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TITLE: Texting: Its Not Just a Danger on the Road


A. Attention Getter: (Statement to wake the audience up / make sure they are listening!)
You may be aware of the dangers of texting while driving a motor vehicle but I bet you havent
thought about the dangers of criminals having access to text messages on cell phones.

B. Thesis Statement: (Tell listeners what action you want them to take - OR - how you want
them to think.)
For your safety, the safety of your children, family and friends you need to be aware of how
criminals outsmart the police by the use of texting.

Transition Sentence: (Connect your introduction with the body of the speech)
When one thinks of email or texting it is normal to think of the issue of cyber-bullying but few
people are likely aware that texting is used by gangs and other criminals to decrease their
chances of being overheard on the phone while in the midst of committing a violent crime.

A. Explanation of technology/media: (Tell us about the technology or media you have
chosen. Do not assume everyone knows what it is. What is it? How does it work? When was it
invented? Who invented it? Why did they invent it? What needs did it fill?)
The concept of the SMS (Short Messaging Service) was created in 1985 for business use and
commercial Mobile to mobile use of text messaging didnt begin until 1994. With the
convenience of texting it has also sped up a gangs ability to outsmart police.


When officials realized that texting was used by gangs and criminals it became evident that we
must do something to combat increased violence.

B. Explanation of how it has impacted or changed communication: (Give listeners a an

understanding of why your topic is important and how it has changed the way we
i. EXAMPLE 1 The first thing that you should understand is that you may be more vulnerable in places you felt
were secure. For example, gang violence has occurred outside zoos and public places that
large numbers of people visiting bringing their small children. They are able to text each other
and avoid police.
ii. EXAMPLE 2Gangs may also use texting to gain instruction from members visited in prison using code
Texting speeds up violence and this is what you must do to keep yourself safe.

C. Examples of why it is significant in todays society: (Tell listeners why your technology
is important and why they should use it or why it should be adopted by a particular group,
business or institution.)
i. EXAMPLE 1 Texting is a significant form of communicating in a fast non-discreet way. Effective May 14, 2014
all 4 major cell phone carriers began offering Text-to-911 where you can text rather than call
911. Be sure to check it out in your area as it is a massive endeavor and counties are
responding as quickly as they can.
ii. EXAMPLE 2In San Diego, Lt. Keith Lucas has a text based gang reporting system where people reporting
gang violence have no fear of retaliation, the number one reason people dont report such
iii. EXAMPLE 3 Check out cell phone apps designed specifically for emergency situations. Be sure to keep your
gps setting to on when you are out. One app called TeXTe allows you to set up a code word and
will alert phones even if they have the ringer turned off. There are many different apps that with
the push of a button alert police to your location using your phones gps.

SIGNAL THE WRAP UP: (Connect the body of your speech with the conclusion)
Now that you know that criminals use texting to their advantage, be sure to alert others to the
dangers of texting and to the resolutions talked about in this video.

A. Summary:

B. Memorable Ending:

C. Thank Audience for Listening

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