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Goal Setting and Self Assessment:

Learning Skills Rubric

name: ________________ #:

Dear Parents and Students,

Before your report cards go home, I would like you to have the
opportunity to provide input into your evaluation. Please note that I value
your input and will consider your contribution as a portion of your
assessment. Students are asked to first complete this rubric on their own,
but are encouraged to ask for guidance or input from a parent as well.
Below is a rubric that I use to assess your learning skills over the course of
the term, and that will be a guide for your goal-setting for next term.

1. Please take the next couple of days to do a self-assessment of your
learning skills. Be honest and reflective; do take your time. Highlight
or circle the phrases that are closest to your own learning skills.
2. Two Stars and a Wish: Choose two areas of strength and write 1-2
examples (a project or some work that you’re really proud of, a
situation during class, on VIP, or at recess). Then, choose one area
that you want to focus on for next term, and 1-2 concrete
examples/things to do to get there. Write these at the bottom of the
rubric. Feel free to use both words from the rubric and your own

Skill Excellent Good Satisfactory Needs


Coopera -consistently shows -usually shows -sometimes -shows limited

tion with respect for all respect for all shows respect for respect for
others members of the group group all members of group members
-always listens to, members the group -rarely listens
acknowledges, and -usually listens -sometimes to,
considers differing to, listens to, acknowledges,
opinions acknowledges, acknowledges, and considers
-enthusiastically works and considers and considers differing
with others differing differing opinions opinions
-consistently assumes opinions -sometimes -has difficulty
responsibility within -is usually willing to work working with
the group to complete willing to work with others others
tasks with others -sometimes -rarely assumes
-usually assumes responsibility
assumes responsibility within the group
responsibility within the group to complete
within the to complete tasks
group to tasks
complete tasks

Conflict -consistently seeks -usually seeks -sometimes -needs

Resoluti positive solutions to positive seeks positive assistance to
on conflicts solutions to solutions to identify and use
-consistently resolves conflicts conflicts positive
conflicts -usually -sometimes strategies to
independently resolves resolves conflicts resolve conflicts
-assists others to conflicts independently
resolve conflicts independently

Class -actively participates -actively -sometimes -rarely

Participa and demonstrates participates in participates in participates in
tion leadership in a wide a wide range of learning learning
range of learning learning activities activities
activities activities -sometimes -rarely
-consistently -usually contributes contributes
contributes contributes information and information and
information and ideas information ideas to the ideas to the
to the class/group and ideas to class/group class/group
-helps to motivate the class/group
others and
encourages others to

Problem -independently -usually -sometimes -needs

Solving chooses or creates chooses or chooses assistance to
appropriate strategies creates appropriate choose
to solve problems appropriate strategies to appropriate
-effectively strategies to solve problems strategies to
communicates the solve problems -partially solve problems
problem solving -communicates communicates -needs
process the problem the problem assistance to
solving process solving process communicate
the problem
solving process
Skill Excellent Good Satisfactory Needs
Goal -independently sets -sets goals to -sometimes sets -needs
Setting goals to improve work improve work goals to improve assistance to
to -perseveres to achieve -makes a good work identify and set
improve established goals effort to -makes some goals
work -evaluates own achieve effort to achieve -rarely makes an
success in reaching established established goals effort to achieve
goals goals -sometimes goals
-usually evaluates own -rarely evaluates
evaluates own success in own success in
success in reaching goals reaching goals
reaching goals
Indepen - works independently -usually works -sometimes works -works with
dent on a consistent basis independently independently assistance,
work -consistently -usually -sometimes requiring
completes tasks and completes completes tasks teacher
assignments on time tasks and and assignments direction and
and with care assignments on time and with support
-consistently follows on time and care -rarely
routines and with care -sometimes completes tasks
instructions without -usually follows follows routines and
supervision routines and and instructions assignments on
instructions without time and with
without supervision care
supervision -needs
reminders to
follow routines
and instructions

Initiativ -consistently -usually -sometimes -rarely

e demonstrates a demonstrates a demonstrates a demonstrates a
positive attitude positive positive attitude positive attitude
towards learning attitude toward toward learning toward learning
-independently learning -sometimes -rarely practices
practices new skills -usually practices new new skills
-consistently seeks practices new skills -rarely seeks
challenges and new skills -sometimes seeks challenges and
opportunities for -usually seeks challenges and new
learning challenges and new opportunities opportunities for
-consistently new for learning learning
recognizes what opportunities -sometimes -rarely
needs to be done and for learning recognizes what recognizes what
follows through -usually needs to be done needs to be
independently recognizes and follows done
what needs to through
be done and independently
follows through

Homew -completes homework -usually -inconsistently -rarely

ork on time and with care completes completes completes
Complet on a daily basis homework on homework on homework on
ion / -consistently time and with time and with time and with
Work organizes learning care care care
Habits materials for effective -usually -sometimes -needs
use organizes organizes assistance to
-consistently uses learning learning materials organize
time efficiently materials for for effective use learning
-effort is consistent effective use -sometimes uses materials
-usually uses time efficiently -makes poor use
time efficiently -effort is of time
-effort is good satisfactory -effort is poor

Use of -applies information -usually -gathers -needs

Informat effectively using a gathers information with assistance to
ion wide variety of information some assistance gather
techniques and effectively -sometimes asks information
sources using a variety questions to -seldom asks
-asks questions to of techniques clarify meaning questions to
clarify meaning and and sources and ensure clarify meaning
ensure understanding -usually asks understanding of of information
of the information questions to the information gathered
gathered clarify meaning gathered -requires
-consistently and ensure -sometimes assistance to
organizes information understanding organizes organize
logically and of the information information
creatively information logically and
gathered creatively
logically and
My two biggest Examples/ My goal/area for Specific
strengths (learning evidence: improvement is: examples of
Two skills please): 1._____________ what I’m going
Stars 1.____________________ _______________ to do:
&a ______________________ _______________ 1._______________
Wish ______________________ _______________ ________________
__ ____2._________ ________________
2.____________________ _______________ ________________
______________________ _______________ 2._______________
______________________ _______ ________________
___ ________________