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Team Members Contact Information

Khoi Dao
Phone: 626-848-3335
Matthew Reyerson
Phone: 443 987 4546
Matthew Smith
Phone: 908-418-7392
Segun Adeniji
Phone: 443-985-9036
Imelda Amaya
Phone: 240-460-6179
Team Mission Statement and Objectives
Our team mission is to create a synergy amongst each other that allow us to perform to the best
of our abilities.
Team Member Mission Statement:
Matthew Reyerson: I will commit to the team to doing everything possible to not only get
an A but to also win the contest.
Segun Adeniji: I will commit to helping the team as best as I possibly can, and aim for
nothing short of an A.
Khoi Dao: I will commit to perform my works better than expected standards in reaching
the teams goals.
Imelda Amaya: I will commit to give my full participation to our group, and aim for an
Matt Smith: I will commit and give my best effort to ensure that our group gets an A.
Our team objectives are to win the contest and earn an A.
Team Projects and Activities
Team Assignment #1 - Team Constitution/Not Again, Never Again (09/28/2015)
Team Assignment #2 - Persuasive - Business Pitch (Writing & Presentation) (10/07/2015)
Team Assignment #3 - Target (Writing & Presentation) (11/30/2015)

Team Member Skills and Knowledge

Khoi Dao: Microsoft Office skills (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), financial analysis, and
Matthew Reyerson: Same Microsoft Suite skills and strong research, organizational and
writing skills.
Segun Adeniji: Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel. These skills would be used to help
the team gather statistics, and also write about the topic.
Imelda: Research, organization and planning skills, to keep all of us on track.
Matt Smith: I would be good at marketing the product to the children and the adults.
Matthew Reyerson: My presentation skills are severely lacking
Segun Adeniji: Im not very creative, so we will depend on creativity from someone else
on the team.
Imelda: Presentation skills and creativity.
Khoi Dao: Im not good at writing.
Matt Smith: I am not a very good writer.
Members class schedule, work schedule, and other significant activities.
Khoi Dao: School Schedule - Mon 11AM - 9:10PM, Wed 11AM - 4:45PM
Work Schedule - Fri/Sat/Sun 4PM - 10PM
Matthew Reyerson: Work Schedule- M/W/F 8am-1pm, T/TH 6am-10am, S/SUN 6am-10am
School Schedule- M/W @ Towson 2pm-4:45 pm, T/TH @ TUNE 11 am- 5pm
Segun Adeniji: School Schedule - MW - 2pm-6:15pm, TU - 9:30am-4:45pm, TH - 9:30am-6pm
Work Schedule - Fri - 8am-6pm, Sat - 8am-2pm
Imelda Amaya: School- MW2:3:15, Tues. 5-6:15
Work/Internship: M/W 8-1, T-10-4, TH-8-5, F-9-2
Matt Smith: M- 6-8:45 T- 9:30- 12:15 wed- 6-7:50 TH- same as T
Dates, Times, Locations for Meetings
Wednesday evenings.
Locations: Library, Open Lab.
Computer Software
Matthew Reyerson: Internet Explorer (PC)
Segun Adeniji: Mac
Imelda: Mac
Khoi Dao: Windows
Matt Smith: Mac
The team will organize, design, and format writing and oral projects by using Google Docs,
PowerPoint, and Prezi.
Teams criteria for evaluating member contribution and performance

Our teams criteria for evaluating team performance are reliability, communication, effort,
analysis, and cooperation.
Unacceptable behaviors
Being late, disrespectful, not putting in work are considered unacceptable behaviors.
Resolving conflict and disputes
We are going to avoid disputes by compromising, and listening to each others ideas. We correct
or dismiss poorly performing team members by giving them a warning, and could possibly be
kicked out after failing to cooperate.
Practice for team presentations
We will practice 2-3 times a week for an hour. We will use open classrooms to practice
Editing team projects
We will all be responsible for editing team projects.
Team Work Self-Assessment
What are your strengths as a team player?
Matthew Reyerson: Hard worker who is always ahead of deadlines and extremely organized
Segun Adeniji: Organized, like doing research, focused, and easy to work with.
Imelda Amaya: Organized and always planning ahead, easy to communicate with.
Khoi Dao: Always be on time, being responsible at work.
What are your personal pitfalls as a team player?
Matthew Reyerson: Being a perfectionist and spending too much time on something when it
didnt need it.
Segun Adeniji: I tend to overthink the objectives.
Imelda Amaya: Ask a lot of questions, like to know every detail.
Khoi Dao: Being anxious about presentation.
How will you work to overcome these pitfalls?
Matthew Reyerson: Realize when something is done well and not trying to change it when not
Segun Adeniji: Try not to overthink, and simplify the objective.
Imelda Amaya: Communicate with one another
Khoi Dao: Try to practice a lot to be more confident.
Whats your biggest pet peeve when it comes to other team members?
Matthew Reyerson: Team members who wait till late in the deadline to do their work.
Segun Adeniji: Team members who procrastinate a lot.
Imelda Amaya: When team members do not communicate.
Khoi Dao: Team members who are irresponsible.

Team Member Mission Statement

I will be on time to every meeting.
I will give my full effort to get an A.
I will be respectful to all team members.
I will not procrastinate on the project.
I will keep in contact with all team members to make sure everything is running smoothly.

We understand that by signing this team constitution, we are agreeing to all of the rules
and regulations listed above.
Khoi Dao - Matthew Reyerson - Matthew Smith - Segun Adeniji - Imelda Amaya
Team Members Signatures