Professional Standard Support, and Professional Premium
Support. They feature "Self-Service Support" which is a
compilation of documents, resource guides, and intuitive
search technologies.

There are no unique visualization types available with

Spotfire. It is also difficult customize visualizations. In
addition, when there are multiple visuals displayed on the
screen, they cannot be easily printed as a PDF or in a
readable format. Although Spotfire does include drill-down
features, some users have encountered troubles
attempting to drill down to details of certain data,
particularly in the subtotals section.

TIBCO is a software company that offers technology for

both on-premise and cloud servers. Founded in Palo Alto,
California in 1997, TIBCO has grown from technology
incubation tools to a wide variety of business-to-business
services which primarily focus on business intelligence.

Yellowfin BI Platform
Valley Cottage, NY
Over 1 million
On-premise, Cloud
Small, medium large

Over 50 data visualization types offered, ad-hoc analysis

from any browser or mobile device, Location Intelligence

Does not include financial forecasting or profit analysis.

Yellowfin provides more flexible offerings within its

platform, such as over 50 chart offerings, advanced
calculation and functions, and more social collaboration

Yellowfin emphasizes user ability to create their own

reports while maintaining IT governance. But Yellowfin
also offers more functionalities within the platform, such
as connecting from multiple data sources on the fly, the
ability to drill anywhere within the data, and advanced

Yellowfin offers a unique mobile BI feature, and a Location

intelligence function which allows users to see data in
map form.

Yellowfin's BI platform is aimed at many different

industries (healthcare, media, finance, etc), as well as
specific roles and functions within the company (i.e.
marketing, sales, HR, etc).

Users can expect deployment within hours or days, not

weeks or months. Yellowfin offers a single simple allinclusive per user per annum subscription licensing model
software, maintenance, support and upgrades are

Yellowfin offers various support, such as an online wiki,

customer support center that includes access to a
documentation section, and as well as an online forum.
They also offer instructor-led training for a fee.

Yellowfin does not include financial planning or profit

analysis functionality.

Yellowfin's mission is also to help their clients use data to

improve their businesses.This year, they've been
recognized in Gartner's 2014 Magic Quadrant study, as a
Champion BI Vendor from Info-Tech Research Group, and
Hot Vendor in Mobile BI from Ventana Research.