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eLTE Broadband Access Products

eLTE Distributed Base Station

Used for radio access in an eLTE system and as an enterprise base station, the DBS3900 can be deployed in
diverse scenarios. The DBS3900 includes two types of basic modules: a Base Band Unit (BBU) and a Remote
Radio Unit (RRU). Both modules feature a small size, low power consumption, flexible installation, and easy site

High Performance Mobile Broadband Access Network

High data rates with downlink and uplink data rates up to 100 Mbps and 50 Mbps @ 20 MHz per cell respectively
Ultra long-distance coverage with distances up to 100 kilometers for scenarios such as offshore drilling platforms
High-speed train coverage with speeds up to 430 km/h

Multiband for Diversified Frequency Resources

The DBS3900 supports multiple frequency bands, including LTE-TDD 1.8G/2.3G/2.6G/3.5G/3.7G and LTE-FDD
700M/800M/900M/1.8G/1.9G/AWS/2.6G. Multiple available frequency bands speed up network deployment
and enable adaptation to various frequency policies.

Flexible Installation
The RRU can be mounted on a pole, tower, or concrete wall, or close to the antenna system to reduce the costs
of feeders and power consumption, which simplifies site acquisition and network deployment.


Features & Benefits

1+1 Backup of the eNodeB Main Control Board
Baseband Board Backup (CPRI Backup)
Transmission Networking
Admission and Scheduling
Active Queue Management (AQM)
Radio/Transport Resource Preemption
Power Saving
Intelligent Power-Off of Carrier Modules (in the same
coverage area)
Power Supply Unit (PSU) Intelligent Sleep Mode
Symbol Power Saving

Mobility Management
Ultra High-Speed Mobility
Extended Cell Access Radius
Network Security
Voice over IP (VoIP)
Way Antenna Extension
Supports 2 x 2 MIMO
Supports UE Category 2/3/4
Smart Network Configuration and

Distributed Base Station (DBS3900)
Multiple frequency bands

TDD 1.8G/2.3G/2.6G/3.5G/3.7 GHz

FDD: 700M/800M/900M/1.8G/1.9G/2.1GHz/AWS


3/5/10/20 MHz


GPS, IEEE 1588v2

System availability


Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

155,000 hours

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

1 hour

System reset time

< 450 seconds

Base Band Unit (BBU)




12 kg (fully configured)

Power supply voltage

-48 V DC (voltage range: -38.4 V DC to -57 V DC)

Average power consumption

165 W (Typical configuration)

Maximum configuration

1 BBU for 12 RRUs (FDD)

1 BBU for 24 RRUs (TDD)

Protection level


Working temperature

20C to +55C

Relative Humidity

5% RH to 95% RH

Remote Radio Unit (RRU)

Power supply voltage

-48 V DC, 220 V AC


24 kg

Protection level


Working temperature

-40 to +55

Relative Humidity

5% RH to 100% RH