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1.Difference between telephony and telegraphy. Phony is hearing voice related graphy is
2.What is spectrum. Spectrum is group of consecutive frequencies.
3.Classification of bearing and position.
4.What is the difference between aircraft and aeroplane.
5.Why NM is used in aviation why not KM etc.
6.What is DATIS?What are the DATIS Frequencies of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai?
7.What are Locator Indicators? Locator indicator of Mumbai Delhi Kolkata Chennai, Bhatinda?
8.What is difference between Altitude, Height and Elevation, Flight Level?
9.What is Difference between Aeroplane and Aircraft?
1.What is Difference between BREAK and BREAK BREAK?
1.Lat Long of India extent.
2.Cancellation of message Kashyap page 34
3.Transition level and transition layer.
4.Full form of RTR A. what are the restrictions.
6.ICAO Annexe
7.Forces acting on an aircraft. Bournaulis Principal
1.What is Skip Distance and Dead Zone?
2.What is HF and VHF and their frequency range?
3.What r primary and secondary frequency, why are they used?
4.Give some primary and secondary frequency?
5.Skip distance and dead space.
6.Why NDB is called non-directional why not omni-directional?
7.What is EIRC.
8.What is Gain in an antenna?
9.What is SELCAL?
1.What are day and night Frequencies?
1.If Freq is 100 MHz,what is wavelength?
2.What is self radiating Mast.
3.Does speed of light varies in vacuum and in other media like air.
4.Decibel dB= 10* log watt so 100 watt is 10 * log 100 that is 10*2 = 20
5.Simplex, Duplex. Is mobile Duplex. Yes.
6.What are the types of modulation. Why is modulation done.
7.What is emission designator. What is 2 in A2A.
8.What is suppressed carrier.