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Reading Material for Political Science

Semester 2 (G)
Globalisation: Meaning,
Agents (Eco.

Agent_world eco. Organisations such as WTO_Intl. Financial orgIMF,World Bank, MNCs; ICT Agent_internet-tV channel eg. BBC,CNN-mobile; Military
Agent-AK47-jetfighters-Nuclear technology etc; Cultural Agent-sharing ideas,
attitude, values, English, food habits, dress etc; Pol. Agents_Ideologies (Liberal
democracy, Human Rights, Environmental issue) ethno nationalism, Terrorism,
International Organizations (UN, WHO, EU, WTO,NATO) &
1.Eco and Technology Impact: Positive: Better Eco.-Trades are well regimented, rapid
development, living standards risen, shift of finance and capital -technologies (R& D
made things solve in an easier, faster and smarter)has made life much easier and
comfortable_ Negative- States cannot control their economies-Immoral trade
practices-Rising inequality-North and South divide, An eco failure in one remote
corner affects the whole world- It has made eaiser for the drug cartels and terrorists
to operate easily )
2. Political Impact: Positive-brought the world closer,
Negative-Latest phase of capitalism, erosion of nation state/powerless
3. Cultural
Semester 6 (H)
Traditional Institution of Nagaland, Meg, Miz

Arunachal Material_

John Baylis & Co. The

Globalization of World
Politics_ Impact of
eco orgs, International
Financial Inst.-MNCs)

Semester 4 (G-Indian Govt and Politics)

Amendment Procedure (Why essential?
Federal_mixture of flexibility and rigidity_Part
XX-Art 368_3 methods_simple(55 makes
quoram so 28 can pass this amendment-No
number conferred)_2/3rd-all other provisions
not in 1 and 3(eg. FR-DPSP-)_2/3 +1/2 states
(15 states) art. 53,54,73 etc_ Essential features
(only parliament+presidential assent, no joint
sitting) )

Indian Administration
Union govt-Council of ministers, Cabinet
Secretary (Evolution, importance, qualification,
Roles, powers and function, and recommended
measures), PMOs

BL Fadia, Ignou, MS word

Semester 2 (H)
Hegel (Life sketch_ Philosophy of History or
theory of state_ Dilectics_ Freedom_

RM Bhagavat

Karl Marx (Life sketch- Steve Cober Masters of

Sociaological Thought/Library)

Ineternational Politics
Idealism (Origin, Inter-war period, Non-power
view of IR)_ Realism (Origin_ In the Ineterwar
and post war period_essential features (hobbes
state of nature-anarchy,self-help, persuit of
power etc)_ Morganthau 6 principles_
criticism)_ Neo-Realism (essential features)

Where to find (sem1 GEN)

Unit iii

Liberty, Equality, Rights: Meaning, types,


Urmila Sharma, SK Sharma Principles & Theories of Pol. Sc. (LIBRARY)

Where to find (SEM I HONOURS)

Unit III

VD Sarvarkar (Bidyut Chakrabarty)

Syed Ahmed Khan

Where to find (sem III gen)


Unit II

Preamble, FR, DPSP (Unacademy)

Roman Saini

Sem IIIHounours
Unit I

Dev, Nature & Scope of IO

IO Text, esource

Sem V General

Unit I

CP: Approaches

JC Johari & DU material