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Brielle Worthen




Business Card

16200 Salmon Bay Ct. Bakersfield CA 93314

Web Page
Photo Design
Event Ad

Description: An inspirational montage made by blending three high
quality images together to form a background for the quote.
Process: I began by finding a quote I felt to be meaningful and
inspiring, I then found a background image of mountains and
brought in two different images of the sky, one being bright and
the other displaying a night sky. In Photoshop I masked out the
images and blended them in together.
Audience: For this image I feel the audience would be anyone
seeking out hope, anyone looking for a bit of optimism in their life.
Top Thing Learned: This was an amazing project to work on, I
really enjoyed every aspect of this process and learned how an
image can be enhanced with a little blending and end with some
truly amazing results.

Description: A Tri-Fold brochure based around a original logo
Process: For this project I began by creating a logo one in which
I could design an entire brochure for, once I had my logo created
I then planed the layout of my brochure. Using InDesign I then
gathered my images and began to place my content into the
Audience: I wanted to go very modern with this design, I choose
to target a younger demographic and appeal to their familiarity with
current app formats and image trends.
Top Thing Learned: This project was rather time consuming and
turned out to be a lot more demanding than I had anticipated,
however I enjoyed developing my design and am rather pleased
with the final result. I learned just how helpful InDesign is and how
well it is formated to help get amazing results.

Business Cards
Description: Front and back of business cards personally designed
featuring an original logo.
Process: For this project I began by creating a logo, once I had the
logo created in Illustrator I then placed it into InDesign and began
working with the layout and overall look of the card. I refereed
to other business cards created by others to help me understand
what I felt worked well and what I felt didnt work as well.
Audience: For this design I focused on a younger audience by
using fun bright colors and icons familiar to them.
Top Thing Learned: This was a neat project in the sense that it
allowed me to work with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign hand
in hand, I often switched back and forth between the two
applications making adjustments in order to get my desired design.
Its great to learn these programs and to understand how well they
work together.



Description: Letterhead created based off of logo to match other

stationery projects.
Process: I created the featured logo in Illustrator and then opened
a document in InDesign to create the letterhead. I added certain
elements to help tie in the design and bring forth unity. I also
created the watermark design in Illustrator and brought down the
transparency in InDesign.
Top Thing Learned: I found learning about the power of unity to be
really interesting, branding is such an important tool and can have
major effects on the brand itself as well as the design.

Tiara Worthen Internetainer

Phone: 970.778.2075
Twitter: @TiaraWorthen

Web Page
Description: A web page designed to showcase a personally
designed logo.
Process: I created a web page using only a program called
TextWrangler, I began by learning code, I learned how to create a
web page using HTML. Once my page format was created I then
began designing the page by attaching a CSS document to my
HTML page to create a well designed web page.
Top Thing Learned: This being the first time working with HTML and
CSS, it would be safe to say I learned a lot through this process. It
was really fascinating to learn how all these websites we all use are
created. I never fully understood just how much goes into every
little thing.

Photo Design
Description: A full bleed flier demonstrating photography skills and
design elements as well as color schemes.
Process: I began by thinking of a plan for what I hoped this
project to look like, then I went out and found what I would like
to photograph while keeping in mind a color scheme. Once I got
the picture I spent a lot of time in Photoshop adjusting the levels,
saturation, and sharpness of the image. Once I developed the
image I liked, I added text and design the incorporated the color
scheme I chose.
Top Thing Learned: I learned a lot through this project, I was able to
learn about color schemes and how huge of an impact a certain
color scheme can have on a design.

Description: Original logo design
Process: with many drafts and narrowed them down to three
where I received lot of feedback on how to make it better. I then
constructed a new design based off of the feedback and spent a
lot of time tweaking the logo in Illustrator.
Top Thing Learned: This project taught me a lot about logo design
as well as how to use the tools in Illustrator.




Description: This flier was created to bring attention to the
leadership conference available to graduate seniors.
Process: The first step for creating this design I began by sketching
out ideas for the overall layout of the flier. The next step was
to open up InDesign and begin trying different layouts and to
find what best worked for this message. I kept in mind design
principles such as proximity, typography, contrast of visuals, overall
visual flow, and alignment. I made sure that my font styles were
complementary as well as making sure the flier as a whole tied in
well together.
Top Thing Learned: The top thing I have learned from creating
this flier is how beneficial the critique process is. From recciving
feedback from two separate people I was able to better focus in
on what needed adjusted in my overall design.

Event Ad

Keep The Coast


Description: A full-bleed color event ad to promote a fund raiser

using only Microsoft Word and a scanner.
Process: I scanned the image of the coast and uploaded it to
word. I Then added boxes of colors found in my image to make
the overall ad seem unified. I chose two fonts and shapes to help
focus the attention to the message. Programs I used: Microsoft
Word, Scanner, (PDF converter).


Top Thing Learned: This project was super neat, it challenged me

to create something in Word I would have not otherwise know to
capable. I learned just how much useful Word is and how much it
can do.

June 4th
5400 E Oc ean Blvd
Registration 8A.M .
$ 8.00 Admission Fee

For mor e information, visit