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ZZU 192 Workshop practice II

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Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering Workshop (8 weeeks)

Objective: To familiarize with the basic practices in Mechining, Fitting, Welding,

Carpentry, Sheet Metal, Forging and Foundry.
[Total of 8 classes, each of three hours douration]

1. 1. Machine Shop
Basic exercise involving operations like facing and straight turning on lathe.
Demonstration of other operations
2. Fitting and welding.
Exercises on Bench work involving marking, cutting and filing; Edge preparation of
welded joints and welding.
3. Carpentry & Sheet Metal.
Exercise on carpentry joints; Cutting, bending, forming by development and joining of
sheet metal components – Demonstration of wood working and sheet metal working
4. Foundry and Smithy.
Exercise involving making of mould for simple object; Exercise on hand forging of
simple component. Study of Patterns, Moulding boxes and furnaces.

Study of the various tools and equipment used in defferent sections and their applications
is supplemented through the printed materials provided to the student.

During the practices, the student is exposed to the use of various power operated hand
tools and Measuring devices also.

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2. 2. Welding Handbook. 8th Edition. 3 vols & 7th Edition. 5 vols, Miami, American
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Syllabus for Electronics Engineering Workshop (4 weeks)

1. a. Familiarization of electronic components colour code , multimeters.

b. b. Bread board assembling - Common emitter amplifier

2. 2. a. Study of soldering components, solders, tools, heat sink.

b. Bread board assembling – phase shift oscillator

3. 3. a. Soldering practice - Common emitter amplifier

b. b. Soldering practice - Inverting amplifier circuit

4. 4. a. Study of estimation and costing of soldering –PCB: 3 phase connections

b. Domestic appliances – Wiring PCB, control, Identification of fault: Electronic
Ballast, fan regulator, inverter, UPS etc.
K B Raina & S K Bhattacharya: Electrical Design Estimating and costing, New Age International
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