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Topic 8.

2 - Project
You must okay this project with me before beginning it. This project must be typed up and
it must include the assessment criteria from this topic (shown below). Your electronic
copy must be uploaded to, and your hard copy must be submitted to me, by
our prearranged due date. Project marks are meant to replace the marks of the
corresponding Summative Assessment whether or not they are better. Projects are your
final opportunity to demonstrate the level of your proficiency in the understanding of this
material. Projects may be resubmitted as many times as you like. Be sure to download the
Project Evaluation rubric to guide you in obtaining maximum marks on your Project
Conduction, convection and thermal radiation
Black-body radiation
Albedo and emissivity
The solar constant
The greenhouse effect
Energy balance in the Earth surfaceatmosphere system
Applications and skills:
Sketching and interpreting graphs showing the variation of intensity with wavelength for
bodies emitting thermal radiation at different temperatures
Solving problems involving the StefanBoltzmann law and Wiens displacement law
Describing the effects of the Earths atmosphere on the mean surface temperature
Solving problems involving albedo, emissivity, solar constant and the Earths average
Discussion of conduction and convection will be qualitative only
Discussion of conduction is limited to intermolecular and electron collisions
Discussion of convection is limited to simple gas or liquid transfer via density differences
The absorption of infrared radiation by greenhouse gases should be de-scribed in terms of the
molecular energy levels and the subsequent emission of radiation in all directions
The greenhouse gases to be considered are CH4, H2O, CO2 and N2O. It is sufficient for
students to know that each has both natural and man-made origins.
Earths albedo varies daily and is dependent on season (cloud formations) and latitude. The
global annual mean albedo will be taken to be 0.3 (30%) for Earth.

In this project you will write an organized paper explaining this topic and addressing all
of the assessment criteria listed above. You should...
consult the online PowerPoint notes and the Wiki assessment criteria hints so that your
efforts are not wasted,
define the important concepts in your own words,
include pictures and diagrams whenever they are relevant, citing sources,
show formulas and explain the meaning of each symbol,
demonstrate in detail the usage of each formula through legitimate sample problems of
your own design, including detailed solutions,
adhere to significant figures and show correct units in your answers,
show derivations of any formulas we derived in class.