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Notice of Intention to File Criminal Complaint ! ! Global Conservation, LLC ! a Wisconsin

Notice of Intention to File Criminal Complaint !


Global Conservation, LLC !


Wisconsin corporation !

Against !

Caldron Falls Bar & Grill


July 12, 2016 !

a Wisconsin corporation ! ! ! ! Pursuant to Wis. Stat § 968.02(3), the Petitioners
Wisconsin corporation !
Pursuant to Wis. Stat § 968.02(3), the Petitioners will move the Circuit Judge to permit
the filing of a complaint against the Defendant, Caldron Falls Bar and Grill in Marinette County,
Wisconsin (hereinafter “Caldron”). !
On July 23, 2016, Caldron is scheduled to host a “pig wrestling” contest. The event is
sanctioned by the restaurant and participated in by its customers. This event, as set forth in
detail below, violates Wisconsin law. !
On June 21, 2016 and June 23, 2016, Global Conservation Group (hereinafter “GCG”)
asked Marinette State’s Attorney Allen Brey to proceed with charges against Caldron and its
participants for willful and knowing violation of Wis. Stat. § 951.02 and 951.08. GCG provided
the State’s Attorney with evidence to prove such conduct will take place with warranted
prosecution. They also asked for his response to either pursue the charges or not to pursue so
as to allow this proceeding to go forward by July 12, 2016. To date the State’s Attorney has
failed to respond. !
The State’s Attorney’s inaction allows Caldron and all of its customers who will
participate in this event to potentially continue to physically and cruelly abuse animals and
insight animal fighting without fear of prosecution. This is harmful to the morals of the Wisconsin
community, as determined by the legislature. There is probable cause to believe that Caldron
has committed and will commit an offense and the district attorney has refused to issue a
complaint. When these two thresholds are met, a Circuit Judge may permit the filing of a
complaint, Wis. Stat. § 968.02(3).!
The conduct in question which violates Wis. Stat. § 951.02 and Wis. Stat. 951.08,
constitutes the willful, wanton and intentional disregard of the law. Caldron’s well-publicized “pig
wrestling” contest may sound like “a good time,” however for the dozens of animals abused and
killed it is anything but. Wisconsin Chapter 951 defines Crimes Against Animals. Wis. Stat.
§951.02, entitled Mistreating Animals, provides in full: “No person may treat any animal, whether
belonging to the person or another, in a cruel manner.” Wis. Stat. § 951.08(1), entitled
Instigating Fights Between Animals, provides in relevant part: “No person may intentionally,

instigate, promote, aid or abet as a principal, agent or employee, in earnings from…[a] fight between the same or different kinds of animals or between an animal and a person.!

In video showing previous years’ “pig wrestling” contests at Caldron, the following acts were observed: !


Some of the pigs that were forced to participate ran right beck to the gate separating them from the pen containing the rest of the pigs. The animals can be seen desperately lunging at the gate trying to rejoin the rest of the pigs and escape the abuse of the humans. !


When attempting to lift the pig, participants dragged the pig against harsh fencing materials. Some of the pigs had noticeable injuries following the matches that could have been caused by this. !


Adult men and teenage boys repeatedly body-slammed on the pigs back causing the animal’s legs to buckle. In some instances, audible noise can be heard from the body weight coming down fully onto the pigs and the pigs vocalizing. !


Often during the struggle, the pigs’ heads would be forced down into the muddy water making it impossible for them to breathe. Pigs were repeatedly hoisted into the air and dropped. Teams that accomplished the goal of getting the pig on or in the barrel let the pig fall from the top rather than easing the pig back onto the ground. !


To prevent the pig from running away, adults on numerous occasions grabbed the pig’s legs and forcefully pulled them. Some pigs can be seen limping away from its pursuers. !


Throughout every match each pig was loudly vocalizing their distress in a loud manner. When returned to their holding pen with the other pigs this vocalization ceased. !


Many of the pigs were seen breathing through their mouths and appearing to hyperventilate. !

Caldron’s representatives admit and boast the event has been taking place “for decades now.” They also state on its website, “The whole thing ends up being a tremendous amount of fun.” As such, it is clear they were well aware of the very conduct and its effects outlined directly above. Caldron appears to have an “above-the-law” attitude when it comes to the treatment of animals and complying with animal fighting statutes. !

There is clearly probable cause to believe that intentional violations occurred.

! “Intentionally” means “that the actor either has a purpose to do the thing or cause the result specified, or is aware that his or her conduct is practically certain to cause that result.” Wis. Stat. § 939.23. !

The actual “pig wrestling” contest is set to take place on July 23, 2016 in violation of state law and despite being made aware of state law. The event will take place in Marinette County, Wisconsin. Global Conservation Group will host a protest during the event at 1:00pm (central time) W12326 Parkway Road, Twin Bridge, Wisconsin 54114 (Park and protest alongside Parkway Road). Global Conservation Group is deeply concerned about the safety and well-being of the protesters as Caldron representatives have indicated that they will physically assault any protesters who show up. Because of that, GCG will have security officers on scene to protect the protesters. GCG will also request the presence of state police. While not confirmed, the local sheriff’s department and certainly the District Attorney’s Office has an interest in protecting Caldron for political reasons. For those reasons, GCG’s general counsel’s office will also be heavily involved in protecting the protesters from unlawful aggression from local law enforcement. !

! GCG’s petition calling on the cancelation of the event has 36,049 signatures. That petition
GCG’s petition calling on the cancelation of the event has 36,049 signatures. That
petition can be found here:
If the event moves forward as planned, Global Conservation Group will pursue
significant legal ramifications against those responsible for the event. This includes, but is not
limited to, the filing of felony criminal animal fighting and animal mistreatment charges. Child
endangerment and health/safety charges may also be filed. !
Similarly, Global Conservation Group filed criminal charges against St. Patrick’s Parish in
Stephensville, Wisconsin over the same exact activity. As a direct result, the 40-year tradition
ended and no more animals are used during their annual events. !

! Steven R. Penn, General Counsel’s Office ! Global Conservation, LLC