MindTree Case Study

Company Profile
Mindtree is a global information technology solutions
company with revenues of over USD 400 million.
Mindtree's consulting-driven approach makes it a
strategic partner to over 40 Fortune 500 enterprises.
More details:
 Employs 11,000 experts to engineer meaningful
technology solutions to help businesses and
societies flourish.

Mindtree's ability to devise solutions is equally
matched by their ability to execute. Their market
differentiation stems from a unique balance of
human perspective with deep strategic thinking.

Business Challenges

Large number of customer contracts (MSA/SOW)
spread globally
Essentially contracts created and managed on a
manual process across business units making it
Difficult to abstract, track and manage contract
commitments, expiries, contract milestones.
Contractual obligations were people dependent and
not captured on any system leading to
instances of non-compliance, audit comments
whenever there was a people failure or change

Difficult to control and manage a distributed
contracting operation leading to potential
contracting risks, particularly third party contracts
No central repository of contracts and related
information. Difficult to trace a contract or its
related information resulting in reduced ability to
do analysis and prepare for renewal negotiations.
Difficult to get visibility into non-standard clauses
signed on third party MSA documents, critical to
assess the overall risk

Icertis Contract Management system was designed and
implemented to meet MindTree’s unique contract
management challenges. The system covered all the
contracts in business across all business units globally.
Icertis Contract Management system for MindTree
included Contract Setup, Approval Rules Engine,
Contract Negotiation, Contract Execution, Contract

Visibility & Alerts. on-premises and hybrid options to ensure that diverse requirements for cost. The products have flexible deployment models – oncloud. leveraging prefabricated frameworks and adapters and modules to integrate data from multiple locations. KPI Dashboard and Reporting. Icertis products and solutions are deployed in multiple Fortune 500 companies and have received great reviews from both users and analysts alike. compliance. Client Testimonial Rajesh Narang Vice President – Legal & Company Secretary MindTree Icertis unique approach to building software is evident in its Contract Management product. project creation Dashboard reporting. ubiquity. and easy-to-use applications. The system has significantly improved MindTree’s contract management capability with some key benefits highlighted below   Over 40% improvement in contract turnaround times leading to substantial productivity improvements and most importantly ability to shorten the order to cash cycles System delivered tremendous value to MindTree through cost reduction. Dashboard visibility Searchable centralized repository of all contracts and supporting documentation Benefits MindTree selected Icertis Contract Management solution based on its end-to-end functionality.  Some of the key solution features delivered to meet the business challenges are as below -           Automated end-to-end process for template based as well as third party contracts Approval rules engine to ensure contracts getting reviewed as per organizational policies Abstract all contract commitments and assign owners. Roles Based Access. and security are met. compliance and timely revenue recognition  Ensured 100% compliance to contractual obligations on a consistent basis by bringing in the obligations on the system Ensured timely contract renewals which resulted in a positive impact on revenue recognition Improved collaboration and visibility between different functions Integrated processes for invoicing accuracy About Icertis Icertis is the leading provider of enterprise solutions in the Microsoft Cloud. Icertis’ product suite includes comprehensive ERP-surround solutions for contract lifecycle management and transportation management. ease of use. The company’s cloud-native products and services address specific enterprise business needs by fully leveraging the cloud’s elasticity.Repository. escalate if missed deadlines. and availability. notifications on key milestones – expiries. Managing complex contracts across all our business units and getting one single view of various . and quick time to deployment. Icertis’ cloud-native services help customers build innovative. secure. This ensured contractual obligations are captured and assigned to owners with the system driving alerts and visibility to actionable from business System enables tracking deviations and routing for approvals based on nature of deviation leading to better control Abstract non-standard clauses from executed contracts to deliver search and reporting capability to enable risk assessment and review of contracting policies Integrate to SAP for contract checks on invoicing.

© Icertis 2013 . and quick time to deployment. ease of use. Their product will help take our contract management processes to the next level All rights are reserved.contracts was very important to us MindTree selected Icertis Contract Management solution based on its endto-end functionality.

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