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The symposium will have ONLY poster sessions
preceded by invited lectures from eminent
researchers.Selected posters in a given session will
be called for short presentations.The symposium
will cover the following areas of specialisation:
• Advanced Materials (Bio, Energy, Functional,
Nano, Smart and Composite Materials)
• Computational Materials Science and Engineering

Registration Fee
Participants from India/SAARC Countries: Rs. 3000
Overseas Participants:

US$ 250

Detailed information on registration and payment
methods areavailable on the symposium website. The
registration fee includes the conference material,
lunch, dinner and refreshment.

International Symposium for
Research Scholars
Metallurgy, Materials
Science & Engineering


• Mechanical Behaviour of Materials
• Solidification, Phase Transformations and
Materials Processing (Joining, Forming, Casting, and
other Processes)
• Surface Engineering & Environmental Degradation
• Texture & Advanced Materials Characterization

Materials Quiz and Metallography Contest
ISRS 2016 will have a Materials Quiz competition and
Metallography Contest in optical and electron microscopy category.


Important Dates
Abstract submission
: July 15, 2016
Intimation of abstract acceptance: August 15, 2016

Limited accommodation in hostels is available for
participants on payment basis. More details will be
available on the website.


Murty BS

Kamaraj M
Subramanya Sarma V


Murugaiyan A

Intending participants must pre-register and then
upload abstracts on the website: http://mme.iitm.

Department of Metallurgical and
Materials Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Chennai 600036

A souvenir will be brought out on the symposium,
giving details of the programme, abstracts, list of
sponsors and advertisements.Sponsorship details and
the advertisement rates are available at the symposium website.

Venue: IC & SR
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Chennai, India

For further details contact:

Best posters in each session and best metallographs
will be awarded.


December 21-23, 2016


Phone: +91-9884223963
(Secretary:Nandha Kumar E)

Organised by

Department of Metallurgical and Materials
Engineering, IIT Madras
In association with

IIM Chennai Chapter
Material Advantage Chapter of IIT Madras
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Students’ Association (METSA)

IITM Co-Convener Subramanya Sarma V. which can help in improving their quality of research. MME. MME. MME. Bangalore Local Organizing Committee Chairman Murty BS. MME. Nagaoka University of Technology. IITM . IITM Sankaran S. These will inspire the research scholars with an exposure to a variety of topics and provide opportunity for discussions with stalwarts in materials research. IIT Madras is committed to providing a world class education to its students and ISRS-2016 serves the educational experience of research scholars by providing them with a world class. IITM Parasuraman Swaminathan. MME. The Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (MME). Nagaoka Peter DHodgson. Materials Science & Engineering(ISRS-2016) is devoted solely to research scholars so that they can interact with their peers from all over the world and exchange research ideas. IITM Anand Krishna Kanjarla. Germany Indranil Manna. IITM Sampath Kumar TS. IITM Sreeram K Kalpathy. IITM Bhattacharya SS. Hyderabad Sanjay Chandra. MME. Bangalore Dipankar Banerjee. IITM Manas Mukherjee. The first session of ISRS-2016 will be focused on the theme of Surface Engineering. MME. MME. IITM Ravi Sankar Kottada. MME. Jamshedpur Sharma S C. IITM Balasubramanian M. Tata Steel. Tube Investments Okazaki M. MME. In 2004. IITM Sundararajan G.MME. IITM Members Ajay Kumar Shukla. IIT Madras in association with IIM Chennai chapter. MME.IITM Nandha Kumar E. Chennai Ravi Ravindaran C. Bangalore Hahn H. pursuing their Doctoral/ Master’s Degree (Research) are invited to present their original work and participate in ISRS-2016. MME. Kalyani Carpenter Special Steels Ltd Dheepa Srinivasan. USA Balasubramanian V. IIT Madras Ashutosh Sharma.Preamble Development of communication and analytical skills as wellas exchange of ideas and interaction among research scholars are an integral part of training in the research programme of every institute. ISRS-2016 is the 7th in the series of international symposia. international forum to exchange and enhance their research ideas. Kalpakkam Manoj Gupta. MME. This year’s symposium. including scientists from various laboratories and industries. NUS. MME. IITM Ganesh Sundara Raman S. IIT Kanpur KamachiMudali U. MME. MME. MME. IITM Ranjit Bauri. MME. MME. MME. MME. MME. Keynote lectures by experts will be an added attraction of ISRS-2016. MME. Australia Rao. International Symposium for Research Scholars on Metallurgy. IGCAR. a threeday event in the academic and serene environs of IIT Madras.Bangalore Rama Rao P. ARCI. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. IITM Janaki Ram GD. IITM Sampath V. Deakin University. Sundaram Clayton. Patrons Bhaskar Ramamurthi. IITM Hari Kumar KC. IITM Prathap Haridoss. MME. MME. IITM Phanikumar G. National Symposium for Research Scholars (NSRS) on Materials Science and Engineering since1996. MME. has been organizing the biennial symposia. Research scholars. ISRS-2016 aims at achieving these objectives and provides a unique forum for research scholars from all over the world to broaden their perspective by increasing their awareness of diverse areas of research worldwide. IISc. CPRI. The pre-requisite for participation in ISRS-2016 is that the participant should be currently pursuing a research-based degree. Hyderabad Advisory Committee Ajayan PM. MME. New Delhi Baldev Raj. Head. MME. MME. IITM Somnath Bhattacharyya. it has been elevated to International Symposium for Research Scholars (ISRS). MME. IITM Uday Chakkingal. IITM Sabita Sarkar. The present symposium. and we earnestly hope that it will be a great success in bringing more research scholars together. Canada Samir V Kamat. DMRL. IITM Tiju Thomas. Singapore Natarajan R. IITM Secretaries Guruvidyathri K. TVLN. MME. IITM Sundararaman M. IITM Ravikumar NV. NIAS. analytical and presentation skills. GE. Trivandrum Sundararajan J. IITM Srinivasa Rao Bakshi. IITM Convener Kamaraj M. MME. IITM Lakshman Neelakantan. IITM Murugaiyan Amirthalingam. Rice University. Ryerson University. IITM Treasurer Murugaiyan A. DST. VSSC.