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Sunday, July 10, 2016

9:30 AM Sunday School classes for all ages
10:20 AM - Worship and Celebration of Our Lord
Nursery duty: Today
Nursery next week

This Week!
July 10 - Ben Hovda
July 11- Larry Pryor
July 13 Sandi Straubel
July 15 Jody Hovda
July 16 Becky Small, Matt Miller

2:00 PM TodayGardner Nursing Home

6:00 PM
"Five Wise, Five Foolish" Matthew 25:1--13

July Ushers
Allen Duff ~ Marlin Hosterttler ~ Stacy Sherman
Requests Continued:
Bill & Gladys Belyea continue to need prayer

Beth salvation
Leta Carson- lifetime feeding tube needs healing and prayer
Herschel Conlogue home recovering having pain
Mike Deschaine- needs prayer
Mike Filion -- surgery went well
Charles Fore -- failing health
Denise Glidden -- fluid on brain and joints loose (43) injuries just from sneezing -needs prayer
Priscilla Green -- stroke, needing tests
Rob Henderson doing well; appreciates prayer
Athalie Hersey - just needs prayer
Kendall Homchuck - appreciates prayer
Marlin Hostetler's Uncle Jonas Rabor - stint, pneumonia, pace maker
Carl Hutchinson(Monticello) needs prayer
Bobby Kelley's father
Wendell Lynds second surgery. Healing is slow
Jacob Malone -- another surgery Tues. for torn Retina long difficult summer for this
young man and his family
KenMcAfee -- Parkinson's needs prayer
Becky Miller - unspoken request
Henry Monarca -- appointment for seizures
Sam (friend of Bobby Kelley needs the Lord)
Lillian Sewell not doing well..needs prayer
Kim Small's mother Joan Hayes - stroke in Nebraska
Mabel Walton (Susan Nasons Mom) pneumonia
Mary Woodworth stroke cards much
appreciated starting
Garth Wotton needs

Thank You Lord

for answered


July 12 - 7:00PM Prayer meeting - Bible study -- 30 Life Principles by

Charles Stanley #12 "Peace with God is the Fruit of oneness with God" Psalm 4:8 Part 2

Carl Adams -- diagnosed with cancer (Oakfield)

Dan Barrows cancer friend of Jason Monarca recovering in Boston

Karen Burtt no cancer at this time, home, please continue to pray that this
Judy Cameron -- lung cancer
Becky Caron Non-Hodgkins lymphoma
Rick Cote- diagnosed w/Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
Max Hogan -- Throat Cancer
Tammy Landry recently diagnosed with cancer.
Sharon Merrill (Shannon Marshall's mother) palliative care family appreciates
prayer David has gone to Kentucky
Liz Nelson stage four breast cancer- has 5 young children
Jay Reed esophageal cancer; needs Prayer
Joel Voisine back on Chemo. needs prayer not able to leave home
and no one able to come due to lack of immune system
Addie Woods- 15 yr. old\ with Leukemia had to go back to Boston last week.
New Christians in our Church family growth
2 Unspoken Requests
Planned Parenthood A Christian
Our Nation, President, Government
Pray for the many unable to be here to
upcoming elections
Arlene Howe - Madigan House
Our Sunday School and Youth program
Arthur Howell - Madigan Nursing Home
Dallas shooting victims.
James Melville Madigan Estates
Don Davis -TAMC

Wed. July
Thurs July

14 - 8:00 - 4:00 - cleaning day at His Resting Arms. Please

bring a friend or two, your cleaning material and pick a room or area to clean.
Having 2 large buildings is too much for 1 person to do, but working together
can get the job done quickly. Come anytime between the hours of8:00 am
and 4:00 pm at your convenience.



15 - 7:00 PM County Road Baptist, The Keffers


Looking Ahead

~ July 18 July 24 ~
Mon. July
Tue. July
Wed. July
Thurs. July
Sat. July
Sun. July

19 - 7:00PM Prayer meeting - Bible study
22 - 7:00 PM Concert in the Houlton Park - DownEast Boys

Mon. Fri Aug 1--5CEF Wilderness Day Camp9 am--3 pm at Zimmerman's in
Smyrna (Registration Forms in the entry). Cost $20.00
Sun. Aug. 7 10:20 AM Service David Mumford will be in Concert.
Sun. Aug. 7 - 6:30 PM-- Haitian Children's Choir at Church on the Hill,
Military Street Baptist Church
Sat. Sept. 24 3:00 PM - The Martins Concert in Houlton Tickets can be purchased
at the GHCA office

This Week
~ July 10 July 17 ~
July 1015 Flight Camp at Baptist Park Ages 1418 Cost is $450.00 (See Brochure
Mon. July 11
July 126:00 PM Deacon's Meeting

Pray for those Serving in the Military

Karri Bennet
Justin Bither
Jon Corey
David Carpenter

Harold Maker
Josh McNinch

Branin Marshall

Willis Nason

Aaron Diggens
Jason Fore
Nathan Hayward
Tommy Hannigan
Pat Hughes
Marshall Holland
Adam Fitzpatrick
Drew Lufkin
Zach Straubel

Michael Weaver

Jason Plourde
Jesse Nelson
Nick Quint
John Shrout
Nick Sperry
Richard Stairs
Ben Straubel
Isaiah Straubel
Sean Whitehouse

American Baptist Missionaries

International assigned to Maine
Mrs. Ann & Dr. Bill Clemmer-Juba, Southern Sudan
Ms. Kristy D. Engel- Dominican Republic
Rev. Charles & Mrs. Ruth Fox-Thailand
Mrs. Nora & Mr. Pieter Kalkman-Czech Republic
Rev. Dr. Daniel & Mrs. Sarah Chetti
Rev. Dr. Neunga Mabudiga & Mrs. Kihomi Nqwemi
Rev. Catherine L. Ripley-Thailand
Mrs. Marilyn Raatz - Africa
Rev. Dr. Stanley Slade Global consultant
National assigned to Maine
Neighborhood Action/Christian Center
Rev. Apolinaris Yamina- Rebecca Sands

Mang Sonna

From Pastor Steve

Thank YouTree House Vacation Bible SchoolVolunteers. Great job Randy and
Kara Wright, Sandra Duff , Patty Harris, Tabatha Tuttle, Sara Deveau, Heather and
Grace Johnson, Rondise Watson and Jordan Hostetler.

1. July
Camp at Baptist Park Ages 1418 Cost is $450.00 (See Brochure)Sun. Tues. Sept
25--28 "Evangelistic Meetings with Evangelist and Musician Ed Sealey"
2. Aug. 7 10:20 AM Service David Mumford will be in Concert.
3. August 1--5thCEF Wilderness Day Camp 9 am--3 pm at Zimmerman's in Smyrna (Registration
Forms in the entry). .
4.. September 11th 6:00 PM "Tony Casey and the Worship Team from Bethel Penticostal Church in Oakfield" in
5. November 14--21Operation Christmas Child "Shoebox" Collection

6. . April VacationMission TripApril 14--23 2017to Collegio Moriah in SanPedro de Marcois in

Dominican Republic is being planned by First Baptist Church in Houlton. Missionaries Tanis and Esther
Delerous will be meeting with our churches while here in Houlton and answering questions about their

NEW HOME MISSION BackPacks for Kids

K2 grade. Please see Keith Nason Volunteer Needed to teach Sunday School
His Resting Arms needs MENTORS - Wish Listfor Resting Arms Ministry (207) 463-2126 Needs: PEOPLE!! Director, house parents, weekend coverage,
evening staff, project directors and workers.
Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are work days. Projects currently needing help: Gardening, Spring washing
curtains, Cleaning, Organizing storage rooms (clothing, bedding etc.), Grant writer -Sat. & Sun. afternoons and
evenings are free times. Volunteers could teach: Wood cutting, Fly tying, RAM could use sports equipment such as
basketball hoop and ball, volleyball equipment, canoes, life jackets, etc.
Contact Becky Miller cell phone: 207-538-6189 if able to serve in any capacity

"Shoes That Grow" shoes and more info in foyer

Baptist Park Camp Brochures on the table in the entry

"Open Church for Kids"

July 3, 10, 17,24 Sunday Mornings Worship Service
will be geared to Children giving Junior Church Workers a Break.


are the apple of Gods eye,

And the core,
Of Life

United Baptist Church of Littleton

2016 Mission Assignments
Our Own Hovda Family
Resting Arms Ministry
Strong Tower Orphanage

Lois Clark-Senegal
Alex Burgoin & Family-CEF Missionary

~ July 10, 2016 ~

Welcome and Announcements

Joyful Giving of Tithes & Offerings

Praise & Adoration
Hymn #540 "My Hope Is In the Lord"

Morning Message

"God's Promise of Hope"

John 1:19-34

Hymn #444 "I Love to Tell the Story"

United Baptist Church of Littleton

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