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The Church of

Our Lady of the Angels

At the Franciscan Renewal Center
5802 E. Lincoln Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85253
Phone: 480-948-7460 FAX: 480-948-2325

Pentecost Sunday
May 23, 2010

All Are Welcome!

Community News 2

We are a community of faith through:

Recycle life, Donate blood.
Liturgy, Retreats, Education,
Counseling, Social Justice, TODAY!!
Meetings & Conferences
and Spiritual Direction
Our Board Ministry has a table in the
In the spirit of our Franciscan hospitality, we hospitality area with a poster of Father Joe
welcome you today and wish you peace and saying "we need you". So stop by and find
good. If you are visiting the Casa for the first out what board ministry is all about.
time, please see the note on the back page of
this bulletin about….
Visit the Information Table Important Facts to Know
in Hospitality area about Church Policy:
All Are Welcome Here! To be a godparent/sponsor for
baptism/confirmation you must have
The Franciscan Renewal Center received all your sacraments of
initiation: Baptism, Eucharist and
Vision Statement
Confirmation. You must be an active,
We are a center for the experience of spiritual participating, contributing member of
growth which transforms and moves us beyond a parish. This documentation must be
ourselves in the service of others. provided to the parish where the
As a Christ-centered community, we embrace sacrament will be celebrated.
the Catholic tradition in the spirit of St. Francis of
Assisi, and we welcome all to share in: If you're planning to be married in a
Catholic ceremony, you must be
Prayerful Celebration and working with a priest or deacon. This is
Contemplation, Learning, your first contact in preparing for your
Social Action, Healing, ceremony. Please note: if you have
and Hospitality been divorced, that marriage must be
resolved before you can contract
Staffed since1951 by the Franciscan marriage in the Catholic Church.
friars of the St. Barbara Province
Executive Director,
If you want a letter of recommendation
Father Joseph Schwab, OFM stating that you are a member of the
General Manager,
church, active and contributing, then
Charles Brown you must use envelopes or contribute
Rector, Father Peter Kirwin, OFM
by check so you can be tracked.
Otherwise, all we can do is state that
In Residence,
Father Alonso de Blas, OFM
you have filled out a registration form.
Brother Mario Vasquez, OFM

If you have men who will exclude any

Need Prayers?
of God's creatures from the shelter of
Call Casa Prayer Partner
compassion and pity, you will have
Carol Vaccaro - 480-836-8066 men who will deal likewise with their or fellow men. Francis of Assisi
Our Lady of the Angels Church—Dedicated February 26, 2006 3

We Are Here for YOU... Big Closeout Book Sale

Schedule for Counseling Support Groups for the Book Exchange
Monday 6:30pm-8pm: Divorce & Separation/
Relationship Endings TODAY!!
Tuesday 5:30pm-7pm: Grief Support Group Check out the books in Piper Hall. You will,
6:30pm-8pm: Depression Support undoubtedly, find something you can't do
Group without.
Wednesday 6:30pm-8pm:
Gestalt Therapy Support Group
An appointment is not required for Ode to Our "Casa Family"
the support groups listed above. The time has come for us to go,
Individual sessions are available mornings, To gather the harvest and reap the sow.
afternoons and evenings, Monday through Friday,
The "Casa" will always be in our heart,
and require an appointment. To make an
A very special place from the start.
appointment, please call the Counseling Ministry
at 480-948-7460, ext. 133 between the hours of Fr. Alonso blessed and presided over our
8:30 am and 12 Noon. If you know of someone marriage,
who is looking for help, answers, guidance or just Then each and every baby carriage.
needs someone to listen, please suggest our Fathers Peter and Joe we will miss you so,
counseling ministry. Your message brings more than you'll ever
We welcome all who are interested in attending. know.
Judith McHale, MA, LPC, Director — Norbert (& Gang) the music you sing and
Counseling Ministry, Franciscan Renewal Center play,
Brings tears of joy and happiness at Mass
Saturday 5pm Mass Needs Ministers each day.
We need Hospitality ministers, Eucharistic Bev (George) there is so much we want to
ministers and Lectors for the Saturday mass. say,
If you are a regular part of this new Thank-you, for teaching the Word thru love
and play.
Saturday mass community - or even if you
just enjoy attending this mass time Patti (Tafolla) your classes are such a gift,
With knowledge and lessons, our hearts you
occasionally, we hope you'll consider one
did lift.
of these important ministries. DC is where we are heading to go,
Please contact Norbert at 480-948-7460, To plant the new harvest and prepare for
ext. 126 or email to It the sow.
takes many individuals bringing their gifts to Until we gather again to pray,
make a liturgy work … this new Saturday May the Lord bless you every day.
5pm mass community needs your Love & thanksgiving.
participation in order for it to work. Please Bill, Susan, William, Harriet,
prayerfully consider if it is time for you to Gavin & Manila Martin
step up your involvement and join one of
these ministries.
Norbert Zwickl, Director of Music and Liturgy Grant me the treasure of sublime poverty: permit the
distinctive sign of our Order to be that it
does not possess anything of its own
Collection Information beneath the sun, for the glory of your
Collection for 5/16/2010: $17,142; name, and that it have no other
Collection for 5/17/2009: $15,391.50. patrimony than begging.
Thank you for your generosity. Francis of Assisi
Casa de Paz y Bien 4

A message from the Director.

A One-of-a-Kind Invitation
The issue of immigration is a Would you be interested in
contentious one. It puts conflicting attending a unique ceremony in
values up against each other and which only a few people are
touches off many fears. In the midst of privileged to be invited?
this, there is a lot of misinformation Fr. Eddie Fronske is the pastor of St.
being spread. Most people will agree that the Francis Church in Whiteriver, AZ on
system is broken. Many want to see the existing the Apache Indian Reservation. We
laws enforced to a greater extent, while many have an opportunity to witness the
others want to see new legislation to Sunrise Dance Ceremony which
address outdated laws and procedures. marks the prayerful experience of an Apache girl
The Casa Advocacy Network, in coming of age. Fr. Eddie has been with the Apache
partnership with the Franciscan Action Mission for 27 years and it is because of his
Network and the United States dedication to preaching the Good News to the
Conference of Catholic Bishops, Apache Indians and their respect and gratitude for
believes that we need new federal, him that we are able to go to witness and
comprehensive immigration legislation. Last week participate in this sacred, private ceremony.
bishops and leaders from many Arizona faith There are 2 dates possible: July 23—25 or
communities went to DC to talk with the Sept. 3—5. If you are interested, please call Bonnie
Justice Department, Homeland Security, at 480-948-7460, ext. 155 for more information and
the Senators, and White House details. There is only space for 8 people.
administrators to stress that the time is
now for action at the federal level. We want to
encourage the Casa community to take an active
role in advocating for a just and humane
immigration system in our country.
To get started, we invite the community to come to A Journey into the Gospel Invitation to be a
an education session on June 6th after the 7:30 People of Compassion
and 9:15 am masses. During this session, we will
explore our Catholic teaching on immigration and We are called to be compassionate as our God
the Franciscan perceptive. We will then discuss is compassionate. (Luke 6:36)
three aspects of the immigration issue: What does the compassion of Christ look like in
• Stories of Immigrants the modern world? How do I become a more
compassionate person?
• Economic impacts
• Border Security The JustFaith program is an intensive thirty-week
• New Arizona Senate Bill 1070 program that helps to answer these questions
through reflection, study, prayer and
Our goal is to gather information, dispel myths and
learn how we can be involved in this very
important issue that impacts so many people in When was the last time you had an experience
Arizona and around the country. So mark your that was “soul satisfying”?
calendars and plan to attend!! If you are looking to encounter your faith in a
WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT way that challenges you and how you are to
IMMIGRATION live as a Christian in today’s world, then
JustFaith may be the program for you.
June 6, Sunday
At 9:00 am and 10:45 am The program will run September through May.
For more information about this life-changing
In the Fr. Owen Room program, talk to past participants in the
Hospitality area after masses on May 29th and
30th and plan to come to the information
session after masses on June 13th.
Casa de Paz y Bien 5

June 4-6, Friday-Sunday

Judith McHale, MA, LPC & Tom Mitchell, PhD, LPC
Looking for a new perspective?
Divorce and separation stir up deep feelings: anger, abandonment, hurt, fear, and
low self-esteem. Come take a “new look” at relationships and how you can
maintain a healthy self-image during times of divorce and separation and rebuild
and redefine your new life.

Fee per person includes lodging, meals and program:

Single: $215. Double: $165
Commuter: $130. Registration Friday evening at 5pm. Dinner at 6.

Intercommunity Sisters’ Retreat

GRIEF AND LOSS RETREAT Religious Life in the Church
June 4-6
June 13-20
Sheila Marchetta, MA with Fr. Michael Crosby, OFM,Cap.
Mauro Pando, MC
& Timothy Ringgold, MT-BC What does the future hold for women religious? This
question will be the focus of Fr. Crosby’s retreat.
Themes will include:
• The nature of church
• Assumptions about religious life
• The prophetic role of religious
• Vows and community life
Fee per person includes lodging, meals and
program: Single, $300; Double, $235.
This retreat is for anyone grieving over the loss Commuter includes meals and program: $135
of a loved one. The retreat team will provide a Visit our website for further details:
supportive setting, share information about the
grief process, and suggest ways to heal during
the intense and painful period following a
loved one’s death. Due to the nature of this
retreat, we recommend overnight lodging.
Summer Spiritual Spa Weekends
Limited to 20 people. Single: $215,
$125 per person includes
Double: $165. Commuter: $130. private room for 2 nights,
Check-in Friday evening at 5pm. meals and program.
Dinner at 6pm. Retreat ends Sunday at noon. June 25-27
July 16-18
August 13-15
Pam Bork will hostess these weekends of rest,
Bible classes every Tuesday at 11:00am and 7:00pm renewal, prayer and play. Optional amenities
at the Franciscan Renewal Center for additional fees include massage and gentle
Rev. Dr. Timothy Smith, Executive Director rebalancing. Go to for info.
Water from Rock Ministries, Inc.
6 Pentecost Sunday
Casa Community Bulletin Board Denim & Dreams
This corner will be reserved each week for your Please check your raffle tickets
messages such as: “Looking for a ride to church…” as we have a couple of
“Need wheelchair for 2 weeks…” “Roommate unclaimed prizes from Denim &
needed to help share rent…”
The Casa will publish these requests in this space but Dreams!!!
it does not reflect our endorsement or knowledge of If you have the winning ticket number
the people submitting the information.
noted below, please contact Kris at
How to Submit your Bulletin Information 480-948-7460, ext. 159 before May 31st to
Deadline: 10 days prior to published Bulletin date. claim your prize.
Format: (we reserve the right to edit.) • 692469 - Necklace
• Type/print complete information/copy. Ad will
run 1-2 Sundays. • 692823 - Chaparral Suites Package
• Mail to: Bulletin Editor • 692911 - Clock/Humidor Package
Franciscan Renewal Center
5802 E. Lincoln Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85253 Thank you again for participating in an
• Drop Off: copy at front desk: Attn: Bulletin evening of western fun.
• Fax: 480-948-2325
The Treasure Box
Live-out Nanny available now. Mature, dependable,
very good local references. Spanish and English is The Beatitudes Church has
spoken. Leonor Tejada 480-607-4901 or 480-343-2999. been participating in the
Retirement condo for sale or rent. 1 bdrm/1bth, Treasure Box food program
washer & dryer, near senior center, park & Biltmore since last November. It is a fantastic program
Fashion Park. Call Ruth 602-956-3128 or e-mail: and has only been getting better. The Beatitudes Church happens to be a delivery
Summer Child Care Provider Available: I have 8+ site for the food boxes and they are 7 miles
years of childcare experience, have helped families from the Casa.
with children ages 0-15, triplets, and twins. Can
This program is for anyone who is feeling the
provide resume & exc. ref. upon request.
pinch of our economic hard times. It has
208-409-0832 between 4 & 10pm. been embraced by the senior population, by
parents who have their children and
Casa Staff Member, single mother to a 5 yr. old boy is
looking for an affordable place to live ($500-$700/ grandchildren returning home due to job loss
month). Looking for 2 bdrms & 2 bth in a nice family and middle class folks who are watching their
friendly neighborhood. I am looking to sign a 12-18 assets shrink.
month lease. Please call Edel at 602-908-6808. "I will To go the website:
take care of this home as it if were my own." If you have questions please call Kathleen
Roommate Wanted: $600/month (male/female) Garast, 602-264-1221 ext. 113.
Furnished room. 52nd St. & Shea. Please call
480-510-0690. To view a sample condo at Need a Place to Volunteer?
The Evercare Hospice is looking for volunteers.
For Rent: 1 Bdrm/1bth in lge home, shared kit, pool, They provide care and comfort to the terminally
etc w/1 person & 1 midsize, very friendly dog. 40th St.
ill and their families all over Maricopa County.
& Shea, $500/month or trade handyman; need ref.
They are recruiting volunteers to visit with
Call: 602-369-5533.
patients, especially in the Scottsdale area.
For Sale - Possible Rent: Mobile home in quiet adult If you are interested please contact Patti
park. Must be 35 to rent, 55 to buy. No children. Full
Keough, Evercare Hospice Volunteer
time park, good location in Scottsdale. Mark
Coordinator, 3141 N. 3rd Ave., Phoenix 85013,
Franciscan Renewal Center 7

In celebration of the month of

May, in honor of the Blessed Youth & Young Adult Ministry
Mother Mary, the Rosary will be News
prayed in the Church, Adam Stein, Director of Youth &
6-6:30pm, Monday through Friday. Young Adult Ministry
Everyone is welcome. No Contact: (480) 948-7460 x123
registration necessary.
Dates & Events:
Meetings at the Casa….. • Sunday, May 23rd - All Youth Programs
We host non-profit groups from all over the End of the Year Party after the 11am
world. Hosting these groups subsidizes many of Mass
our other ministries at the Casa and keeps our • Wednesday, May 26th "In Presenza Di"
program and retreat fees affordable. We 7-8:30pm.
would appreciate it if you would refer any • Thursday, May 27th - Solomon's Porch:
groups, churches, non-profits or government Young Adult Bible Study & Faith Sharing
entities to Sue Force, Director of meetings and @ Blessed Sacrament Church 7-9pm
conference ministry, or Our Middle School & High School programs
480-948-7460 x173. have ended for the year, but keep
Special Closed * May 28-30 checking here for more information &
Women in Bloom * May 29 summer social events!
World Gospel Mission * May 31-June 2 Thursday, June 3rd - Solomon's Porch: Young
Carmelite Missionaries * May 31 - June 3 Adult Bible Study & Faith Sharing @ Blessed
Girl Scouts of AZ - Cactus Pine Council * June 6-9 Sacrament Church 7-9pm.
Diocese of Las Vegas Priest Retreat * June 7-11
Episcopal Deacon Retreat * June 11-13
EMDR Training * June 11-12
New Vision Center * June 11-12 TODAY’S READINGS
St. Paul's Just Faith Retreat * June 12-13 First Reading — Filled with the Holy Spirit, the
Families United * June 12 apostles begin to speak in tongues (Acts 2:1-11).
SW Psychoanalytic Society * June 12
Psalm — Lord, send out your Spirit, and renew
Principal's Leadership Academy * June 17
Understanding Substance Abuse * June 22
the face of the earth (Psalm 104).
Nat'l Assoc. of Social Workers * June 25 Second Reading — In one Spirit we are
Amor Dei * June 26-27 baptized into one body and given to drink of
Episcopal Community Services * June 28-29 one Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:3b-7, 12-13) or Romans
Girl Scouts of AZ - Cactus Pine Council * June 29-30 8:8-17.
Gospel — Jesus Christ appears to the disciples
We Love Dogs and sends them on their mission with the power
to forgive or retain sins through the Holy Spirit
However, we need to be (John 20:19-23) or John 14:15-16, 23b-26.
respectful of each other. All
dogs need to be on a leash. READINGS FOR THE WEEK
Some people haven't had a Monday: Rv 21:1-5; Jn 10:22-30
good experience and may be Tuesday: 1 Pt 1:10-16; Mk 10:28-31
afraid of dogs. Please Wednesday: 1 Pt 1:18-25; Mk 10:32-45
remember to put your dog on a leash if you Thursday: 1 Pt 2:2-5, 9-12; Mk 10:46-52
Friday: 1 Pt 4:7-13; Mk 11:11-26
are on the Franciscan Renewal Center
Saturday: Jude 17:20b-25; Mk 11:27-33
grounds. Sunday: Prv 8:22-31; Ps 8; Rom 5:1-5;
Thank you. Jn 16:12-15
Franciscan Renewal Center—Faith in Action Ministry 8

Please join us for a time of praise, prayer and teaching in the presence of our Lord!
Fr. Joe Schwab will be speaking this month! You do not want to miss this!
May 26, Wednesday, 7-8:30pm in the Church. All are welcome!!!

Home Visitations
This summer, Pastoral Ministers to the Sick
and Homebound are ready, willing and
available to visit members of The Church of
Our Lady of the Angels who cannot attend
Sunday Liturgy and reside in Phoenix,
Scottsdale or Paradise Valley. Our Pastoral
Ministers also serve patients at Banner Good
Samaritan and Mayo Hospital. Please call
the Casa front desk at 480-948-7460 to
request a visit. Someone will return your call
and arrange for a team of two pastoral
ministers to visit. Weekly Eucharist, prayer,
fellowship, and sharing news from the Casa
builds-up our community and the Body of
Christ. We look forward to your call.

Have a safe and blessed summer.

Franciscan Renewal Center 9

A message from Charlie Brown

Several weeks ago I shared with you the work Father Joe and I did with Kathleen
Flanagan surrounding our FRC business model. I would like to share with you
some of the core values we collaborated on with staff during that period of
study. These behaviors are how we on staff work to emanate goodness with our
community and our guests.
We value relationship over efficiency.
We don’t own the results God does.
Intuition is a superior form of knowing over rationality.
We accept interruptions as potential opportunities for cooperation with the Spirit.
We look to the coincidence of opposites for answers.
We trust in providence.
Proactive collaboration and cooperation honors our interdependence yet accountability
remains clear.
Magnify the voice of the under-heard.
Prayerful discernment.
Within the context of spiritual growth, attendance equals success.
Potential for spiritual growth and transformation equals success.
Our priority is cooperation with the Spirit.
Although some of these sound quite theological, they stir inside and create a culture that
embodies Franciscan values. What does it mean to say one is Franciscan in their being and
behavior? Generosity of spirit, simplicity of nature and poverty through detaching from
“things” that separate us from the love of God are three. Of course, there are more but this
is plenty to begin with. Our staff works in communion with hundreds of volunteers to
provide services to those who visit for any number of our ministry resources. Our evaluations
for staff are also based on these Franciscan behaviors and values.
This winter, the staff directors along with Kathleen Flanagan created the Strategic Plan for
the Casa and recommended it to our board. This document is available online and
describes our purpose and intent for the next four years. All five strategies contain
language referencing Franciscan and Franciscan way components.
My point is this, integrated deep into the core of our collective being, our primary purpose
for existing as an institution is for supporting the friars ministry and mission, working side by
side with the friars in the vision of inspiring and changing society toward peace and
goodness, renewing lives. We do that here leading people to Christ on that journey. We
return the generous love of God by our service to others. This spiritual oasis, called The
Casa, takes one away from the distractions of modern life, and recharges one to become
closer to God. We do this through the lens of Franciscan spirituality. I will begin unpacking
some of the values above next time.
Peace Now,
Peace and Good.
Charlie Brown
May 23, 2010 12

What’s Going On This Week? Got questions?

7am - Daily Mass Information Table
7:30am - Morning Liturgy of the Hours Come over to the Casa Information Table after Mass and
ask away! We invite all who are new to the Casa, or to the
Regular Mass Times:
Valley, to come over and pick up some information about
Saturday: 5pm the Franciscan Renewal Center.
Sunday: 7:30am, 9:15am, 11am & 7pm We’re glad you’re here.

Sunday - May 23
Red Cross Blood Drive Register to Become a Member
Book Sale of the Conventual Church of
Casa Children's Celebration
Our Lady of the Angels
Andre House Collection
Straight Talk Theology If you haven’t registered as a member yet,
Creating Healing Ceremonies you are welcome to
Family Catechesis get a registration
Casa Youth Ministry Meeting form at the Front Desk
Hogan's Heroes or at the Information
Table in the hospitality
Monday - May 24 area. Since our
Contemplative Prayer dedication on
Rosary February 26, 2006 and
Divorced & Separated Support Group as of January 31, 2010 we have 2,921
Daughters of Eve (PM) members.

Tuesday - May 25 You can also print out an Adobe.pdf copy of

Water from Rock (AM) the Registration Form on the website at
Grief Support Group
Depression Support Group
Water from Rock (PM) Catalogs are available
Wednesday - May 26 at the front desk
Water from Rock (AM) You can see programs at
Arizona Bible Class Please register early as it helps us in many ways:
Rosary • better planning for the event
In Presenza Di • ordering and preparing food for meals
Gestalt Therapy Support Group • room reservation and set up needs
and a number of other related details that go
Thursday - May 27 into making sure the program is the best it can
Contemplative Prayer be for you.
Daughters of Eve AM
Catholics Can Come Home Discussion Group Missed Getting a Sunday Bulletin?
Friday - May 28 Not to worry…
Pax Christi 2 - Social Concerns Now you can see the complete Sunday
Rosary Bulletin online!
Saturday - May 29 Go to and scroll to the
bottom of the Home Page. The most current
Sunday - May 30 bulletin is available, with an archive of
Hogan's Heroes
several past bulletins for your convenience.