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Lesson Plan Format (Lesson 25)


Time: Start: 8:52am

Date: 30.06.2016

Year 11

Finish: 9:56am

Key Learning Area: IPT

1hour 4 minutes

Lesson Topic: Displaying (hardware)

Recent Prior Experience (specific relevant concepts, skills and values the school students have experienced prior to this lesson):
No Pre-req knowledge needed, Ss have basic knowledge of computers
Syllabus Outcome(s):
One or two only. Please note the
syllabus reference number AND write
out in full.

Indicators of Learning for this lesson:

Behaviours that contribute toward achievement of outcome(s).
Quote syllabus numbers. Must be clear, specific, observable.
Curriculum Content Strands may be used as headings.

Strategies which will be used to assess
learners attainment of learning outcomes.
Should be linked to each learning indicator.

By the end of this lesson, the students will:

Assess the students by having

P7.1 recognises, applies and

explains management and
communication techniques
used in individual and teambased project work
Any safety issues to be considered:

choose and justify the most appropriate method

for displaying information given a particular set
of circumstances
describe the operation of display hardware

List resources you used in preparing the lesson AND those used in the lesson implementation.


Sadik Zraika

students participate in the

kahoot quiz and online one
note document


Carlingford High School


Lesson Content / Indicators of
Learning (What is Taught):
Note key skills, concepts and values
addressed in each section. Link to your
Indicators of Learning.

Introduction, greet Ss and

mark roll

Teaching Strategies / Learning Experiences:

(How it is taught)
Write detailed steps showing what the teacher (T) will do and what
students (Ss) will do.

Have students line up outside the class room in two

lines. Ask them to enter. Students will sit in their Nil
5 mins seats and await roll call.
Self-introduction to the class.
T greets Ss and marks the roll.

Class introduction.

5 mins

T provides Ss with overview of class:


T will asks Ss about displaying hardware

What are they?
What is their purpose?

T explains what is to happen during the class

Encourage students to partake in the lesson

Sadik Zraika

Resources and Organisation:


Carlingford High School


choose and justify the

15mins T sets up the smartboard with a presentation about
most appropriate method
displaying and presents the presentation to the
for displaying information
class. (how they work and the specs)
given a particular set of

T will present a number of slides and a video on the

topic for the Ss knowledge

T will remind students to pay attention due to

having them assessed at the end of the

describe the operation of

display hardware

Ss will be asked to access a computer or a device
with access to the internet as the Ss will be given a
Kahoot quiz on the topic previously presented.
For Ss who do not have access to a computer, they
are to partner up with another student and assist
each other with the questions and answers (should
not be a problem in this class but here for
The quiz will consist of approximately 10 questions
Sadik Zraika


Carlingford High School


which will test the Ss knowledge on the topic and

this will show the teacher how well the Ss were
paying attention.
Completion of the quiz.
T asks Ss to look at the one note online files and
answer any questions given by Ms. Pennington
T asks Ss to continue on with their project work.
Ss will continue on with their project work.

5 mins
Conclusion of class

T asks Ss if they did learn something new during the

Ss will respond.
T asks Ss a couple over overview questions.
Thank Ss for their participation.
T asks students to pack their bags and wait for

Sadik Zraika


Carlingford High School

Student Teachers Evaluation (write reflections on the following):

Assessment of Learning Outcomes
To what extent did the learners achieve the intended learning outcomes?

Describe the evidence you have for this.

Outline the follow-up to this lesson for the learners.


Evaluation of Teaching
Identify the teaching strategies / learning experiences that were most effective. Explain why.

Identify the teaching strategies / learning experiences that were least effective. Explain why.

How appropriate was the timing throughout the various sections of the lesson? Why?

Describe how the selection and use of resources supported learning in the lesson.

Identify what motivated the students. Explain why.

Identify the classroom management strategies that were most effective. Explain why.

Sadik Zraika


Carlingford High School

What was most satisfying about the lesson?

Based on these reflections, outline the steps you should now take to improve your teaching in future lessons.

Sadik Zraika


Carlingford High School

Colleague teachers comments: (Reference could be made, for example, to planning and preparation,
knowledge of curriculum, organisation, motivation of pupils, strategies used, interaction with students, classroom
management, catering for individual needs, use of resources, etc.)


Sadik Zraika


Carlingford High School