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Guided by

Dr.Anurag Srivastava

ABV-IIITM, Gwalior
SUBMITTED BYManish Das Mohapatra(IPG_2014054)
Ravi Chandra(IPG_2014027)
Kiran Karanam(IPG_2014043)

The purpose of this document is to define the requirements for
creating an Android application for the WHERES MY BUS APP.
This document will outline all of the necessary information to start

Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions:

The intended audience for this document is our team, the project
sponsor, and the team advisor. Throughout the rest of this
document it the project will be broken up into sections for: Project
Description, System Features, External Interface Requirements,
and Non Functional Requirements. There is also a glossary of
common terms found throughout the document.

Project Scope:
This project is to take the existing Bus information of All the Big
Bus operating cities and convert them to Android applications.
The benefits of this project are to be able to Know about your
corresponding Bus timings and everything else related to bus. The
goal is to make it as easy as possible to collaborate with anyone
using bus service everyday.
The software being used for development is the Android
development kit which is a plug-in to the Eclipse IDE.

Product Features:
This program will allow users to be able to use the Bus service
from their mobile phone. Any phone that supports the Android
operating system version 2.2 will be able to install the
applications and run the following app from their phone.

Operating Environment:
The software will run on the Android operating system version
2.2. All devices that support this version of the Android operating
system will be able to run the software. The software is
developed using Eclipse version Galileo. The intent of this
software is to help people in metropolitan cities and capitals to
save time and effort in Transportation services., thereby
increasing the convenience.

Design and Implementation Constraints

All components of the software need to be open source. The
software must run on the Verizon Droid phone which runs the
Android operating system. The mobile phone has existing
hardware/software constraints. The software must also use the
language supported by the Android development environment,
java plus the Android SDK.
User Documentation
There are help files within the program for each screen the user
sees. Click on the help button at right of the screen. There is also
a Bus_Server_Install.doc for instructions on setting up the server.
Assumptions and Dependencies
The system is dependent upon the EDGE server. The system also
uses an LDAP authentication server.

Managing a Network of Buses and passengers through a
phone application.
Providing options and varieties OF communication service.
Displaying information about every bus running on that
particular day.
->Duration of Journey
->Use of GPS in every bus
->Use of Google maps To view current position.

This will help Passengers in deciding which bus to board and

when to wait at Bus stop.

Book Tickets Through app for Long Journeys.

Which will be verified by the corresponding bus

Displaying Capacity of Each bus, which will reduce rush.

->Live meter present on each bus.
->Gets updated after each passenger boards it.

Collecting 1% of all bus tickets and some minimum amount of
Currency from every bus owner who want their bus to avail APP
Bus Owners are Our PARTNERS not EMPLOYEES.
Passengers to pay ONE TIME minimal amount to get registered on our app
and enjoy lifetime services.
Long term Profits.

Has to be functional either in metropolitan cities or captital cities

where Bus Community is Huge and Demand for Bus transportation is
Eg-Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad etc
Bus Owners would want their bus to be Recognised and known to
people, so no Worries with that Partnership respect.

Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations

Admin(Administrator): He has the authority to add/delete users, grant
permissions to members and users.
JAVA(JAVA language) is intended to be a simple, modern, general
purpose, object orientated programming language.
DB-2 SERVER: DB-2 server is a relational data base server, is a
software product whose primary function is to store and retrieve data
as requested by the software applications.

Application platform-JAVA
Programming languages:
JAVA: It is intended to be a simple, modern
,general-purpose, object-oriented programming
language. The language, and implementations
thereof ,should provide support for software
engineering principles such as strong type
checking ,detection of attempts to use non
initialized variables, and automatic garbage
collection. Software robustness, durability, and
programmer productivity are important. The
language is intended for use in developing software

components suitable for deployment in distributed

environments is intended to be suitable for writing
applications for both hosted and embedded
systems, ranging from the
very large that use sophisticated operating
systems, down to the very small having dedicated

XML: Hyper Text Markup Language and Extensible markup
Language are the predominant markup languages for web pages. It
provides a means to describe the structure of text-based information in a
document and to supplement that text with interactive forms,
embedded images, and other objects.

JavaScript: A client side scripting language used to create dynamic

web content and user interface.

Tools & Development Environment

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database server,
developed by Microsoft: it is a software product whose
primary function is to store and retrieve data as requested
by other software applications, be it those on the same
computer or those

running on another computer across a network (including

the Internet). There are at least a dozen
different editions of Microsoft SQL Server aimed at
different audiences and for different workloads (ranging
from small applications that store and retrieve data on the
same computer, to millions of users and computers that
access huge amounts of data from the Internet at the same