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Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani

Work Integrated Learning Programmes Division
M.S. Software Engineering at Wipro Technologies (WASE)
Second Semester 2013 - 2014 (March 2014 to September 2014)
Mid-Semester Test (Regular)
Course Number
Course Title
Type of Exam
Date of Exam


Closed Book
No. of Pages : 2
30 %
No. of Questions : 6
90 minutes
SUNDAY, 29-06-2014
Session : FN :09:00-10:30

1. Please read and follow all the instructions given on the cover page of the answerscript.
2. Start each answer from a fresh page. All parts of a question should be answered consecutively.
3. Please answer the questions in the order in which they appear in the question paper.
Q1. Choose the most appropriate option: (Answer should be a/b/c/d only)
[5 X 1 Mark= 5 Marks]
i. Each computation or data transmission that is executed repeatedly at regular or almost regular time intervals in
order to provide a function of the system on a continuing basis is modelled as:
a. periodic task.
b. aperiodic task
c. sporadic task
d. hyper-periodic task
ii. In a digital controller, plant refers to controlled system. Identify the odd one out:
a. an engine
b. brakec. steering
d. seat
iii. The ____________ algorithm is used for scheduling real time traffic in high speed switched networks.
a. Earliest Deadline First
b. weighted round robin
c. priority-driven
d. time-driven
iv. slack-stealing algorithms are used in
a. Round – Robin scheduling b. periodic tasks scheduling
c. aperiodic tasks scheduling
d. time –driven scheduling
v. A critical section that is not included in other critical sections is _________________
a. innermost critical section
b. normal critical section
c. semi critical section
d. outermost critical section
Q2. The feasible interval of each job in the precedence graph in Figure Q2 is given next to its name. The
execution times of all jobs are equal to 1.
a. Find the effective release times and deadlines of the jobs in the precedence graph.
[3 Marks]
b. Find an EDF schedule of the jobs.
[2 Marks]

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3). Compute total utilization. Your programme guide has been implemented on the Linux-based set-top box. 50) of a rate-monotonic schedule of the system.5. Although packaged as a consumer appliance. and how it may impact the performance of those algorithms. teach. [2 Marks] Q5. Names of jobs are in italic. sometimes misses its deadlines when your programme guide is active. [5 Marks] Q6. Else write in office. eat_lunch. and provides the POSIX 1003. and (22. A system T contains for periodic tasks. runs a range of useful applications and libraries. At 10 AM. sleep. [2 Marks] b. (20. The company has decided to use Linux as the operating system for this product. (8. If there is class.7) is to be scheduled with clock-driven cyclic executive algorithm. help students. 4). Else. These run some periodic real-time tasks (the video decoder) and some aperiodic tasks reacting to user input (e.g. [3 Marks] b. read. it is found that the periodic video decoder task. Choose the largest frame size and draw a Network Flow Graph. Explain why this might occur. If topic is interesting. since it provides a convenient development platform.Q3. Explain how this choice of operating system impacts the choice of possible scheduling algorithms that can be used for periodic tasks in the real-time parts of the system. Draw a task graph to capture the dependencies among jobs. 1). Else. [1 Mark] b. If there is a seminar. running with real-time priority. T2(4. the program guide). You work for a company that builds "set-top boxes" which decode digital TV broadcasts. a. attend social hour. [2 Marks] Q4. A system of three tasks T1(3.2.1) . jog. they are built using standard PC hardware and have much the same capabilities as an ordinary desktop computer. end_the_day. 6). What are the hyper period and possible frame size(s)? [2 Marks] c. a. start: have breakfast and go to office.[3 Marks] *********************** Page 2 of 2 . Construct the initial segment in the time interval (0. (15. At 9 AM. Until 2 PM. Consider the real-time program described by the psuedo code below. work a little more.1) and T3(5.1b extensions of real-time programming. listen. When teach or help is done. discuss. a. eat_dinner. When seminar is over. In testing. Is the task set schedulable? Justify your answer.