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One Day At A Time Words and music by Marijohn Wilkin and Kris Kristofferson Moderate country waltz C7 He] Do you re- ie Se na eee Se Tm just a wom-an, -mem - ber —______________________ when you walked a - mong men? Help me be-lieve in what I could Well, Je - sus, you know if you're look - ing be- c tte be and all that I am. low, it's worse now than then. Show me te etal = ways ee I have to climb; __ Push- in’ and shov - in', —__________, _ crowd-ing my mind, Lord, for my sake, teach me to So, for my sake, teach me to il CHORUS One take one day_— at 8: amie eee eS take one day at a time. | that's all I'm ‘3G ar eek ing froth yous 2 Se dust give me the strength to c Yes - ter - day's ee Sweet Je - sus, and to- “mor - row may nev - er be le Lord, help _me to - day, show me the way, One day at a nb eee time.