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Tourism industry of United States is highly lucrative for country as millions of tourists
used to be served with greater value. However, thousands of international tourists
normally visit USA to watch historical landmarks, natural wonders, thousands of
recreational points, and world’s famous venues. Tourism is that industry, which used to
be flourished on the basis of strong cultural grounds, and historical evidence of that
specific nation. After the transportation revolution, tourism industry has been started to
watch its peak, and it was the time period, when USA was supposed the preferable area to
spend holidays, and recreational program. After the occurrence of historical brutal
incident 19/11, tourism industry got slump in its annual revenues due to certain genuine
causes. On ground reality, tourism industry have not ebbed its revenue curve only
because of tourist attacks or security reasons. Hence, there are some other valid reasons
behind the crisis of this industry. There is no doubt about it that brutal tourist attacks of
9/11 caused three thousand causalities, and this was not enough. Travel agencies and
hotel received thousands of cancellations across the whole world. However, before 9/11
USA used to receive nine million tourists each year but after this incident, the number
reduced to five million, which was 45% reduction of total tourists. USA companies had
to bear the estimated loss of seven hundred million dollar. Federal government of USA
gave relief to their countrymen, which was in segregation of 10 billion and 5 billion, and
was given to national airlines in order to pull them out of crisis situation. (Solar Energy
Charity (2010))

Hazard and vulnerability analysis:

Following method is the appropriate indicative of emergency management techniques,
and the suitability of that particular technique in any situation. Hazard and vulnerability
analysis is modernizing methodology of disaster management. Tourism industry of USA
had been crimpled down, and chances were lesser for revival of this sector. Government
rescued it, and enabled it once again to take stand to run its daily chores. We need to put
glance on the list of hazards as well as on vulnerability. As far as hazards are concerned,
tourism industry had to bear up political pressure, economical pressure, and excessive
threats from further terrorist activities. (Susan B. Mclaughlin, p1, 2001) However, pre-
indicators of crushing tourism industry were probably cold war amid two blocks of the
world. This started crushing the economies, and directly impacted on fragmented
industries. Hence, environmental factors were emergent reason behind it. Emission of
carbon dioxide was becoming a crucial reason, and couldn’t be taken under control. US
industry used to mix thousands of cubic meter into air on daily basis, and there is no as
such remedy available to reduce its level rather to stop manufacturing high carbon
emission products. Vulnerability relates to consequences of discussed hazards.
Environmental indicators are basically fatal in nature, and they can be avoided via
employing emergency management toolkit. News media and commercial media can be
used to make people aware about environmental uncertainties. It is beyond the country of
human beings as they can plan only to keep them save from such nasty outcomes. As far
as vulnerability of politics is concerned, political interests normally some time give
benefit, and some times it used to take situation in loss. New York administration never
wishes it again to be attacked once again. Therefore, it is better for them to suggest to
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federal government that they should pay deep attention on security matters. Federal
government is expected to rise up economic activity by empowering small scale tourism
agencies, and there should a complete set of corporate governance reforms for them.
Government should give tax levies to travel agencies, and should invest on infrastructure.
So, that tourist can realize it as land of heaven. (Drought Mitigation Center, p1, 2010))

Planning step:
New York administration can take maximum benefit out of hazard and vulnerability
analysis. There are numerous techniques available under the rhetoric of emergency
management such as mitigation, preparedness, recovery plan, and response criteria.
Mitigation is difficult and time consuming effort. Rescuers can plan for longer time frame
via employing following technique. Mitigation strategies can help New York
administration to plan the things before its happening. For such reason, it is mandatory to
install full proof security system, and a team of expert should be hired to formulate
political strategies. On other hand, economic variables are supposed to be vital in any
case. For instance, gross domestic product, inflation rate, gross national product, external
debt, local exports, and imports. On other hand, it is perhaps mandatory to take inter bank
rate, tax rate, and income tax rate as well. In order to formulate a perfect piece of
planning paper, it is expected to include projected tourist behavior. Whole world has been
scrunched down by world economic crisis. However, people have lost their purchasing
power, and nobody desires to enhance its expenditure.
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