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This Moovly fits into my professional work because the research I have

conducted is presented through an animated presentation that captures

audiences; be it colleagues or students. This presentation contributes to the
educators professional knowledge of teaching and student learning. I
presented this video to my current 11th grade students and discussed their
opinions on utilizing a social media platform in an Art History and
Humanities Course. Their response was positive and in agreement that
students would have a great attitude toward incorporating an online
collaborative element in my classes.
The creation and use of this Moovly demonstrates my abilities related to:
o Experienced Teacher Standard I Demonstrates Professional
Leadership Performance Criteria 1.1. Builds positive relationships
within and between school and community; 1.5. Contributes to the
profession knowledge and expertise about teaching and learning;
1.6. Guides the development of curriculum and instructional
o Experienced Teacher Standard II Demonstrates Knowledge of
Content Performance Criteria 2.4. Demonstrates an overall
knowledge of one's discipline(s) that allows the teacher to teach to the
students' ability levels and learning styles.
o Experienced Teacher Standard IV Creates/Maintains Learning
Climate Performance Criteria 4.8. Analyzes and changes the
classroom to accommodate a variety of instructional strategies.
o Experienced Teacher Standard V Implements/Manages Instruction
Performance Criteria 5.4. Uses and develops multiple
teaching/learning strategies that are appropriate to student
developmental levels and actively engages students in individual and
cooperative learning experiences.
o Experienced Teacher Standard X Demonstrates Implementation of
Technology Performance Criteria 10.9. Designs lessons that use
technology to address diverse student needs and learning styles.
10.13. Applies research-based instructional practices that use
computers and other technology.

o ISTE Technology Facilitation Standard VIII Leadership and Vision

Educational technology facilitators will contribute to the shared vision
for campus integration of
technology and foster an environment and culture conducive to the
realization of the vision.
o ISTE Technology Facilitation Standard II Planning and Designing Learning Environments and Experiences - Educational technology
facilitators plan, design, and model effective learning environments
and multiple experiences supported by technology.
o ISTE Technology Facilitation Standard I Technology Operations and
Educational technology facilitators demonstrate an in- depth
understanding of technology operations and concepts.
o AECT Utilization Standards of Media Utilization
o AECT Management Standards of Delivery System

Through researching students' attitudes on collaborative learning through

social media and compiling this information in a multimedia presentation, I
feel that I have demonstrated mastery of the above mentioned standards. I
now feel more confident in integrating a social media platform within my
high school and middle school classes as a part of the curriculum in Art,
Music, and Humanities.