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by Manuelito S. Uy
Beginnings of the museum
Established through the effort of the ex-adviser of Supreme
Pupil Government, Mrs. Aurora Donaire with collaboration of some
history-buff teachers and school personnels to put a mini-museum
in the humble satellite school under the administration of
Catbalogan II District.
Prominent personalities visited during the inauguration
ceremony and opening of the museum. Foremost among them
were Msgr. Vicente Astorga, parish priest of Catbalogan and Atty.
and Mrs. Romualdo Mendiola, known as an antique collector and
Atty. Mendiola was amazed by the collection and
organization of the antiquities and other artifacts housed in the
museum. The museum is themed in four aspects, the local
focuses on the municipal and barangay history, provincial is
centered on the culture and history of Samar province, the
Philipiana hearts the Filipino culture, history and heritage and
the Rizaliana spotlights the life, works and writing of the national
hero the late Dr. Jose P. Rizal.
The antiquities and artifacts was collected by Mrs. Aurora
Donaire and few who have shared their gentleness and donated
some antiques and remains with historical and cultural value.
Famous among these collections was the family portrait in old

photo donated by the Rosales Family. Another was housed also in

the museum is old earthen jars, old utensils tracing its origin from
Spanish and American period and some were old sewing machine,
sungkas, old kitchenwares, huge old wooden pan, and etc.
Mrs. Donaire shared a big contribution in the establishment
of the museum, one of his remarkable and painstaking task was
documenting and compiling the histories of the different towns of
Samar and barangays of Catbalogan their origin and cause. The
compiled histories in typewritten were the only existing full copies
that any other library sources dont have. Another was the
historic-value articles taken from the Leyte-Samar Studies Journal
and typewritten articles such as the Pulahan Movement, The
Philippine American War in Samar, the Sumuroy Rebellion,
Balangiga Massacre and the like.
Triumphs and achievements
The museum was the first and only museum established in
Samar since in 1990s. It is also known as the premiere museums
established in an elementary school in the whole Region 8. The
triumph of the museum gained when the Regional Superintendent
of Region 8 and the Schools Division Superintendent visited the
museum in 1995. The school was greatly surprised of the visit and
it is one of the historic events in the entire school history.


Manuelito S. Uy currently a 3rd year Bachelor of Secondary Education student taking up

Major in Social Studies at Samar State University, Catbalogan City. He graduated his
Elementary course from Catbalogan V Central Elementary School (formerly Mercedes
Elementary School) and his Secondary course from Samar National School. He is interested
in history, culture and heritage of Samar and presently an advocate and heritage