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Installing Photoshop 7.

(Tested in the XP 401 build and the CDHQ_XP build)

1. Log on as a user with local admin access.

2. Double click on the file located in \\hqappmon2\software\Adobe PhotoShop
7.0\Photoshop named Setup.exe
3. Click Next

4. Click OK

5. Click Next

6. Click Accept

7. Fill out the first name as CCJ2, last name as USCENTCOM and serial number as

8. Click Yes

9. Click Next

10. Click Next

11. Click Next

12. Unclick Display Photoshop ReadMe file then click Finish

13. Click OK

14. Drag and drop the Adobe Photoshop icon and the Adobe ImageReady icon from
Start>All programs to Start>All programs>Office Automation
15. Adobe Photoshop is now installed and ready to be used.