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As edited by Joshua Clayton, originally written by Sidney Petrie, Robert B. Stone and Theodor Laurence.

How To Enjoy Achievement Power Through Hypno-

The Six-Step Program That Virtually Guarantees Achieving Your Goals

“Great minds have purposes,” remarked Washington Irving, “others have wishes.”
As edited by Joshua Clayton, originally written by Sidney Petrie, Robert B. Stone and Theodor Laurence.

The noted British prime minister, Benjamin Disraeli, added, “The secret of success is
constancy to purpose.”
This chapter translates wishes into specific purposes—goals that can be automatically
programmed for attainment.
Then you are assured “constancy to purpose” by programming yourself to keep on the
track, step after accomplished step.
This is Hypno-Cybernetics at its fulfilling best.


Like the Intercontinental Ballistics Missile programmed to seek out and arrive at its
target, we, too seem born with an innate fervent desire to reach our goals. Yet many of us
spend our lives in a rut, never really enjoying achievement or realizing our highest hopes.
In this Power-packed chapter, based on techniques presented in their book Hypno-
Cybernetics, noted hypnologist Sidney Petrie and mind-power specialist Robert B. Stone,
provide you with the dynamite Power that will remove the “rut” from your programming
and substitute “goal,” so you will take off like a missile thrust.

“The same with our subconscious computer,” say Petrie and Stone. “Its nervous system,
like the electronics system, cannot tell the difference between something programmed to
be done for the first time or something programmed to be done for the millionth time. It’s
just as automatic for it to make you head of the firm you have been working for as to
wake you up at 6:30 a.m. for the thousandth time.”

What desire would you like to have fulfilled? What do you need to brighten your life?
What would you like to be? Where would you like to go? How rich would you like to be?

Set your goal—the target—and let Hypno-Cybernetics (H-C) project you right to it!


In the section before this you learned (among other marvelous things) how to pretend you
are surrounded by glorious white Light. When you pretend with Power, you create!
“How can I see myself getting a pay raise when salaries are being cut?”
“Can you pretend you are getting the pay raise?”
“Well, sure I can pretend, but where is that going to get me?”
A woman in Albany, New York was having a great deal of difficulty with a particularly
vicious neighbor with whom she could not contend.
“She’s too evil for me,” she said.
“Well, then overcome her with good. Pretend your subconscious did it.”
As edited by Joshua Clayton, originally written by Sidney Petrie, Robert B. Stone and Theodor Laurence.

The pretense worked! The neighbor couldn’t move away from the community fast
enough! After just a few sessions, her trouble was over, and she was getting excellent H-C


With the power of Hypno-Cybernetics (H-C), you soon learn to control your imagination
to bring you amazing and delightful results in whatever you undertake. Many a Power Pretender
to riches and success has achieved his wishes, desires and goals in this life. Pretend, and you
become. Here is why:
Imagine you are unwrapping a thick steak. You are setting it into a red-hot frying pan.
Can you hear it sizzle? Does your mouth water? Chances are you have had to swallow as the
saliva flowed, just imagining a sizzling steak.

Pretending triggers the imagination.

Imagination creates behavior.
Behavior forms habits.

These three steps happen every day to every human being, whether they know it or not. It
is automatic. Unfortunately, many people think they are failures and proceed to live up to theitr
self-image in their imagination. Then they behave like a failure and get the failure-habit.
You can turn it all around.
Pretend you are a millionaire, or a great lover, or a business success. Will such pretending
bring you what you want out of life? YES—if you apply the power of HYpno-Cybernetics as
directed by Petrie and Stone.


Question: Exactly how does H-C work to create miracles?
Answer: Take a look at the words Hypno-Cybernetics. You see it is a combination of two words
—the prefix for “hypnotism” and “cybernetics.” Hypnotism is the modern means we have to
contact a large portion of our mind called the subconscious or automatic mind. Cybernetics is the
equally modern means we have to instruct or program any automated device. So Hypno-
Cybernetics is a modern means to contact our vast subconscious mind and program it to do our
Question: What makes you think I can benefit from Hypno-Cybernetics?
Answer: The authors of H-C are “para-medics” (beyond medics). That is to say, they work under
the auspices of physicians or psychiatrists where weight loss, cigarette smoking, fears and
phobias or other health factors are involved. With or without the health factor, it is important to
acknowledge one thing: Hypno-Cybernetics works! It does not matter that we think H-C will
benefit you; but it is absolutely vital that you think so.
As edited by Joshua Clayton, originally written by Sidney Petrie, Robert B. Stone and Theodor Laurence.

Question: I need some new clothes. My wife needs extra spending money. The house needs
repair. My kids can use a few luxuries, Ned a car, Susie a bike. How do I go about getting the
cash for these things?
Answer: Your mind is wonderful, the way it works. We all want to have enough money fgor
food, housing, bills, travel and some left over for luxuries. Know that it can be. The mind does it
all. It can be programmed for unending money troubles or good fortune after good fortune. And
Hypno-Cybernetics is the way to program your mind for whatever you want out of life.

Start right now to digest the Petrie and Stone H-C Six-Step Program to Better Living.



Write down, study, and memorize these six vital steps:

1. Plan
2. Accept
3. Practice
4. Reinforce
5. Apply
6. Expect

I. Plan

Some people hitch their wagons to a star. Your goal does not have to be sky high. Begin
by using your new Power for the attainment of a modest goal, such as:
*Finding a marriage partner in the next year.
*Purchasing a home within six months.
*Getting a fat pay raise within the next 30 days.
*Turning your natural talent into cold, hard cash before the year is out.
*Overcoming all setbacks and evil influences in the next six months.
*Being an “A” student this year.
*Winning a Big-Money contest within 18 months.
Sky high or hedge high, your goal will be reached.
Note that all the goals listed above include a time limit. You need to program a time
factor into your automatic mind. How else will it know when to perform? A no-time-limit goal is
no goal at all.
Set a goal in your mind’s eye. Then get ready to enjoy a minute or two of fun. Sit back.
Relax. Close your eyes. And visualize your goal as already reached. Pretend it is real. See the
details of your dream or wish. If the deadline was a year (for example), imagine a calendar with a
set date on it.
As edited by Joshua Clayton, originally written by Sidney Petrie, Robert B. Stone and Theodor Laurence.

Pretend your goal is reached… See it… Sense it… Take it all in… Create the details…
Know it is so… Enjoy it… Act it out in your imagination—with Power!

II. Accept

You now have a plan. You are programmed to reach for it. You must now accept its
What is really happening is that your automatic mind is concentrating all your natural
talent, creativity, knowledge, and intuition on your goal. You are being moved in its direction,
Remember, this does not happen without “acceptance.” Here is how to program yourself
through that second step:

I accept this goal as natural and right for me. It is the life-style I desire. It is me being
myself, expressing my true nature. I aim for it. I reach for it.

III. Practice

Your goal is etched into your automatic mind.

Acceptance of this goal has started your motor.
Now you are ready to practice. Practice in visualizing goal after goal. Take 30 seconds to
visualize another goal, desire, wish or dream. Then another—and another. Practice empowering
yourself with the amazing force of H-C.
You may not be able to look ahead more than one goal at a time. But as each goal is realized,
you will become aware of the next. This will sound familiar to mountain climbers.
And just like a mountain climber, you will enjoy the view from the top.

IV. Reinforcement

You are now an experienced H-C programmer. You have a sophisticated mental computer
that can handle any program you give it.
You can see how others need to program themselves out of “I can’t” attitudes. You can see
how others need to program themselves with a better self-image. You can see how others think
in terms of failure, obstacles, and pitfalls.
You have been there too. But you are not there now. You have programmed yourself to see
the glass as half full, not half empty. You see yourself with unlimited potential. You no longer
think in terms of obstacles. You think in terms of challenges and success.
However, the environment is still throwing brickbats at you. You are still hearing negative
programming, possibly from your mate, your friends, your teachers, your co-workers, etc.
You need to reinforce your positive programming. You do this three ways:
1. You reinforce your insulation against negative suggestions from the outside
2. You strengthen your own positive suggestions for goal attainment.
As edited by Joshua Clayton, originally written by Sidney Petrie, Robert B. Stone and Theodor Laurence.

3. You insure your success by programming yourself to fight for goal attainment.

And here’s how:

1. Say: “I am not affected by the failure thoughts of others. Negativity bounces off me.
Positivity I accept.”
2. Strengthen your positive suggestions by writing out a whole list of lovely, exciting goals
to be reached.
3. This is a self-administered pep-talk: “Okay, I’m going into the fray with purpose and
determination. I’m giving it everything I have.”

Do all three steps often.

I. Apply

Apply is the fifth of your six steps. Apply what? Apply yourself?
“That’s the old way,” say Petrie and Stone. “Hard work, sweat, long hours. That’s the
physical energy way. Hypno-Cybernetics is the new way. It offers you life energy to apply
yourself. No sweat. It’s like applying your foot to the gas pedal—for increased acceleration.”
Suppose you were to take your eyes off this page and look at the ceiling, close your eyes, and
visualize yourself moving toward your goal. What do you see yourself doing? Try it.
Did you come up with something? Move to another city? Buy some new clothes? Win the
heart of that lovely girl? Invite the boss to dinner? Win a contest?
Jot down the ideas you come up with. Apply your new power!

II. Expect

The goal you set now may seem too bold, even unrealistic. But you have a powerful ally
working for you. H-C will take you there faster than you think.
Expect. Expect to get there with each and every goal you set. Expect some progress every
week. Expectation primes your mind. It reminds your brain-computer that you are awaiting
results. And it responds!
You can also program your automatic mind to create in you an expectant attitude:

I expect results. I expect progress whether I can see it or not. My expectations are high.

Expect a miracle! Expect to see yourself getting everything that you wish and that you
program yourself for. Do the first programming of the Plan, Accept it, and Practice it visually as
you read this whole paper so that you can be assured you are on your way.
Set new goals and create miracles in your life.


As edited by Joshua Clayton, originally written by Sidney Petrie, Robert B. Stone and Theodor Laurence.

Re-programming the automatic mind is not done with punched tape–like computers. It is
done with mental images. Any mental image works, but Hypno-Cybernetic images work best.
You can see for yourself how mental images produce what they picture. Try this. Sit
comfortably, close your eyes, see yourself achieving what you genuinely want. See yourself
interested, absorbed and enriched, convinced there are answers for your own life. See yourself
doing each exercise called for.
And see yourself reaping a harvest of joy.


J.D. had a hardware store. Hardware stores were no longer making out. J.D. saw the
handwriting on the wall. He knew he had to switch. He heard of other hardware stores taking on
small household appliances—electric hair dryers, kitchen blenders, clocks, coffee makers, waffle
irons, barbeques and the like.
He invited appliance dealers to send their salesmen. But when the salesmen arrived, he
turned the same deaf ear to them as he had been turning to the diehards who kept trying to sell
him kegs of nails and other hardware he couldn’t sell.
J.D. was not accepting his own idea. He needed to program himself that it was an idea worth
moving ahead on. He used H-C to do this. It wasn’t long before the screw bins moved out, the
newest of labor-saving appliances moved in, and the customers rediscovered the store.
People who don’t accept their own goals are constantly programming themselves not to act.
It does not matter what the reason is. It all adds up to zero.
They see “I can.” Then they say “I can’t.” And their automatic mind reports, “Does not
Once you program yourself to accept your goal, something quite important happens to your
behavior. It begins to evidence “inner drive.”
Inner drive puts you in the driver’s seat. It gets you where you want to go.
To others it looks as if you are expending a great deal of energy, as if you have an
overactive thyroid. Only you are “in” on the secret.


Remember Disraeli’s words of wisdom: “The secret to success is constancy to purpose.”

Study your Master Mystic Key and realize the similarity between computerized missiles
and the subconscious mind.
Set your goal—the target—and let Hypno-Cybernetics project you right to it!
Reconsider all that you have been taught about pretending and remember: Pretending
plus occult and mystic power equals SUCCESS!
Review the three steps of Imagination-Behavior-Forming of Habits. Become conscious of
this Mind Power.
As edited by Joshua Clayton, originally written by Sidney Petrie, Robert B. Stone and Theodor Laurence.

Begin using your new power of Hypno-Cybernetics by applying and using actively all the
steps mentioned in this paper.
Study and practice Petrie and Stone’s six-step program for success-building through H-C.