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Revision - Past Participle

Complete the table by changing the verbs into past tense and past participle
Root verb
13.Cling (hold on tightly to)
14.Bear (to tolerate something that you dislike)
17. feel
18. lay (put down something gently )
19. lead
20. lie
21. lend
22. lose
23. say
24. spend
25. sleep
26. wear
27. win
28. creep (move slowly and carefully in
order to avoid being heard or noticed)
29. deal
30. dig
31. dwell (live in or at a specified place)
32. dreamt
33. feed
34. fight
35. find
36. flee
37. fling (throw or hurl forcefully)
38. get
39. grind (reduce something) to small particles or
powder by crushing it)
40. kneel

Past tense

Past participle

Present Perfect Tense

1.Has/Have + past participle
2. An action that started in the past and is still continuing in the present.
I have worked in the school for fourteen years.
3. We use the Present Perfect to say that an action happened at an unspecified time before

I have been to the shopping complex twenty times.

Fill in the blanks. Do not forget to include has/have before the past participle
1. Roger and his friends __________________ almost every penny of the inheritance
2. You ____________________ that movie many times (see).

3. I think I _______________him once before (meet).

4. There ______________ many earthquakes in California (be).
5. People ________________ to the Moon (travel).
6. _______________you ______________ the book yet (read)?
7. Nobody ___________ ever ______________that mountain (climb).
8. I ________________________ in the house for almost twenty years (dwell).

She _______________________ her homework (do).

10. They ______________________ for a walk (go).

11. Julia _________not ___________ (see) Star Wars.
12. The men ___________________ not ____________ about the women (talk).

13.She _________________________(eat) all the cookies.

14.Maxwell ____________________________ (write) his essay.
15.Thomas ____________________________ (find) a new friend.
16.The president ______________ not _____________(make) his speech yet.
17.The swimmers ____________________________(swim) across the lake.
18.The teachers _____________________________(give) us a lot of homework during
the school holidays.
19.We _____________________________________(decide) to meet with Mr. Brown.
20.The girls __________________________________(bring) the cat to the vet.
21.I ________________________________________ (be) to France.
22.Joan _____________________________________ (study) two foreign languages.

23. You ____________________(grow) since the last time I saw you.

24. The government ________________(become) more interested in arts
25. My English _______ really _______________ since I moved to Australia