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Amazon Web Services

Provision, Configure & Manage AWS Resources with
Puppet Enterprise
Manage Complex Clouds with Automation
Automation is critical to the success of any cloud initiative. It takes the value an
organization receives from embracing the cloud to the next level, enabling you to
manage dynamic infrastructure at scale without increasing headcount, while also
making your infrastructure more secure and reliable.
It's easy to spin up new machines in AWS, but a lot harder to ensure those machines
are correctly configured. Puppet Enterprise makes scaling up consistent and
predictable, and provides fault tolerance and high availability for complex cloud

Optimize Your Use of AWS

The Puppet Labs AWS module can be used to provision, configure and manage
AWS resources in a consistent and repeatable manner. You can use it to audit AWS
resources, launch autoscaling groups in VPC, perform unit testing, and more. The
module supports the following AWS services:


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Elastic Load Balancing

Auto Scaling

Security Groups

Route53 DNS

Automating AWS with Puppet Enterprise Demo

Why Puppet Enterprise for Amazon Web Services?
Automation with Puppet Enterprise offers additional benefits, helping to ensure the
consistency of your AWS infrastructure, while future-proofing against changes in your
organization and deployment strategy.
Dev/Test Infrastructure: Deploy non-production workloads in the public cloud, use
only what you need, and then decommission those resources. With Puppet
Enterprise, you can provide templates that closely match the production
environment, so when it comes time to deploy, it's a pain-free event.
Data Center Migrations: As hardware reaches end of life, you are faced with the
decision to reinvest in new hardware and maintain your data center footprint, or
move to the public cloud. Leverage Puppet Enterprise to reuse existing
configurations when migrating your apps to the cloud.
Migrating Production Apps: Take a more methodical approach when moving to the
public cloud by migrating a few mission-critical applications to the cloud first before
looking at other applications. Puppet Enterprise makes this transition seamless.
Hybrid Cloud and Bursting: You turn to the hybrid cloud model so you can burst
into the cloud for additional capacity when demand increases. Thanks to Puppet
Enterprise's abstraction of resources, you know your configurations will easily port
between your hybrid cloud environments.
Greenfield Native Cloud Apps: Build new applications in the cloud to take
advantage of the inherent benefits cloud providers offer, such as scalability, elasticity,
high availability and fault tolerance. Puppet Enterprise enables greenfield native
cloud development by provisioning, configuring and managing your cloud
infrastructure in a consistent and repeatable manner.

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