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Tan Kai Ning Tan

Dip3 in Music
Sas-dm ex 2
Born in 1970, the 2003 Young Artist Award in music recipient Dr
Zechariah Goh Toh Chai is still actively composing music for choirs,
band. He started as a pianist then eventually showed his interest
and talent in composing. He dwells not only in Western Musical Style
but also Chinese. His various sources of musical ideas opens up my
mind. In music one should not only narrow their mindset but to
continue to try and experimenting with different sounds. Dr Gohs
success exposed me to different possibilities in music industries,
and of course, he keep his head low and worked extremely hard to
achieve the highest level of artistry in music.


Mr Ong Lip Tat who passed away at the age of 57 this February, was
a piano prodigy in Singapore who was unfortunately attacked by
depression at the peak of his career as concert pianist. Mr Ong
studied under Madam Lucien Wang and obtained full scholarship to
study at Royal Academy of Music in London at 13. He also studied in
Milan, Hamburg with renowned pianists around the world. As a piano
teacher, he is extremely strict but also a fatherly figure to his
students. He said many times that I live for music, without music, I
will not be able to carry on with my life. His attitude is admirable,
without the desperation for music, he will hardly achieve who he is
today, he was a great mentor to me and I will play music from my
heart, like him.