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1.Download Volvo Ptt 2.3.iso any version and activator.

rar archive
Volvo ptt 2.03 dvd you can find on forum.
2.Mount Ptt 2.03.iso image with Power iso or deamon tools
4. install Prerequisites folder 1 to 13. (install FIDOSetup.cmd you can find in activator.rar
archive***edit file and change path of ptt.2.03.iso if you need***)

5. nstall 1 to 13 in MainInstallationPackages's file

6: After that restart computer and and press f8 join safe mode.
7. Start from folder Volvo patch 2.03 file install.cmd
8-Close windows service client update because if you upgrade your crack damage.
9-Restart computer and join Techtool "M150108"

For any Help:

skype: epc.truck