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Ty vs CA Case Digest

Ty vs. CA
G.R. No. 127406 November 27, 2000
Facts: Edgardo Reyes, private respondent, married to Anna Maria
Villanueva both in a civil and church ceremony respectively.
However, the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court of Quezon
City declared their marriage null and void ab initio for lack of
marriage of license.
Before the decree of was issued in nullifying the marriage of said
spouses, private respondent wed Ofelia Ty, petitioner, in the City
Court of Pasay and thereafter in a church wedding in Makati. Out
of their union bore two daughters. Until private respondent petition
that their marriage be declared null and void for lack of marriage of
license and that at the time they got married, he was still married
to Anna Maria. He stated that at the time he married petitioner the
decree of nullity of his marriage to Anna Maria had not been
Ofelia defended that lack of marriage license in their marriage is
untrue. She submitted the marriage license in court and private
respondent did not question the evidence. However, RTC and CA
affirmed their decision in favor of private respondent.
Issue: Whether or not petitioner may claim damages for failure to
comply with marital obligations of the respondent.
Ruling: There can be no action for damages merely because of a
breach of marital obligation. Supreme Court also viewed that no
damages should be awarded in the present case, but for another
reason. Petitioner wants her marriage to private respondent held
valid and subsisting. She is suing to maintain her status as
legitimate wife. In the same breath, she asks for damages from her

husband for filing a baseless complaint for annulment of their

marriage which caused her mental anguish, anxiety, besmirched
reputation, social humiliation and alienation from her parents.
Should they grant her prayer, they would have a situation where
the husband pays the wife damages from conjugal or common
funds. To do so, would make the application of the law absurd.
Logic, if not common sense, militates against such incongruity.