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A Research Proposal Presented to the Administration

And Faculty of the Civil Engineering Program,
St. Marys College of Tagum, Inc.
Tagum City

In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the
Degree of Bachelor Science
In Civil Engineering
Junrie L. Estroque
Keven Q. Bajalla
Harvey John M. Rafuela
Lyda May A. Lugnasin
Alanis Coleen T. Palma
Sweet Emmanlyn L. Enriquez
July 2016

Chapter 1


Background of the Study
One of the most ravage natural disasters that may occur
any time in our life is an earthquake. In Philippines, theres a lot
of causes that an earthquake may happen because we are one of
the countries that surrounds the Pacific ring of fire. It usually
occurs along the fault line due to the moving of the tectonic
plates of the earth and a volcanic eruption may also cause of this
unpredictable phenomena that no one made a device to predict
its devastating outcome. In other countries they already have
their own prototype we must also have our own for us to be
aware of the earthquake that will occur in the future. >>>PLS
In Japan, the strongest earthquake since 2011 strikes
Kumamoto area. The quake struck at 9:26 p.m. at a depth of 11
km (7 miles) near the city of Kumamoto, the Meteorological
Agency said. There was no tsunami risk. Dozens of people
evacuated their homes and gathered outside Mashiki town hall,
sitting on tarps well after midnight. Some wrapped blankets
around their shoulders against the springtime chill. The U.S.
>>>SPELL-OUT Geological Survey measured the initial quakes









assessment to red, meaning extensive damage is probable and

the disaster likely widespread. The quake, which logged the
highest 7 on the Japanese earthquake intensity scale, jolted
Kumamoto at around 9:26 p.m. Approximately 1,800 people in
Mashiki have left their homes and are spending the night in
evacuation zones.
More than 280 people were being treated for injuries at three
hospitals in the city of Kumamoto, hospital officials said.
According to the weather agency, the Kumamoto quake is the
first intensity-7 quake since the Great East Japan Earthquake that
wreaked havoc in the Tohoku region in March 2011. The
Meteorological Agency warned of aftershocks (The Japan Times,
2016). <<<edit please
In Delhi, India a powerful 6.8 magnitude quake on Richter
scale rocked north India including Chandigarh, Kashmir and other
areas in region the initial tremor felt was at 4.01 pm in Delhi.
The earthquake was earlier said to be of 7.1 magnitude.
According to a report, 3 people died due to the quake. The quake
hit not just India, but also Afghanistan, Pakistan and even China.
The temblor had its epicentre in the Hindukush mountain range of

Afghanistan at 36.4 degrees North Latitude and 71.2 degrees

East Longitude. U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reports that
earthquake epicentre was 282 kms NE off Kabul in Afghanistan.
Any quake over 200 km depth has potential to wreak massive
damage on surface, according to experts. Also, however, since
the epicentre was in a sparsely populated area, the damage is
not expected to be widespread or heavy in terms of loss of
human life and destruction to property. Germanys GFZ >>SPELLOUT Research Center for Geosciences set the quakes magnitude
at 6.5 on Richter scale. >>EDIT GRAMMAR PLS
In Pakistan, in all 6 people have been killed two people
died in Buner and Swat areas of KP province, while one died in
Diamer area of Gilgit-Baltistan region, an official of the National
Disaster Management Authority said, and added 28 people were
reported injured in the provincial capital Peshawar alone (The
Financial Express, 2016). >>>EDIT GRAMMAR PLS.
According to CNN (2015), a massive quake caused at least
ninety-nine peoples death and more than two-hundred sixty
injured hit the province of Bohol and Cebu City in October 2015.
However, as to terror and falling debris from the damaged
structures, there were nearly three million of people died. Dozens

of people were missing, and authorities were checking into

reports of people trapped in collapsed buildings in Cebu and
Bohol, the agency reported. Landslides were reported in Cebu,
according to the disaster council, which also reported stampedes
at two venues in that province, as well as damage to a port
terminal, an airport tower, a fish port, a public market, schools,
churches, hospitals, bridges, roads, government buildings and
residences across Bohol, Cebu and outlying areas .
A 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck Bohol damaged their
infrastructure costing hundreds of millions of pesos. Aftershocks
were experienced because of its karst topography. According to
Water Sheds, karst topography is a landscape created by
groundwater dissolving sedimentary rock such as limestone. This
creates land forms such as shafts, tunnels, caves, and sinkholes.
Groundwater seeps into and through these land forms. The result
is a scenic landscape which is beautiful but fragile, and
vulnerable to erosion and pollution. >>>SOURCE?







Seismology (Phivolcs) has again warned of a massive earthquake

that can hit the region. This, after a 4.7 magnitude earthquake hit
Davao City and its environs, with the shaking felt as far as

General Santos and Cotabato City on Nov. 7. Desiderio Cabanlit,

senior analyst of Phivolcs in Southern Mindanao, said based on
2010 findings, new cracks emerged in a large swath of land in the
coastal areas of Mati in Davao Oriental and Surigao del Sur, which
have the potential to unleash an 8.3 magnitude quake. >>>PLS
Due to often occurrence of earthquake in the Philippines, we
were motivated to produce signals that will alarm the people in
the perimeter of St. Marys College of Tagum, Inc. rendering their
attention to evade to safety. Currently there is no existing device
that can do such action with that in mind we are encouraged to
build a prototype that would give signals and alarm the people
around the perimeter to determine what actions are to be taken
when such devastation happens in the future. >>>PLS EDIT
Objectives of the Study
>>>Introductory paragraph stating your aim. SEE
1. To detect the earthquake that may occur on St. Marys
College of Tagum, Inc. and record what intensity arise.

>>REPHRASE pls. SA SMC lang jud mo-occur ang

linog? hmmm
2. To have an alarm so that the people in St. Marys College of
Tagum, Inc. will be aware of the earthquake that may
3. To inform the people of St. Marys College of Tagum, Inc. via
text message and know also what intensity will happen so
that they can prepare if the earthquake is stronger than
they expect.
COMMENT: Pls make your objectives organized.. Unsa
man jud ang unang objective na inyong i-achieve?
Where is your reference page?