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June 1 , 2010 – Colonial Heights United Methodist Church – 423-239-6031

July 4– Tom [Holy July 11–Tom (Jon in July 18–Tom (Sam in July 25–Gideon Speaker Sight–Singing
Communion] charge) Chrysalis Flights charge) Chrysalis Flights sing (Clay in charge) Class
(Michael in charge) sing one song one song Based upon
enrollees, the Sight-
Singing Class is on
Sermon: Sermon: When Someone Sermon: De-stress Sermon: Mondays in June,
What Is Freedom? Has No Story to Tell 11:00 AM – noon
in the Café. Come
Scripture: join us!
Scripture: Scripture: Scripture:

The PEP of Rehearsals

“For human ways are under the eyes of the Lord, and he examines a! their paths.” (Proverbs 5:21)

Rehearsals are like paths with the end product being the few you do not agree with it. You can discuss differing ideas with
minutes wherein music is made. To make certain that the them privately after rehearsal.
making of music is the best we have to offer, proficiency,
efficiency and prayerfulness (PEP) are the rules of the 5–Be flexible. Each time someone or some group makes music,
rehearsal path. I present some food for the journey of the it is their own. Don’t become locked into the way music is
rehearsal. The list is not exhaustive but will supply the performed on a recording. That recording is someone else’s
necessities to lead us to a successful end. music, it is not ours until we make our own music.

1–Be on time and come prepared. Being on time is arriving 6–No surprises. Changes need to be made during rehearsals not
before the rehearsal time in order to prepare to make just before the performance. For us, Sundays should be a time
beautiful music together.. Say a prayer before you come to of refining and polishing what we rehearsed on Wednesday
rehearsal and ask for patience, wisdom, kindness and barring necessary changes based upon missing personnel,
strength. Listen to the music several times or study the score unpredictable circumstances and the like.
in order to learn the melody, harmony and rhythm of the
piece. Don’t wait until after rehearsal to do your homework. 7–Leave fulfilled. If everyone applies these principles during
rehearsal, much will be accomplished in a more relaxed way.
2–Focus. Be prepared to give 100%. Leave your worries and One can actually enjoy the discipline of rehearsals and find
troubles behind and work with renewed energy. What you do fulfillment in giving our best to God.
in rehearsal is what will happen in performance. So sing
energetically and with engaged heart, mind, soul and As music and worship leaders, our primary objective on the
strength. rehearsal path is to guide those attending to make music with
us as one voice. Personal desires, likes, dislikes, wants and
3–Be attentive. Sing or listen but don’t talk. Allow the leader wishes must be controlled in order to make that sweet sounding
of the rehearsal to communicate to you and to others. If you music. “It was the duty of the trumpeters and singers to make
have a question, wait until a break and address the question themselves heard in unison in praise and thanksgiving to the Lord,…” (2
to the leader not to your neighbor. Chronicles 5:13a)

4–Be respectful. There can be but one leader. Give him or Walking the path with musical companions can be one of the
her the respect they deserve. Chattering, laughing, griping or most enjoyable experiences or one of the most stressful and
bickering detracts from the path of the rehearsal. Someone tense experiences. Let’s choose the former.
has to make a decision and that is the leader of the rehearsal.
Rehearsals are not democracies. Allow decisions to be made “The end is never as satisfying as the journey. To have achieved
by the music leader and ease into their interpretation even if everything but to have done so without integrity and excitement is to

Front Porch • 631 Lebanon Road • Kingsport, Tn 37663 • 423/239-6031

June 1 , 2010 – Colonial Heights United Methodist Church – 423-239-6031

Proposed June Worship Leadership

Please attend the Wednesday rehearsal prior to the Sunday in which you will be providing leadership.

6/6–Musicians 6/13 Musicians 6/20 Musicians 6/27 Musicians

Michael in charge Jon in charge Sam in charge Clay in charge

Audio Audio Audio Audio

Powell Kidd Luke Hiester Sam Hiester Clay Holt

Video/Lights Video/Lights Video/Lights Video/Lights

Clay Holt ? ? ?

Computer Computer Computer Computer

Clay Holt Adam Shelton Powell Kidd Julie Horner

Liturgical Artist Liturgical Artist Liturgical Artist Liturgical Artist

Linda Jones Melissa Shelton ? ?
Communion Stewards:
Jenita Large
Melissa Shelton
Minister Minister Minister Minister
Tom–[Holy Tom–The Connection Walt Turpening–The 7 Tom–Not Me vs. What
Communion] Rediscover Words Needed for Next, Papa?
the Word Prayer

Scripture: Scripture: ? Scripture: Matthew Scripture:

2 Chronicles 34:29-35 6:5-12 (The Message) Romans 8:4

Please check the above listing. If you cannot attend on the Sunday for which you have been scheduled, please contact Jim
immediately, and we will look for a swap-out with someone else. Thanks.

Front Porch • 631 Lebanon Road • Kingsport, Tn 37663 • 423/239-6031