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8 Mudras for Emotional Healing

Mudras are gentle placements of the hands and fingers that can stimulate healing and emotional well-being.
The theory behind Mudras is that each finger represents one of the Universal elements the thumb represents Fire, the index
finger Air, the middle finger Space, the ring finger Earth and the pinky finger represents Water.
It is believed that when the body is out of balance, placing the hands into the appropriate Mudras can help restore the
equilibrium to the elements and therefore evoke healing.
Here are the most common Mudras for emotional healing:

1.) Acceptance Mudra

Healing: This Mudra is perfect for overcoming sadness, resistance and being stuck in the past.
Position: Fold the index finger so it rests in the space between your thumb. Next, have your thumb touch your pinky finger.
Make sure your thumb is resting on the nail of your pinky.
Practice: Start with 10 minutes a day.

2.) Self-Confidence Mudra (Ahamkara)

Healing: This Mudra is perfect to help regain your self-confidence and ability to stand up for yourself. This Mudra brings a
sense of peace and confidence and helps you to overcome your fears.
Position: Bend your index finger slightly, and touch your thumb to the outside of your index finger, a little less than half way
down. Try to keep your other fingers straight.
Practice: Start with 10 minutes a day.

3.) Energy Mudra (Apan)

Healing: Great for giving you a boost of energy throughout the day.
Position: Touch your thumb to your middle and ring finger. Keep your pinky and index finger as straight as possible.
Practice: Whenever you need a boost of energy. Limit to 10 minutes when first starting out.

4.) Intuition Mudra (Bhudy)

Healing: Helps to stimulate your intuitive gifts and abilities. Helps you to trust yourself.
Position: Touch the tips of the pinky and thumb finger together.
Practice: Best used during meditation.

5.) Concentration Mudra (Hakini)

Healing: Helps you to keep focus and concentrate. Also helps you to remain present and with a clear mind.
Position: Use both your hands and touch the tips your fingers together.
Practice: Use whenever you need to concentrate or remain present during a conversation or before a meeting.

6.) Patience Mudra (Shuni)

Healing: This Mudra helps you to stay present in the moment and can help evoke patience and understanding.
Practice: Touch the top of the middle finger and thumb together.
Duration: Start with 10 minutes per day.

7.) Courage Mudra (Hansi)

Healing: This Mudra helps to evoke courage, fearlessness and can help relieve anxiety. Is beneficial to help ease feelings of
loneliness and isolation. Can also help stimulate feelings of self-love and acceptance.
Practice: Touch the the tips of all the fingers together expect the pinky. Hold the pinky finger out straight.

8.) Enlightenment Mudra (Uttarabodhi)

Healing: This Mudra can evoke enlightenment, a deeper sense of spiritual awareness and consciousness. It can also help you to
release fears or blockages and can calm nerves. Also good for stage fright.
Position: Use both hands and interlock them together, keeping the index fingers and thumbs straight. Extend the touching
thumbs and index fingers straight so they are opposite each other.
Practice: A very powerful Mudra, start with 10 minutes a day.

Three Mudras for Everyday Magic

Index by Nadine Dassier -- May 1, 2014

Mudras are hand and

finger postures that quickly move and redirect the flow of energy within our body, mind and spirit. You can shift your consciousness
and revitalize your organ systems in a matter of minutes by practicing these sacred hand gestures.
Whats even better is that just about anyone can do them. Unlike other yoga practices, this one does not require flexibility. To top it all
off, it can be done almost any time and anywhere. This is an amazing practice that you can easily and joyfully integrate into your daily
While mudras are traditionally used during meditation and visualization practices, their versatility allows you to take them out into the
real world. I love to use them when I find myself idle, or in a period of waiting. I use them while Im in line at the market, at an
after school activity, resting between reps at the gym or watching a movie. While many of you may be apprehensive about using them
in public, know that doing so might actually inspire others to explore this ancient healing tool for themselves. Now youre spreading
the love!

The following are three of my favorite mudras. If you would like to learn more, I encourage you to read Gertrud Hirschis Mudras:
Yoga in Your Hands, or Sabrina Meskos Healing Mudras.

Kubera Mudra for Manifestation

Plant the seeds for your hearts desires. Use this mudra to bring your dreams into reality. I suggest using this mudra every morning to
actively set your intention for the day. You can also use it when starting a new project, making an important phone call, or any time
youd like to use your power as a deliberate creator. I also use this mudra whenever I feel worry. It helps me to snap out of my fears
and focus on what I truly want.
Get into a comfortable position (preferably lotus position), form the mudra and visualize your desired outcome while repeating the
affirmation, I do my best, and God does the rest. This mudra always helps to sooth my fears, so that I can attract what I want instead
of what I fear. Even more importantly, it helps me to let go and let God, which is much easier said than done without this mudra!
Join your thumb, index finger, and middle finger together (pressing lightly on the tips), and placing the other two fingers in the middle
of your palm. Do this with both hands without any strain in the palms. Take slow, deep breaths while focusing on your hearts desires.
Intensity of focus is more important than time for this mudra. You may find that deeper, more elaborate desires call for more time.
Duration: 1 minute to 1 hour.

Ksepana Mudra Releasing Negativity

Clear your energy field, cleanse your emotions. Try this mudra after being in a large crowd, following an argument, or when you find
yourself caught up in the throes of negativity.
Clasp your hands with index fingers touching flat on each other (point downward) at sacral chakra (below the navel). Cross the
thumbs. Affirm I fully release all negativity from my body, mind and soul. Pure healing energies flow into me now. Take several
deep, slow breaths. With each exhale, release all the drama and baggage. With each inhale, take in the pure loving energies of the
divine. Duration: 2 minutes or more.

Prana Mudra Energizing

Usher in vital life force energy. Use this when you feel drained, fatigued or depressed.
Join your thumb with both your little and ring finger, while keeping the middle and index fingers extended. Hold your hands in either
a vertical or horizontal position. Take several deep breaths and place your focus on the pure revitalizing energy that is pouring into
your body. Each cell is being fully revitalized now. Affirm, I plug into the universe and recharge my batteries. Duration: 5-30
Practicing mudras engages both the body and the mind, creating a very focused and powerful healing practice. I invite you to practice
these mudras for a week and see what miracles unfold in your life. Id love to hear your stories, too! Please share them with me at